Ben Fisher

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Club:Liverpool H
Age Group:V35
Region:North West
Lead Coach:Dean Williams

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2019 SEN Liverpool H
JT80053.955ALeighBritish Athletics League Division 19 Jun 19
JT80052.181LiverpoolMerseyside County Championships11 May 19
2018 SEN Liverpool H
JT80058.511LiverpoolMerseyside County Championships12 May 18
JT80057.592AEtonBritish Athletics League Division 15 May 18
JT80057.192SportcityNorthern Athletics U20 / Senior Championships10 Jun 18
JT80056.611BBedfordBritish Athletics League Division 17 Jul 18
JT80053.821ALeighNorth of England League Division 2W3 Jun 18
2017 SEN Liverpool H/Edge Hill Uni
JT80057.881BBedfordBritish Athletics League Division Premiership & Non Scoring15 Jul 17
JT80057.165ALee ValleyBritish Athletics League Division Premiership3 Jun 17
JT80056.991BebingtonMerseyside County Championships13 May 17
JT80055.444BSheffieldBritish Athletics League Division Premiership6 May 17
2016 SEN Liverpool H/Edge Hill Uni
JT80058.693ASportcityBritish Athletics League Division Premiership4 Jun 16
JT80056.711BEtonBritish Athletics League Division Premiership7 May 16
JT80055.457AHendonBritish Athletics League Division Premiership6 Aug 16
JT80054.051BebingtonMerseyside County Championships14 May 16
2015 SEN Liverpool H/Edge Hill Uni
JT80060.672ABromleyBritish Athletics League Division 111 Jul 15
JT80057.482AEtonBritish Athletics League Division 19 May 15
2014 SEN Liverpool H/Edge Hill Uni
JT80059.143SportcityNorthern Athletics U20 / Senior Championships15 Jun 14
JT80058.117ABirminghamBritish Athletics League Premiership7 Jun 14
JT80057.981StretfordTrafford Grand Prix22 Jul 14
JT80057.896ASportcityBritish Athletics League Premiership9 Aug 14
JT80057.602BHendonBritish Athletics League Premiership5 Jul 14
JT80055.682BCardiffBritish Athletics League Premiership10 May 14
JT80052.821BebingtonMerseyside County Championships17 May 14
JT80051.063LiverpoolLiverpool Throws & Jumps Open12 Apr 14
2013 SEN Liverpool H/Edge Hill Uni
JT80064.117ABedfordBritish Athletics Jumps & Throws Fest18 Aug 13
JT80063.472SportcityNorthern Athletics U20/Senior Championships23 Jun 13
JT80061.071ALiverpoolBritish Athletics League Division 13 Aug 13
JT80059.791ACardiffBritish Athletics League Division 111 May 13
JT80059.411AAshton-under-LyneNorth of England League Division 3W5 May 13
JT80059.281BWormwood ScrubsBritish Athletics League Division 18 Jun 13
JT80059.161BEtonBritish Athletics League Division 16 Jul 13
JT80058.975BedfordCAU Inter-County Championships25 Aug 13
2012 SEN Liverpool H/Edge Hill Uni
JT80065.302CarlisleTeam North Cumbria Open Meeting25 Mar 12
JT80065.091WiganWigan Harriers Spring Open15 Apr 12
JT80064.935BirminghamEngland Championships (Inc North & Midland Championships)2 Jun 12
JT80063.9912BirminghamMcCain Jumps & Throws Fest12 Aug 12
JT80063.853BedfordMcCain CAU Championships26 Aug 12
JT80063.231LiverpoolMerseyside County Championships12 May 12
JT80062.743AHendonBritish Athletics League Premiership30 Jun 12
JT80062.723AHendonBritish Athletics League Premiership28 Jul 12
JT80062.543ALiverpoolBritish Athletics League Premiership18 Aug 12
JT80062.512LiverpoolLiverpool Throws & Jumps Open14 Apr 12
JT80062.506Bedford3rd Annual UK Javelin Carnival8 Sep 12
JT80062.232BBirminghamBritish Athletics League Premiership9 Jun 12
JT80060.541StretfordTrafford Grand Prix (Distance & Throws only)24 Jul 12
JT80059.551StretfordTrafford Grand Prix inc. Northern U20 Championships10 Jul 12
JT80058.601StretfordTrafford Grand Prix (Distance & Throws only)7 Aug 12
2011 SEN Liverpool H/Edge Hill Uni
JT80065.503SportcityNorthern U20/Senior Championships19 Jun 11
JT80064.013qABedfordCAU Inter Counties Championships30 May 11
JT80063.942BHendonMcCain Jumps & Throws Fest10 Jul 11
JT80063.496BirminghamMcCain UK Challenge Final20 Aug 11
JT80062.971AGatesheadBritish Athletics League 113 Aug 11
JT80062.941StretfordTrafford Grand Prix23 Aug 11
JT80061.306BedfordCAU Inter Counties Championships30 May 11
JT80060.944AKingstonBritish Athletics League Division 12 Jul 11
JT80060.682LiverpoolLiverpool Throws And Jumps Open16 Apr 11
JT80060.281LiverpoolMerseyside County Championships14 May 11
JT80060.271StretfordNorth West Championships12 Jun 11
JT80059.253AHendonBritish Athletics League Division 14 Jun 11
2010 SEN Liverpool H/Edge Hill Uni
HJ1.607BDon ValleyBritish Athletics League Division 13 Jul 10
JT80063.151StretfordNorth West Counties Championships15 May 10
JT80062.696SportcityNorthern Athletics Senior & U20 Championships13 Jun 10
JT80062.681BDon ValleyBritish Athletics League Division 13 Jul 10
JT80062.1812HendonMcCain Throws Fest7 Aug 10
JT80062.132ACardiffBritish Athletics League Division 15 Jun 10
JT80061.4711StretfordTrafford Grand Prix Open29 Jun 10
JT80060.661LiverpoolLiverpool Harriers Jumps & Throws Open17 Apr 10
JT80060.311LiverpoolMerseyside County Championships8 May 10
JT80060.252ALiverpoolBritish Athletics League Division 121 Aug 10
JT80059.971LiverpoolLiverpool Throws & Jumps Open18 Sep 10
JT80059.8610BedfordCAU Inter Counties Championships31 May 10
JT80057.052GatesheadNorthern Athletics Inter County Championship28 Aug 10
2009 SEN Liverpool H/Edge Hill Uni
JT80065.995BedfordCAU Inter Counties25 May 09
JT80061.956SportcityNorthern Athletics Senior Championships21 Jun 09
JT80061.261BEtonBritish Athletics League National 14 Jul 09
JT80061.0583BirminghamUKA Jumps & Throws Festival26 Jul 09
JT80060.693ADerbyBritish Athletics League National 122 Aug 09
JT80060.098CardiffMcCain UK Challenge Final15 Aug 09
JT80060.072WiganNorthern Athletics Inter-Counties29 Aug 09
JT80059.611StretfordTrafford Grand Prix26 May 09
JT80059.446BirminghamMcCain Birmingham Games18 Jul 09
JT80058.802WiganWigan Harriers Open29 Mar 09
JT80058.791StretfordTrafford Grand Prix28 Apr 09
JT80058.595AGatesheadBritish Athletics League National 11 Aug 09
JT80058.541StretfordTrafford Grand Prix12 May 09
JT80058.341StretfordTrafford Grand Prix9 Jun 09
JT80058.121BebingtonMerseyside County Championships9 May 09
JT80057.333LiverpoolLiverpool Harriers Throws & Jumps Competition18 Apr 09
JT80057.105AAbingdonBritish Athletics League National 16 Jun 09
2008 U23 Liverpool H/Edge Hill Uni
JT80064.523BedfordEngland Athletics Open Championships (U23/U20)22 Jun 08
JT80061.761StretfordTrafford Grand Prix3 Jun 08
JT80061.728BedfordCAU Inter Counties Championships26 May 08
JT80061.391BCarlisleBritish Athletics League National 15 Jul 08
JT80061.256SportcityNorthern Athletics Senior Championships14 Jun 08
JT80060.894AGatesheadBritish Athletics League National 17 Jun 08
JT80060.821StretfordTrafford Grand Prix17 Jun 08
JT80060.153ADerbyInter-Territorial Match U2310 Aug 08
JT80060.082BHendonBritish Athletics League National 116 Aug 08
JT80060.001TelfordTelford Games13 Sep 08
JT80059.911LiverpoolMerseyside County Championships10 May 08
JT80059.602StretfordTrafford Grand Prix6 May 08
JT80059.491WiganWigan Harriers Winter Warm Up Open30 Mar 08
JT80059.042LiverpoolMelbourne Open Meeting20 Apr 08
JT80058.911LiverpoolLiverpool Throws & Jumps Spring Competition12 Apr 08
JT80058.781StretfordTrafford Grand Prix15 Jul 08
JT80058.511LiverpoolLiverpool Throws And Jumps20 Sep 08
JT80057.232BLiverpoolBritish Athletics League National 12 Aug 08
JT80056.921StretfordTrafford Grand Prix20 May 08
JT80056.411BlackpoolNorth of England Inter-Club Club Cup 1st Round Match 117 Aug 08
2007 U23 Liverpool H/Edge Hill Uni
HJ1.80BlackpoolNorth of England League Inter-Club Cup & Plate Finals8 Sep 07
JT80061.901StretfordTrafford Grand Prix4 Sep 07
JT80061.771BlackpoolNorthern Mens & Womens Plate Final8 Sep 07
JT80061.191CBirminghamThrows Festival1 Jul 07
JT80061.163HullNorthern Inter Counties26 Aug 07
JT80060.843DerbyBritish Athletics League National 24 Aug 07
JT80060.121EdinburghBritish Athletics League National 27 Jul 07
JT80059.792LiverpoolLiverpool Harriers Melbourne Open14 Apr 07
JT80059.581StretfordTrafford AC April Medal Meeting22 Apr 07
JT80059.453ChelmsfordBritish Athletics League National 25 May 07
JT80059.351StretfordTrafford Grand Prix12 Jun 07
JT80059.173SwanseaBritish Athletics League National 22 Jun 07
JT80058.891StretfordTrafford Grand Prix15 May 07
JT80058.419Crystal PalaceUK Challenge Final25 Aug 07
JT80058.361LiverpoolLiverpool Throws Competition15 Sep 07
JT80058.081LiverpoolMerseyside & North West Throws & Jumps Competition31 Mar 07
JT80057.924BedfordEngland Athletics U23 & U20 Championships24 Jun 07
JT80057.425LiverpoolNorthern Athletics Senior/U20 Championships17 Jun 07
JT80056.876BirminghamSenior Inter-territorial Match15 Jul 07
JT80056.812LiverpoolMerseyside County Championships12 May 07
JT80055.751WiganNorth Of England Club Cup12 Aug 07
JT80055.393StretfordTrafford Grand Prix26 Jun 07
JT80055.364DerbyU23 Inter Territorial Match19 Aug 07
JT80053.1020BedfordCAU Inter County Championships28 May 07
2006 U23 St. Helens Sutton/Edge Hill Uni
HJ1.80BebingtonNorth of England League Division 3W3 Jun 06
LJ5.64BebingtonNorth of England League Division 3W3 Jun 06
JT80060.171GatesheadNorth of England Inter-Counties Championships30 Jul 06
JT80059.971BlackpoolNorth of England Inter-Club Plate9 Jul 06
JT80057.561LiverpoolMerseyside County Championships13 May 06
JT80057.441LiverpoolLiverpool Harriers Throws & Jumps30 Sep 06
JT80056.731BebingtonNorth of England League Division 3W2 Jul 06
JT80056.451BlackpoolBlackpool Open Meeting24 Sep 06
JT80056.236BedfordAAA U23-U20 Championships23 Jul 06
JT80056.151StretfordTrafford Grand Prix/ North of England U20 3000 Championships8 Aug 06
JT80056.1217BedfordCau Inter Counties Championships29 May 06
JT80056.111StretfordBMC Gold Standard11 Jul 06
JT80055.891BebingtonNorth of England League Division 3W3 Jun 06
JT80055.766SportcityNorth of England Championships18 Jun 06
JT80055.091CudworthNorth of England Inter-Club Cup & Plate Final27 Aug 06
JT80054.891StretfordTrafford Grand Prix30 May 06
JT80054.621StretfordTrafford Grand Prix2 May 06
JT80054.551StretfordBMC Gold Standard16 May 06
JT80054.448BirminghamBUSA Championships1 May 06
JT80054.231WarringtonNorth of England League Division 3W6 Aug 06
JT80054.141WiganWigan Harriers Open Meeting9 Apr 06
JT80052.431Leeds (B)Carnegie Cup22 Mar 06
JT80052.121StretfordTrafford Medal Meeting17 Apr 06
2005 U20 St. Helens Sutton/Edge Hill Uni
HJ1.852StretfordBMC Gold Standard Races30 Aug 05
JT80058.082DerbyU23 Inter Territorial (Cleveland Cup)14 Aug 05
JT80057.954QBGlasgow (S)BUSA Championships2 May 05
JT80057.331StretfordTrafford Grand Prix16 Aug 05
JT80056.211BlackpoolNorth of England Inter-Club Cup Semi Finals30 Jul 05
JT80055.432WiganWigan & District Open Meet13 Mar 05
JT80054.971StretfordTrafford Medal Meeting28 Mar 05
JT80054.751StretfordOpen races (mixed)2 Aug 05
JT80054.621StretfordTRAFFORD GRAND PRIX Stretford19 Jul 05
JT80054.463StokeStoke16 Jul 05
JT80054.458Glasgow (S)BUSA Championships2 May 05
JT80054.321LiverpoolLiverpool Harriers Open3 Apr 05
JT80053.921Ellesmere PortMersey24 Apr 05
JT80053.713LiverpoolLiverpool Harriers Open17 Apr 05
JT80053.602CudworthNorth of England Junior Championships28 May 05
JT80053.372BlackpoolBlackpool Open Medal Meeting25 Sep 05
JT80052.872StretfordTrafford Open Events5 Jul 05
JT80051.991LiverpoolMerseyside County Championships14 May 05
JT80051.597Manchester (SC)North of England Championships18 Jun 05
JT80050.451Connah's QuayNational Junior League - Mersey Division19 Jun 05
JT80050.444CudworthNorthern Inter-Counties Match20 Aug 05
JT80050.073WiganNorth of England League Division 2W2 Jul 05
JT80049.101StretfordBMC Gold Standard Races30 Aug 05
2004 U20 St. Helens Sutton/Edge Hill Uni
JT80056.481GatesheadESAA English Schools' Championships9 Jul 04
Total Performances: 181
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