Paul Barrett

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Club:Sale Harriers Manchester
Age Group:V35
County:Greater Manchester
Region:North West
Lead Coach:Unknown

Athletes Coached
NameClub AG  Sex  Best Event  Rank  AG  Year  Performance 
Paul RowleyPennineV35M

Best known performances

Performances Submit
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2019 V35 Sale Harriers Manchester
5MMT32:01285MobberleyMobberley Round the Runway 57 May 19
9.7KXC41:27236Kenworthy WoodsManchester Area League9 Feb 19
9.84KXC43:37268Heaton ParkManchester Area League12 Jan 19
12KXC50:221076LeedsECCA Saucony English National Championships23 Feb 19
12.1KXC52:20445PontefractNorthern Counties Championships26 Jan 19
HM85:4885:33160WilmslowWilmslow Half Marathon24 Mar 19
2018 V35 Sale Harriers Manchester
5MMT31:373713MobberleyMobberley Round the Runway 58 May 18
9.875KXC46:09121WythenshaweManchester Area League10 Feb 18
10.4KXC47:45171StockportManchester Area League13 Jan 18
10.4KXC49:13269StockportManchester Area League1 Dec 18
12KXC53:33950Parliament HillECCA Saucony English National Championships24 Feb 18
Mar3:22:50c3317LondonVirgin London Marathon22 Apr 18
ZXC49:2473Boggart Hole CloughGreater Manchester County Championships8 Dec 18
2017 V35 Sale Harriers Manchester
3.01KXCL13:3270L3ManchesterUniversity of Manchester Relays28 Oct 17
3.01KXCL13:4264L6ManchesterUniversity of Manchester Relays28 Oct 17
parkrun19:1530StretfordStretford parkrun # 10823 Dec 17
parkrun19:1623StretfordStretford parkrun # 6321 Jan 17
parkrun19:323BurnageBurnage parkrun # 2523 Jun 17
parkrun19:4821BurnageBurnage parkrun # 2394 Mar 17
parkrun19:5050StretfordStretford parkrun # 10518 Nov 17
parkrun19:5126StretfordStretford parkrun # 997 Oct 17
9.7KXC40:35128WythenshaweManchester Area League14 Jan 17
9.7KXC41:09156WythenshaweManchester Area League2 Dec 17
9.84KXC44:07182Heaton ParkManchester Area League14 Oct 17
10K38:5138:3010923WilmslowWilmslow Festive 10K26 Nov 17
10.4KXC42:4597StockportManchester Area League11 Feb 17
10.4KXC47:0675StockportGreater Manchester County Championships7 Jan 17
12KXC53:04836NottinghamECCA Saucony English National Championships25 Feb 17
12KXC57:32355Knowsley ParkNorthern Championships28 Jan 17
HM84:2284:18148WilmslowWilmslow Half Marathon19 Mar 17
14MMT1:55:021:54:58166TalyllnTywyn Race The Train 1419 Aug 17
2016 V35 Sale Harriers Manchester
3ML18:5530L3Sutton ColdfieldBritish Masters Open Road Relay Championships14 May 16
parkrun18:31111StretfordStretford parkrun # 3011 Jun 16
parkrun18:4317StretfordStretford parkrun # 2828 May 16
parkrun19:1620StretfordStretford parkrun # 5426 Nov 16
parkrun19:1833StretfordStretford parkrun # 478 Oct 16
parkrun20:518Lyme ParkLyme Park parkrun # 10526 Mar 16
6.8KL22:1293L3ManchesterNorthern Counties Men's 6-Stage Relays25 Sep 16
5MMT31:3021MobberleyMobberley Round the Runway 53 May 16
9.6KXC42:01142ManchesterManchester Area League3 Dec 16
9.6KXC42:21134Boggart Hole CloughManchester Area League12 Nov 16
9.675KXC42:23117Wythenshawe ParkManchester Area League13 Feb 16
9.84KXC42:51141Heaton ParkManchester Area League16 Jan 16
12KXC56:42721Castle DoningtonECCA Saucony English National Championships27 Feb 16
12KXC59:04301BlackburnNorthern Championships30 Jan 16
9.2ML55:127L17CaernarfonWelsh Castles Relay5 Jun 16
HM84:1584:10151WilmslowWilmslow Half Marathon3 Apr 16
ZXC41:50163WythenshaweManchester Area League15 Oct 16
2015 SEN Sale Harriers Manchester
3000SC12:53.004BWakefieldNorth of England League Division 18 Aug 15
3.01KXCL11:0643L6ManchesterUniversity of Manchester Relays24 Oct 15
3.01KXCL11:1848L2ManchesterUniversity of Manchester Relays24 Oct 15
2.4ML14:1841L6LiverpoolNorthern Men's 12-Stage Relays28 Mar 15
9KXC40:37154Sherdley ParkManchester Area League7 Nov 15
6M39:1637OldhamJoe Ashcroft Saddleworth 612 Aug 15
12KXC49:29323PontefractNorthern Championships24 Jan 15
12KXC51:44714Parliament HillECCA Saucony English National Championships21 Feb 15
HM86:1686:0716738YorkBrass Monkey Half Marathon18 Jan 15
ZXC36:0099Wythenshawe ParkManchester Area League14 Feb 15
ZXC42:2496Heaton ParkManchester Area League10 Jan 15
ZXC52:0544Bogart Hole CloughGreater Manchester County Championships3 Jan 15
2014 SEN Sale Harriers Manchester
5K17:3767ManchesterSale Sizzler 5K Series (Inc Northern Champs)14 Aug 14
5K17:5268ManchesterSale Sizzler 5K Series31 Jul 14
5K18:0259ManchesterSale Sizzler 5K Series3 Jul 14
5K18:1059ManchesterSale Sizzler 5K Series17 Jul 14
5KNAD18:1316Hollins GreenPeter Lowe Memorial Hollins Green 5K14 Jun 14
5M30:0021RivingtonHorwich Jubilee 5 Series20 Aug 14
5MMT30:0820Alderley EdgeWizard 510 Jul 14
5MMT31:3529TintwistleRound The Resers 518 Jun 14
5.3MMT32:0128MobberleyMobberley Round the Runway 5.324 Apr 14
5.54ML35:0356L3ManchesterNorthern Men's 12 Stage Relays15 Mar 14
10K38:15c173ManchesterBupa Great Manchester 10K18 May 14
SHORT10K38:2738:19220PartingtonTrafford 10K9 Mar 14
12KXC48:13777NottinghamECCA English National Championships22 Feb 14
12KXC53:58275KnowsleyNorthern Championships25 Jan 14
9.6ML60:156L5CaernarfonWelsh Castles Relay7 Jun 14
ZXC38:4190Boggart Hole CloughManchester Area League12 Jan 14
ZXC39:29114Boggart Hole CloughManchester Area League6 Dec 14
ZXC40:0195Wythenshawe ParkManchester Area League8 Feb 14
ZXC40:51159Sherdley ParkManchester Area League8 Nov 14
ZXC62:4879LeighGreater Manchester County Championships4 Jan 14
ZXCL11:3053L1ManchesterUniversity of Manchester Relays25 Oct 14
ZFL21:3848BurnsallBurnsall Classic (1.5M/899ft)23 Aug 14
ZFL38:3331 HorwichWalsh Two Lads (5.2M/899ft)12 Jun 14
ZFL45:0227Whaley BridgeWhaley Waltz (5.8M/899ft)28 Jun 14
ZFL58:4724CrowdenLad's Leap (5.9M/1699ft)30 Mar 14
ZFL99:27235ConistonConiston (8.7M/3494ft)3 May 14
ZFL2:05:03163KentmereKentmere Horseshoe (12.3M/3300ft)20 Jul 14
2013 SEN Sale Harriers Manchester
4.819KL18:4871L6Sutton ColdfieldERRA Men's 12-Stage Relays (Short Legs)13 Apr 13
6.6KL26:2880L3BlackpoolNorthern Men's 6-Stage Relays21 Sep 13
10K38:4838:32608LeedsLeeds Abbey Dash 10K17 Nov 13
8MMT65:4112MillbrookLactic Flashback 83 Mar 13
HM86:1085:55176WilmslowWilmslow Half Marathon24 Mar 13
ZXC44:30156Woodbank ParkManchester Area League10 Nov 13
ZXC46:23103StockportManchester Area League10 Feb 13
ZXC58:08609SunderlandEnglish National Championships23 Feb 13
ZXC60:20398KnowsleyNorthern Championships26 Jan 13
ZFL44:3959Newlands ValleyOuterside Chase (4.5M/1507ft)30 Mar 13
ZFL49:1457Whaley BridgeWhaley Waltz (5.8M/899ft)29 Jun 13
ZFL50:2014KettleshulmeKettleshulme (6M/1102ft)29 May 13
ZFL60:43182Penistone Hill Country ParkDaleside Brewery Auld Lang Syne (6M/984ft)31 Dec 13
ZFL61:0628MarsdenIan Roberts Memorial Race (6.4M/853ft)10 Mar 13
ZFL75:3022DiggleThe Cake Race (9.9M/1699ft)4 May 13
2012 SEN Sale Harriers Manchester
3.9KL14:2837L6LiverpoolNorthern Men's 12-Stage Relays (Short Legs)31 Mar 12
4.819KL18:1959L4Sutton ColdfieldERRA National Men's 12-Stage Road Relays (Short Legs)14 Apr 12
5K19:0592WythenshaweSale Sizzler 5K5 Jul 12
5KNAD18:3147Hollins GreenPeter Lowe Memorial Hollins Green 5K2 Jun 12
6KL24:2994L3LeighNorthern Counties Men's 6-Stage Relays22 Sep 12
3.75MMTL24:065L4WiganHaigh Hall Relays10 Mar 12
5MMT32:1125TintwistleRound The Resers 527 Jun 12
5.3MMT33:4636MobberleyMobberley Round the Runway 5.310 May 12
15KMT69:0435GlenriddingHelvellyn 15K3 Nov 12
10.3MMT81:0145HalifaxHalifax Bluebell 10.36 May 12
10.6ML66:3812L13CaernarfonWelsh Castles Relay10 Jun 12
HM85:5485:50179WilmslowWilmslow Half Marathon (Inc England Champs)25 Mar 12
ZXC37:52119ManchesterManchester Area League1 Dec 12
ZXC37:5960ManchesterManchester Area League11 Feb 12
ZXC38:5589StockportManchester Area League15 Jan 12
ZXC40:40108St HelensManchester Area League10 Nov 12
ZXC44:23166ManchesterManchester Area League20 Oct 12
ZXC48:04713Parliament HillEnglish National Championships25 Feb 12
ZXC51:1537StockportGreater Manchester Championships7 Jan 12
ZXC51:30323PontefractNorthern Championships28 Jan 12
2011 SEN Sale Harriers Manchester
300010:21.38222StretfordTrafford Grand Prix26 Jul 11
300010:29.89212StretfordTrafford Grand Prix17 May 11
300010:39.17152StretfordTrafford Grand Prix6 Sep 11
5K17:4652WythenshaweManchester 5K Sizzler Series28 Jul 11
5K17:5848WythenshaweManchester 5K Sizzler Series14 Jul 11
5K18:1659WythenshaweManchester 5K Sizzler Series30 Jun 11
6KL22:1477L2WarringtonNorthern Road Relay Championships Senior Men24 Sep 11
10K37:1537:08225LeedsLeeds Abbey Dash 10K20 Nov 11
10K39:37352ManchesterBupa Great Manchester Run 10K15 May 11
10.3MMT76:1626HalifaxBluebell 10.31 May 11
10.6ML64:034L13CaernarfonWelsh Castles Relay11 Jun 11
14MMT99:3799:3383TywynRace the Train Rotary Challenge20 Aug 11
ZXC38:23114St HelensManchester Area League13 Nov 11
ZXC39:4690ManchesterManchester Area League22 Oct 11
ZXC40:35113ManchesterManchester Area League3 Dec 11
ZXC41:4484ManchesterManchester Area League12 Feb 11
ZXC42:51116StockportManchester Area League2 Jan 11
ZXC51:0650StockportGreater Manchester Championships8 Jan 11
ZXC51:36759Alton TowersEnglish National Championships19 Feb 11
ZXC53:28260SunderlandNorthern Cross Country Championships29 Jan 11
2010 SEN Sale Harriers Manchester
8.663KL35:5566L7Sutton ParkERRA National Men's 12 Stage Road Relays (Long Legs)17 Apr 10
HM90:2590:07311WilmslowWilmslow Half Marathon28 Mar 10
HM91:05ac652Newcastle-South ShieldsBupa Great North Run Half Marathon19 Sep 10
ZXC39:5871BlackleyManchester Area League4 Dec 10
ZXC40:33107St. HelensManchester Area League21 Nov 10
ZXC41:54120ManchesterManchester Area League23 Oct 10
ZXC42:2135Heaton ParkSouth East Lancashire League30 Oct 10
ZXC52:47263BlackburnNorthern Cross Country Championships23 Jan 10
2009 SEN Sale Harriers Manchester
300010:05.37172StretfordTrafford Grand Prix23 Jun 09
300010:06.66102StretfordTrafford Grand Prix9 Jun 09
300010:10.85152StretfordTrafford Grand Prix26 May 09
3000SC12:22.94BStretfordNorth of England League Division 15 Jul 09
ZRDL20:4751L3LeedsNorthern Counties Men's 6-stage Relays26 Sep 09
ZXC37:0746StockportManchester Area League4 Jan 09
ZXC37:4930ManchesterManchester Area League7 Feb 09
ZXC43:22181St. HelensNorthern Championships24 Jan 09
ZXC44:5233StockportGreater Manchester Cross Country Champs10 Jan 09
ZXC49:44489Parliament HillEnglish National Championships21 Feb 09
2008 SEN Sale Harriers Manchester
ZRDL35:0450L1Catterick Northern 12 Stage Relay6 Apr 08
ZXC42:01506Alton TowersEnglish National Championships23 Feb 08
2006 SEN Sale Harriers Manchester
5K16:4127WythenshaweSale Sizzler 5km Series13 Jul 06
5K16:4322WythenshaweSale Sizzler 5K Series29 Jun 06
5K16:4318WythenshaweSale Sizzler 5km27 Jul 06
5M27:5525ManchesterReebok Manchester 529 May 06
10K34:5627PartingtonTrafford 10k10 Sep 06
10K34:57101LeedsLeeds Abbey Dash26 Nov 06
Total Performances: 168
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