Norman Poole

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Club:Sale Harriers Manchester
County:Greater Manchester
Region:North West

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I am a Level 4 coach and also in possession of a Master Coach Award given by Frank Dick during his term in office as Head Coach. I am not sure that this award is now used. I am also President of British Milers' Club.

Athletes Coached
NameClub AG  Sex  Best Event  Rank  AG  Year  Performance 
Mohammed Abu-RezeqAltrinchamSENM
Thomas AtkinsonSale Harriers ManchesterSENM80063ALL20171:50.6
Matthew BarnesSale Harriers ManchesterV40M5000145ALL201814:45.36
Will BeauchampSalford HSENM5000156ALL201814:46.52
Matthew BondSale Harriers ManchesterV35MMar21ALL20172:21:13
Niall BrooksSale Harriers ManchesterSENM3000388ALL20188:48.21
Ben BrunswickDorking & Mole ValleyU23M80056ALL20181:50.46
Luisa CandioliSale Harriers ManchesterSENW
Laura FinucanePendleSENW
Mia GibbonsSale Harriers ManchesterU17W800236U1720182:25.05
Ann GriffithsSale Harriers ManchesterV50W
Carl HardmanSalford HV35M10K43ALL201830:29
Stuart HeatonAltrinchamV40M
Simon HorsfieldSale Harriers ManchesterSENM
Donna JonesSale Harriers ManchesterSENW
Chris KaysEast CheshireSENM
Nigel MartinSale Harriers ManchesterSENM1000028ALL201830:07.31
Kevin McKaySale Harriers ManchesterV45M
Steven MorrowLiverpool HSENM
Andrew NormanAltrinchamV35MHM81ALL201869:35
Dave NormanAltrinchamV35M10K641ALL201833:33
William OnekSale Harriers ManchesterSENM800147ALL20181:53.06
David ProctorSale Harriers ManchesterSENM80088ALL20181:51.73
Michael RimmerLiverpool Pembroke SeftonSENM80011ALL20181:47.33
Phil RobertsonSale Harriers ManchesterSENM10K212ALL201832:01
Ben ScarlettSwindonSENM
Emma TilleySale Harriers ManchesterU23W800153ALL20182:12.76
Louise WhittakerManchester TCV35W

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