Mick Le Sauvage

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Age Group:V80
County:Unknown County
Region:South East
Lead Coach:Unknown

Best known performances
10KW66:5276:2675:0972:4470:0070:5071:11 71:4171:3272:4010KW68:2066:5268:52

Performances Submit
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2022 V80 Sarnia
parkrun42:271561GuernseyGuernsey parkrun # 25015 Jan 22
2021 V80 Sarnia
parkrun40:20911GuernseyGuernsey parkrun # 21922 May 21
parkrun40:421051GuernseyGuernsey parkrun # 21815 May 21
parkrun40:431331GuernseyGuernsey parkrun # 22319 Jun 21
parkrun40:571681GuernseyGuernsey parkrun # 23221 Aug 21
parkrun41:011211GuernseyGuernsey parkrun # 23511 Sep 21
parkrun41:041351GuernseyGuernsey parkrun # 2344 Sep 21
parkrun41:061151GuernseyGuernsey parkrun # 2215 Jun 21
parkrun41:131271GuernseyGuernsey parkrun # 23725 Sep 21
parkrun41:141311GuernseyGuernsey parkrun # 24016 Oct 21
parkrun41:241211GuernseyGuernsey parkrun # 24520 Nov 21
parkrun41:291811GuernseyGuernsey parkrun # 2307 Aug 21
parkrun41:401351GuernseyGuernsey parkrun # 2436 Nov 21
parkrun41:431511GuernseyGuernsey parkrun # 24123 Oct 21
parkrun41:451261GuernseyGuernsey parkrun # 22212 Jun 21
parkrun41:461731GuernseyGuernsey parkrun # 23328 Aug 21
parkrun44:131231GuernseyGuernsey parkrun # 22717 Jul 21
2020 V80 Sarnia
1MW12:0643ValeSarnia Phildelphia Team Mile16 Feb 20
3KW23:1851St.Peter PortSarnia Handicap 3K1 Mar 20
5KW38:5471ValeSarnia Handicap 5K12 Jan 20
5MW63:4441LancresseSarnia Handicap 519 Feb 20
2019 V75 Sarnia
1MW11:2071ValeSarnia Phildelphia Team Mile3 Mar 19
1MW11:3841ValeSarnia Mile2 Aug 19
2KW14:3381St.SampsonsSarnia Championship 2K9 Jun 19
3KW22.1071St.Peter PortSarnia Handicap 3K24 Feb 19
3KW21:5261ValeSarnia 3K19 Jul 19
3KW22:0461St.Peter PortSarnia Richmond Handicap 3K15 Sep 19
3MW37:3271Rocquaine BaySarnia Rocquaine Bay 314 Apr 19
3MW39:1441Rocquaine CircuitSarnia Rocquaine Circuit 329 Dec 19
5KW37:1471CastelSarnia Handicap 5K29 Sep 19
5KW37:4181St.SampsonsSarnia Championship 5K12 May 19
5KW37:5461CastelSarnia Championship 5K31 Mar 19
5KW37:5561ValeBob wright Series #513 Jan 19
5KW38:1331ValeSarnia North Side 5K / 10K17 Nov 19
5KW38:4171ValeSarnia 5K10 Feb 19
3.8MW45:1051Rocquaine BaySarnia Piette Cup Handicap 3.8M28 Jul 19
5MW61:1991LancresseBob wright Series #63 Feb 19
10KW76:2641St.SampsonsSarnia Championship 10K18 Aug 19
10KW76:3061St.SampsonsSarnia Championship 10K7 Apr 19
7MW85:0841AlbecqSarnia Chilcott Cup 724 Mar 19
10MW2:08:5861PleinmontSarnia Championship 102 Jun 19
2018 V75 Sarnia
0.815KW7:5611Le Val des TerresSarnia Hill Climb16 Dec 18
1MW11:28111ValeSarnia Phildelphia Mile4 Mar 18
2KW14:0761Osmond PriaulxSarnia Championship 2K13 May 18
2KW14:4871PleinmontSarnia Handicap 2K2 Dec 18
3KW21:1451ValeSarnia Graham Mann Team Handicap 3K6 May 18
3KW21:43101Les AmarreursFriday Evening31 Aug 18
3KW22:005ValeSarnia Peter Kendall Pairs 3K28 Oct 18
3KW22:20111St.Peter PortSarnia Park Walk 3K4 Feb 18
3KW22:428ValeSarnia 3K9 Dec 18
3MW37:4351Rocquaine CircuitSarnia Rocquaine Circuit 330 Dec 18
5KW36:4781St.Peter PortSarnia Championship 5K3 Jun 18
5KW37:0261St.Peter PortSarnia Championship 5K16 Sep 18
5KW37:1171CastelSarnia Championship 5K8 Apr 18
5KW37:3481ValeSarnia Handicap 5K7 Jan 18
5MW62:10101LancresseSarnia Handicap 518 Feb 18
10KW75:0961PleinmontSarnia Championship 10K10 Jun 18
10KW75:5691Delancey ParkSarnia Championship 10K #229 Apr 18
10KW78:0351St.SampsonsSarnia Championship 10K22 Apr 18
10KW78:1651ValeSarnia North Side18 Nov 18
10KW78:1951Delancey ParkBob Wright Series #221 Oct 18
7MW88:15101AlbecqSarnia Chilcott Cup 725 Mar 18
10MW2:07:4851PleinmontSarnia Championship #815 Jul 18
2017 V75 Sarnia
0.815KW7:226Le Val des TerresSarnia Hill Climb17 Dec 17
1MW10:5771ValeSarnia Walking Club Philadelphia Cup Mile Handicap5 Mar 17
3KW20:4061ValeSarnia Walking Club 3K1 Sep 17
3KW20:4761ValeSarnia Walking Club Graham Mann Cup Handicap 3K7 May 17
3KW20:4821ValeSarnia Peter Kendall Pairs 3K29 Oct 17
3KW20:5251ValeSarnia Walking Club Championship 3K11 Jun 17
3KW20:5261St.Peter PortSarnia Handicap 3K26 Nov 17
3MW35:5351Rocquaine CircuitSarnia Handicap 331 Dec 17
5KW35:3151CastelSarnia Walking Club Championship 5K2 Apr 17
5KW35:3461CastelSarnia Handicap 5K1 Oct 17
5KW36:0341St.Peter PortSarnia Park Walk 5K22 Oct 17
5MWC57:4581LancresseBob Wright Series # 719 Feb 17
10KW72:4461ValeSarnia 10K19 Nov 17
10KW73:4551ValeSarnia Walking Club Championship 10K25 Jun 17
10KW73:5571St.SampsonsSarnia Handicap 10K8 Oct 17
10KW73:5851PleinmontSarnia Walking Club Championship 10K16 Jul 17
10KW74:2441St SampsonSarnia Walking Club Championship 10K6 Aug 17
2016 V75 Sarnia
1.5KW10:5051St Peter PortSarnia Walking Club 3K & 1.5K23 Oct 16
2KW13:3761PleinmontSarnia Walking Club 2K27 Nov 16
3KW20:0821ValeSarnia Walking Club Peter Kendal Pairs 3K30 Oct 16
3KW21:2961St Peter PortSarnia Walking Club 3K & 1.5K23 Oct 16
3KW21:4641ValeSarnia Walking Club Graham Mann Cup Handicap 3K8 May 16
3MW34:5771Rocquaine BaySarnia Walking Club 321 Aug 16
3MW35:4271Rocquaine BaySarnia Walking Club 318 Dec 16
5KW34:2371CastelSarnia Walking Club 5K6 Mar 16
5KW35:0171CastelSarnia Walking Club Bob Wright Handicap 5K2 Oct 16
3.8MW41:5541Rocquaine BaySarnia Walking Club Piette Cup 3.8 Handicap31 Jul 16
10KW70:0061St SampsonSarnia Walking Club Championship 10K17 Apr 16
10KW72:5861ValeSarnia Walking Club 10K17 Jul 16
10KW73:2271St SampsonSarnia Walking Club Bob Wright Series16 Oct 16
10KW73:3081ValeSarnia Walking Club 10K20 Nov 16
7MW79:5251AlbecqSarnia Walking Club Chilcott Cup 720 Mar 16
10MW1:59:2571PleinmontSarnia Walking Club 1022 May 16
2015 V75 Sarnia
MileW10:41.45St. Peter PortSarnia Walking Club Mile Handicap15 Feb 15
3KW20:0251ValeSarnia WC Graham Mann Cup Handicap 3K10 May 15
3KW20:1251ValeSarnia Walking Club 3K31 May 15
3KW20:47101GuernseyBob Wright Handicap Series Race 625 Jan 15
3KW21:43111ValeSarnia Walking Club 3K4 Sep 15
3MW33:4791Rocquaine BaySarnia Walking Club 323 Aug 15
5KW33:5461ValeSarnia Walking Club 5K9 Aug 15
5KW34:5661CastelSarnia Walking Club 5K1 Mar 15
5KW35:2941GuernseySarnia Walking Club Road Walks8 Feb 15
3.8MW41:381Rocquaine BaySarnia Walking Club Piette Cup 3.8 Handicap26 Jul 15
5MW56:2291LancresseSarnia Walking Club 50th Anniversary 58 Mar 15
10KW70:5051PleinmontSarnia Walking Club Pleinmont to Grandes Rocques 10K19 Jul 15
10KW71:0081QuaysideSarnia Walking Club 10K26 Apr 15
10KW71:3571St SampsonsSarnia Walking Club 10K15 Mar 15
10KW73:50101QuaysideSarnia Walking Club 10K Handicap11 Jan 15
7MW78:2271AlbecqSarnia Walking Club Albecq to North Side 729 Mar 15
20KW2:34:3761St SampsonsSarnia Walking Club 20K28 Jun 15
19.4MW4:08:26102Havelet BaySarnia Walking Club Church to Church 19.46 Sep 15
2014 V70 Sarnia
MileW10:38.97St. Peter PortSarnia Walking Club Mile Open17 Aug 14
MileW10:39.042St. Peter PortSarnia Walking Club Mile Open21 Sep 14
3000W20:51.67St. Peter PortSarnia Walking Club 3000m11 Jul 14
5000W35:14.57St. Peter PortSarnia Walking Club 5000m Open20 Jun 14
0.815KW7:1771Le Val des TerresSarnia Walking Club Hill Climb14 Dec 14
5KW35:1771Rocquaine BaySarnia Walking Club 5K5 Jan 14
10KW71:11 61PleinmontSarnia Walking Club 10K Handicap12 Jan 14
2013 V70 Sarnia
2MilesW22:11.06St. Peter PortSarnia Walking Club 2 Mile Walk Open5 Apr 13
5000W34:10.37St. Peter PortSarnia Walking Club 5000m Open21 Jun 13
10000W70:40.04St. Peter PortSarnia Walking Club 10000m Walk Open17 Mar 13
HourW85713St. Peter PortSarnia Walking Club One Hour Open9 Jun 13
1MW10:2751ValeSarnia Walking Club Philadelphia Cup Mile14 Apr 13
2KW13:4151ValeSarnia Walking Club 2K2 Aug 13
3KW19:5051ValeSarnia Walking Club 3K26 May 13
3KW20:12133ValeSarnia Walking Club 3K30 Aug 13
3KW20:4441ValeSarnia Walking Club 15K10 Nov 13
3KW21:1171ValeSarnia Walking Club 3K12 Jul 13
2MW19:4361ValeSarnia WC Graham Mann Cup Hanicap 3K5 May 13
5KW34:3151CastelSarnia Walking Club 5K3 Mar 13
5KW35:275Les AmarreursSarnia Walking Club 5K Walk29 Dec 13
3.8MW41:5631Rocquaine BaySarnia Walking Club 3.8 Handicap28 Jul 13
5MW56:166La PasseeSarnia Walking Club 510 Feb 13
10KW71:4151St SampsonsSarnia Walking Club 10K Handicap20 Oct 13
10KW72:1051St SampsonsSarnia Walking Club 10K28 Apr 13
10KW72:112St SampsonsSarnia Walking Club Road Walks20 Jan 13
10KW72:3451St SampsonsSarnia Walking Club 10K10 Mar 13
10KW74:3581St SampsonsSarnia Walking Club 10K21 Jul 13
7MW80:4361AlbecqSarnia Walking Club Albecq to North Side 724 Mar 13
10MW2:05:4861PleinmontSarnia Walking Club 1019 May 13
2012 V70 Sarnia
MileW10:44.24St. Peter PortGuernsey One Mile Track Walk3 Aug 12
MileW11:13.28St. Peter PortGuernsey One Mile Walk26 Feb 12
2000W13:11.24St. Peter PortSarnia Walking Club 2000m Handicap2 Dec 12
3000W20:46.26St. Peter PortSarnia WC Heritage Group Championships8 Jun 12
5000W34:25.07St. Peter PortSarnia Walking Club 5000m4 Nov 12
5000W35:11.96St. Peter PortSarnia Walking Club 5000m20 Jul 12
10000W77:47.16St. Peter PortGuernsey 10000m Walk11 Mar 12
3KW20:12121ValeSarnia Walking Club 3K31 Aug 12
10KW71:3281PleinmontSarnia Walking Club 10K Handicap11 Nov 12
10KW73:142QuaysideSarnia Walking Club 20K1 Jul 12
10KW77:1661St SampsonsSarnia Walking Club 10K29 Apr 12
7MW81:0381AlbecqSarnia Walking Club 725 Nov 12
2011 V70 Sarnia
2MileW22:53.87St. Peter PortSarnia Walking Club, Bedell Cristin Sponsored Eric Waldron Trophy1 Apr 11
1500W10:05.05St. Peter PortSarnia Walking Club Track Walk Meeting2 Oct 11
MileW10:47.28St. Peter PortSarnia Walking Club - Bob Wright Handicap Series 1 Mile Track Walk26 Feb 11
MileW10:56.37St. Peter PortSarnia Track Mile19 Aug 11
MileW10:59.432St. Peter PortOne Mile Track Walk15 Jul 11
3000W20:51.26St. Peter PortSarnia WC Yorkshire Guernsey 3000m Track Walk10 Jun 11
5000W36:26.87St. Peter PortGuernsey 5000m Track Walk29 Jul 11
10000W72:55.16St. Peter PortSarnia Walking Club - Yorkshire Guernsey Championships6 Mar 11
HourW8,2357GuernseySarnia Walking Club One Hour Track Walk14 Aug 11
3KW21:1951St SampsonsSarnia Walking Club 3K27 Nov 11
3MW34:1661GuernseySarnia Walking Club 32 Jan 11
3MW34:1951L'AncresseSarnia Walking Club 318 Dec 11
ZWK7:29101Le Val Des TerresSarnia Walking Club Hill Climb11 Dec 11
2010 V70 Sarnia
MileW10:3071GuernseySarnia WC Championship Mile6 Aug 10
3000W20:157St. Peter PortBob Wright Handicap Series Race One19 Sep 10
3000W20:256St. Peter PortBob Wright Handicap Series17 Jan 10
HourW838151St. Peter PortWillow Trust Guernsey 1 Hour Track Walk15 Aug 10
2KW13:1451GuernseySarnia 3K Walk14 May 10
3MW34:046LancresseSarnia WC Road Walk3 Jan 10
5KW35:1661GuernseySarnia WC 5/20K24 Jan 10
20KW2:32:4061GuernseySarnia WC Championship 20K18 Jul 10
ZWK72:2861GuernseyGuernsey Road Walks26 Sep 10
2009 V65 Sarnia
1500W9:465St. Peter PortSarnia Walking Club 1500m Track Walk6 Dec 09
MileW10:125St. Peter Port"Yorkshire Guernsey" Sarnia Walking Club Championship Race 817 Jul 09
MileW10:226St. Peter PortSarnia WC Track Mile1 Mar 09
2000W12:246St. Peter PortSarnia Walking Club "Yorkshire Guernsey" Championships28 Jun 09
2000W12:396St. Peter PortSarnia Walking Club Bob Wright Handicap Series Race 2 (2000m)18 Oct 09
3000W19:168St. Peter PortSarnia Walking Club Yorkshire Guernsey Championships12 Jun 09
2MilesW21:216St. Peter PortEric Waldron 2 Miles Track Walk29 Mar 09
3KW19:0351GuernseyGraham Mann Walk3 May 09
3KW19:1651St. Peter PortSarnia Guernsey 3K Walk26 Apr 09
3KW21:1481Les AmarreursSarnia Walking Club 3K Walk4 Sep 09
5KW33:0551Les AmarreursSarnia Walking Club 'Yorkshire Guernsey' Championship Walk 5K29 Aug 09
10KW72:4051St. SampsonsSarnia WC Handicap 10K8 Feb 09
7MW76:5861St. Peter PortChilcot Cup 75 Apr 09
15KW1:46:1671PleinmontSarnia WC Yorkshire Guernsey 15Km Championships31 May 09
2008 V65 Sarnia
MileW9:59.05GuernseyBob Wright Handicap Series2 Mar 08
MileW10:025St. Peter PortYorkshire Guernsey Cahmpionships18 Jul 08
2MilesW21:106St. Peter PortEric Waldron Walk30 Mar 08
5000W33:14.05St. Peter PortSarnia Track Walk17 Feb 08
3KW21:28111ValeSarnia Walking Club 3K5 Sep 08
5MW56:1451La Passee-North SideSarnia 5M Road Walk9 Nov 08
10KW68:2051PleinmontBob Wright Handicap Series10 Feb 08
10KW69:09551St. Peter PortBob Wright Series Handicap27 Jan 08
10KW69:1061PleinmontSarnia Walking Club "Yorkshire Guernsey" Championship 2 10km walk27 Apr 08
10KW71:5341PleinmontSarnia WC Handicap 10k7 Dec 08
ZWK9:5351ValePhiladelphia Cup Handicap1 Jun 08
ZWK19:2951Les AmarreursSarnia Walk6 Jan 08
ZWK32:0471LangresseSarnia Road Walk28 Sep 08
ZWK75:2951AlbecqChilcott Cup16 Mar 08
2007 V65 Sarnia
MileW9:464St. Peter PortSarnia Walking Club Championships6 Jul 07
MileW9:541St. Peter PortSarnia WC Mile27 May 07
2MilesW21:431St. Peter PortSarnia WC Eric Waldron Trophy18 Mar 07
5000W33:184St. Peter PortSarnia Wc Championships29 Apr 07
5000W34:245St. Peter PortSarnia WC Track Walk18 Feb 07
1MW9:521Les AmarreursSarnia 1M Handicap10 Jun 07
3KW19:16TBCLes AmarreursSarnia Wc Graham Mann Trophy Handicap 3K6 May 07
5KW31:306Les AmarreursGuernsey 5km24 Aug 07
5KW32:161St. SampsonSarnia 5K29 Jul 07
5KW32:221St. Peter PortSarnia Walking Club 5km Handicap Walk11 Nov 07
5KW36:047St. Peter PortSarnia Road Walk 5K7 Jan 07
10KW66:5261GuernseyGuernsey 10K Walk30 Sep 07
10KW68:391St. Peter PortSarnia Wc 10K13 May 07
10KW1:10:445Pleinmont-Grandes RocquesSarnia Walking Club 10K11 Feb 07
10KW70:441St. Peter PortSarnia 10K Championship15 Apr 07
20KW2:17:314Les AmarreursSarnia WC 20K12 Aug 07
ZWK6:4761Val des TerresLe Val des Terres Hill Climb16 Dec 07
ZWK27:166PleinmontGuernsey Pleinmont21 Oct 07
ZWK39:421Rocquaine BaySarnia Walking Club 3.8 Rocquaine Regatta Handicap5 Aug 07
2006 V65 Sarnia
MileW10:215St. Peter PortSarnia Track Walking Club Championship6 Aug 06
3000W19:331St. Peter PortSarnia Walking Club 3K Handicap Walk8 Jan 06
5KW34:121Quayside, North SideSarnia WC Bob Wright Handicap Series 5km19 Feb 06
5KW34:511St. Peter PortSarnia Walking Club 5km Handicap Walk3 Dec 06
10KW68:524Pleinmont-Grandes RocquesSarnia Walking Club 10K12 Feb 06
10KW70:271Quayside, North SideSarnia 10km Walk8 Oct 06
10KW70:401St. Peter PortSarnia Walking Club 10km20 Aug 06
10KW72:301Quayside, North SideSarnia Walking Club 10km9 Apr 06
2005 V65 Sarnia
3000W19:158St. Peter PortSarnia Walking Club17 Jun 05
HourW89507St. Peter PortSarnia Walking Club10 Jul 05
HourW88481St. Peter PortSarnia Walking Club13 Nov 05
Total Performances: 235
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