Abdul Buhari

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Club:Newham & Essex Beagles
Age Group:V35
Lead Coach:John Hillier2012-
Previous Lead:None-2011
Previous Lead:None2012-2012
Previous Lead:Mark Wiseman2011-2012

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Domestic Record
2012 - England Closed Championships gold. BUCS Championships silver
2011 - Aviva World Trials & UK Championships gold. England Athletics Senior Championships gold
2009 - Aviva World Trials & UK Championships bronze
2008 - Aviva Olympic Trials & UK Championships silver
2007 - Norwich Union World Trials & UK Championships silver
2006 - Norwich Union European Trials & UK Championships 4th. CAU Inter-Counties Championships gold
2005 - AAA Championships 4th. Inter Counties bronze. Welsh Championships silver

Major Championships & International Record
2012 - European Championships 12th q
2011 - IAAF Championships 13th q
2009 - Spar European Team Championships 7th

Athletes Coached

Best known performances

Performances Submit
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2012 SEN Newham & Essex Beagles
DT2K65.241AHendonBritish Athletics League Premiership30 Jun 12
DT2K62.229La Jolla CA, USAUCSD Triton Invitational28 Apr 12
DT2K62.181AHendonLondon Inter-Club Challenge25 Aug 12
DT2K61.702DLa Jolla CA, USAOTC Pre Olympic Series (discus only)26 Apr 12
DT2K61.229AHalle, GERHALPLUS Werfertage19 May 12
DT2K60.943BirminghamAviva British Championships inc. Olympic Trials24 Jun 12
DT2K60.257Crystal PalaceSamsung Diamond League13 Jul 12
DT2K60.141BedfordBIG (Bedford International Games)10 Jun 12
DT2K60.0816qBOlympic ParkOlympic Games6 Aug 12
DT2K59.473LoughboroughLoughborough International20 May 12
DT2K59.361LoughboroughLoughborough Students v British Police v Army16 May 12
DT2K58.5712qAHelsinki, FINEuropean Championships29 Jun 12
DT2K58.512UKAOlympic ParkBUCS Championships5 May 12
DT2K58.471ABirminghamBritish Athletics League Premiership9 Jun 12
DT2K57.478BirminghamSamsung Diamond League26 Aug 12
DT2K53.7010Helsingborg, SWEHelsingborg Throws17 Jun 12
DT2K53.091BirminghamEngland Championships (Inc North & Midland Championships)3 Jun 12
2011 SEN Newham & Essex Beagles
DT2K65.442AHendonMcCain Jumps & Throws Fest9 Jul 11
DT2K63.581AHendonBritish Athletics League Premiership2 Jul 11
DT2K63.321BirminghamAviva British Championships inc. World Trials31 Jul 11
DT2K62.191BedfordEngland Senior Championships (inc Parallel Success)17 Jul 11
DT2K61.761LoughboroughLoughborough International22 May 11
DT2K60.521LoughboroughLoughborough Students v Birmingham University v Army11 May 11
DT2K60.262KingstonSurrey County Championships14 May 11
DT2K60.2113qADaegu, KORIAAF World Championships29 Aug 11
DT2K59.681Birmingham (U)Birmingham Rowheath Open22 Jun 11
DT2K58.083Vila Real de Santo António, POREuropean Club Championships - Group A29 May 11
DT2K56.892ACardiffBritish Athletics League Premiership4 Jun 11
DT2K55.1811Crystal PalaceSamsung Diamond League Aviva London Grand Prix6 Aug 11
2010 SEN Newham & Essex Beagles
SP7.26K12.958Vila Real, POREuropean Clubs Senior Championships29 May 10
DT2K59.343Loughborough Loughborough International23 May 10
DT2K58.201LoughboroughLSAC v Birmingham Uni v Army12 May 10
DT2K52.627Vila Real, POREuropean Clubs Senior Championships30 May 10
2009 SEN Newham & Essex Beagles
DT2K58.797Leiria, PORSpar European Team Championships21 Jun 09
DT2K58.522AHendonBritish Athletics League Premiership1 Aug 09
DT2K58.054Castellón, ESPEuropean Champion Clubs Cup31 May 09
DT2K58.021LoughboroughMcCain Loughborough International17 May 09
DT2K57.631HendonJo Smith Cup8 Aug 09
DT2K56.8742Halle, GERHalle Throwing Festival23 May 09
DT2K56.511ANewhamBritish Athletics League Premiership22 Aug 09
DT2K55.393BirminghamAviva British Championships inc. World Trials12 Jul 09
DT2K54.991ADon ValleyBritish Athletics League Premiership7 Jun 09
DT2K52.8745BirminghamUKA Jumps & Throws Festival26 Jul 09
2008 SEN Newham & Essex Beagles
SP7.26K13.024Nicosia, CYPThrows Meeting17 Apr 08
DT2K61.303LoughboroughLEAP17 Jul 08
DT2K59.712Nicosia, CYPThrows Meeting17 Apr 08
DT2K59.252BedfordBIG (Bedford International Games)1 Jun 08
DT2K58.974Florø, NORFlorø Athletics Festival14 Jun 08
DT2K58.612Eindhoven, NEDEindhoven Open26 Jul 08
DT2K58.452Nicosia, CYPCyprus Athletics Association Meeting11 Apr 08
DT2K58.354Lisse, NEDLisse, NED3 May 08
DT2K58.182BirminghamAviva British Championships inc. Olympic Trials13 Jul 08
DT2K58.1121BirminghamUKA Jumps Fest28 Jun 08
DT2K58.0212Halle, GERHallesche Werfertage24 May 08
DT2K57.971EtonUK Challenge Final9 Aug 08
DT2K57.912HendonLondon Inter Club Challenge26 Apr 08
DT2K57.892LoughboroughLoughborough Werfertage Trials29 Jun 08
DT2K57.832ABirminghamBritish Athletics League Premiership8 Jun 08
DT2K57.642LoughboroughLoughborough International18 May 08
DT2K57.632AHendonBritish Athletics League Premiership2 Aug 08
DT2K57.011WoodfordLondon Inter Club Challenge21 Jun 08
DT2K55.721AHendonBritish Athletics League Premiership16 Aug 08
DT2K53.992BSandownIsle of Wight Open Throws Meet2 Mar 08
DT2K53.352ASandownIsle of Wight Open Throws Meet2 Mar 08
DT2K51.267Hoorn, NEDHoorn, NED10 May 08
2007 SEN Newham & Essex Beagles
SP7.26K11.97HendonBritish Athletics League Premiership5 May 07
DT2K59.80wdh2BirminghamThrows Festival1 Jul 07
DT2K56.872SportcityNorwich Union British Championships inc. World Trials28 Jul 07
DT2K55.171HendonBritish Athletics League Premiership5 May 07
DT2K54.942LoughboroughLEAP11 Aug 07
DT2K54.433LoughboroughLoughborough International20 May 07
DT2K54.252BirminghamBritish Athletics League Premiership7 Jul 07
DT2K53.481GNewhamSouthern Men's League Division 114 Jul 07
DT2K52.932PortsmouthSouthern Inter-Counties12 Aug 07
DT2K52.482Lee ValleyLondon Inter Club Challenge26 May 07
2006 SEN Newham & Essex Beagles
SP7.26K13.247AHendonBritish Athletics League Premiership6 May 06
DT2K56.721BedfordCau Inter Counties Championships28 May 06
DT2K55.8221BirminghamUK Challenge Throws Fest29 Jul 06
DT2K55.804LoughboroughLoughborough European Athletics Permit (LEAP) Meeting26 Jul 06
DT2K55.642LoughboroughLoughborough International21 May 06
DT2K55.602BedfordBIG (Bedford International Games)11 Jun 06
DT2K55.602Crystal PalaceSouthern Senior & U20 Championships17 Jun 06
DT2K55.322Sandnes, NORSandnes, NOR10 Jun 06
DT2K55.034SportcityNorwich Union European Trials inc AAA Championships15 Jul 06
DT2K54.652AHendonBritish Athletics League Premiership6 May 06
DT2K54.441BirminghamSenior Inter-Territorial Inc Midland 3000m Champs24 Jun 06
DT2K54.123EtonBritish Athletics League Premier Division5 Aug 06
DT2K52.963BedfordBAL Golden Jubilee Cup Semi Final Match 230 Jul 06
DT2K52.681CrawleySouthern Inter-Counties13 Aug 06
DT2K52.583Szombathely, HUNMasz International Meeting2 Jul 06
DT2K51.661Tooting BecRosenheim League Eastern Division12 Jul 06
2005 SEN Newham & Essex Beagles
SP7.26K14.35A3Potchefstroom, RSA-28 Apr 05
SP7.26K13.104BCarshaltonBAL D17 May 05
DT2K54.532CarshaltonBAL D17 May 05
DT2K53.684SportcityAAA Championships inc. Senior Invitation9 Jul 05
DT2K53.573BedfordCAU Inter Counties Championships29 May 05
DT2K52.651QABedfordCAU Inter Counties Championships29 May 05
DT2K52.545BedfordBIG (Bedford International Games)12 Jun 05
DT2K52.171BedfordGolden Jubilee Cup Final27 Aug 05
DT2K51.965LoughboroughLEAP16 Jul 05
DT2K51.952AshfordSouth of England Championships18 Jun 05
DT2K51.171BHaringeyEight-Sided Inter Counties Match14 Aug 05
DT2K51.162CardiffWelsh Championships29 Aug 05
DT2K50.832Crystal PalaceCrystal Palace Classic10 Jun 05
DT2K50.471KingstonROSENHEIM LEAGUE FINAL Kingston17 Aug 05
DT2K50.344BirminghamInter Territorial Meeting23 Jul 05
DT2K49.864LoughboroughLoughborough International Match22 May 05
DT2K48.635HaringeyBAL130 Jul 05
Total Performances: 108
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