Darren Knight

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Age Group:V45
Region:East Midlands
Lead Coach:Unknown

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2018 V45 Chesapeake
5.1MXC50:4914922ChesterfieldBooth Decorators League11 Feb 18
10KMT50:4050:406123MickleoverGreat Northern Run 10K7 May 18
10KXC57:5420630HeanorNottinghamshire / Derbyshire County Championships6 Jan 18
HM1:51:091:50:4813133LoughboroughLoughborough Half Marathon8 Apr 18
2017 V40 Chesapeake
4.4MXC40:2312721Bakewell ShowgroundBooth Decorators League3 Dec 17
5M39:069027Weston-on-TrentWeston 512 Mar 17
5MXC34:2416328Chaddesden ParkBooth Decorators League12 Nov 17
5.1MXC45:4014424ChesterfieldBooth Decorators League12 Feb 17
10K45:1045:0710928DerbySinfin Classic 10K14 May 17
10KMT47:1446:5817854HeanorMatthew Walker Heanor 10K19 Nov 17
10KXC45:4910327NottinghamDerbyshire County Championships7 Jan 17
12KXC64:311530NottinghamECCA Saucony English National Championships25 Feb 17
HM1:44:234817MickleoverGreat Northern Run Half Marathon5 Mar 17
Mar4:54:34c266983396LondonVirgin London Marathon23 Apr 17
2016 V40 Chesapeake
4.7MXC41:5011115ChesterfieldBooth Decorators League7 Feb 16
4.79MXC39:2214421BakewellBooth Decorators League4 Dec 16
5MMT35:43306Weston-on-TrentWeston 513 Mar 16
5MMT39:0730436TeversalBooth Decorators Summer League 512 Apr 16
5.5MXC43:0712619Trent MeadowsBooth Decorators League24 Jan 16
10K44:2644:1733878DerbyDerby 10K17 Apr 16
10KMT49:0949:0318869HeanorMatthew Walker Heanor 10K20 Nov 16
11.3KMT64:269221MatlockCrich Monument 11.3K16 Jul 16
10M78:189512Burton on TrentBurton 1022 May 16
HMMT1:44:201:44:0643M40MickleoverGreat Northern Run Half Marathon6 Mar 16
Mar4:03:48c4621742ManchesterASICS Greater Manchester Marathon10 Apr 16
ZXC33:5616122Chaddesden ParkBooth Decorators League13 Nov 16
ZXC42:0516525Shipley ParkBooth Decorators League2 Oct 16
2015 V40 Chesapeake
4.3MXC37:0412723BakewellBooth Decorators League6 Dec 15
4.5MXC33:4614020DerbyBooth Decorators League8 Nov 15
4.8MMT35:1014522DenbyBooth Decorators' League 4.89 Jun 15
5M34:293811Weston-upon-TrentWeston Run 58 Mar 15
5MXC38:0110420Shipley ParkBooth Decorators League18 Oct 15
12KXC62:351596Parliament HillECCA Saucony English National Championships21 Feb 15
HM99:2098:54148LoughboroughLoughborough Half Marathon15 Mar 15
HM1:45:521:45:33698205DerbyDerby Ramathon Half Marathon7 Jun 15
SHORTMar3:56:453:50:033662630ManchesterASICS Greater Manchester Marathon19 Apr 15
ZXC39:5313421Long EatonBooth Decorators' League11 Jan 15
ZXC45:3410313ChesterfieldBooth Decorators League8 Feb 15
2014 V40 Chesapeake
4.75MNAD34:38145BelperBooth Decorators League10 Jun 14
5M33:53328Weston-upon-TrentWeston Run 59 Mar 14
10K43:05317DerbyRunDerby 10K6 Apr 14
12KXC53:351182NottinghamECCA English National Championships22 Feb 14
HM96:57134LoughboroughLoughborough Half Marathon23 Mar 14
HM97:3397:0614325ElvastonRamathon Half Marathon8 Jun 14
Mar4:10:514:05:32128141978LondonVirgin London Marathon13 Apr 14
ZXC32:3211422Chaddesden ParkBooth Decorators League9 Nov 14
ZXC33:288711Shipley ParkBooth Decorators League12 Oct 14
ZXC44:447717Holmebrook ValleyBooth Decorators League9 Feb 14
ZXC51:1711720Allestree ParkBooth Decorators League12 Jan 14
ZFL39:12749Great LongstoneGreat Longstone Chase (4.8M/951ft)5 Sep 14
ZFL77:5045WirksworthStuart Learmouth Wirksworth Undulator18 Oct 14
ZFL84:1414148CalverCurbar Commotion5 Oct 14
2013 V40 Chesapeake
4.33MMT31:0711316BelperBooth Decorators League11 Jun 13
4.5MMT30:5712316IlkestonBooth Decorators League14 May 13
5MMT38:5518127Shipley Hall ParkBooth Decorators League16 Apr 13
10K45:4154679DerbyDerby 10K28 Apr 13
ZMT38:2512913Shipley Hall ParkBooth Decorators League6 Aug 13
ZXC31:449816Chaddesden ParkBooth Decorators League10 Nov 13
ZXC32:516813Shipley ParkBooth Decorators League20 Oct 13
ZXC34:408912Shipley ParkBooth Decorators League13 Jan 13
ZXC37:5211825Trent MeadowsBooth Decorators League1 Dec 13
2012 V35 Chesapeake
4.5MMT31:2398IlkestonBooth Decorators League12 Jun 12
5M35:3162Weston-upon-TrentWeston Run 526 Feb 12
5MMT35:13129Sutton-in-AshfieldBooth Decorators League15 May 12
5MMT36:0063AshbourneBooth Decorators League3 Jul 12
10K44:08472DerbyDerbyshire Building Society 10K1 Apr 12
10M81:45123Burton on TrentBurton 1027 May 12
HM1:45:3022480ClowneClowne Half Marathon25 Nov 12
ZXC29:50809ChaddesdonBooth Decorator's League11 Nov 12
ZXC33:40927Shipley ParkBooth Decorator's League14 Oct 12
ZXC35:158010Long EatonBooth Decorators League2 Dec 12
ZXC42:0590HeanorBooth Decorators League15 Jan 12
2011 V35 Chesapeake
5M34:58115Sutton-in-AshfieldBooth Decorators Road Race League17 May 11
5M35:1455DerbyWeston Run 56 Mar 11
5.3M36:1792DenbyBooth Decorators Road Race League19 Apr 11
10K43:3543:31267DerbyDerbyshire Building Society 10K3 Apr 11
ZXC30:2394DerbyBooth Decorators League13 Nov 11
ZXC32:2171BramcoteBooth Decorators League30 Jan 11
ZXC35:1091Long EatonBooth Decorators League4 Dec 11
ZXC35:3780 Long EatonBooth Decorators League16 Jan 11
2010 V35 Chesapeake
ZXC31:4899DerbyBooth Decorators League14 Nov 10
ZXC34:52107HeanorBooth Decorators League17 Oct 10
Total Performances: 82
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