Anthony Ashton

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Age Group:V35
County:Greater Manchester
Region:North West
Lead Coach:Unknown

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2011 SEN Bury
607.49i51.4SportcityManchester Open2 Jan 11
607.52i41.2SportcityManchester Open18 Dec 11
10011.52-0.333HendonBritish Athletics League Division 14 Jun 11
20023.22AMacclesfieldNorth of England League Division 3W3 Jul 11
2010 SEN Bury
607.22i52SportcityReebok Manchester Open Meeting3 Jan 10
607.30i52SportcityReebok Manchester Open Meeting10 Jan 10
607.30i52SheffieldNorthern Athletics Indoor Open20 Nov 10
607.39i51.2SportcityManchester Open19 Dec 10
10011.51BConnah's QuayCheshire League8 Aug 10
10011.60.52LoughboroughCharnwood Open13 May 10
10011.802WrexhamWrexham Games14 Aug 10
10011.820.371StretfordTrafford Grand Prix27 Jul 10
40059.8164StretfordTrafford Grand Prix27 Jul 10
2009 SEN Bury
607.12i4h1SheffieldNorthern Athletics Senior Indoor Championships17 Jan 09
607.15i31.01SportcityReebok Manchester Open4 Jan 09
607.17i41SportcityReebok Manchester Open Meeting20 Dec 09
607.18i61.01SportcityReebok Manchester Open11 Jan 09
607.22i41.1SportcityReebok Manchester Open4 Feb 09
607.23i11.5SportcityReebok Manchester Open4 Feb 09
607.25i49SheffieldNorthern Athletics Open21 Nov 09
607.27i3h8BirminghamBirmingham Games31 Jan 09
607.27i11.02SportcityReebok Manchester Open Meeting6 Dec 09
607.28i62.01SportcityReebok Manchester Open11 Jan 09
607.39i22.2SportcityReebok Manchester Open Meeting6 Dec 09
60DQi52.1SportcityReebok Manchester Open Meeting6 Dec 09
60DQi61.01SportcityReebok Manchester Open Meeting6 Dec 09
10010.91BLeighNorth of England League Division 2WC6 Jun 09
10011.01BWakefieldNorth of England League Division 2WC2 May 09
10011.01GrimsbyGrimsby Institute Open23 May 09
10011.01BAshton-under-LyneNorth of England League Division 2WC5 Jul 09
10011.070.82h1SportcityNorthern Athletics Senior Championships20 Jun 09
10011.0926Birmingham (Un)Birmingham Rowheath AC Open3 Jun 09
10011.222StretfordGreater Manchester Championships7 Jun 09
10011.2325Birmingham (Un)Birmingham Rowheath AC Open22 Apr 09
10011.30-0.85SportcityNorthern Athletics Senior Championships20 Jun 09
10011.33LiverpoolTom O'Mahoney Memorial Track Meeting19 Apr 09
10011.3131StretfordTrafford Grand Prix26 May 09
10011.3441WakefieldWakefield Spring Open11 Apr 09
10011.36-0.82AStretfordNorth of England League - Cup Final12 Sep 09
10011.51h2GrimsbyGrimsby Institute Open23 May 09
20022.42BLeighNorth of England League Division 2WC6 Jun 09
20022.71BWakefieldNorth of England League Division 2WC2 May 09
30038.64i32SportcityReebok Manchester Open Meeting6 Dec 09
40053.2462StretfordTrafford Grand Prix26 May 09
2008 SEN Bury
607.11i21.04SportcityReebok Manchester Open13 Jan 08
607.14i11.01SportcityReebok Manchester Open16 Mar 08
607.15i31.01SportcityReebok Manchester Open7 Dec 08
607.16i21.01UxbridgeBrunel Speed Series29 Nov 08
607.16i12.01UxbridgeBrunel Speed Series29 Nov 08
607.17i13SportcityReebok Manchester Open6 Feb 08
607.19i31.02SportcityReebok Manchester Open2 Mar 08
607.21i314SportcityReebok Manchester Open6 Feb 08
607.22i3h4SheffieldNorthern Athletics Indoor Champs Senior/U20 Day 119 Jan 08
607.22i3SheffieldNorthern Athletics Indoor Champs Senior/U20 Day 119 Jan 08
607.22i11SportcityReebok Manchester Open19 Mar 08
607.23i41SheffieldNorthern Athletics Indoor Open Meeting22 Nov 08
607.23i32.04SportcityReebok Manchester Open7 Dec 08
607.28i14SportcityReebok Manchester Open19 Mar 08
10010.91ABuryNorth of England League Division 3WC6 Jul 08
10011.042StockportStockport Harriers Grand Prix3 Sep 08
10011.10.62h1StretfordGreater Manchester Championships8 Jun 08
10011.111SportcityNorth of England Inter-Club Plate Finals13 Sep 08
10011.13w2.27h1LoughboroughLEAP17 Jul 08
10011.22APrestonNorth of England League Division 3WC3 May 08
10011.22BlackpoolNorth of England inter-club club cup 1st round17 Aug 08
10011.261.14h2DunfermlineScottish Athletics Senior Championships30 Aug 08
10011.290.56SportcityNorthern Athletics Senior Championships14 Jun 08
10011.2911StretfordTrafford Grand Prix9 Sep 08
10011.3-0.73StretfordGreater Manchester Championships8 Jun 08
10011.31ALeighNorth of England League Division 3WC3 Aug 08
10011.40Manchester (SC)Northern Senior Championships14 Jun 08
10011.4-2.84nsLiverpoolBritish Athletics League National 12 Aug 08
10011.4YorkCity of York AC Open7 Sep 08
20022.942SportcityNorth of England Inter-Club Plate Finals13 Sep 08
20023.02BLeighNorth of England League Division 3WC3 Aug 08
20023.1StretfordGreater Manchester Championships8 Jun 08
20023.2BuryNorth of England League Division 3WC6 Jul 08
2007 SEN Bury
607.21i202SportcityReebok Manchester Open9 Dec 07
607.21i417SportcityReebok Manchester Open9 Dec 07
607.26i61SheffieldNorthern Athletics Indoor Open15 Dec 07
607.31iSheffieldNoEAA Indoor Open Meeting 124 Nov 07
607.36iSheffieldNorthern Senior Champs28 Jan 07
10011.131.54h1LiverpoolNorthern Athletics Senior/U20 Championships16 Jun 07
10011.22Don ValleySheffield Festival of Athletics 200721 Apr 07
10011.22HyndburnNorth of England League Division 4WC8 Jul 07
10011.2w3.42WiganNorth Of England Club Cup12 Aug 07
10011.33HullNorthern Inter Counties26 Aug 07
10011.47StretfordGreater Manchester County Championships12 May 07
20023.3WiganNorth Of England Club Cup12 Aug 07
2006 SEN Bury
607.43iSheffield29 Jan 06
10011.10w2.65h1SportcityNorth of England Championships17 Jun 06
10011.4CleckheatonNorth of England League Division 3WC3 Jun 06
20023.3CleckheatonNorth of England League Division 3WC3 Jun 06
20023.34SportcityNorth of England Championships18 Jun 06
2005 SEN Bury
607.33i1h8LoughboroughLOUGHBOROUGH OPEN Loughborough15 Jan 05
607.40i4h6LoughboroughLOUGHBOROUGH OPEN Loughborough15 Jan 05
Total Performances: 96
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