Tomaz Plibersek

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Club:Woodford Green Essex Ladies/Slovenia
Age Group:V40
Lead Coach:None

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Comes from Velenje Slovenia, where he started his athletic career local Atletski Klub Velenje with Coach Tomo Popetrov who is coaching athletes at National and International level. His favorite event is 3000m Steeplechase and he is competing in other events for the WGEL or AK Velenje. He started his running career unusually late - when he was 23 and transformed himself into a very useful Club Steeplechaser and XC runner in the UK and also constant Nationals Championships medallist in Slovenia in Cross Country and on the Track. His biggest achievement so far is representing Slovenia in European Cross Country Championship in 2011, where he finished 67th. In 2017 he started coaching at WGEL AC and have since led athletes to the club and international success.

Best known performances

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2019 V35 Woodford Green Essex Ladies/Slovenia
400H65.155BBirminghamBritish Athletics League Division Premiership3 Aug 19
2018 V35 Woodford Green Essex Ladies/Slovenia
40059.745BIlfordSouthern Athletics League Division 3N23 Jun 18
15004:46.6643WoodfordWoodford Green Open10 Jul 18
400H66.43AIlfordSouthern Athletics League Division 3N23 Jun 18
1M5:20c69ALondonVitality Westminster Mile27 May 18
10K34:53251LondonVitality London 10,00028 May 18
2017 V35 Woodford Green Essex Ladies/Slovenia
110H24.29-1.58BSheffieldBritish Athletics League Division Premiership6 May 17
110H24.89w3.87ABedfordBritish Athletics League Division Premiership & Non Scoring15 Jul 17
2000SC6:31.374Olympic ParkWorld Championships Test Event2 Aug 17
3000SC10:01.886ABedfordBritish Athletics League Division Premiership & Non Scoring15 Jul 17
3000SC10:02.372BHendonBritish Athletics League Division Premiership20 Aug 17
3000SC10:02.645ALee ValleyBritish Athletics League Division Premiership3 Jun 17
4.26KL14:067L8GravesendSouthern Men's 12-Stage Relays25 Mar 17
parkrun16:3621Wanstead FlatsWanstead Flats parkrun # 33426 Aug 17
parkrun16:5111Wanstead FlatsWanstead Flats parkrun # 31011 Mar 17
parkrun18:0141Wanstead FlatsWanstead Flats parkrun # 33716 Sep 17
10K35:1635:16208LondonVitality London 10,00029 May 17
12KXC46:45322NottinghamECCA Saucony English National Championships25 Feb 17
Mar2:49:16c816LondonVirgin London Marathon23 Apr 17
ZXC39:5311WoodfordEssex County U17/U20/Senior Championships7 Jan 17
2016 V35 Woodford Green Essex Ladies/Slovenia
30009:13.391AGraysSweatshop Southern Athletics League Division 3N21 May 16
2000SC6:28.311ASt AlbansSweatshop Southern Athletics League Division 3N16 Apr 16
3000SC9:35.954AHendonBritish Athletics League Division Premiership6 Aug 16
3000SC9:37.052BEtonBritish Athletics League Division Premiership7 May 16
3000SC9:41.1013BedfordCAU Inter-County Championships (Inc England Athletics Senior Championships)30 Jul 16
3000SC9:52.074BBirminghamBritish Athletics League Division Premiership2 Jul 16
parkrun16:1621Wanstead FlatsWanstead Flats parkrun # 28715 Oct 16
parkrun16:2511Wanstead FlatsWanstead Flats parkrun # 29724 Dec 16
parkrun16:2911Wanstead FlatsWanstead Flats parkrun # 28929 Oct 16
parkrun16:3211Wanstead FlatsWanstead Flats parkrun # 29931 Dec 16
parkrun16:5131Wanstead FlatsWanstead Flats parkrun # 29326 Nov 16
parkrun17:0211Wanstead FlatsWanstead Flats parkrun # 29617 Dec 16
parkrun17:0931Wanstead FlatsWanstead Flats parkrun # 29510 Dec 16
parkrun17:3111Wanstead FlatsWanstead Flats parkrun # 25213 Feb 16
6KL19:0411L6BedfordSouthern Men's 6-Stage Relays25 Sep 16
8KXC27:4739StevenageStart Fitness Metropolitan League12 Nov 16
8KXC33:5654Horsenden HillStart Fitness Metropolitan League16 Jan 16
10K33:3333:3431NewhamGreat Newham London Run 10K17 Jul 16
2015 SEN Woodford Green Essex Ladies/Slovenia
110H25.140.66ASheffieldBritish Athletics League Division Premiership9 May 15
3000SC9:22.485ASheffieldBritish Athletics League Division Premiership9 May 15
3000SC9:29.698LoughboroughLoughborough International17 May 15
3000SC9:34.756ALee ValleyBritish Athletics League Division Premiership8 Aug 15
3000SC9:36.387AScotstounBritish Athletics League Division Premiership11 Jul 15
3000SC9:38.056ALee ValleyBritish Athletics League Division Premiership6 Jun 15
3000SC9:38.106Stara Zagora, BULEuropean Athletics Team Championships Second League20 Jun 15
parkrun16:4211Wanstead FlatsWanstead Flats parkrun # 20421 Mar 15
parkrun17:5611Wanstead FlatsWanstead Flats parkrun # 23814 Nov 15
5.053KL16:4010L4Milton KeynesSouthern Men's 12 Stage Relays29 Mar 15
10K34:2834:28137LondonBupa London 10,00025 May 15
10K59:2859:284955NewhamMorrisons Great Newham London Run 10K19 Jul 15
12KXC47:33345Parliament HillECCA Saucony English National Championships21 Feb 15
ZXC29:313Jubilee ParkChingford League19 Dec 15
ZXC33:1276StevenageStart Fitness Metropolitan League7 Nov 15
ZXC34:1446Horsenden HillATW Metropolitan League10 Jan 15
ZXC42:1414WoodfordEssex County Championships3 Jan 15
2014 SEN Woodford Green Essex Ladies/Slovenia
15004:04.736Celje, SLOSlovenian National Championships2 Aug 14
30008:55.22i4Vienna, AUTSlovenia National Championships28 Jan 14
110H23.48-2.67BLee ValleyBritish Athletics League Division 19 Aug 14
110H23.501.55BEtonBritish Athletics League Division 110 May 14
2000SC6:23.41nsParliament HillSweatshop Southern Athletics League Division 2 North21 Jun 14
3000SC9:28.881BLee ValleyBritish Athletics League Division 19 Aug 14
3000SC9:35.604Celje, SLOSlovenian National Championships3 Aug 14
3000SC9:37.14ATooting BecBritish Athletics League Division 15 Jul 14
3000SC9:41.191BEtonBritish Athletics League Division 110 May 14
3000SC10:06.232BGatesheadBritish Athletics League Division 17 Jun 14
1M4:37c8ALondonCity of London Mile22 Jun 14
parkrun15:4121Wanstead FlatsWanstead Flats parkrun # 15917 May 14
parkrun16:1511Wanstead FlatsWanstead Flats parkrun # 16712 Jul 14
parkrun16:2311Wanstead FlatsWanstead Flats parkrun # 17323 Aug 14
parkrun16:2821Wanstead FlatsWanstead Flats parkrun # 15412 Apr 14
parkrun16:3611Wanstead FlatsWanstead Flats parkrun # 17430 Aug 14
parkrun16:3821Wanstead FlatsWanstead Flats parkrun # 1498 Mar 14
5.994KL19:1820L2AldershotSouthern Men's 6 Stage Relays21 Sep 14
4.7MXC27:3742Wormwood ScrubsATW Metropolitan League8 Feb 14
5M26:21c2London Olympic ParkNational Lottery Anniversary Run 520 Jul 14
5MNAD26:465London Victoria ParkChingford League15 Feb 14
9.8KXC33:29138LiverpoolBritish Athletics Cross Challenge (inc European Trials)29 Nov 14
10K32:4232:4259LondonBupa London 10,000 (10K)25 May 14
12KXC40:50168NottinghamECCA English National Championships22 Feb 14
ZXC27:5441StevenageATW Metropolitan League8 Nov 14
ZXC29:2645UxbridgeATW Metropolitan League20 Dec 14
ZXCL16:3918L4MansfieldECCA Saucony English National Relay Championships1 Nov 14
2013 SEN Woodford Green Essex Ladies/Slovenia
500016:14.1121Parliament Hill FieldsHighgate Harriers/City of London Open Graded Meeting11 Sep 13
2000SC6:18.181AWoodfordSweatshop Southern Athletics League Division 3 N10 Aug 13
3000SC10:12.44BSportcityBritish Athletics League Premiership8 Jun 13
5KXCL16:5349L1MansfieldECCA National Relays2 Nov 13
parkrun15:5111Wanstead FlatsWanstead Flats parkrun # 1255 Oct 13
parkrun16:041BarkingBarking parkrun # 5617 Aug 13
parkrun16:081Wanstead FlatsWanstead Flats parkrun # 1163 Aug 13
parkrun16:111ValentinesValentines parkrun # 12927 Jul 13
parkrun16:301Wanstead FlatsWanstead Flats parkrun # 1126 Jul 13
parkrun16:3811Wanstead FlatsWanstead Flats parkrun # 13514 Dec 13
parkrun18:002Wanstead FlatsWanstead Flats parkrun # 11129 Jun 13
5.994KL19:4714L6AldershotSouthern Men's 6-Stage Relays22 Sep 13
5M26:244London Olympic ParkNational Lottery Anniversary Run 521 Jul 13
5MXC29:1342Alexandra PalaceATW Metropolitan League21 Dec 13
8.663KL29:5358L1Sutton ColdfieldERRA Men's 12-Stage Relays (Long Legs)13 Apr 13
10K31:554Slovenj Gradec, SLOSlovenian National 10K Championships20 Oct 13
10K33:1433:141Lee ValleyJill Oliver 10K13 Oct 13
ZXC27:0728StevenageATW Metropolitan League9 Nov 13
2012 SEN Woodford Green Essex Ladies/Slovenia
500015:18.4510Velenje, SLOInternational Athletic Meeting in Honour of Miner's Day14 Jun 12
2000SC6:02.681BWoodfordSouthern Athletics League Division 2 NE23 Jun 12
3000SC9:28.581BHendonBritish Athletics League Premiership28 Jul 12
3000SC9:32.512BLiverpoolBritish Athletics League Premiership18 Aug 12
3000SC9:36.221AWoodfordSouthern Athletics League Division 2 NE19 May 12
3000SC9:39.261BBirminghamBritish Athletics League Premiership9 Jun 12
3000SC9:46.407Olympic ParkOlympic Test Event1 Aug 12
3000SCNWJ9:28.264BHendonBritish Athletics League Premiership30 Jun 12
parkrun16:111Wanstead FlatsWanstead Flats parkrun # 681 Sep 12
parkrun16:421Wanstead FlatsWanstead Flats parkrun # 7229 Sep 12
5M26:09c2London Olympic ParkNational Lottery Olympic Park Run 531 Mar 12
8.663KL28:4816L11Sutton ColdfieldERRA National Men's 12-Stage Road Relays (Long Legs)14 Apr 12
10K32:0932:0942LondonBupa London 10,000 (10K)27 May 12
ZXC26:1018Trent ParkLondon City Runner Metropolitan League14 Jan 12
ZXC42:33263Parliament HillEnglish National Championships25 Feb 12
ZXC55:1779BrightonSouthern Championships28 Jan 12
2011 SEN Woodford Green Essex Ladies/Slovenia
30008:51.063WoodfordWoodford Green Open30 Aug 11
2000SC6:17.781Lee ValleyLondon Inter Club Challenge16 Jul 11
3000SC9:21.005ASportcityBritish Athletics League Premiership13 Aug 11
3000SC9:26.291BHendonBritish Athletics League Premiership2 Jul 11
3000SC9:37.463BNewhamBritish Athletics League Premiership Division27 Aug 11
3000SC9:43.241BCardiffBritish Athletics League Premiership4 Jun 11
9.87KXC32:4067Velenje, SLOSpar European Cross Country Championships11 Dec 11
10K33:193NewhamNewham London Run 10K27 Mar 11
ZXC26:5729StevenageLondon City Runner Metropolitan League12 Nov 11
ZXC29:5453Alexandra PalaceMetropolitan League15 Jan 11
ZXC32:2337PerivaleMetropolitan League12 Feb 11
ZXC45:30375Alton TowersEnglish National Championships19 Feb 11
ZXC57:401Chigwell RowIlford AC 1031 Dec 11
2010 SEN Woodford Green Essex Ladies/Slovenia
ZXC27:422ClayburyChingford League27 Oct 10
2008 SEN Woodford Green Essex Ladies/Slovenia
15004:04.025Maribor, SLOSlovenia National Championship19 Jul 08
30008:46.462Maribor, SLOSlovenia National Championship20 Jul 08
30008:49.461Cakovec, CROMeđunarodni Atletski Miting Cakovec12 Jul 08
Total Performances: 133
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