John Osazuwa

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Age Group:V35
Lead Coach:Jamie Bath

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2017 V35 Belgrave/Army/Nigeria
TJ9.917MJAldershotArmy Inter-Units Championships14 Jun 17
DT2K29.672AAldershotArmy Inter-Corps Championships24 May 17
HT7.26K51.4311BedfordCAU Inter-County Championships (Inc England Athletics Senior Championships)30 Jul 17
HT7.26K49.542Portsmouth (RN)Inter Services Championships12 Jul 17
HT7.26K49.522AAldershotArmy Inter-Corps Championships24 May 17
HT7.26K46.401MJAldershotArmy Inter-Units Championships14 Jun 17
2016 SEN Belgrave/Army/Nigeria
SP7.26K11.902AAldershotArmy Team Championships8 Jun 16
SP7.26K11.554CosfordInter Services Championships13 Jul 16
DT2K31.954CosfordInter Services Championships13 Jul 16
HT7.26K53.851AAldershotArmy Team Championships8 Jun 16
HT7.26K52.831AldershotArmy Individual Championships18 May 16
HT7.26K51.642CosfordInter Services Championships13 Jul 16
2015 SEN Belgrave/Army/Nigeria
HT7.26K54.013LoughboroughLoughborough Students v East Midlands v Civil Service v Achilles & U18 Trials Match10 Jun 15
HT7.26K50.672AldershotInter Services Athletics Championships8 Jul 15
2014 SEN Belgrave/Army/Nigeria
SP7.26K10.681BAldershotArmy Inter Corps21 May 14
DT2K33.662AldershotArmy Inter-Unit Team Athletic Finals 2014 Major Units18 Jun 14
HT7.26K45.162AAldershotArmy Inter Corps21 May 14
HT7.26K42.101AldershotArmy Inter-Unit Team Athletic Finals 2014 Major Units18 Jun 14
2012 SEN Belgrave/Army/Nigeria
SP7.26K12.14i2ABrunelArmy Championships25 Jan 12
SP7.26K11.663AldershotArmy Championships30 May 12
HT7.26K55.891AldershotArmy Championships30 May 12
HT7.26K55.583LoughboroughLoughborough Students v Combined Services v Achilles13 Jun 12
HT7.26K42.074BLee ValleyBritish Athletics League Division 127 May 12
2011 SEN Belgrave/Army/Nigeria
SP7.26K11.662LoughboroughLoughborough Students v Birmingham University v Army11 May 11
SP7.26K11.592TidworthArmy Championships Major Unit22 Jun 11
SP7.26K11.501BTidworthArmy Individual & Inter Corps Championships25 May 11
DT2K32.661BTidworthArmy Individual & Inter Corps Championships25 May 11
HT7.26K55.293LoughboroughLoughborough Students v Birmingham University v Army11 May 11
HT7.26K54.621ATidworthArmy Individual & Inter Corps Championships25 May 11
HT7.26K52.461TidworthArmy Championships Major Unit22 Jun 11
2010 SEN Belgrave/Army/Nigeria
SP7.26K12.132TidworthArmy Finals30 Jun 10
SP7.26K11.911TidworthArmy Semi Finals16 Jun 10
SP7.26K11.854ATidworthArmy Individual Championships2 Jun 10
SP7.26K11.814CosfordInter-Services Championships7 Jul 10
SP7.26K11.751BBarkingSouthern Men's League Division 3N Match 110 Jul 10
SP7.26K11.271AWycombeSouthern Men's League Division 3N5 Jun 10
SP7.26K10.865LoughboroughLSAC v Birmingham Uni v Army12 May 10
DT2K35.752TidworthArmy Semi Finals16 Jun 10
DT2K33.392TidworthArmy Finals30 Jun 10
DT2K30.551BTidworthArmy Individual Championships2 Jun 10
HT7.26K62.6213HendonMcCain Throws Fest8 Aug 10
HT7.26K60.556Nairobi, KENAfrican Championships31 Jul 10
HT7.26K59.271TidworthArmy Semi Finals16 Jun 10
HT7.26K59.171ABarkingSouthern Men's League Division 3N Match 110 Jul 10
HT7.26K59.021CosfordInter-Services Championships7 Jul 10
HT7.26K57.141TidworthArmy Finals30 Jun 10
HT7.26K56.741AWycombeSouthern Men's League Division 3N5 Jun 10
HT7.26K56.581ATidworthArmy Individual Championships2 Jun 10
HT7.26K55.853LoughboroughLSAC v Birmingham Uni v Army12 May 10
HT7.26K52.8511PerivaleWest London Hammer School Competition4 Apr 10
HT7.26K52.2512PerivaleWest London Hammer School Competition4 Apr 10
2009 SEN Belgrave/Army/Nigeria
SP7.26K12.152TidworthArmy Unit Team Finals8 Jul 09
SP7.26K12.023TidworthArmy Individual/Inter-Corps Championships3 Jun 09
SP7.26K11.432TidworthArmy Semi Final17 Jun 09
HT7.26K54.551TidworthArmy Unit Team Finals8 Jul 09
HT7.26K54.471TidworthInter Services Athletics Finals22 Jul 09
HT7.26K54.231TidworthArmy Semi Final17 Jun 09
HT7.26K53.844LoughboroughLoughborough vs Combined Services vs Achilles10 Jun 09
HT7.26K51.611TidworthArmy Individual/Inter-Corps Championships3 Jun 09
2008 SEN Belgrave/Army/Nigeria
SP7.26K12.303TidworthArmy Individual & Inter Corps Championships11 Jun 08
HT7.26K57.467ABirminghamBritish Athletics League Premiership8 Jun 08
HT7.26K56.521TidworthArmy Individual & Inter Corps Championships11 Jun 08
HT7.26K54.152LoughboroughLoughborough v Brunel v Combined Services14 May 08
HT7.26K54.111Portsmouth (RN)Inter Services Championships16 Jul 08
2006 SEN Belgrave/Army/Nigeria
HT7.26K62.718Melbourne, AUSCommonwealth Games24 Mar 06
HT7.26K60.0951BirminghamUK Challenge Throws Fest29 Jul 06
HT7.26K59.301TidworthInter Services Championships19 Jul 06
HT7.26K59.131BBirminghamBritish Athletics League Premiership1 Jul 06
HT7.26K58.281AldershotRepresentative Match12 Jul 06
HT7.26K54.862BSportcityBritish Athletics League Premiership3 Jun 06
HT7.26K53.322LoughboroughLoughborough Students v Brunel University v Combined Services18 May 06
2005 SEN Belgrave/Army/Nigeria
SP7.26K13.113AldershotARMY CHAMPIONSHIPS8 Jun 05
DT2K35.007AldershotARMY CHAMPIONSHIPS8 Jun 05
HT7.26K61.591Abuja, NGR9 Jul 05
HT7.26K59.222BManchester (SC)BAL D125 Jun 05
HT7.26K58.721AldershotREPRESENTATIVE MATCH29 Jun 05
HT7.26K58.391AldershotARMY CHAMPIONSHIPS Aldershot22 Jun 05
HT7.26K57.451AldershotARMY INTER UNIT TEAM FINALS Aldershot6 Jul 05
HT7.26K55.421AldershotARMY CHAMPIONSHIPS8 Jun 05
2003 U23 Belgrave/Army/Nigeria
HT7.26K65.666Abuja, NGRAll Africa Games11 Oct 03
Total Performances: 80
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