Jill Norman

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Club:Staffordshire Moorlands
Age Group:V55
Region:West Midlands
Lead Coach:Unknown

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Performances Submit
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2019 V55 Staffordshire Moorlands
5MMT51:1951:01139498BiddulphKnype Pool Charity 524 Feb 19
2018 V55 Staffordshire Moorlands
5KXC30:0620818213StaffordNorth Staffordshire League27 Oct 18
5KXC31:2516213910PenkridgeNorth Staffordshire League15 Dec 18
5KXC31:3915713WinsfordNorth Staffordshire League29 Sep 18
5.2KXC34:1518416112Weston CoyneyNorth Staffordshire League17 Nov 18
10K62:3462:21199575CheddletonCheddleton Christmas Pudding Dash 10K24 Nov 18
2017 V55 Staffordshire Moorlands
5KXC30:3818312StaffordNorth Staffordshire League18 Nov 17
5KXC32:4216311WinsfordNorth Staffordshire League30 Sep 17
5.2KXC36:0920716Weston CoyneyNorth Staffordshire League28 Oct 17
2016 V55 Staffordshire Moorlands
5KXC33:4516310StaffordNorth Staffordshire League17 Dec 16
5KXC35:2019211Weston CoyneyNorth Staffordshire League29 Oct 16
5MMT50:26143365BiddulphKnype Pool 528 Feb 16
10K59:49267666CheddletonCheddleton Christmas Pudding Dash 10K26 Nov 16
10KMT57:0556:10214423TrenthamDonna Louise Children's Hospice 10K22 May 16
2015 V55 Staffordshire Moorlands
5KXC29:301508StaffordNorth Staffordshire League24 Oct 15
5KXC30:021368WinsfordNorth Staffordshire League26 Sep 15
5KXC34:441508Weston CoyneyNorth Staffordshire League14 Nov 15
5.1KXC29:3315011UttoxeterNorth Staffordshire League12 Dec 15
5MMT54:23179567BiddulphKnype Pool 522 Feb 15
10K57:18211502CheddletonCheddleton Christmas Pudding Dash 10K28 Nov 15
2014 V50 Staffordshire Moorlands
5KMT28:5399314TrenthamDave Clarke 5K21 Aug 14
ZXC29:5013911StaffordNorth Staffordshire League25 Oct 14
ZXC36:5612415LeekNorth Staffordshire League13 Dec 14
2013 V50 Staffordshire Moorlands
ZXC36:2514215Weston CoyneyNorth Staffordshire League16 Nov 13
ZXC39:5011912LeekNorth Staffordshire League30 Nov 13
2012 V50 Staffordshire Moorlands
ZXC32:191048WinsfordNorth Staffordshire League29 Sep 12
2011 V50 Staffordshire Moorlands
4.819KL24:1137L2Sutton ParkMidlands Women's 6 Stage Relays19 Mar 11
4MMT39:29119327ParkhallStaffordshire Moorlands Summer Series4 Aug 11
4.5MMT44:19186427Tittesworth WaterStaffordshire Moorlands Summer Series2 Jun 11
4.5MMT44:28131255BiddulphStaffordshire Moorlands Summer Series21 Jul 11
4.5MMT57:19129256CheddletonStaffordshire Moorlands Summer Series11 Aug 11
5MMT45:53157357RudyardStaffordshire Moorlands Summer Series7 Jul 11
5MMT47:38124265LeekTittesworth Reservoir Christmas Cracker 818 Dec 11
5.3MMT54:05106265WettonStaffordshire Moorlands Summer Series28 Jul 11
6MMT64:33160315RoachesStaffordshire Moorlands Summer Series9 Jun 11
ZXC27:124826Stafford CommonBrooks Staffordshire County Championships8 Jan 11
ZXC28:491019Stafford CommonNorth Staffordshire League19 Nov 11
ZXC40:079510LeekNorth Staffordshire League10 Dec 11
2010 V50 Staffordshire Moorlands
4.5MMT45:09154402LeekTittesworth Reservoir Christmas Cracker 4.519 Dec 10
ZXC26:307912WinsfordNorth Staffordshire League2 Oct 10
ZXC30:098911LongtonNorth Staffordshire League6 Nov 10
ZXC30:20889Stafford CommonNorth Staffordshire League13 Nov 10
ZXC33:308111LeekNorth Staffordshire League11 Dec 10
Total Performances: 43
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