Daniel Greaves

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Club:Charnwood/Loughborough Students
Age Group:V40
Region:East Midlands
Lead Coach:Zane Duquemin2020-
Previous Lead:Jim Edwards-2015
Previous Lead:John Godina2015-2020


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Records as of May 2020

F44 Discus ER - 63.01

Major Championships and International Record

2021 - Paralympic Games - DT BRONZE; European Para Championships - DT SILVER.
2018 - European Para Championships - DT GOLD.
2017 - World Para Championships - DT 4th.
2016 - Paralympic Games - DT BRONZE. IPC European Championship DT GOLD
2014 - Commonwealth Games - DT GOLD
2014 - IPC European Championship - DT GOLD
2013 - IPC World Championships - DT SILVER
2012 - Paralympic Games - DT SILVER
2011 - IPC World Championships - DT GOLD
2008 - Paralympic Games - DT BRONZE
2006 - IPC World Championships - DT GOLD
2005 - IPC European Championship - DT GOLD
2004 - Paralympic Games - DT GOLD
2002 - IPC World Championships - DT GOLD
2001 - IPC European Championship - DT GOLD
2000 - Paralympic Games - DT SILVER

Domestic Championships

2014 - English Championships - DT GOLD.
2012 - Aviva Olympic Trials & UK Championships DT gold
2009 - Aviva World Trials & UK Championships DT 4th.BUCS Championships DT 5th
2008 - BUSA Championships DT 5th.Aviva Olympic Trials & UK Championships DT 13th
2006 - BUSA Championships DT bronze. Norwich Union European Trials & UK Championships DT 13th
2005 - BUSA Championships DT bronze. AAA Championships DT 13th
2001 - AAA's U20 National Championship DT Silver

Dan is a full time athlete training at the high performance centre in Loughborough. His career at elite level has spanned 21 years only missing out on the podium twice in that time. Dan recently competed at his 6th Paralympics bringing home his 6th Medal making history as the first British Athletics to medal in 6 consecutive games.. Dan has also competed at 5 World championships and 7x European championships. Dan has experienced allot of high level sport and come through some tough injuries to win. In 2006 he retained his F44 discus World Champioinship title despite returning to throwing two weeks earlier following knee surgery. In 2019 Dan had a serious hip injury which almost halted his whole career but has managed to measure training capacity so he can train pain free and progress.

In 2001 he became the first Paralympian to represent GB in an able-bodied event when selected for GB Junior team. Dan has a Sports Science degree from Loughborough University and is studying for a Masters. Daniel was a keen sportsman at school. At 13 he got involved in Charnwood Athletics Club where he started throwing the discus. He is now a member of the Loughborough Students Athletics Club. He spent a couple of weeks on crutches with a knee injury just weeks before the 2006 World Championships, but still managed to retain the title he had won four years earlier in Lille. Beijing was the third successive Paralympics in which he won a medal in the discus, collecting bronze on this occasion after winning gold in 2004. In 2011 saw him win the gold medal with a life-time best throw at the IPC Championships in Christchurch, New Zealnd. Dan has gone on to become commonwealth champion and set his lifetime best of 63.01m at the English Championships in 2018

Best known performances

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2024 V40 Charnwood/Loughborough Students
DT1.5K61.08-1Ramona OK, USAOklahoma Throws Series World Invitational14 Apr 24
DT1.5K60.951Ramona OK, USAOklahoma Throws Series 5 (Friday)12 Apr 24
DT1.5K58.481Ramona OK, USAOklahoma Throws Series (Sunday)7 Apr 24
DT1.5K58.151LoughboroughWA Continental Tour 2024 Challenger - Loughborough EAP10 Jul 24
DT1.5K57.172BHorspathBedford International Games (BIG)25 May 24
DT1.5K56.351BirminghamEngland Athletics U20 & Senior Championships (inc.U23), Senior Para Championships (U20+) inc. CAU Championships21 Jul 24
DT1.5K55.831LoughboroughCharnwood AC Opens17 Jul 24
DT1.5K55.652PCardiffWelsh Athletics 106th Senior & U15 Championships16 Jun 24
DT1.5K54.761LoughboroughLoughborough International19 May 24
DT1.5K54.586SportcityMicroplus UK Athletics Championships29 Jun 24
DT1.5K53.531BirminghamThe Birchfield Games22 Jun 24
DT1.5KNM-Ramona OK, USAOklahoma Throws Series (Saturday)6 Apr 24
2023 V40 Charnwood/Loughborough Students
DT1.5K58.882BBirminghamBirchfield Midweek Open Meeting 22 Aug 23
DT1.5K58.801DerbyDADA Meet 3 - Midweek Flat Track and Field6 Jun 23
DT1.5K58.322ABirminghamBirchfield Midweek Open Meeting 22 Aug 23
DT1.5K58.151LoughboroughLoughborough International21 May 23
DT1.5K57.923F44Paris, FRAParis 23 World Championships15 Jul 23
DT1.5K56.851LoughboroughLoughborough Open31 May 23
DT1.5K56.801PCardiffWelsh Senior/U15 Championships25 Jun 23
DT1.5K56.801BLoughboroughCharnwood AC Opens9 Aug 23
DT1.5K55.411AWoodfordBIGish Jumps & Throws Fest29 May 23
DT1.5K55.141F44Dubai, UAEDubai 2023 World Para Athletics Grand Prix26 Feb 23
DT1.5K54.921CorbyNorthamptonshire & Leicestershire & Rutland County Championships13 May 23
DT1.5K54.241F44LoughboroughLoughborough Open21 Jun 23
2022 V35 Charnwood/Loughborough Students
DT1.5K56.761PSportcityMuller UK Athletics Championships26 Jun 22
DT1.5K56.211BLoughboroughCharnwood AC Opens13 Jul 22
DT1.5K54.664BirminghamCommonwealth Games3 Aug 22
DT1.5K53.651LoughboroughLoughborough Outdoor Open22 Jun 22
DT1.5K52.914LoughboroughLoughborough EAP Meeting7 Jun 22
DT1.5K51.77-ABedfordBIGish Jumps & Throws Fest2 Jun 22
DT1.5K50.657PLoughboroughLoughborough International22 May 22
2021 V35 Charnwood/Loughborough Students
DT1.5K60.682ALoughboroughCharnwood AC Open19 May 21
DT1.5K59.751AStretfordTrafford Open3 Apr 21
DT1.5K59.391F44SportcityManchester Invitational 2021 organised by Bryggen Sports27 May 21
DT1.5K58.631LoughboroughCharnwood AC Open1 Aug 21
DT1.5K58.361F44LoughboroughLoughborough Spring Throws17 Apr 21
DT1.5K57.691AHullHammer Circle Invitation13 Jun 21
DT1.5K57.681LoughboroughLoughborough Open23 Jun 21
DT1.5K57.561BLoughboroughCharnwood AC Open11 Aug 21
DT1.5K57.281BHullHammer Circle Invitation13 Jun 21
DT1.5K57.052F64Bydgoszcz, POLEuropean Para Championships4 Jun 21
DT1.5K57.011CardiffWelsh Senior Championships (inc. Under 15)14 Aug 21
DT1.5K56.111AWinchesterSouthampton AC Inter-Club Throws & Horizontal Jumps16 May 21
DT1.5K56.101F44BedfordEngland Athletics Senior Championships, including Disability Championships17 Jul 21
DT1.5K55.575SportcityMüller British Championships inc. Invitation 10000m26 Jun 21
DT1.5K53.563F44Tokyo, JPNParalympic Games2 Sep 21
2020 V35 Charnwood/Loughborough Students
DT1.5K56.471F44St. ClementJersey Spartan Open Summer Series23 Aug 20
DT1.5K55.991ALoughboroughCharnwood AC August Open30 Aug 20
DT1.5K54.901F44SportcityMuller British Championships5 Sep 20
DT1.5K54.341LoughboroughLoughborough August Invitational16 Aug 20
2019 V35 Charnwood/Loughborough Students
DT1.5K58.031BLoughboroughZD Invitation Discus & JP Invitation Hammer Open29 Jun 19
DT1.5K55.681ALoughboroughZD Invitation Discus & JP Invitation Hammer Open29 Jun 19
DT1.5K54.061LoughboroughLoughborough International19 May 19
DT1.5K51.086BirminghamBritish Championships25 Aug 19
2018 V35 Charnwood/Loughborough Students
DT1.5K63.011F44SportcityCAU Inter-County Championships (Inc England Athletics Senior Championships)28 Jul 18
DT1.5K58.181Leiria, PORInternational Throwing Competition14 Jul 18
DT1.5K58.131BedfordBIGish Jumps & Throws Fest28 May 18
DT1.5K57.651F44Berlin, GERWorld Para Athletics European Championships23 Aug 18
DT1.5K56.541F44LoughboroughLoughborough International20 May 18
DT1.5K53.061F44NuneatonMidland Counties U20 / Senior Championships10 Jun 18
2017 SEN Charnwood/Loughborough Students
DT1.5K58.336InvTorrance CA, USAMt. SAC Relays14 Apr 17
DT1.5K58.121F44HendonLondon Inter Club Challenge24 Jun 17
DT1.5K58.111BirminghamBritish Championships1 Jul 17
DT1.5K57.961F44LoughboroughLoughborough International21 May 17
DT1.5K57.941Mesa AZ, USAMesa T-Bird Invitational21 Apr 17
DT1.5K57.014F44Olympic ParkWorld Para Athletics Championships16 Jul 17
DT1.5K56.831F44BedfordBIGish Jumps & Throws Fest29 May 17
DT1.5K54.981F44LoughboroughLoughborough Winter Throws (inc Euro Throws Trials)26 Feb 17
2016 SEN Charnwood/Loughborough Students
DT1.5K61.481F44Amsterdam, NEDInternational Para Athletics Challenge6 Jul 16
DT1.5K61.251LoughboroughLoughborough EAP Open Meeting16 Jul 16
DT1.5K60.451F44CoventryCoventry Godiva Classic Open (inc Midland 3000m Championships)20 Aug 16
DT1.5K60.341F42BirminghamBritish Championships25 Jun 16
DT1.5K59.573F44Rio de Janeiro, BRAParalympic Games16 Sep 16
DT1.5K59.091F44LoughboroughCharnwood AC Midweek Open10 Aug 16
DT1.5K58.651F44LoughboroughLoughborough International22 May 16
DT1.5K58.591Salinas CA, USASalinas Spring Fling17 Apr 16
DT1.5K58.151F44Grosseto, ITAIPC Athletics European Championships12 Jun 16
DT1.5K56.752F442/44Olympic ParkIPC Grand Prix Final23 Jul 16
DT1.5K56.321F44BedfordBIGish Jumps & Throws Fest28 May 16
DT1.5K56.031F44LoughboroughLoughborough Students AC Open25 May 16
DT1.5K54.5213InvMesa AZ, USAMesa Classic8 Apr 16
2015 SEN Charnwood/Loughborough Students
DT1.5K59.4472San Diego CA, USATriton Invitational25 Apr 15
DT1.5K57.214Mesa AZ, USAMesa Classic10 Apr 15
DT1.5K56.954F44Doha, QATIPC World Championships22 Oct 15
DT1.5K56.231LoughboroughLoughborough International17 May 15
DT1.5KNM-Chula Vista CA, USAOTC-CV Elite #123 Apr 15
2014 SEN Charnwood/Loughborough Students
DT1.5K62.341F44SwanseaIPC Athletics European Championships22 Aug 14
DT1.5K60.121LoughboroughCharnwood AC Open Meeting9 Jul 14
DT1.5K60.011BirminghamIPC Grand Prix Final24 Aug 14
DT1.5K59.341F44BirminghamBritish Championships (Inc European Trials)29 Jun 14
DT1.5K59.211F42/F44Hampden ParkCommonwealth Games28 Jul 14
DT1.5K58.271Berlin, GERInternational German Championships21 Jun 14
DT1.5K58.211F44BedfordBIG (Bedford International Games)1 Jun 14
DT1.5K58.051F44LoughboroughLoughborough International18 May 14
2013 SEN Charnwood/Loughborough Students
DT1.5K59.682Berlin, GERInternational German Championships (IPC Grand Prix)15 Jun 13
DT1.5K58.441LoughboroughLoughborough International19 May 13
DT1.5K57.421Olympic ParkSainsbury's International Para Challenge28 Jul 13
DT1.5K57.372BirminghamIPC Athletics Grand Prix Final29 Jun 13
DT1.5K54.582Lyon, FRAIPC Athletics World Championships21 Jul 13
2012 SEN Charnwood/Loughborough Students
DT1.5K59.012Olympic ParkParalympic Games6 Sep 12
DT1.5K57.831BirminghamMcCain Birmingham Games & Parallel Success8 Jul 12
DT1.5K57.56i1AVäxjö, SWEWorld Indoor Throwing10 Mar 12
DT1.5K56.882SportcityParalympic World Cup22 May 12
DT1.5K55.581BirminghamAviva British Championships inc. Olympic Trials24 Jun 12
DT1.5K54.932Olympic ParkVisa London Disability Athletics Challenge8 May 12
DT1.5K54.4712BirminghamMcCain Jumps & Throws Fest11 Aug 12
DT1.5K53.231LoughboroughLoughborough International20 May 12
DT1.5K48.761LoughboroughCharnwood Open Graded Meeting6 Jun 12
2011 SEN Charnwood/Loughborough Students
DT1.5K59.851Miramar FL, USAUS Paralympic Championships17 Jun 11
DT1.5K59.271ManchesterParalympic World Cup27 May 11
DT1.5K58.981Christchurch, NZLIPC Athletic Championships26 Jan 11
DT1.5K56.8710Crystal PalaceSamsung Diamond League Aviva London Grand Prix6 Aug 11
DT1.5K55.261LoughboroughLoughborough International22 May 11
DT1.5K54.28i1Växjö, SWEWorld Indoor Throwing12 Mar 11
DT1.5K53.241BedfordBIG (Bedford International Games)12 Jun 11
2010 SEN Charnwood/Loughborough Students
DT2K43.983ABirminghamUp and Running Midland League Division 16 Jun 10
DT1.5K57.145LoughboroughLoughborough International23 May 10
DT1.5K56.50i1Växjö, SWEWexiö Indoor Throwing Competition27 Mar 10
DT1.5K56.221SportcityParalympic World Cup25 May 10
DT1.5K55.993CardiffWelsh Championships13 Jun 10
2009 SEN Charnwood/Loughborough Students
DT2K46.885BedfordBUCS Championships2 May 09
DT2K45.912QBBedfordBUCS Championships2 May 09
DT2K45.431AKetteringMidland League Division 22 Aug 09
DT2K44.771CosfordRAF Invitational Athletics Meeting25 Apr 09
DT1.5K55.331StretfordTrafford Grand Prix23 Jun 09
DT1.5K55.221Olomouc, CZECzech Open22 Aug 09
DT1.5K54.28NottinghamCP Sport Grand Prix19 Sep 09
DT1.5K54.144BirminghamAviva British Championships inc. World Trials12 Jul 09
DT1.5K51.521Crystal PalaceLondon Disability Athletics Challenge26 Jul 09
2008 SEN Charnwood/Loughborough Students
DT2K49.7633San Diego CA, USATriton Invitational26 Apr 08
DT2K47.741ALoughboroughMidland League Division 25 Jul 08
DT2K47.2152BirminghamUKA Jumps Fest28 Jun 08
DT2K46.973LoughboroughCharnwood Open Meeting21 May 08
DT2K46.858LoughboroughLoughborough International18 May 08
DT2K46.815BedfordBUSA Championships3 May 08
DT2K46.364LoughboroughLoughborough v Brunel v Combined Services14 May 08
DT2K45.465LoughboroughLSAC v British Police V Army28 May 08
DT2K45.353BBedfordBUSA Championships3 May 08
DT2K45.031ABirminghamMidland League Division 23 Aug 08
DT2K44.901BirminghamMidland Senior & U20 Championships15 Jun 08
DT2K44.501ATiptonMidland League Division 27 Jun 08
DT2K44.2613BirminghamAviva British Championships inc. Olympic Trials13 Jul 08
DT1.5K53.043Beijing, CHNParalympic Games15 Sep 08
2007 SEN Charnwood/Loughborough Students
SP7.26K11.02TiptonMidland Men's League Division 24 Aug 07
DT2K55.60wdh3ABirminghamThrows Festival1 Jul 07
DT2K45.841LoughboroughSaucony Loughborough Open Meeting30 May 07
DT2K45.612LoughboroughCharnwood AC Open Graded23 May 07
DT2K45.111Brierley HillMidland Men's League Division 22 Jun 07
DT2K43.911TiptonMidland Men's League Division 24 Aug 07
DT2K43.858LoughboroughLoughborough International20 May 07
2006 SEN Charnwood/Loughborough Students
DT2K47.118Budapest, HUNBp. Honvéd Nemzetközi30 Jun 06
DT2K47.117Budapest, HUNEAA int Homved, Budapest1 Jul 06
DT2K44.9014Tempe AZ, USATempe AZ, USA15 Apr 06
DT2K44.453BirminghamBUSA Championships29 Apr 06
DT2K44.134Szombathely, HUNMasz International Meeting2 Jul 06
DT2K43.3313SportcityNorwich Union European Trials inc AAA Championships15 Jul 06
DT2K42.351TelfordMidland Men's League Division 13 Jun 06
DT2K42.211QABirminghamBUSA Championships29 Apr 06
2005 SEN Charnwood/Loughborough Students
SP7.26K13.121LoughboroughCharnwood AC Open Graded19 May 05
DT2K50.021Loughborough-9 Mar 05
DT2K48.103Glasgow (S)BUSA Championships2 May 05
DT2K47.6613SportcityAAA Championships inc. Senior Invitation9 Jul 05
DT2K47.231Brierley HillMidland Men's League Division 24 Jun 05
DT2K46.251KetteringMidland Men's League Division 27 May 05
DT2K45.881RugbyDivision 26 Aug 05
DT2K45.471LoughboroughLoughborough Vs Achilles8 Jun 05
DT2K45.331DerbyGold Cup Semi Final16 Jul 05
DT2K40.778LoughboroughLoughborough International Match22 May 05
2004 U23 Charnwood/Loughborough Students
DT1.5K55.121Athens, GREParalympic Games17 Sep 04
2001 U20 Charnwood/Loughborough Students
DT1.75K46.753ExeterESAA English Schools' Championships7 Jul 01
2000 U20 Charnwood/Loughborough Students
DT1.75K41.729Don ValleyESAA English Schools' Championships8 Jul 00
DT1.5K46.042Sydney, AUSParalympic Games23 Oct 2000-29/10/00
Total Performances: 173
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