Shireen Higgins

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Club:Windsor Slough Eton & Hounslow
Age Group:V60
Region:South East
Lead Coach:Unknown

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Athletes Coached
NameClub AG  Sex  Best Event  Rank  AG  Year  Performance 
Julian AbassWindsor Slough Eton & HounslowU17M3000183U1720219:55.68
Zoe AllanWindsor Slough Eton & HounslowU11W1500117U1320215:26.58
Radha AroraWindsor Slough Eton & HounslowU13W60032U1320211:53.2
Daya BagaWindsor Slough Eton & HounslowU17W1500119U1520205:06.88
Meher BagaWindsor Slough Eton & HounslowU17M
Alex BarbourWindsor Slough Eton & HounslowU23W2000SCW9ALL20216:53.76
Oliver BedfordWindsor Slough Eton & HounslowU13M
Luke BirdseyeWindsor Slough Eton & HounslowU17M1500SC1U1720214:26.24
Charlotte BorgarsWindsor Slough Eton & HounslowU17W
Guy BranstonWindsor Slough Eton & HounslowU15M1500313U1520214:47.8
Nathalie CampWindsor Slough Eton & HounslowU17W1500SCW2U1720205:21.49
Jack CampbellWindsor Slough Eton & HounslowU20M1500231U2020214:14.19
Sarah ChapmanWindsor Slough Eton & HounslowSENW500014ALL202115:49.69
Summer ChapmanWindsor Slough Eton & HounslowU15W80032U1520212:18.67
Katie ClutterbuckWindsor Slough Eton & HounslowU20W300051U20202110:25.06
Matthew ClutterbuckWindsor Slough Eton & HounslowU23M5000314ALL202115:19.75
Rachel ClutterbuckWindsor Slough Eton & HounslowU17W1500SCW1U1720214:56.4
Matilda Compton-StewartWindsor Slough Eton & HounslowSENW2000SCW40ALL20217:44.02
Jemima DaviesWindsor Slough Eton & HounslowU17W1500282U1720215:10.2
Benjamin DewarWindsor Slough Eton & HounslowU15M800230U1520212:16.50
Charlotte DewarWindsor Slough Eton & HounslowU17W80052U1720212:17.12
Jordi Evans-RodriguezWindsor Slough Eton & HounslowU20M800152U2020211:59.22
Abigail FarleyWindsor Slough Eton & HounslowU15W1500121U1520214:59.1
James FarleyWindsor Slough Eton & HounslowU13M120036U1320213:53.6
Tara FergusonWindsor Slough Eton & HounslowU13W1500211U1320215:42.81
Ben FindlayWinchesterSENM3000607ALL20219:07.10
Madison FoxcroftWindsor Slough Eton & HounslowU20W1500SCW4U2020206:05.90
Phoebe FullerWindsor Slough Eton & HounslowU13W6008U1320211:46.5
Jack GoddardWindsor Slough Eton & HounslowU23M
William GoddardWindsor Slough Eton & HounslowU20M3000181U2020219:18.47
Eloisa HarrisWindsor Slough Eton & HounslowU20W
Jessica HatchWindsor Slough Eton & HounslowU17W1500SCW3U1720215:07.45
George HilliarWindsor Slough Eton & HounslowU13M120052U1320213:57.0
Maya HodgsonWindsor Slough Eton & HounslowU23W2000SCW41ALL20217:44.1
Sam HodgsonWindsor Slough Eton & HounslowU20M3000102U2020218:57.41
Grace HughesWindsor Slough Eton & HounslowU13W1200111U1320214:17.9
James HughesWindsor Slough Eton & HounslowU11M
Luke HynesWindsor Slough Eton & HounslowU20M3000200U2020219:23.31
Samuel JohnstonWindsor Slough Eton & HounslowU17M300028U1520209:55.70
Molly JonesWindsor Slough Eton & HounslowU23W
Holly LandonWindsor Slough Eton & HounslowU20W
Aashni ManekWindsor Slough Eton & HounslowU15W1500337U1520215:18.1
Keshni ManekWindsor Slough Eton & HounslowU17W1500SCW11U1720215:22.73
Stephanie MassieWindsor Slough Eton & HounslowU15W1500302U1520215:15.0
Finn McKayWindsor Slough Eton & HounslowU13M120028U1320213:51.7
James McSharryWindsor Slough Eton & HounslowU15M
Jake MeyburghWindsor Slough Eton & HounslowU13M12001U1320213:32.4
Joshua MingoiaWindsor Slough Eton & HounslowU17M1500SC4U1720214:43.2
Satvik NathWindsor Slough Eton & HounslowU17M3000164U1720219:47.22
Sohan NathWindsor Slough Eton & HounslowU15M
Eilish O'GradyHarrowSENW
Ana PassosWindsor Slough Eton & HounslowU15W800297U1520212:30.62
Nathan RollinsWindsor Slough Eton & HounslowU15M80096U1520212:11.9
Ben RoweWindsor Slough Eton & HounslowU20M10K2704ALL202138:16
Freya RuffelsWindsor Slough Eton & HounslowU17W1500SCW2U1720215:06.59
Sofia SabbahWindsor Slough Eton & HounslowU13W
Rachel StedmanWindsor Slough Eton & HounslowSENW
Imogen TattersallWindsor Slough Eton & HounslowU20W
Maizie TearleWindsor Slough Eton & HounslowU15W
George ThomasWindsor Slough Eton & HounslowU17M3000126U1720219:35.04
Sarim ToqeerWindsor Slough Eton & HounslowU15M
Ross van HeerdeWindsor Slough Eton & HounslowU20M1500332U2020214:22.55
Alex WebbWindsor Slough Eton & HounslowV35M10K2130ALL202137:21
Freya WillcoxWindsor Slough Eton & HounslowU17W1500SCW20U1720215:35.33
Lola WilliamsonWindsor Slough Eton & HounslowU13W800328U1320212:43.74
Amy YoungWindsor Slough Eton & HounslowU20W300018U20202010:12.69
Jasmine YoungWindsor Slough Eton & HounslowU20W500011U20202117:47.25

Best known performances

Performances Submit
1983 1984 1985 1986 1994 2011 2012

2012 V50 Windsor Slough Eton & Hounslow
3.851KL16:5155L3AldershotSouthern Road Relays (SW/U17M)22 Sep 12
5.053KL22:0222L3Milton KeynesSEAA Women's 6-Stage Relay25 Mar 12
10K46:3547:47119220510LondonBupa London 10,000 (10K)27 May 12
2011 V50 Windsor Slough Eton & Hounslow
3.851KL17:0846L36AldershotSouthern Road Relay Championships SW/U17M24 Sep 11
4.819KL23:2931L2Sutton ParkBMAF Relay Championships21 May 11
1994 SEN Birchfield H
ZRDL14:132L2Sutton ParkERRA Women's National 4-Stage Relays9 Oct 94
1986 SEN Birchfield H
1000033:10.2515Oslo, NORBislett Games5 Jul 86
10KCHECK32:54udUnknown, DEN-3 Aug 86
1985 SEN Birchfield H
10K35:242Walton-on ThamesElmbridge 10K23 Jun 85
1984 SEN Birchfield H
8002:10.52Stretford-18 Aug 84
30009:08.42Crystal PalaceSIC4 Aug 84
500016:02.954CwmbranUK28 May 84
1983 SEN Birchfield H
15004:18.16Crystal PalaceWAAA Championships30 Jul 83
Mile4:54.5011WCrystal PalaceIAC9 Sep 83
Total Performances: 14
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