Imogen Burrow

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Club:Helm Hill/Kendal
Age Group:U23
Region:North West
Lead Coach:Unknown

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2019 U20 Helm Hill/Kendal
parkrun20:392131Fell FootFell Foot parkrun # 21813 Apr 19
2018 U20 Helm Hill/Kendal
4.1KXC17:3160LeedsNew Balance ESAA English Schools' Championships17 Mar 18
4.22KXC16:101Barnard CastleNorthern Schools' Inter-County Championships3 Feb 18
parkrun20:281011LancasterLancaster parkrun # 11210 Feb 18
5.8KXC21:3884BurnleyMid Lancashire League13 Jan 18
6KXC24:2492LancasterMid Lancashire League17 Feb 18
6.9KXC26:581331UlverstonMid Lancashire League3 Mar 18
7.5KXC30:1851KeswickCumbria County Championships6 Jan 18
2017 U20 Helm Hill/Kendal
40066.04AOldhamNorth of England League Division 4W9 Jul 17
40066.75ACreweNorth of England League Division 4W5 Aug 17
8002:27.12AOldhamNorth of England League Division 4W9 Jul 17
8002:28.12ACreweNorth of England League Division 4W5 Aug 17
15005:00.63AStretfordNorth of England League Division 4W6 May 17
15005:03.82APrestonNorth of England League Division 4W4 Jun 17
JT60011.536AStretfordNorth of England League Division 4W6 May 17
JT6009.805BCreweNorth of England League Division 4W5 Aug 17
JT6009.404BOldhamNorth of England League Division 4W9 Jul 17
JT6009.225BPrestonNorth of England League Division 4W4 Jun 17
3.85KMR21:3122Gagliano del Capo, ITAWMRA Youth Cup24 Jun 17
4KXC15:11117NorwichNew Balance ESAA English Schools' Championships18 Mar 17
5K18:392111UlverstonUlverston Charter 5K6 Sep 17
5KXC26:173CarlisleCumbria County Championships7 Jan 17
5.3KXC23:2750Knowsley ParkNorthern Championships28 Jan 17
5.8KMR30:565PeeblesBritish and Irish Junior Mountain Running Championships and Home Country International16 Sep 17
6KXC22:3571LeighMid Lancs League9 Dec 17
ZXC17:065Kirkby StephenNorthern Schools' Inter County Championships4 Feb 17
2016 U17 Helm Hill/Kendal
3.9KXC14:55161NottinghamNew Balance ESAA English Schools' Championships5 Mar 16
4.8KXC20:2924BlackburnNorthern Championships30 Jan 16
5KXC21:182CrooklandsCumbria Championships9 Jan 16
5KXC22:50100BirminghamCAU Inter County Championships (Inc British Athletics Cross Challenge)12 Mar 16
parkrun20:441721Fell FootFell Foot parkrun # 975 Nov 16
ZXC16:063StocktonNorth East Schools' Inter Counties6 Feb 16
ZFL24:146KeswickEngland Junior Home International Trial27 Aug 16
ZMR21:577KeswickBritish & Irish Junior Mountain Running Championships17 Sep 16
2015 U17 Helm Hill/Kendal
40069.22AOldhamNorth of England League Division 4WC8 Aug 15
8002:28.51AOldhamNorth of England League Division 4WC8 Aug 15
800NT1BHyndburnNorth of England League Division 4WC6 Jun 15
15004:57.21BHyndburnNorth of England League Division 4WC12 Jul 15
15004:59.61CarlisleCumbria County Championships23 May 15
15004:59.7746StretfordTrafford AC Grand Prix21 Jul 15
15005:12.11AHyndburnNorth of England League Division 4WC6 Jun 15
400HW78.61BHyndburnNorth of England League Division 4WC12 Jul 15
DT1K11.385BHyndburnNorth of England League Division 4WC6 Jun 15
JT60012.386AHyndburnNorth of England League Division 4WC12 Jul 15
JT60011.413BOldhamNorth of England League Division 4WC8 Aug 15
3.6KXC14:33152BlackburnESAA English Schools' Championships14 Mar 15
4KXC16:4227PontefractNorthern Championships24 Jan 15
4.5KXC20:2075BirminghamCAU Inter County Championships (Inc World Trials & British Athletics Cross Challenge)7 Mar 15
4.7KMR24:09472012Betws-y-CoedWorld Mountain Running Championships 4.7K Home International19 Sep 15
5K19:123762LancasterLancaster 5K Series25 Jul 15
parkrun20:151621Fell FootFell Foot parkrun # 2411 Apr 15
parkrun20:2339Fulham PalaceFulham Palace parkrun # 1015 Sep 15
parkrun20:281211Fell FootFell Foot parkrun # 4329 Aug 15
ZXC11:374BurnleyMid Lancs League10 Jan 15
ZXC11:564BlackpoolMid Lancashire League14 Feb 15
ZXC16:0210StokeSchools Inter Counties14 Nov 15
ZXC16:5512South ShieldsNorth East Inter Schools' Championships7 Feb 15
ZXC17:084PenrithCumbria County Championships3 Jan 15
2014 U15 Helm Hill/Kendal
15005:04.23CarlisleCumbria Schools Championships14 Jun 14
15005:07.42CarlisleCumbria County Championships24 May 14
3KL11:516L3WarringtonNorthern Young Athletes Road Relays20 Sep 14
3KXC11:4229LiverpoolBritish Athletics Cross Challenge (inc European Trials)29 Nov 14
4KXC20:02134BirminghamCAU Inter County Championships8 Mar 14
parkrun20:301511Fell FootFell Foot parkrun # 1020 Dec 14
parkrun20:381421Fell FootFell Foot parkrun # 913 Dec 14
parkrun20:421321Fell FootFell Foot parkrun # 31 Nov 14
ZXC11:50192Donington ParkESAA English Schools' Championships15 Mar 14
ZXC12:045Barrow-in-FurnessMid Lancs League11 Jan 14
ZXC12:063KendalMid Lancs League1 Mar 14
ZXC12:513HyndburnMid Lancs League25 Oct 14
ZXC14:144CockermouthCumbria County Championships4 Jan 14
ZXC15:182KeswickCumbria League8 Nov 14
ZXC17:287BridgnorthDave Sunderland Trophy15 Nov 14
ZXCNT7MeadowfieldNorthern Schools' Inter County Championships1 Feb 14
ZFL8:5063KillingtonKillington Sports (1.5M/400ft)29 May 14
ZFL8:5892KendalKWL Firbank Fell12 Jan 14
ZFL9:2072Staveley-in-CartmelKWL Whitestones26 Jan 14
ZFL10:1262BarbonKWL Barbondale16 Feb 14
ZFL10:2082KendalKWL Scout Scar5 Jan 14
ZFL11:19161SeathwaiteTurner Junior Uphill Championships7 Jun 14
ZFL11:3651UlverstonKWL Birkrigg Common2 Feb 14
ZFL11:3972SedberghKWL Cautley Spout2 Mar 14
ZFL11:43103ElterwaterKWL Elterwater Common23 Mar 14
ZFL12:00121GrasmereGrasmere Senior Guides Race (1.6M/886ft)24 Aug 14
ZFL12:5472SedberghKWL Sedbergh School23 Feb 14
ZFL13:52101OxenholmeKWL Helm Hill16 Mar 14
ZFL14:12123HawkswickHawkswick Dash (1.2M/600ft)15 Jun 14
ZFL14:32102SedberghSedbergh Gala (2.6M/1200ft)17 May 14
ZFL14:3583AmblesideAmbleside Sports31 Jul 14
ZFL15:2692EmbsayEmbsay (BOFRA) (2.7M/801ft)21 Sep 14
ZFL15:57386HorwichRivington Pike (3.2M/699ft)19 Apr 14
ZFL18:33112AmblesideTodd Crag Juniors16 Apr 14
ZFL20:58292MytholmroydCoiners Junior5 May 14
ZFL22:24254BarleyPendle Junior Races6 Apr 14
ZFL23:03202MelthamWest Nab (5.9M/1640ft)31 May 14
ZFL24:30203KettlewellWharfedale TTT Juniors13 Jul 14
ZFLNT2QuernmoreDarren Jones Clougha Pike (4.9M/1312ft)21 Jun 14
2013 U15 Helm Hill/Kendal
8002:34.17LancasterMid Lancashire League15 Jun 13
15005:06.61CarlisleCumbria County Championships25 May 13
ZXC9:283SkelmersdaleMid Lancs League2 Mar 13
ZXC10:091KeswickCumbria County Championships (Inc Cumbria League)5 Jan 13
ZXC10:235LancasterMid Lancs League9 Feb 13
ZXC10:394HyndburnMid Lancs League12 Jan 13
ZXC11:4011Moreton MorrellSchools Inter County Cross Country16 Nov 13
ZXC12:21101Catton HallESAA English Schools' Championships16 Mar 13
ZXC12:3195BirminghamCAU Inter County Championships9 Mar 13
ZXC13:086BurnleyMid Lancs League26 Oct 13
ZXC13:3811HyndburnMid Lancs League14 Dec 13
ZXC19:542PenrithCumbria League30 Nov 13
ZXCNT1Walney IslandCumbria Schools' Championships19 Jan 13
ZFL9:09173HawkswickHawkswick Dash (1.2M/600ft)16 Jun 13
ZFL9:32112WharfdaleBurnsall (1.5M/801ft)15 Sep 13
ZFL10:35122ArncliffeArncliffe Gala (1.9M/459ft)10 Aug 13
ZFL10:4592OxenholmeHelm Hill (3.3M/899ft)23 Jun 13
ZFL11:16122KendalFarlton Knott (4.5M/1499ft)4 Aug 13
ZFL13:17183RydalAmbleside Sports (2M/800ft)25 Jul 13
ZFL13:5592CracoeCracoe (2.6M/899ft)21 Jul 13
ZFL15:22237HawkswickHawkswick Fingers (5M/1640ft)30 Jun 13
ZFL15:26286Chapel StileLangdale Gala (2.8M/1345ft)7 Jul 13
ZFL15:55216SedberghFRA Junior Uphill Only Championships8 Jun 13
ZFL16:56269BoltonRivington Pike (3.2M/699ft)30 Mar 13
ZFL18:15354KendalEnglish Schools Fell Running Championships29 Sep 13
ZFL18:2221AmblesideLoughrigg (4M/1083ft)10 Apr 13
ZFL25:42277CowpeCowpe Junior11 May 13
2012 U13 Helm Hill/Kendal
8002:43.16BlackburnMid Lancashire League2 Jun 12
8002:45.22WhitehavenCumbria League1 Sep 12
15005:22.41CarlisleCumbria County Championships12 May 12
15005:24.41CarlisleBorder Harriers Open19 Aug 12
15005:24.91PrestonMid Lancashire League11 Aug 12
LJ3.4111WhitehavenCumbria League1 Sep 12
ZXC10:121MaryportCumbria League (Inc Cumbria Masters Champs)27 Oct 12
ZXC10:1714HyndburnMid Lancs League14 Jan 12
ZXC10:2210LeylandMid Lancs League3 Mar 12
ZXC10:392KendalMid Lancs League8 Dec 12
ZXC10:554Barrow In FurnessMid Lancs League11 Feb 12
ZXC11:403BurnleyMid Lancs League6 Oct 12
ZXC12:2721LiverpoolMcCain UK Cross Challenge Series24 Nov 12
ZXC12:55171BirminghamCAU Inter County Championships10 Mar 12
ZXC14:261PenrithCumbria League20 Oct 12
ZXCNT11Kirkby StephenNorthern Schools Inter-Counties4 Feb 12
2011 U13 Helm Hill/Kendal
3KXC12:5336LiverpoolMcCain UK Cross Challenge Series (inc European Trials)26 Nov 11
ZXC7:117KeswickCumbria League8 Jan 11
ZXC8:4022BlackpoolMid Lancs League12 Feb 11
ZXC9:451KeswickCumbria County Championships3 Dec 11
ZXC10:241MaryportCumbria League12 Nov 11
ZXC12:2710BurnleyMid Lancs League29 Oct 11
ZXC14:571PenrithCumbria League22 Oct 11
ZXCNT14BirminghamSchools Inter Counties Match19 Nov 11
2010 U11 Helm Hill/Kendal
ZXC7:034KeswickCumbria County Championships11 Dec 10
Total Performances: 149
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