Laura Pearce

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Club:Reading AC
Age Group:SEN
Region:South East
Lead Coach:Caroline Price

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2016 SEN Reading AC
HM3:08:163:37:57108194149ReadingVitality Reading Half Marathon3 Apr 16
2015 SEN Reading AC
HM3:35:004:06:05133294972ReadingReading Half Marathon (inc England Athletics Championships)22 Mar 15
2014 SEN Reading AC
SP4K7.708AGuildfordSouthern Women's League Premier Division17 May 14
HT4K8.698BCardiffUK Women's League Division 210 May 14
JT60033.063BPortsmouthUK Women's League Division 26 Jul 14
JT60032.831BracknellBerkshire County Championships25 May 14
JT60032.482BNewhamUK Women's League Division 28 Jun 14
JT60030.725ABirminghamUK Athletics Jumps & Throws Fest20 Jul 14
JT60030.381BGuildfordSouthern Women's League Premier Division12 Jul 14
JT60030.131EtonWindsor Slough Eton & Hounslow Open Meeting19 Apr 14
JT60029.571BCardiffUK Women's League Division 210 May 14
JT60029.412BGuildfordSouthern Women's League Premier Division17 May 14
JT60028.224AGuildfordSouthern Women's League Premier Division7 Jun 14
2013 U23 Reading AC
JT60032.781ReadingBerkshire County Championships26 May 13
JT60032.566BBedfordBritish Athletics Jumps & Throws Fest18 Aug 13
JT60030.342BGuildfordSouthern Women's League Premier Division18 May 13
JT60030.223BEtonSouthern Women's League Premier Division20 Jul 13
JT60029.931BGuildfordSouthern Women's League Premier Division15 Jun 13
JT60029.207AAbingdonUK Women's League Division 28 Jun 13
JT60027.754BScotstounUK Women's League Division 27 Jul 13
JT60027.528ADerbyUK Women's League Division 24 Aug 13
2012 U23 Reading AC
JT60032.452EtonBerkshire County Championships13 May 12
JT60032.393ACrawleySouthern Women's League Premier Division18 Aug 12
JT60032.2852BirminghamMcCain Jumps & Throws Fest12 Aug 12
JT60031.692AExeterSouthern Women's League Premier Division1 Sep 12
JT60031.654ALiverpoolUK Women's League Division 31 Jul 12
JT60030.753ALeedsUK Women's League Division 328 Jul 12
JT60030.494AAldershotUK Women's League Division 327 May 12
JT60028.861ReadingReading AC Club Championships Day One22 Apr 12
JT60028.772BGuildfordSouthern Women's League Premier Division19 May 12
JT60028.021BMile EndSouthern Women's League Premier Division28 Apr 12
2011 U23 Reading AC
JT60031.712BracknellBerkshire County Championships15 May 11
JT60031.411AAbingdonSouthern Women's League Premier Match 120 Aug 11
JT60031.201Watford Watford Open27 Jul 11
JT60030.465ACrawleyUK Women's League Division 32 Jul 11
JT60029.332AHigh WycombeSouthern Women's League Premier Match 130 Apr 11
JT60028.753ABasildonSouthern Women's League Premier3 Sep 11
JT60028.703AKingstonUK Women's League Division 35 Jun 11
JT60028.582ABrauntonSouthern Women's League Premier21 May 11
JT60027.916ALeedsUK Women's League Division 37 Aug 11
JT60027.712KingstonKingston Throws Open10 Apr 11
JT60027.171ReadingReading Club Championships Round One/Open17 Apr 11
2010 U20 Reading AC
SP4K8.011InvUxbridge (H)National Junior Athletic League Brent27 Jun 10
JT60031.521AAbingdonOxfordshire Schools Championships13 Jun 10
JT60030.711AReadingNational Junior Athletic League Brent23 May 10
JT60030.552AStevenageSouthern Women's League Premier - Match 14 Sep 10
JT60029.492AKingstonNational Junior Athletic League Brent25 Apr 10
JT60029.37?1AHemel HempsteadSouthern Women's League Premier22 May 10
JT60029.032AAbingdonSouthern Women's League Premier - Match 27 Aug 10
JT60028.982Watford Watford Graded Open28 Jul 10
JT60028.781Basingstoke Basingstoke & Mid Hants AC Young Athletes Open3 Apr 10
JT60028.655APortsmouthUK Women's League Division 31 Aug 10
JT60028.371BHemel HempsteadSouthern Women's League Premier22 May 10
JT60028.351ThatchamOpen Throwing Competition in Memory of Arthur Killbery14 Mar 10
JT60028.333APortsmouthSouthern Women's League Premier - Match 126 Jun 10
JT60028.282AReadingSouthern Women's League Premier - Match 124 Apr 10
JT60028.222AUxbridge (H)National Junior Athletic League Brent27 Jun 10
JT60027.881ReadingBerkshire County Championships9 May 10
JT60027.785AHendonNational Junior Athletic League Southern Promotion29 Aug 10
JT60027.752EwellKingston AC & Polytechnic Harriers Open Graded Throws21 Mar 10
JT60027.122BGateshead UK Women's League Division 35 Jun 10
JT60025.902BGuildfordNational Junior Athletic League Brent25 Jul 10
2009 U20 Reading AC
DT1K15.734BMilton KeynesNational Junior Athletic League Brent24 May 09
JT60030.278WatfordSouthern Counties Senior & U20 Championships21 Jun 09
JT60029.711AStevenageNational Junior Athletic League Brent14 Jun 09
JT60029.321AAbingdonOxfordshire Schools Championships14 Jun 09
JT60029.282AReadingNational Junior Athletic League Brent26 Apr 09
JT60029.251ThatchamOpen Throwing Competition in Memory of Arthur Killbery15 Mar 09
JT60029.252AMilton KeynesNational Junior Athletic League Brent24 May 09
JT60029.084Bedford Jav Fest 711 Apr 09
JT60028.581ReadingReading Club Championships12 Apr 09
JT60027.751EtonBerkshire County Championships10 May 09
JT60027.692BasingstokeBasingstoke Young Athletes' Open4 Apr 09
JT60026.206AGatesheadUK Women's League Division 42 Aug 09
JT60025.472BParSouthern Women's League Premier5 Sep 09
2008 U17 Reading AC
HT4K17.98HendonNational Junior Athletic League - Southern Promotion7 Sep 08
JT60028.82ReadingReading AC Club Championships Part 217 Aug 08
JT60026.63EtonAlder Valley League Girls Finals21 Sep 08
JT60026.49ReadingBerkshire Schools Championships14 Jun 08
JT60026.22Battersea ParkUKA Young Athletes League Southern Premier18 May 08
JT60026.11GuildfordAlder Valley League Girls Match3 Aug 08
JT60025.81ReadingUKA Young Athletes League Southern Premier22 Jun 08
JT60025.62Hemel HempsteadNational Junior Athletic League - Brent25 May 08
JT60025.49Wormwood ScrubsNational Junior Athletic League - Brent29 Jun 08
JT60025.16StevenageNational Junior Athletic League - Brent27 Jul 08
JT60025.06GuildfordAlder Valley League Girls Match8 Jun 08
JT60024.56High WycombeNational Junior Athletic League - Brent27 Apr 08
JT60024.26SouthamptonUKA Young Athletes League Southern Premier20 Jul 08
JT60024.11ReadingAlder Valley League Girls Match20 Apr 08
JT60024.01HendonNational Junior Athletic League - Southern Promotion7 Sep 08
JT60024.00BracknellBerkshire Championships11 May 08
2007 U17 Reading AC
HT4K17.76Lee ValleyNJAL Southern Promotion Match2 Sep 07
HT4K17.67OxfordYAL Southern 1 West M36 May 07
JT60028.78Hemel HempsteadNational Junior League Brent1 Jul 07
JT60028.40Lee ValleyNJAL Southern Promotion Match2 Sep 07
JT60027.69Sandown IOWWessex Young Athletes Cup Final29 Jul 07
JT60027.691SandownWessex Young Athletes' League Cup Final29 Jul 07
JT60027.52GuildfordAlder Valley Girls League5 Aug 07
JT60027.16WatfordWatford Open Graded Meeting25 Jul 07
JT60027.1612WatfordWatford Open Graded Meeting25 Jul 07
JT60027.15ReadingBerkshire County Schools Championships9 Jun 07
JT60026.24ReadingWessex Young Athletes' League8 Jul 07
JT60025.54High WycombeUKA Young Athletes League Southern 1 West22 Jul 07
JT60025.51PortsmouthUKA Young Athletes League Southern 1 West24 Jun 07
JT60025.35BournemouthWessex Young Athletes' League10 Jun 07
JT60025.27ReadingCarson's Alder Valley League Girls' Finals16 Sep 07
JT60024.93ReadingNational Junior League Brent29 Apr 07
JT60023.98ReadingUKA Young Athletes League Southern 1W3 Jun 07
JT60023.89BracknellBracknell Young Athletes Open Meeting31 Mar 07
JT60023.70ReadingNational Junior League Brent27 May 07
JT60023.57ReadingBerkshire County Championships13 May 07
JT60023.51GuildfordCarson's Alder Valley League Girls' Match17 Jun 07
2006 U15 Reading AC
SP3.25K8.40PlymouthSouthern Women's League Division 124 Jun 06
JT60025.57ColchesterSouthern Women's League Division 12 Sep 06
JT60025.572ColchesterSouthern Women's League Division 12 Sep 06
Total Performances: 115
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