Mary Rand

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Club:London Olympiades
Age Group:V80
Lead Coach:Unknown
Previous Lead:John Le Masurier1964-1964

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The original “Golden Girl of British athletics”, Britain’s first woman to win an Olympic title and up there with Daley Thompson as the most talented British athlete in history. Mary made her senior debut at age 17 and whilst still a teenager was top world class in Hurdles, Long Jump and Pentathlon. Good enough to have won the Olympic Long Jump gold in 1960 she was second only to the controversial Irina Press as the World’s top all rounder for five years (1959-64) –without even training for the Shot! She won the first of five European medals in 1962 just four months after giving birth to a daughter. Never quite had the same passion after her triple medal success in Tokyo although if the women’s sprint hurdles had moved to the 100m distance before 1968 she might well have challenged the best in that event in Mexico.

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1958 1959 1960 1961 1962 1963 1964 1965 1966 1967 1968

1968 SEN London Olympiades
10011.71h1Prague, CZE-4 Jul 68
SP4K12.251SouthamptonRyder29 Jun 68
1967 SEN London Olympiades
20023.6wA2.14Mexico City, MEXPre-Olympic Games Meeting18 Oct 67
20024.0A4h2Mexico City, MEXPre-Olympic Games Meeting17 Oct 67
40056.5y1Cape Town, RSA-27 Mar 67
80HW10.84A1Mexico City, MEXPre-Olympic Games Meeting19 Oct 67
100HW14.1-1.51London (WC)International Meeting28 Aug 67
LJ6.451Los Angeles CA, USACommonwealth v USA9 Jul 67
LJ6.451Szczecin, POLInternational Match3 Aug 67
LJ6.381Budapest, HUNGreat Britain v Hungary30 Jul 67
SP4K12.254Benoni, RSA-11 Mar 67
1966 SEN London Olympiades
607.4i3Dortmund, GEREuropean Indoor Games27 Mar 66
607.4i2s1Dortmund, GEREuropean Indoor Games27 Mar 66
607.5i2h1Dortmund, GEREuropean Indoor Games27 Mar 66
100HU18W13.71London (WC)WAAA Championships1 Jul 66
HJ1.65i3=Dortmund, GEREuropean Indoor Games27 Mar 66
HJ1.628Kingston, JAMCommonwealth Games8 Aug 66
LJ6.53i2Dortmund, GEREuropean Indoor Games27 Mar 66
LJ6.44w1Chiswick-4 Jun 66
LJ6.42-2.62London (WC)Great Britain v USSR17 Jun 66
LJ6.39A1Pretoria, RSA-6 Apr 66
LJ6.371Los Angeles CA, USA-24 Jul 66
LJ6.360.01Kingston, JAMCommonwealth Games13 Aug 66
LJ6.32i2qDortmund, GEREuropean Indoor Games27 Mar 66
LJ6.1611Budapest, HUNEuropean Championships3 Sep 66
LJ6.158QBudapest, HUNEuropean Championships2 Sep 66
PenW47114Budapest, HUNEuropean Championships1 Sep 66
PenW46602Beverwijk, NED-17 Jul 66
1965 SEN London Olympiades
100HU18W13.41Toronto, CAN-10 Jun 65
LJ6.401London (WC)WAAA Championships3 Jul 65
LJ6.35i1Los Angeles CA, USA-13 Feb 65
PenW47851East Berlin, GDREngland v GDR5 Sep 65
PenW46841Welwyn-24 Jul 65
1964 SEN London Olympiades
100y10.60.41s2London (WC)WAAA Championships4 Jul 64
10011.70.02London (WC)Invitational Meeting3 Aug 64
20024.21PTokyo, JPNOlympic Games17 Oct 64
80HW10.81.11London (WC)Invitational Meeting3 Aug 64
80HW10.9PTokyo, JPNOlympic Games16 Oct 64
HJ1.721PBrussels, BELGreat Britain v Belgium v Netherlands20 Jun 64
HJ1.721PTokyo, JPNOlympic Games16 Oct 64
LJ6.76-1.61Tokyo, JPNOlympic Games14 Oct 64
LJ6.741Osaka, JPNComvJPN,USA25 Oct 64
LJ6.70w4.01PortsmouthGreat Britain v Rest26 Sep 64
LJ6.580.31London (WC)WAAA Championships4 Jul 64
LJ6.571London (WC)Great Britain v Poland15 Aug 64
LJ6.551London (WC)Great Britain v France12 Sep 64
LJ6.55-0.11PTokyo, JPNOlympic Games17 Oct 64
LJ6.520.91qTokyo, JPNOlympic Games14 Oct 64
LJ6.490.4-PortsmouthGreat Britain v Rest26 Sep 64
LJ6.471Enschede, NEDGreat Britain v Netherlands6 Sep 64
LJ6.421Hagen, GER-31 May 64
LJ6.411Oxford-13 Jun 64
LJ6.411Bracknell-22 Aug 64
SP4K11.05PTokyo, JPNOlympic Games16 Oct 64
PenW50352Tokyo, JPNOlympic Games17 Oct 64
PenW4847dh1Street-9 May 64
PenW48151Brussels, BELGreat Britain v Belgium v Netherlands21 Jun 64
1963 SEN London Olympiades
10011.7i2Berlin, GER-30 Jun 63
220y24.21ChiswickSEAA Championships8 Jun 63
80HW10.82Volgograd, USSRGreat Britain v USSR29 Sep 63
100HU18W13.3w1London (WC)Great Britain v Federal Republic of Germany23 Aug 63
LJ6.441London (WC)Great Britain v USA5 Aug 63
LJ6.391London (WC)Great Britain v Netherlands v Sweden14 Sep 63
LJ6.381Tokyo, JPNPre-Olympic Games Meeting14 Oct 63
LJ6.361London (WC)Great Britain v Federal Republic of Germany24 Aug 63
LJ6.356PHurlinghamSEAA Championships13 Jul 63
LJ6.351Volgograd, USSRGreat Britain v USSR28 Sep 63
LJ6.332Kurayoshi, JPN-19 Oct 63
LJ6.321Budapest, HUNGreat Britain v Hungary3 Oct 63
LJ5.911London (WC)WAAA Championships6 Jul 63
PenW47261London (WC)Great Britain v Federal Republic of Germany24 Aug 63
PenW47121HurlinghamSEAA Championships13 Jul 63
1962 U23 London Olympiades
LJ6.29w2QBelgrade, YUGEuropean Championships14 Sep 62
LJ6.223Belgrade, YUGEuropean Championships15 Sep 62
1961 U23 London Olympiades
LJ6.111Oxford-10 Jun 61
LJ5.951London (WC)WAAA Championships8 Jul 61
1960 U23 London Olympiades
80HW11.19-0.92s1Rome, ITAOlympic Games31 Aug 60
80HW11.220.04Rome, ITAOlympic Games1 Sep 60
80HW11.40-0.51h2Rome, ITAOlympic Games31 Aug 60
LJ6.39w1Warsaw, POLGreat Britain V Warsaw17 Sep 60
LJ6.331qRome, ITAOlympic Games31 Aug 60
LJ6.32w1East Berlin, GDRGreat Britain v GDR16 Oct 60
LJ6.271ChiswickNorrkoping Trophy14 May 60
LJ6.019Rome, ITAOlympic Games31 Aug 60
PenW46411Amsterdam, NEDGreat Britain v Netherlands/Belgium26 Jun 60
PenW45681Birmingham (Un)WAAA Championships4 Jun 60
1959 U20 London Olympiades
80HW11.01Moscow, USSRGreat Britain v USSR6 Sep 59
80HW11.31Motspur ParkWAAA Championships4 Jul 59
HJ1.681Chiswick-9 May 59
LJ6.30w1London (Ch)SC6 Jun 59
LJ6.201London (WC)vFRG1 Aug 59
LJ6.151Moscow, USSRGreat Britain v USSR6 Sep 59
LJ6.041Motspur ParkWAAA Championships4 Jul 59
TJ12.22wdh?1exStreet-18 Jun 59
PenW46791WolverhamptonWAAA Championships8 Aug 59
PenW45161HurlinghamGreat Britain v Netherlands/Belgium22 Aug 59
1958 U20 London Olympiades
HJ1.671Paris, FRAGreat Britain v France14 Sep 58
HJ1.651Motspur ParkWAAA Championships7 Jun 58
HJ1.635Cardiff (AP)Commonwealth Games22 Jul 58
LJ5.972Cardiff (AP)Commonwealth Games26 Jul 58
PenW44667Stockholm, SWEEuropean Championships21 Aug 58
PenW42821AlpertonSEAA Championships14 Jun 58
Total Performances: 102
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