Ian Broadbent

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Age Group:V45
Lead Coach:Unknown

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2018 V45 Otley
4.8MNAD39:1922732IlkleyHarrogate & District Summer Race League 4.819 Jun 18
5MNAD41:5321836ThirskHarrogate & District Summer Race League 55 Jul 18
10K50:4449:3469267ClitheroeRibble Valley 10K30 Dec 18
10M83:4310210CaldervaleCaldervale 1030 Mar 18
10MMT92:4392:3421463RiponRipon 1013 May 18
HM1:57:159315LancasterLancaster Riverside Half Marathon19 Aug 18
HM1:59:234710MorecambeMorecambe Half Marathon1 Jul 18
HM2:25:35a2:13:30128111334Newcastle-South ShieldsSimplyHealth Great North Run9 Sep 18
HMMT2:13:312:13:2525336StockportStockport Hatters Half Marathon2 Sep 18
2017 V45 Otley
5MNAD34:2921234SicklinghallHarrogate and District Summer League14 Jun 17
6MNAD47:0822134HarrogateHarrogate and District Summer League23 May 17
6MNAD51:1628343KnaresboroughHarrogate and District Summer League20 Jun 17
10K47:465817FraserburghFraserburgh 10K28 May 17
10K50:0949:0759758ClitheroeRibble Valley 10K31 Dec 17
10KMT46:346LeedsCanal Canter Summer Extravaganza8 Jul 17
HM1:50:371:50:268122BradfordBradford City Runs Half Marathon29 Oct 17
HM2:00:131:59:4617626RydeIsle of Wight Half Marathon20 Aug 17
HM2:00:46a1:54:307075792Newcastle-South ShieldsSimplyHealth Great North Run10 Sep 17
HMMT2:28:077723Blaenau FfestiniogTrailffest Half Marathon23 Sep 17
2016 V45 Otley
5MNAD37:5517029IlkeyHarrogate and District Summer League 55 May 16
5.5MMT40:5315421Nidd ValleyHarrogate and District Summer League 524 May 16
10K47:3715622PrestonWesham 10K26 Nov 16
10KNAD47:5016123NorthallertonHarrogate and District Summer League31 May 16
10KMT54:4354:3717829LeedsLeeds Christmas 10K Challenge11 Dec 16
10M81:589113CaldervaleCaldervale Country 1025 Mar 16
HM1:47:281:47:236514BradfordBradford City Runs Half Marathon30 Oct 16
2015 V40 Otley
6K26:546415ThirskSessay Swift 6K26 Aug 15
5MNAD36:0514421WetherbyHarrogate and District Summer League 517 Jun 15
5.5MMT45:0815321YeadonHarrogate and District Summer League 5.521 May 15
6MNAD47:59178HarrogateHarrogate and District Summer League 65 May 15
10K45:2712321NewquayNewquay 10K4 Oct 15
10K46:1546:0216828HarrogateHarrogate Town Centre 10K5 Jul 15
10KMT45:58111EscrickEscrick 10K16 Aug 15
HM1:53:21a1:48:284732729Newcastle-South ShieldsMorrisons Great North Run13 Sep 15
HMMT1:47:5012829StockportStockport Hatters Half Marathon6 Sep 15
HMMT2:21:5026238SkiptonWharfedale Half Marathon6 Jun 15
20M3:05:4135056LancasterTrimpell 2022 Mar 15
Mar4:18:294:13:59165551825LondonVirgin London Marathon26 Apr 15
2014 V40 Otley
5MNAD40:4315523HarrogateHDSRL Nidd Valley 520 May 14
5.5MMT44:3411624YeadonHarrogate District Summer Race League19 Jun 14
10K47:1216930PrestonWesham 10K29 Nov 14
10KNAD47:5515824East HarlseyHarrogate District Summer Race League4 Jun 14
10M77:2476:5834563ThirskThirsk 1023 Mar 14
10M79:106110CaldervaleCaldervale Country 1018 Apr 14
HM1:43:231:43:205612BradfordBradford City Runs Half Marathon26 Oct 14
HM1:45:46ac4539Newcastle-South ShieldsBupa Great North Run7 Sep 14
2013 V40 Otley
4.82MNAD34:3812025SicklinghallHarrogate District Summer Race League26 Jun 13
6MNAD45:3314623HarrogateHarrogate District Summer Race League21 May 13
10K46:4346:3712613PrestonRun Preston 10K29 Sep 13
HM1:43:35ac5047Newcastle-South ShieldsBupa Great North Run15 Sep 13
20M2:51:572:51:2321532LancasterTrimpell 2017 Mar 13
Mar4:04:33734BournemouthBournemouth Marathon Festival Marathon6 Oct 13
Mar4:47:134:45:28192842598LondonVirgin London Marathon21 Apr 13
ZFL57:1910120IlkleyIlkley Trail (6.8M/722ft)27 May 13
2012 V40 Otley
4.9MNAD36:1716028IlkleyHarrogate District Summer Race League1 May 12
5MMT40:5611818Nidd ValleyHarrogate District Summer Race League28 Jun 12
8.1KNAD41:577814RiponHarrogate District Summer Race League12 Jul 12
5.5MNAD45:2114020YeadonHarrogate District Summer Race League31 May 12
5.5MMT40:3215221ThirskHarrogate District Summer Race League15 May 12
HM1:42:4220747ScunthorpeNorth Lincolnshire Olympic Year Half Marathon6 May 12
HM1:45:14acNewcastle-South ShieldsBupa Great North Run16 Sep 12
HM1:46:511:45:5448496BlackpoolGreat North West Half Marathon26 Feb 12
Mar4:17:564:14:153689506EdinburghEdinburgh Marathon Festival Marathon27 May 12
2011 V40 Otley
4.75M37:4318034SicklinghallHarrogate and District Summer Race League29 Jun 11
10K46:3346:2814223PrestonRun Preston 10K25 Sep 11
10K46:33200 44SalwickWesham 10K26 Nov 11
10K46:5219640HarrogateHarrogate Town Centre 10K24 Jul 11
10M83:4014720OtleyOtley 108 Jun 11
HM1:47:4331150BridlingtonBridlington Half Marathon16 Oct 11
HM1:48:381:48:385932ANewcastle-South ShieldsBupa Great North Run Half Marathon18 Sep 11
HM1:51:111:50:3017122BradfordBradford City Half Marathon2 Oct 11
HM1:52:121:48:311641WilmslowWilmslow Half Marathon (inc England Championships)27 Mar 11
2010 V35 Otley
10K47:15170 SouthportSouthport Seaside 10K10 Oct 10
10K48:0447:1819928SalwickWesham 10K27 Nov 10
10K48:05189PrestonRun Preston 10K26 Sep 10
HM1:52:241:52:247165ANewcastle-South ShieldsBupa Great North Run Half Marathon19 Sep 10
HM1:52:411:52:31306BradfordBradford City Half Marathon17 Oct 10
Total Performances: 77
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