Graham Schofield

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Club:Chorley ATC
Age Group:V65
Region:North West
Lead Coach:Unknown

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2020 V65 Chorley ATC
10KMT61:271592StandishStandish Hall 10K22 Feb 20
2019 V65 Chorley ATC
10KMT58:10135 3StandishStandish Hall 10K23 Feb 19
10KMT60:32533StandishStandish Hall Autumn 10K12 Oct 19
HMMT2:34:033025ThreshfieldWharfedale Trail Half Marathon1 Jun 19
2018 V60 Chorley ATC
7MMT71:202282TrawdenTrawden 71 Jul 18
2017 V60 Chorley ATC
7.3KXC53:041618RossendaleRed Rose League2 Dec 17
9.9KXC65:2524313ChorleyRed Rose League11 Nov 17
10KMT62:40184 12StandishStandish Hall 10K18 Feb 17
HMMT2:21:352638ThreshfieldWharfedale Trail Half Marathon3 Jun 17
2015 V60 Chorley ATC
HMMT2:33:043148SkiptonWharfedale Half Marathon6 Jun 15
2014 V60 Chorley ATC
ZXC46:1714512Barrow-in-FurnessMid Lancs League11 Jan 14
ZXC50:401709BlackburnMid Lancs League8 Feb 14
ZFL48:041245KettlewellGreat Whernside25 Oct 14
ZFL49:151162Bispham GreenHarrock Hill 1 (5.2M/902ft)28 May 14
ZFL49:231355Bispham GreenHarrock Hill 4 (5.2M/902ft)27 Aug 14
ZFL51:321275Bispham GreenHarrock Hill 2 (5.2M/902ft)25 Jun 14
ZFL53:1263 4BrinscallGreat Hill (5.8M/1575ft)21 Jun 14
ZFL53:411486Bispham GreenHarrock Hill 3 (5.2M/902ft)23 Jul 14
ZFL54:1830725BarleyPendle (4.5M/1499ft)5 Apr 14
ZFL55:03832LovecloughGolf Ball (5.5M/801ft)20 Aug 14
ZFL56:50513BleasdaleBleasdale Circle (5M/1250ft)22 Feb 14
ZFL57:10633TockholesTockholes Evening (5.8M/1017ft)3 Jul 14
ZFL57:3073 4WorsthorneWorsthorne Moor (6.8M/899ft)3 Aug 14
ZFL61:06574CowpeWhittle Pike (5.1M/1601ft)6 Aug 14
ZFL63:38482Crosby GarrettGreat Westmorland Trail (8.1M/1312ft)13 Sep 14
ZFL63:391746IlkleyIlkley Moor (5M/1316ft)2 Mar 14
ZFL66:00894NordenKnowl Hill (6M/1299ft)15 Jun 14
ZFL67:251216Wardle SquareWardle Skyline (7M/1250ft)12 Apr 14
ZFL68:07591RivingtonHenderson's End (5.8M/984ft)5 Jun 14
ZFL70:33833StreetReally Wild Boar1 Nov 14
ZFL70:46283SilsdenRivock Edge (6.8M/883ft)30 Mar 14
ZFL71:0928511Penistone Hill Country ParkSoreen Stanbury Splash (7.5M/1312ft)19 Jan 14
ZFL73:51761Horton in RibblesdalePen Y Ghent (5.9M/1850ft)7 Jun 14
ZFL77:34889Castle BoltonJames Herriot Run (8.7M/1001ft)27 Jul 14
ZFL78:481024IngletonIngleborough (6.8M/1968ft)19 Jul 14
ZFL79:21704SettleSettle Hills (7M/1312ft)29 Jun 14
ZFL84:16572RavenstonedaleWeasdale Horseshoe (8.7M/2001ft)23 Aug 14
ZFL1:57:4834114ConistonConiston (8.7M/3494ft)3 May 14
ZFL2:00:24893TebayTebay (8.1M/2999ft)11 Jun 14
ZFL2:01:1520017BarleyStan Bradshaw Pendle Round (10.4M/1936ft)8 Mar 14
ZFL2:44:20 1525Church StrettonLong Mynd Valleys (11.5M/4501ft)2 Feb 14
ZFL2:58:261107DuckingtonSandstone Trail Race A (17.1M/2149ft)27 Sep 14
ZFL3:42:181055ThrelkeldHelvellyn And The Dodds (14.9M/4386ft)25 May 14
2013 V55 Chorley ATC
9.8KXC47:24466LiverpoolBritish Athletics Cross Challenge (inc European Trials)23 Nov 13
18KMT1:43:549111CartmelCartmel Lakeland Trails 18K16 Mar 13
ZXC52:291885RossendaleRed Rose League7 Dec 13
ZXC53:0612613BlackburnLancashire County Championships5 Jan 13
ZFL39:49685ChippingPaddy's Pole (3.7M/1102ft)4 Jun 13
ZFL44:021141Bispham GreenHarrock Hill 2 (5.2M/902ft)26 Jun 13
ZFL44:451032Bispham GreenHarrock Hill 4 (5.2M/902ft)28 Aug 13
ZFL46:07656WorstonMearley Clough (3.5M/1201ft)14 May 13
ZFL46:1411911DarwenAggie's Staircase (4M/1148ft)20 Jun 13
ZFL48:2992 2HorwichWalsh Two Lads (5.2M/899ft)13 Jun 13
ZFL49:041094Bispham GreenHarrock Hill 3 (5.2M/902ft)24 Jul 13
ZFL50:171493Bispham GreenHarrock Hill 1 (5.2M/902ft)22 May 13
ZFL52:53808DaltonAshurst Beacon (5.9M/951ft)12 Jan 13
ZFL53:434410BleasdaleBleasdale Circle (5M/1250ft)23 Feb 13
ZFL54:47984HelmshorePilgrims Cross (6M/1102ft)14 Aug 13
ZFL55:1252 4BrinscallGreat Hill Race (5.8M/1575ft)15 Jun 13
ZFL56:4910810KettlewellGreat Whernside (4M/1558ft)26 Oct 13
ZFL58:21461CowpeWhittle Pike (5.1M/1601ft)7 Aug 13
ZFL59:4323125HaworthSoreen Stanbury Splash (6M/919ft)20 Jan 13
ZFL60:381455Broughton MillsDunnerdale (5M/1804ft)9 Nov 13
ZFL60:44281OrtonOrton Autumn Fair (6.2M/846ft)28 Sep 13
ZFL65:321308Wardle SquareWardle Skyline (7M/1250ft)13 Apr 13
ZFL66:36693Rivington Hall BarnHenderson's End (5.8M/984ft)6 Jun 13
ZFL68:39824TrawdenBoulsworth (7.5M/1280ft)11 Aug 13
ZFL71:581075AustwickAustwick Amble (8.1M/1197ft)27 May 13
ZFL73:10983SettleSettle Hills Intercounties Championships (7M/1312ft)19 May 13
ZFL76:231254StennerskeughReally Wild Boar (5M/1401ft)14 Dec 13
ZFL78:011277Horton in RibblesdalePen Y Ghent (5.9M/1850ft)1 Jun 13
ZFL80:34171Hesket NewmarketHesket Newmarket Show (8.4M/1765ft)31 Aug 13
ZFL86:4317911Castle BoltonJames Herriot Run (8.7M/1001ft)28 Jul 13
ZFL87:4523211Hutton RoofHutton Roof Crags (7M/1302ft)25 May 13
ZFL1:41:3813832BarleyStan Bradshaw Pendle Round (10.4M/1936ft)9 Mar 13
ZFL1:48:00311HolwickCronkley (10.5M/1755ft)30 Jun 13
ZFL2:04:1982KettlewellWharfedale TTT Race 2 (12.5M/3000ft)6 Jul 13
ZFL2:18:542368ConistonConiston (8.7M/3494ft)4 May 13
ZFL2:39:531858KentmereKentmere Horseshoe (12.3M/3300ft)21 Jul 13
ZFL4:48:144753Horton-in-RibblesdaleThree Peaks (23.2M/5276ft)27 Apr 13
ZFLL62:53176L1LlanberisBritish Relay Championships20 Oct 13
2012 V55 Chorley Harriers (defunct)
4.5MMT35:10393StandishStandish Summer 4.59 Aug 12
10KMT60:10180 8StandishStandish Hall 10K18 Feb 12
15KMT84:4818428KeswickDerwentwater 15K1 Sep 12
15KMT84:5714317ConistonConiston 15K6 Oct 12
18KMT1:47:0515422CartmelCartmel 18K17 Mar 12
ZXC49:5518850LeylandMid Lancs League3 Mar 12
2011 V55 Chorley Harriers (defunct)
5M37:27575RivingtonThe Jubilee Road Race Series17 Aug 11
10KMT49:5977 10StandishStandish Hall 10K19 Feb 11
10KMT58:19134 2StandishStandish Hall Autumn 10K22 Oct 11
14KMT93:4323146KeswickDerwentwater 14K3 Sep 11
15KMT83:2515123ConistonConiston 15K1 Oct 11
15KMT1:41:5422931AmblesideHawkshead 15K7 May 11
18KMT1:48:5513221Grange-over-SandsCartmel 18K2 Apr 11
ZXC41:1214934SkelmersdaleMid Lancs League12 Mar 11
ZXC50:46767BlackburnLancashire County Championships8 Jan 11
ZXC58:271346RossendaleRed Rose League3 Dec 11
ZFL4:39:4944359Horton-in-RibblesdaleThree Peaks Fell Race30 Apr 11
2010 V55 Chorley Harriers (defunct)
9.8KXC44:1138730LiverpoolMid Lancs League27 Nov 10
10KMT50:0165 4StandishStandish Hall 10K30 Oct 10
15KMT77:5111717ConistonPuma Coniston Trail 15K2 Oct 10
HM1:41:29877JerseyJersey Half Marathon21 Nov 10
ZXC51:3719240BlackburnMid Lancs League13 Nov 10
Total Performances: 103
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