Justin Smith

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Club:Plymouth H
Age Group:V40
Region:South West
Lead Coach:Unknown

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2019 V40 Plymouth H
HM90:3790:3713613PlymouthPlymouth Britains Ocean City Half Marathon19 May 19
HM95:13528TavistockTavy 13 Half Marathon24 Mar 19
Mar3:17:573:14:401543297ManchesterASICS Greater Manchester Marathon7 Apr 19
2018 V35 Plymouth H
1.1MMTL6:1116L26TavistockTavistock Town Relays (4 x 1.1M)19 Jul 18
3K11:4912PlymouthArmada Athletics Network Winter 3K Series10 Jan 18
3K12:3423PlymouthArmada Athletics Network Winter 3K Series10 Oct 18
5K20:4022PlymouthArmada Athletics Network 5K Series13 Jun 18
5M33:2011HoncrayPlymouth Coasters 516 Sep 18
8.55KXC38:41162NewquayCornwall County Championships (Inc Charles Stanley Westward League)11 Nov 18
8.6KXC44:2573PlymouthWestward League11 Feb 18
10K41:3041:2895PlymouthPlymouth 10K7 Oct 18
HM89:4389:347413TauntonTaunton Half Marathon8 Apr 18
HM93:3393:00515101BristolSimplyhealth Great Bristol Half Marathon23 Sep 18
HM98:2798:21231PlymouthPlymouth Britains Ocean City Half Marathon20 May 18
2017 V35 Plymouth H
3K11:4119PlymouthArmada Athletics Network 3K Series8 Mar 17
3K12:0529PlymouthArmada Athletics Network Winter 3K Series8 Nov 17
3K12:2227PlymouthArmada Athletics Network Winter 3K Series11 Oct 17
8.55KXC37:41124NewquayWestward League (Inc Cornwall Championships)12 Nov 17
8.9KXC40:50140ExeterWestward League (Inc Devon County Championships)3 Dec 17
10K42:0867IvybridgeIvybridge 10K6 May 17
10M67:438OkehamptonGranite Way 1012 Mar 17
2016 V35 Plymouth H
3K11:308PlymouthArmada Athletics Network 3K Series12 Oct 16
2.5ML15:5729L3IvybridgeErme Valley Relays (4 x 2.5)1 Jul 16
5K20:0621PlymouthArmada Athletics Network 5K Series13 Jul 16
5K20:3623PlymouthArmada Athletics Network 5K Series11 May 16
10K41:1841:1417KingsteigntonDartmoor Vale 10K30 Oct 16
10K43:1613Bere AlstonBere Pen 10K1 May 16
10KMT42:40397PlymouthPlympton January Jaunt 10K10 Jan 16
7M51:53488SaltashMagnificent 717 Jul 16
8MMT56:0224PlymptonArmada Autumn Trail 811 Sep 16
HM91:2591:141016CardiffIAAF World Half Marathon Championships - Cardiff Half Marathon26 Mar 16
2015 V35 Plymouth H
3K11:4916PlymouthArmada Athletics Network 3K Series11 Nov 15
3K11:5318PlymouthArmada Athletics Network 3K Series9 Dec 15
3K12:0721PlymouthArmada Athletics Network 3K Series11 Feb 15
2.5ML16:225L3PlymouthArmada Park Relay15 Feb 15
5K20:1729PlymouthArmada Athletics Network 5K Series10 Jun 15
5K21:1328PlymouthArmada Athletics Network 5K Series13 May 15
5M32:128HoncrayPlymouth Coasters 56 Sep 15
5.5MMT33:2931PlymouthMuskies Madness 5.523 May 15
10K41:0841:07406ExeterAge UK Exeter 10K22 Mar 15
HM89:50c40786BristolBristol Half Marathon13 Sep 15
HM92:1292:0811624TorbayTorbay Half Marathon28 Jun 15
2014 V35 Plymouth H
500018:55.53PlymouthCity of Plymouth Evening Open Meeting18 Jun 14
3K12:1415PlymouthArmada Athletics Network 3K Series8 Oct 14
2.5ML15:1426L4IvybridgeErme Valley Relays4 Jul 14
2.5ML15:399L2PlymouthArmada Park Relay16 Feb 14
5K19:456LiskeardSiblyback Lake 5K Series17 May 14
7KMT27:5113PlymstockDuckponds 7K12 Jul 14
10K40:4845IvybridgeIvybridge 10K10 May 14
10KMT41:23213PlymouthPlympton January Jaunt 10K12 Jan 14
HM88:1788:1042TauntonTaunton Half Marathon6 Apr 14
HM91:0390:498616TorbayTorbay Half Marathon29 Jun 14
2013 SEN Plymouth H
1.1ML6:1218L4TavistockTavistock Town Relays18 Jul 13
3K11:2810PlymouthArmada Athletics Network 3K13 Mar 13
5K20:295LiskeardSiblyback Lake 5K Series11 May 13
5K20:4526PlymouthArmada Athletics Network 5K Series14 Aug 13
10K40:4640:4168PlymouthPlymouth 10K3 Nov 13
10M68:2598DevonportPlymouth Hoe 1017 Feb 13
HM88:5488:5269PlymouthPlymouth Half Marathon28 Apr 13
ZXC36:3186RedruthBrooks Westward League13 Oct 13
ZXC40:1057PlymouthBrooks Westward League17 Mar 13
ZXC44:50108NewquayBrooks Westward League (inc Cornwall County Championships)10 Nov 13
2012 SEN Plymouth H
3K11:3113PlymouthArmada Athletics Network 3K14 Nov 12
3K11:4318PlymouthArmada Athletics Network 3K Time Trial8 Feb 12
2.5ML15:2120L2IvybridgeErme Valley Relays6 Jul 12
5K19:4312PlymouthArmada Athletics Network 5K12 Jun 12
5K20:0217PlymouthArmada Athletics Network 5K9 May 12
5K20:1217PlymouthArmada Athletics Network 5K11 Apr 12
7KMT28:0616PlymstockDuckponds 7K14 Jul 12
5M33:0735ExmouthFulfords 55 Feb 12
10K39:4555PoolePoole 10K27 May 12
HM85:1084:59227CardiffCardiff Half Marathon (Inc Welsh Champs)14 Oct 12
HM86:10c270BristolBristol Half Marathon30 Sep 12
HM88:5188:4571TauntonTaunton Half Marathon1 Apr 12
ZXC40:0266PlymouthBrooks Westward League18 Mar 12
ZXC46:4176Bovey TraceyBrooks Westward League12 Feb 12
2011 SEN Plymouth H
1.1ML6:0212L3TavistockTavy Town Relay Races14 Jul 11
3K11:0310PlymouthArmada Network 3K Winter Series12 Oct 11
3K11:1810PlymouthArmada Network 3K Winter Series11 Jan 11
3K11:2414PlymouthArmada Network 3K Winter Series3 Feb 11
2.5ML14:096L2PlymouthErme Valley Relays (4 x 2.5M)2 Jul 11
2.5ML15:2418L3PlymouthErme Valley Relays (4 x 2.5M)2 Jul 11
5K19:4221PlymouthArmada Athletics Network 5K Series11 May 11
5K19:5725PlymouthArmada Athletics Network 5K Series13 Jul 11
5K20:5327PlymouthArmada Athletics Network 5K Series8 Jun 11
10K39:3339:2743PlymouthPlymouth 10K6 Nov 11
10K39:3843IvybridgeIvybridge 10K14 May 11
7M48:0427TavistockTavy 723 Oct 11
10M65:2351DevonportBrooks Plymouth Hoe 1020 Feb 11
HM85:2785:21192CardiffCardiff Half Marathon16 Oct 11
Mar3:16:243:15:402329LondonVirgin London Marathon17 Apr 11
ZXC33:1760RedruthBrooks Westward League9 Oct 11
ZXC36:57119ExeterBrooks Westward League (Inc Devon County Champs)4 Dec 11
ZXC42:2288NewquayBrooks Westward League (inc Cornwall County Championships)6 Nov 11
2010 SEN Plymouth H
3K10:5812PlymouthArmada Network 3K Winter Series12 Oct 10
3K11:055PlymouthArmada Network 3K Winter Series15 Dec 10
3K11:1411PlymouthArmada Network 3K Winter Series10 Nov 10
5K19:2316SaltramArmada Forum 5K Series11 Aug 10
HM87:3719Burnham-on-SeaBurnham-on-Sea Half Marathon3 Oct 10
HM91:0191TauntonTaunton Half Marathon11 Apr 10
HM94:3394:12236PlymouthPlymouth Half Marathon30 May 10
HM98:0195:46318WindsorWindsor Half Marathon26 Sep 10
SHORTHM82:5582:46230CardiffCardiff Half Marathon (193m short)17 Oct 10
ZXC39:2877PlymouthBrooks Westward League7 Nov 10
Total Performances: 104
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