Dominic Egan

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Age Group:V50
Lead Coach:Unknown

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2017 V45 Otley
5.5MMT50:5827032YeadonHarrogate and District Summer League1 Jun 17
2016 V45 Otley
2.75MXCL20:4965L2LeedsGolden Acre Relay (3 x 2.75)13 Jul 16
5K21:1721:3615316EsholtJohn Carr 5K Series4 May 16
5K23:3124:1325730EsholtJohn Carr 5K Series18 May 16
5MNAD41:1123842IlkeyHarrogate and District Summer League 55 May 16
2015 V45 Otley
5MNAD39:2622032WetherbyHarrogate and District Summer League 517 Jun 15
5.5MMT46:3317326YeadonHarrogate and District Summer League 5.521 May 15
6MNAD51:24247HarrogateHarrogate and District Summer League 65 May 15
2014 V45 Otley
4.8MMT40:0720226IlkleyHDSRL Ilkley 4.88 May 14
5MNAD42:2918724HarrogateHDSRL Nidd Valley 520 May 14
8.1KMT42:49109RiponHarrogate District Summer Race League1 Jul 14
5.5MMT47:3415318YeadonHarrogate District Summer Race League19 Jun 14
10K47:5248:2351763DewsburyDewsbury 10K2 Feb 14
10K48:2748:49427107BradfordEpilepsy Action Bradford 10K16 Mar 14
10KNAD48:5116820East HarlseyHarrogate District Summer Race League4 Jun 14
HM1:48:049732KirkcudbrightKirkcudbright Academy Half Marathon24 May 14
ZFL76:06346110Penistone Hill Country ParkSoreen Stanbury Splash (7.5M/1312ft)19 Jan 14
2013 V45 Otley
4.82MNAD37:4517616SicklinghallHarrogate District Summer Race League26 Jun 13
9.2KMT44:3077ThirskHarrogate District Summer Race League10 Jul 13
6MNAD47:2817420HarrogateHarrogate District Summer Race League21 May 13
10K49:2850:1029577BradfordBradford 10K28 Apr 13
10K71:5289:268935598LeedsLeeds Abbey Dash 10K17 Nov 13
10KMT53:4716524PudseyPudsey 10K21 Jul 13
HM1:48:011:48:50108685LeedsLeeds Half Marathon12 May 13
2012 V40 Otley
4.9MNAD40:1024236IlkleyHarrogate District Summer Race League1 May 12
5MMT44:2116322Nidd ValleyHarrogate District Summer Race League28 Jun 12
8.1KNAD43:289712RiponHarrogate District Summer Race League12 Jul 12
5.5MNAD47:0616727YeadonHarrogate District Summer Race League31 May 12
5.5MMT43:3621730ThirskHarrogate District Summer Race League15 May 12
10K46:3746:481382123LeedsLeeds Abbey Dash 10K18 Nov 12
10KNAD52:0114323SwaledaleHarrogate District Summer Race League21 Jun 12
2011 V40 Pudsey Pacers
5K21:31a14216EsholtJohn Carr 5K Series (inc Yorkshire Vets' Championships)4 May 11
5K22:12a14515EsholtJohn Carr 5K Series11 May 11
5K22:36a17220EsholtJohn Carr 5K Series18 May 11
4.75M36:0814930SicklinghallHarrogate and District Summer Race League29 Jun 11
8.1K 40:468316RiponHarrogate and District Summer Race League14 Jul 11
5.9MMT45:3415328OtleyHarrogate and District Summer League21 Jun 11
6.2MMT51:1410822RichmondHarrogate and District Summer League2 Jun 11
10K47:0747:2022931LeedsRothwell 10K2 May 11
ZMT43:3414530ThirskHarrogate and District Summer League5 May 11
ZXCNT8520StainlandWest Yorkshire Winter League9 Jan 11
ZXCNT9618PudseyWest Yorkshire Winter League20 Feb 11
2010 V40 Pudsey Pacers
10K47:2752:041858240LeedsLeeds Abbey Dash 10K21 Nov 10
7MMT63:07395GuiseleyChevin Chase 726 Dec 10
ZXCNT10222Temple NewsamWest Yorkshire Winter League7 Nov 10
ZXCNT8724IdleWest Yorkshire Winter League28 Nov 10
ZXCNT6719DewsburyWest Yorkshire Winter League19 Dec 10
Total Performances: 47
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