Tom Nelson

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Age Group:U23
Lead Coach:Mark Goldie

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2016 U17 Wharfedale
5.7KXC20:34227NottinghamNew Balance ESAA English Schools' Championships5 Mar 16
2015 U17 Wharfedale
5KMT19:3111IlkleyPanorama 5K21 May 15
5.3KXC21:066HuddersfieldWest Yorkshire League31 Oct 15
5.75KXC20:4211WakefieldWest Yorkshire League18 Oct 15
ZXC16:3311LeedsWest Yorkshire League6 Dec 15
ZXC19:3511KeighleyWest Yorkshire League14 Nov 15
2014 U15 Wharfedale
ZFL6:3211Penistone Hill Country ParkSoreen Stanbury Splash (7.5M/1312ft)19 Jan 14
ZFL7:522KendalKWL Firbank Fell12 Jan 14
ZFL8:011BarbonKWL Barbondale16 Feb 14
ZFL8:06113SilsdenMurder Mile (1M/485ft)3 Jul 14
ZFL8:132Staveley-in-CartmelKWL Whitestones26 Jan 14
ZFL9:092KendalKWL Scout Scar5 Jan 14
ZFL9:312SeathwaiteTurner Junior Uphill Championships7 Jun 14
ZFL11:341WharfdaleBurnsall (BOFRA) (1.5M/801ft)14 Sep 14
ZFL12:171KettlewellKettlewell (1.5M/600ft)8 Jun 14
ZFL12:261IlkleyJack Bloor Race (5.2M/1148ft)13 May 14
ZFL12:292ArncliffeArncliffe Gala (1.9M/459ft)9 Aug 14
ZFL12:541HawkswickHawkswick Dash (1.2M/600ft)15 Jun 14
ZFL13:191SedberghSedbergh Gala (2.6M/1200ft)17 May 14
ZFL13:271GargraveGargrave Show (3.5M/899ft)16 Aug 14
ZFL13:484HorwichRivington Pike (3.2M/699ft)19 Apr 14
ZFL14:032KendalKWL Cunswick9 Mar 14
ZFL15:491AmblesideAmbleside Sports31 Jul 14
ZFL17:334MytholmroydCoiners Junior5 May 14
ZFL17:331EmbsayEmbsay (BOFRA) (2.7M/801ft)21 Sep 14
ZFL18:24293HaworthBunny Run 2 (3M/328ft)8 Apr 14
ZFL18:3530HaworthBunny Run 1 (3M/328ft)1 Apr 14
ZFL18:52576HaworthBunny Run 3 (3M/328ft)15 Apr 14
ZFL19:203 BarleyPendle Junior Races6 Apr 14
ZFL19:464MelthamWest Nab (5.9M/1640ft)31 May 14
ZFL19:491KendalFarlton Knott (BOFRA) (4.5M/1499ft)3 Aug 14
ZFL20:493KettlewellWharfedale TTT Juniors13 Jul 14
ZFL23:021WiddopWiddop Junior16 Jul 14
ZFL24:441CracoeCracoe (BOFRA) (2.6M/899ft)20 Jul 14
ZFL30:12181KildwickKildwick (3.7M/804ft)21 May 14
ZFL30:1519LothersdaleLothersdale (3.6M/591ft)7 May 14
ZFLNT2OxenholmeKWL Helm Hill16 Mar 14
ZFLNT6QuernmoreDarren Jones Clougha Pike (4.9M/1312ft)21 Jun 14
2013 U15 Wharfedale
ZXC8:4514RiponYorkshire County Championships5 Jan 13
ZXC12:2447SunderlandEnglish National Championships23 Feb 13
ZXC12:3028KnowsleyNorthern Championships26 Jan 13
ZXC15:4715WakefieldComplete Runner West Yorkshire League20 Oct 13
ZXC17:2313Upper BatleyWest Yorkshire Schools' Championships2 Feb 13
ZXC17:2620LeedsComplete Runner West Yorkshire League17 Nov 13
ZFL6:241KettlewellKettlewell (1.5M/600ft)9 Jun 13
ZFL6:4622Penistone Hill Country ParkCurly Wurly Junior Quarry Runs22 Dec 13
ZFL7:302SaddleworthSaddleworth (3M/951ft)26 May 13
ZFL7:371WharfdaleBurnsall (1.5M/801ft)15 Sep 13
ZFL8:001IlkleyJack Bloor Race (5.2M/1148ft)14 May 13
ZFL9:092OxenholmeHelm Hill (3.3M/899ft)23 Jun 13
ZFL9:152ArncliffeArncliffe Gala (1.9M/459ft)10 Aug 13
ZFL9:211KilnseyKilnsey Crag (1.2M/407ft)27 Aug 13
ZFL9:474KendalFarlton Knott (4.5M/1499ft)4 Aug 13
ZFL10:47 1MalhamMalham Show (2.5M/700ft)24 Aug 13
ZFL10:517HellifieldHellifield Gala (3.5M/853ft)3 Aug 13
ZFL10:524RydalAmbleside Sports (2M/800ft)25 Jul 13
ZFL12:161ChiserleyReservoir Bogs (7.5M/1476ft)22 Jun 13
ZFL12:365CracoeCracoe (2.6M/899ft)21 Jul 13
ZFL12:543EmbsayEmbsay (2.7M/801ft)22 Sep 13
ZFL13:353SedberghFRA Junior Uphill Only Championships8 Jun 13
ZFL14:354BoltonRivington Pike (3.2M/699ft)30 Mar 13
ZFL17:413 BarleyPendle (4.5M/1499ft)6 Apr 13
ZFL19:00598HaworthBunny Run 3 (3M/328ft)16 Apr 13
ZFL19:04323HaworthBunny Run 1 (3M/328ft)2 Apr 13
ZFL19:27635HaworthBunny Run 2 (3M/328ft)9 Apr 13
ZFL21:511MytholmroydCoiners (7.6M/1329ft)6 May 13
ZFL22:117CowpeCowpe Junior11 May 13
ZFLL11:0813L2HaworthBunny Run Relay23 Apr 13
ZFLL16:5011IlkleyWill Ramsbotham Badger Stone Relays (2M/394ft)22 May 13
2012 U13 Wharfedale
ZXC11:0812WakefieldComplete Runner West Yorkshire League9 Dec 12
ZXC11:1221WakefieldYorkshire County Championships7 Jan 12
ZXC12:4977PontefractNorthern Championships28 Jan 12
ZXC13:19256Parliament HillEnglish National Championships25 Feb 12
ZXC14:0811WetherbyComplete Runner West Yorkshire League20 Oct 12
ZXC14:115YeadonComplete Runner West Yorkshire League10 Nov 12
ZXC14:1710HuddersfieldComplete Runner West Yorkshire League24 Nov 12
2011 U13 Wharfedale
ZXC13:076ShipleyComplete Runner West Yorkshire League19 Nov 11
ZXC13:1310WakefieldComplete Runner West Yorkshire League4 Dec 11
ZXC14:148LeedsComplete Runner West Yorkshire League9 Oct 11
ZXC17:0510YorkComplete Runner West Yorkshire League29 Oct 11
Total Performances: 80
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