Sinead Cox

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Age Group:U20
Region:North West
Lead Coach:Unknown

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2015 U13 Manx
10016.95=DouglasManx Harriers Up & Running League17 Jun 15
20037.08DouglasManx Harriers Up & Running League22 Apr 15
8003:06.43DouglasManx Harriers Up & Running League22 Apr 15
12004:52.35DouglasIsle of Man AA Open Meeting13 May 15
15006:04.52DouglasManx Harriers Up & Running League17 Jun 15
15006:21.42DouglasManx Harriers Up & Running League6 May 15
70HU13W16.32DouglasManx Harriers Up & Running League6 May 15
70HU13W16.82DouglasIsle of Man AA Open Meeting13 May 15
LJ3.395DouglasIsle of Man AA Open Meeting13 May 15
LJ3.227DouglasManx Harriers Up & Running League17 Jun 15
DT0.75K11.563DouglasManx Harriers Up & Running League22 Apr 15
JT4009.244DouglasManx Harriers Up & Running League6 May 15
2.33KXC13:535CrossagsMicrogaming Manx League6 Dec 15
ZXC12:335LonanMicrogaming Manx League (inc Manx Championships)18 Jan 15
ZXC15:213PeelMicrogaming Manx League8 Feb 15
ZXC15:3826BlackburnLancashire County Championships3 Jan 15
2014 U13 Manx
10017.612=DouglasManx Harriers League25 Jun 14
10017.710DouglasManx Harriers League9 Apr 14
20036.37DouglasManx Harriers League11 Jun 14
8003:07.94DouglasManx Harriers League11 Jun 14
8003:13.93DouglasManx Harriers League30 Apr 14
15006:17.94DouglasManx Harriers League14 May 14
15006:23.03DouglasManx Harriers League9 Apr 14
Mile6:49.64DouglasManx Harriers League25 Jun 14
70HU13W16.83DouglasManx Harriers League30 Apr 14
HJ1.007DouglasManx Harriers League14 May 14
LJ3.385DouglasManx Harriers League30 Apr 14
LJ2.996DouglasManx Harriers League11 Jun 14
LJ2.904DouglasManx Harriers League25 Jun 14
LJ2.728DouglasManx Harriers League9 Apr 14
DT0.75K8.369DouglasManx Harriers League14 May 14
ZXC6:222RamseyMicrogaming Manx League (Inc Isle of Man Champs)19 Jan 14
ZXC6:293LonanMicrogaming Manx League9 Feb 14
ZXC11:586BallanetteMicrogaming Manx League19 Oct 14
ZXC13:489RamseyMicrogaming Manx League7 Dec 14
ZXC15:446PeelMicrogaming Manx League9 Nov 14
2013 U11 Manx
7513.951DouglasIsle of Man AA Open Meetings17 Apr 13
10018.55DouglasManx Harriers League17 Jul 13
10019.38DouglasManx Harriers League15 May 13
20039.05DouglasManx Harriers League10 Jul 13
20040.24DouglasManx Harriers League1 May 13
6002:21.92DouglasManx Harriers League10 Jul 13
6002:26.62DouglasManx Harriers League1 May 13
6002:41.36DouglasIsle of Man AA Open Meetings17 Apr 13
8003:26.94DouglasManx Harriers League15 May 13
12005:01.33DouglasCelton Manx Isle of Man Championships29 Jun 13
15006:40.63DouglasManx Harriers League17 Jul 13
LJ2.691DouglasManx Harriers League1 May 13
LJ2.649DouglasCelton Manx Isle of Man Championships29 Jun 13
LJ2.572DouglasManx Harriers League10 Jul 13
ZXC6:173LonanMicrogaming Manx League10 Nov 13
ZXC7:252PeelMicrogaming Manx League1 Dec 13
ZXC8:128Glen LoughMicrogaming Manx League (Inc Isle of Man Champs)13 Jan 13
2012 U11 Manx
7513.98=DouglasManx Harriers League16 May 12
7514.29DouglasManx Harriers League2 May 12
7514.513DouglasManx Harriers League11 Jul 12
7515.013DouglasManx Harriers League13 Jun 12
10018.911=DouglasManx Harriers League23 May 12
10019.06DouglasManx Harriers League25 Apr 12
10019.49DouglasManx Harriers League9 May 12
10019.411=DouglasManx Harriers League27 Jun 12
20038.69DouglasManx Harriers League4 Jul 12
20040.28DouglasManx Harriers League16 May 12
6002:23.23DouglasManx Harriers League2 May 12
6002:29.16DouglasManx Harriers League4 Jul 12
6002:34.35DouglasManx Harriers League25 Apr 12
6002:36.57DouglasManx Harriers League27 Jun 12
8003:16.14DouglasManx Harriers League11 Jul 12
8003:28.15DouglasManx Harriers League9 May 12
8003:33.09DouglasManx Harriers League13 Jun 12
15006:52.35DouglasManx Harriers League23 May 12
LJ2.705DouglasManx Harriers League4 Jul 12
LJ2.396DouglasManx Harriers League9 May 12
LJ2.346DouglasManx Harriers League25 Apr 12
LJNM-DouglasManx Harriers League23 May 12
ZXC2:451Glen LoughMedis Isle Of Man League12 Feb 12
ZXC3:361BallannetteMedis Isle Of Man League (Inc Isle Of Man Champs)22 Jan 12
ZXC6:059CrossagsMicrogaming Manx League2 Dec 12
ZXC7:5611Glen LoughMicrogaming Manx League11 Nov 12
2011 U11 Manx
ZXC2:481Glen LoughMedis Isle Of Man League4 Dec 11
ZXC3:131BallannetteMedis Isle Of Man League16 Oct 11
ZXC3:462PulroseManx Gas League13 Feb 11
ZXC4:031CrossagsMedis Isle Of Man League13 Nov 11
2010 U11 Manx
ZXC3:261LonanManx Gas League17 Oct 10
Total Performances: 84
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