Stephanie Hendy

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Club:Trafford/Nottingham Uni
Age Group:SEN
County:Greater Manchester
Region:North West
Lead Coach:John Pearson

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2017 SEN Trafford/Nottingham Uni
10K83:4080:221521755CambridgeCambridge Town & Gown 10K22 Oct 17
10K1:41:3887:0348142253NorwichRun Norwich 10K6 Aug 17
2016 SEN Trafford/Nottingham Uni
HM3:12:352:59:3541791705PeterboroughPerkins Great Eastern Half Marathon9 Oct 16
2014 SEN Trafford/Nottingham Uni
HT4K56.2310LoughboroughLoughborough International18 May 14
HT4K55.007BedfordBedford International Games Open1 Jun 14
HT4K54.364BedfordBUCS Championships3 May 14
HT4K53.821AStretfordNorth of England League Division 2W4 May 14
HT4K53.681GranthamLincolnshire County Championships17 May 14
HT4K52.823LoughboroughLoughborough Students AC v East Midlands v Combined Services v Achilles28 May 14
HT4K52.262BBirminghamUK Women's League Premier Division7 Jun 14
HT4K51.833RugbyRugby Spring Medal Open12 Apr 14
HT4K51.412SportcityNorthern Athletics U20 / Senior Championships14 Jun 14
HT4K50.95exh5LoughboroughLoughborough Hammer Exhibition1 Mar 14
HT4K50.923BEtonUK Women's League Premier Division5 Jul 14
HT4K49.063GrangemouthScottish Athletics Spring Throws Open Meeting30 Mar 14
2013 U23 Trafford/Nottingham Uni
HT4K50.682qBBedfordBUCS Championships4 May 13
HT4K49.993LoughboroughLoughborough Students AC Open Meeting (inc BUCS Trials)27 Apr 13
HT4K48.917BedfordBUCS Championships5 May 13
HT4K48.143BEdinburghUK Women's League Premier Division8 Jun 13
HT4K46.702GranthamLincolnshire County Championships26 May 13
HT4K38.922AStretfordNorth of England League Division 2W9 Jun 13
HM2:49:202:47:4163082408NottinghamRobin Hood Half Marathon29 Sep 13
2012 U23 Peterborough/Nottingham Uni
HT4K53.555Olympic ParkBUCS Championships7 May 12
HT4K52.058LoughboroughLoughborough International20 May 12
HT4K50.811AStretfordNorth of England League Division 2WC1 Jul 12
HT4K50.271GranthamLincolnshire County Championships12 May 12
HT4K50.062HullKingston upon Hull Open15 Apr 12
HT4K49.771LoughboroughScott Classic Hammer Competition23 May 12
HT4K49.243ALoughboroughCharnwood Graded Open4 Jul 12
HT4K49.194ARugby100 days to Go Open21 Apr 12
HT4K49.001PeterboroughPeterborough Open14 Apr 12
HT4K48.721LoughboroughLoughborough Gnome Hammer Competition18 Mar 12
HT4K48.541BHendonUK Women's League Division 130 Jun 12
HT4K47.891BStretfordNorth of England League Division 2WC5 Aug 12
HT4K47.6991BirminghamMcCain Jumps & Throws Fest12 Aug 12
HT4K47.067BedfordAviva England Athletics U20/U23 Championships17 Jun 12
HT4K47.041BLeighUK Women's League Division 128 Jul 12
HT4K47.025BRugby100 days to Go Open21 Apr 12
HT4K46.876BOlympic ParkBUCS Championships6 May 12
2011 U23 Peterborough/Team Cambridgeshire
300019:16.33BAndover Southern Athletics League Division 230 Jul 11
SP4K5.992BPeterboroughSouthern Athletics League Division 29 Jul 11
HT4K50.171APeterboroughSouthern Athletics League Division 221 May 11
HT4K49.561AAndover Southern Athletics League Division 230 Jul 11
HT4K47.596qBBedfordCAU Inter Counties Championships29 May 11
HT4K47.571ABattersea ParkSouthern Athletics League Division 230 Apr 11
HT4K47.442CorbyCorby AC Open14 Jun 11
HT4K47.111StretfordTrafford Grand Prix3 May 11
HT4K46.887SportcityNorthern U20/Senior Championships18 Jun 11
HT4K46.801GranthamLincolnshire County Championships14 May 11
HT4K46.581St. IvesCambridgeshire AA Summer Evening Open25 May 11
HT4K46.451APeterboroughSouthern Athletics League Division 29 Jul 11
HT4K46.087BHendonMcCain Jumps & Throws Fest10 Jul 11
HT4K44.291ASalisburySouthern Athletics League Division 220 Aug 11
HT4K44.261SandyBiggleswade Open Throws Fest4 Aug 11
HT4K43.891Peterborough Peterborough Open29 Aug 11
HT4K42.0210BedfordAviva U20/U23 Championships (inc European Trials)26 Jun 11
HT4K40.005Bedford Bedford International Games12 Jun 11
2010 U20 Peterborough/Team Cambridgeshire
LJ3.293BBury St. EdmondsEast Anglian League16 May 10
SP4K6.663BDagenhamSouthern Women's League 1 Senior7 Aug 10
SP4K6.633BPeterboroughSouthern Women's League 1 Senior4 Sep 10
HT4K47.8832HendonMcCain Throws Fest8 Aug 10
HT4K47.152MansfieldMansfield Open4 Apr 10
HT4K46.761ABraintreeNational Junior Athletic League Thames25 Apr 10
HT4K46.652APeterboroughSouthern Women's League 1 Senior4 Sep 10
HT4K45.9410BedfordAviva England U23 and U20 World Trials Championships19 Jun 10
HT4K45.741ABattersea ParkSouthern Women's League 1 Senior - Match 224 Apr 10
HT4K45.621YorkIngrams League6 Jun 10
HT4K45.436BirminghamAviva English Schools' Championships10 Jul 10
HT4K45.364SportcityNorthern Athletics Senior & U20 Championships13 Jun 10
HT4K45.281LoughboroughBertram Classic Hammer Competition17 Jun 10
HT4K44.822LoughboroughCharnwood Open14 Jul 10
HT4K44.591YorkIngrams League1 Aug 10
HT4K44.311PeterboroughPeterborough City Games30 Aug 10
HT4K43.921ABury St. EdmondsEast Anglian League16 May 10
HT4K43.841ACambridgeNational Junior Athletic League Thames25 Jul 10
HT4K43.641AWareNational Junior Athletic League Thames23 May 10
HT4K43.531ADagenhamSouthern Women's League 1 Senior7 Aug 10
HT4K43.221LincolnLincolnshire Schools Championships12 Jun 10
HT4K43.0718BedfordCAU Inter Counties Championships30 May 10
HT4K42.901Bury St. EdmundsEast Anglian League Final19 Sep 10
HT4K42.431AMilton KeynesSouthern Women's League 1 Senior - Match 222 May 10
HT4K42.405LoughboroughCharnwood Open18 Apr 10
HT4K41.641AIpswichEast Anglian League4 Jul 10
HT4K41.502Peterborough Peterborough AC Open11 Apr 10
HT4K40.384YorkCity of York AC Open11 Sep 10
JT60013.955BBury St. EdmondsEast Anglian League16 May 10
2009 U20 Peterborough/Team Cambridgeshire
100HW21.571.38BEtonNational Junior Athletic League Southern Premier14 Jun 09
SP4K6.177BBromleyNational Junior Athletic League Southern Premier26 Jul 09
DT1K15.045BBromleyNational Junior Athletic League Southern Premier26 Jul 09
HT4K43.731nsBraintreeEast Anglian League3 Aug 09
HT4K43.391BostonLincolnshire Schools Championships13 Jun 09
HT4K43.326HullKingston upon Hull Open12 Apr 09
HT4K42.232APeterboroughSouthern Women's League Senior 1 Peterborough Match25 Apr 09
HT4K41.421GranthamLincolnshire County Championships10 May 09
HT4K41.352LoughboroughCharnwood Open1 Jul 09
HT4K41.263AHendonNational Junior Athletic League Southern Premier24 May 09
HT4K40.991PeterboroughPeterborough AC Open5 Apr 09
HT4K40.894AEtonNational Junior Athletic League Southern Premier14 Jun 09
HT4K40.294ABromleyNational Junior Athletic League Southern Premier26 Jul 09
HT4K39.801NorwichAnglian Schools Championships20 Jun 09
HT4K39.582ABarkingSouthern Women's League Senior 130 May 09
HT4K39.542AMilton KeynesSouthern Women's League Senior 1 - Match 225 Jul 09
HT4K39.423nsPeterboroughEast Anglian League26 Apr 09
HT4K39.358Don ValleyAviva English Schools Championships10 Jul 09
HT4K38.804ALee ValleyNational Junior Athletic League - Southern Premier16 Aug 09
HT4K38.542AHarrowSouthern Women's League Senior 1 Match 15 Sep 09
HT4K36.991BostonLincolnshire Throws Academy (Hammer)1 Mar 09
JT60017.318AHendonNational Junior Athletic League Southern Premier24 May 09
2008 U17 Boston
HT4K41.811PeterboroughPeterborough City Games25 Aug 08
HT4K41.401HullNorthern Inter Counties23 Aug 08
HT4K41.051BostonLincolnshire Pole Vault & Hammer Championships16 Jul 08
HT4K39.861AScunthorpeUKA Young Athletes League Northern 2SE18 May 08
HT4K39.843HullKingston Upon Hull AC Open Spectacular13 Apr 08
HT4K39.554GatesheadEnglish Schools' Championships12 Jul 08
HT4K39.552ARotherhamNorth of England League Division 2EC3 Aug 08
HT4K39.501HullHull Hammer Competition2 Aug 08
HT4K39.328BirminghamEngland Athletics Open Championships (U17/U15)10 Aug 08
HT4K39.291BedfordBedford Open19 Apr 08
HT4K37.871AHullNorth of England League Division 2EC3 May 08
HT4K37.151AScunthorpeUKA Young Athletes League Northern 2SE20 Jul 08
HT4K36.591HullUKA Young Athletes League Northern 2SE22 Jun 08
HT4K36.251BostonLincolnshire Schools Championships14 Jun 08
HT4K35.473QBGatesheadEnglish Schools' Championships11 Jul 08
HT4K34.603PeterboroughAnglian Schools Championships21 Jun 08
HT4K34.493ASheffield (W)North of England League Division 2EC6 Jul 08
2007 U17 Boston
HT4K37.531BostonLincolnshire League15 Jul 07
HT4K35.552HullHull Hammer Squad Invitation4 Aug 07
HT4K35.372LiverpoolNorth of England League Qualifier1 Sep 07
HT4K34.972HullNorth Of England Club Cup12 Aug 07
HT4K34.561BostonUKA Young Athletes League Northern 1 East22 Jul 07
HT4K32.452DoncasterNorth of England League Division 2EC5 Aug 07
HT4K31.711GranthamLincolnshire League19 Aug 07
HT4K31.491PeterboroughPeterborough City Games27 Aug 07
HT4K31.161BostonLincs League15 Apr 07
HT4K29.84NorwichAnglian Schools Championships16 Jun 07
HT4K28.39MansfieldNorth of England League Division 2EC5 May 07
HT4K27.80GranthamLincolnshire League22 Apr 07
HT4K27.801GranthamLincolnshire League22 Apr 07
HT4K27.45ScunthorpeNorth of England League Division 2EC8 Jul 07
HT4K27.35HullKingston Upon Hull AC Open8 Apr 07
HT4K27.357HullKingston Upon Hull AC Open8 Apr 07
HT4K27.271GranthamLincolnshire County Schools Championships9 Jun 07
HT4K27.27GranthamLincolnshire County Schools Championships9 Jun 07
HT4K25.00WakefieldUKA Young Athletes League Northern 1E6 May 07
HT4K24.83HullNorthern Inter Counties26 Aug 07
HT4K24.69GranthamLincolnshire County Championships12 May 07
HT4K21.00MiddlesbroughUKA Young Athletes League Northern 1E20 May 07
HT4K19.58BostonNorth of England League Division 2EC2 Jun 07
2006 U15 Boston
DT1K18.84BostonLincolnshire League28 May 06
HT3K32.572BostonLincolnshire League20 Aug 06
HT3K31.512GatesheadNorth of England Inter-Counties Championships30 Jul 06
HT3K27.442GranthamLincolnshire County Championships13 May 06
Total Performances: 152
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