Steve Allen

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Club:Barnet/Southern Counties Vets
Age Group:V65
Lead Coach:None

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Ex 1500m runner and steeplechaser. Retired 1980. Returned to athletics 2003 to run X/Country, Trail, Fell and Ultra distance. Now racewalking. RWA 50k champion 2012

Best known performances
4MW 35:45 35:4536:524MW
5M41:05 41:05 5M

Performances Submit
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2022 V65 Barnet/Southern Counties Vets
2000W12:30.65Lee ValleySouthern Counties Veterans League - Herts & North Middlesex9 May 22
5000W31:56.1712Lee ValleyLondon Inter Club Challenge16 Apr 22
SP6K5.308Lee ValleySouthern Counties Veterans League - Herts & North Middlesex9 May 22
5.08KL30:4347L314Sutton ColdfieldBritish Masters Open Relay Championships23 Apr 22
2021 V60 Barnet/Southern Counties Vets
5MW53:19111MoultonMoulton 511 Sep 21
2020 V60 Barnet/Southern Counties Vets
5MW48:37134EnfieldEnfield League18 Jan 20
10KW60:28201CoventryEngland Athletics 10K Championships (Inc Molly Barnett)1 Mar 20
10KW60:3917Burjassot, ESPG.P. Marcha en Ruta "Ciutat de Burjassot"12 Jan 20
10KW61:10125HillingdonSRWA 10K (Inc YAG Championships/London Open)2 Feb 20
2019 V60 Barnet/Southern Counties Vets
2000W11:34.142CoventryEngland Masters Inter Area Challenge6 Jul 19
2000W11:38.13i8Lee ValleyEnglish Masters Area Challenge24 Feb 19
2000W11:54.72Hemel HempsteadSouthern Counties Veterans' League Herts & North Middx Division22 Jul 19
3000W17:49.09WoodfordWoodford Green Open13 Aug 19
3000W17:55.501BirminghamBMAF - British Masters Championships10 Aug 19
3000W18:13.211WoodfordWoodford Green Open9 Jul 19
5000W29:36.288Lee ValleyLondon Inter Club Challenge (inc. London Colleges League)20 Apr 19
5000W30:27.051BirminghamBMAF - British Masters Championships11 Aug 19
5000W30:51.2214HendonLondon Inter Club Challenge27 Jul 19
10000W59:15.23BatterseaVeterans AC 10000m (Inc Surrey, Middlesex & Hertfordshire Championships)10 Apr 19
HourW924815Lee ValleyEnfield League Badge Race29 Sep 19
5KW30:095Guadix, ESPXXXIV GP de Marcha Atlética Ciudad de Guadix - XV Memorial Manuel Alcalde28 Dec 19
5MW52:43145Lee ValleyEnfield Race Walking League 512 Oct 19
10KW60:329Oropesa del Mar, ESPCriterium Nacional de Marcha Atlética17 Mar 19
10KW63:2291Abbey ParkJim Sharlott Walks30 Jun 19
2018 V60 Barnet/Southern Counties Vets
2000W12:00.84Lee ValleySouthern Counties Veterans' League Herts & North Middx Division14 May 18
2000W12:15.924SolihullEngland Masters Inter Area Challenge8 Jul 18
3000W18:41.253StevenageHertfordshire County Championships - Day 17 May 18
5000W30:56.310Lee ValleyLondon Inter Club Challenge inc. London Colleges League28 Apr 18
5000W31:20.567HendonLondon Inter Club Challenge30 Jun 18
10000W63:43.56BatterseaVeterans AC / Herfordshire / Middlesex / Surrey 10000m Track Walk Championships25 Apr 18
HourW913615Lee ValleyEnfield Race Walking League22 Sep 18
5MW50:3521BatterseaVeterans AC Summer Series 515 May 18
5MW51:0931BatterseaVeterans AC Summer Series 517 Apr 18
5MW51:31104EnfieldEnfield League17 Feb 18
5MW52:5972CheshamPednor 5 (Inc Enfield League)7 May 18
10KWDQCoventryBA / CAU / RWA 10K Championships & RWA YAG Championships20 May 18
7MW73:25173Lee ValleyEnfield Open 7 (Inc Enfield League)10 Nov 18
2017 V60 Barnet/Southern Counties Vets
1000W5:21.49i1Lee ValleyHertfordshire County Championships18 Mar 17
3000W17:27.691StevenageHertfordshire County U13 / Masters' / Relay & 1500m Championships (Inc Hertfordshire County AAA Open)1 May 17
3000W17:28.32WoodfordWoodford Green Open2 May 17
3000W18:38.73WoodfordWoodford Green Open13 Jun 17
HourW94268Lee ValleyEnfield League Hour Walks23 Sep 17
5MW51:0082MoultonMoulton 5 (Inc Enfield League)3 Jun 17
5MW51:3292EnfieldERWL Friendship Walks9 Aug 17
10KW61:58192CoventryRWA 10K Championships (Inc YAG Championships)29 Apr 17
2016 V55 Barnet/Southern Counties Vets
MileW8:14.66i1Lee ValleyEssex & Eastern AA Championships6 Feb 16
2000W10:26.83i1Lee ValleyEngland Masters Inter Area Match28 Feb 16
2000W10:44.611AshfordSouthern Counties VAC League Final4 Sep 16
2000W10:45.21Lee ValleySouthern Counties Veterans' League Herts & North Middx Division25 Apr 16
2000W10:49.962SolihullEAMA Inter-Area Match17 Jul 16
2000W10:54.91Hemel HempsteadSouthern Counties Veterans' League Herts & North Middx Division11 Jul 16
3000W15:35.87i2Lee ValleySouthern Counties Veterans AC Championships21 Feb 16
3000W15:46.00i7Lee ValleyLondon U13, U15, U17 Games24 Jan 16
3000W16:24.01WoodfordWoodford Green Open7 Jun 16
3000W16:33.571StevenageHertfordshire County U13 / Masters' / Relay & 1500m Championships (Inc Hertfordshire County AAA Open)2 May 16
3000W16:41.37i13Ancona, ITAEMA - European Masters Championships31 Mar 16
3000W17:15.81WoodfordWoodford Green Open19 Jul 16
3000W17:15.93WoodfordWoodford Green Open30 Aug 16
3000W17:29.6161BedfordCAU Inter-County Championships (Inc England Athletics Senior Championships)31 Jul 16
3000WDQi-Lee ValleyBMAF - British Masters Championships13 Mar 16
5000W27:23.26TamworthInter-Area Match2 Jul 16
5000W29:40.14HendonLondon Inter-Club Challenge30 Jul 16
10000W55:38.91BatterseaVeterans AC 10000m Walk Championships27 Apr 16
5KW27:2311Ancona, ITAEuropean Masters Indoor Championships - Road Walk2 Apr 16
5KW28:154Dudince, SVKIAAF Race Walking Challenge19 Mar 16
5MW45:3973Donkey LaneEnfield League20 Feb 16
5MW45:4332EnfieldEnfield League9 Jan 16
5MW49:5193PednorPednor 5 (Inc Buckinghamshire Championships)2 May 16
10KW55:3941CoventryRWA Championships11 Jun 16
10KW55:533HillingdonLondon Open7 Feb 16
10KW56:0312CoventryMolly Barnet Open (Inc EA 10K Championships)6 Mar 16
10KW57:4765Vila Real, POREuropean Veterans' Non Stadia Championships 10K Walks20 May 16
15KW94:0862SteyningSteyning Open23 Jan 16
20KW2:09:5241CoventryMRWA / BMAF 20K / 30K Championships10 Jul 16
30KW3:20:46384Vila Real, POREuropean Veterans' Non Stadia Championships 20K & 30K Walks21 May 16
2015 V55 Barnet/Southern Counties Vets
Mile7:53.1894HendonGolden Stag Mile24 Jun 15
1000W4:49.43i1Lee ValleyHertfordshire County Championships14 Mar 15
MileW8:13.69i1Lee ValleyEssex & Eastern AA Championships8 Feb 15
MileW8:24.81SouthendSouthend-on-Sea AC Open31 Aug 15
2000W9:56.01Lee ValleySouthern Counties Veterans' League Herts & North Middlesex Division27 Apr 15
2000W10:21.341AshfordSouthern Counties Veteran's AC Final6 Sep 15
2000W10:34.92Hemel HempsteadSouthern Counties Veterans' League Herts & North Middlesex Division13 Jul 15
3000W15:00.562AshfordSCVAC Championships30 May 15
3000W15:05.01OxfordTown v Gown - Oxfordshire County v Oxford University27 May 15
3000W15:07.91WoodfordWoodford Green Open9 Jun 15
3000W15:12.92i7Torun, POLEMA - European Masters Championships24 Mar 15
3000W15:22.271BirminghamBMAF - British Masters Championships25 Jul 15
3000W15:26.40i1Lee ValleyBMAF - British Masters Championships8 Mar 15
3000W15:29.759BedfordCAU Inter-County Championships (Inc England Athletics Senior Championships)2 Aug 15
3000W15:32.01WoodfordWoodford Green Open7 Jul 15
3000W15:36.051StevenageHertfordshire County U13 / Masters' / Relay & 1500m Championships (Inc Hertfordshire County AAA Open)4 May 15
3000W15:38.914CrawleySouthern Counties Senior Inter County Match12 Jul 15
3000W15:47.38i1Lee ValleySCVAC Championships22 Feb 15
3000W15:49.23i7Lee ValleyLondon Indoor U13 / U15 Games25 Jan 15
3000W16:16.82WoodfordWoodford Green Open1 Sep 15
5000W26:51.761BirminghamBMAF - British Masters Championships26 Jul 15
5000W27:20.218Lyon, FRAWMA - World Masters Championships6 Aug 15
5000W27:23.13HendonLondon Inter-Club Challenge1 Aug 15
5000W27:47.52HendonLondon Inter-Club Challenge29 Aug 15
10000W53:53.007Lyon, FRAWMA - World Masters Championships9 Aug 15
10000W55:08.95TamworthRWA Inter-Area Match11 Jul 15
10000W56:45.162BirminghamBMAF - British Masters Combined Events & 10000m Championships, inc Autumn Classics20 Sep 15
5KW25:172Podebrady, CZEIAAF Race Walk Challenge11 Apr 15
5KW25:32.15Torun, POLEuropean Masters Indoor Championships (Road Walks)28 Mar 15
5MW43:3081MoultonMoulton Open 56 Jun 15
5MW44:2052EnfieldEnfield League21 Feb 15
5MW44:5421CheshamPednor 5 (Inc Buckinghamshire Champs)4 May 15
5MW45:1972EnfieldEnfield League17 Jan 15
10KW52:52206Grossetto, ITAEuropean Veterans' Non Stadia Championships 10K Walk15 May 15
10KW53:076HillingdonRWA Championships 10K28 Jun 15
10KW53:522CoventryMolly Barnet Open1 Mar 15
10KW55:424HillingdonLondon Open8 Feb 15
15KW85:0863SteyningSteyning Open 15K24 Jan 15
20KW1:49:55162Naumberg, GERInternationales Straengehen + Deutsche Meisterschaften19 Apr 15
20KW1:56:356Lyon, FRAWMA - World Masters Championships14 Aug 15
2014 V55 Barnet/Southern Counties Vets
Mile8:15.4763HendonGolden Stag Mile25 Jun 14
MileW8:13.34i3Lee ValleyEssex & Eastern AA Championships9 Feb 14
2000W10:22.32Lee ValleySouthern Counties Veterans' League Herts & North Middlesex Division28 Apr 14
2000W10:24.52i1Lee ValleyEAMA Inter Area23 Feb 14
2000W10:40.841AshfordSouthern Counties Veterans AC Final7 Sep 14
2000W10:47.31Hemel HempsteadSouthern Counties Veterans' League Herts & North Middlesex Division14 Jul 14
3000W15:52.30i12Budapest, HUNWMA - World Masters Championships26 Mar 14
3000W15:53.26imx12BirminghamBirmingham Games16 Feb 14
3000W15:58.24i1Lee ValleySCVAC Championships15 Feb 14
3000W15:58.31WoodfordWoodford Green Open19 Aug 14
3000W15:58.73i4Lee ValleyLondon U20/Senior Games26 Jan 14
3000W16:04.741StevenageHertfordshire County AAA Open (Inc Veterans' Championships)5 May 14
3000W16:06.42OxfordOxfordshire AA & Open 3000 Walk Championships4 Jun 14
3000W16:06.763BirminghamBMAF - British Masters Championships9 Aug 14
3000W16:10.021WoodfordWoodford Green Open10 Jun 14
3000W16:18.0111WoodfordWoodford Green Open8 Jul 14
5000W26:41.964Lee ValleyLondon Inter-Club Challenge21 Apr 14
5000W26:58.654HendonLondon Inter-Club Challenge28 Jun 14
5000W28:15.622Crystal PalaceSouth of England AA U15 / U17 Championships inc. 5000m Walk16 Aug 14
10000W55:49.02Battersea ParkVets AC & SCVAC 10000m Track Walk Championships30 Apr 14
10000W56:46.601BirminghamBMAF - British Masters Combined Events Championships21 Sep 14
10000W58:02.44ChelmsfordEssex County Championships Day 330 Aug 14
5KW27:011Dudince, SVKIAAF Race Walk Challenge22 Mar 14
5MW44:2084MoultonMoulton 531 May 14
5MW44:3074EnfieldEnfield League22 Feb 14
5MW45:4883EnfieldEnfield League18 Jan 14
5MW45:4863CheshamPednor 5 (Inc Buckinghamshire Champs)5 May 14
10KW54:469Budapest, HUNWorld Masters Championships29 Mar 14
10KW54:475CoventryMolly Barnet Open Walks1 Mar 14
10KW55:375Yverdon-les-Bains, SUICoupe de Noel14 Dec 14
10KW55:596London Victoria ParkLondon Open Walks2 Feb 14
10KW58:5010HillingdonNational 10K19 Jul 14
15KW90:0532SteyningSteyning 15K25 Jan 14
10MW92:145London Victoria ParkRWA National 10 Championships9 Mar 14
20KW1:54:1525Naumburg, GERNaumburg International18 May 14
20KW1:54:506SheffieldRWA 20K Championships5 Apr 14
20KW1:59:4019Namur, BELMatch des 6 Nations22 Jun 14
20KW2:02:2622HillingdonEnfield League 10K (Inc Hillingdon Open)29 Nov 14
30KW3:12:0811CoventryBMAF 30K Championships13 Jul 14
35KW3:56:404Dalton and GaylesYorkshire RWC Open 35K6 Jul 14
2013 V55 Barnet/Southern Counties Vets
1HW108963ElthamSouthern 1-Hour Champs11 May 13
1HW105736Hemel HempsteadEnfield League28 Sep 13
MileW8:19.35i3Lee ValleyEastern Counties Championships inc Essex Championships10 Feb 13
MileW8:34.101SouthendSouthend-on-Sea Open26 Aug 13
2000W10:22.7i1Lee ValleyEngland Athletics Masters Association Inter Area Challenge Match7 Apr 13
2000W10:39.11Lee ValleySouthern Counties Veterans' League Herts & North Middlesex Division29 Apr 13
2000W10:39.32Hemel HempsteadSouthern Counties Veterans' League Herts & North Middlesex Division8 Jul 13
2000W10:42.421SolihullMasters Inter Area Challenge21 Jul 13
3000W15:37.012WoodfordWoodford Green Open30 Jul 13
3000W15:41.315San Sebastian, ESPEMA - European Veterans Championships21 Mar 13
3000W15:44.55i3BirminghamMidland Counties Open17 Feb 13
3000W15:46.5411WoodfordWoodford Green Open2 Jul 13
3000W15:47.8561TonbridgeTonbridge Open Meeting1 Apr 13
3000W15:48.02OxfordTown v Gown12 Jun 13
3000W15:51.163WoodfordWoodford Green Open4 Jun 13
3000W15:51.63i52Lee ValleyLondon U20/Senior Games27 Jan 13
3000W15:56.91WoodfordWoodford Green Open27 Aug 13
3000W15:59.48i1Lee ValleyBMAF - British Masters Championships10 Mar 13
3000W16:26.241StevenageHertfordshire County Championships Day 16 May 13
3000W16:28.653AAbingdonSouthern Senior Inter Counties21 Jul 13
3000W16:38.341Battersea ParkVeterans AC Championships25 Aug 13
5000W26:36.562HendonLondon Inter-Club Challenge29 Jun 13
5000W27:28.803AshfordSouthern Counties U15 / U17 Championships17 Aug 13
5000W28:06.904HendonLondon Inter-Club Challenge24 Aug 13
10000W55:02.62Tooting BecVeterans AC 10,000m Walk & 3000m24 Apr 13
10000W55:29.92HorshamSlater/Bryce Memorial Track Walks6 Apr 13
10000W56:32.804HorspathBMAF - British Masters Pentathlon, 10000m & 10000m Walk Championships23 Jun 13
3KW16:2141ValeSarnia Walking Club 3K30 Aug 13
5KW26:277BexleyCambridge Harriers' Winter League2 Mar 13
5KW26:454BexleyCambridge Harriers' Winter League9 Feb 13
5KW27:079San Sebastian, ESPEuropean Masters Road Championships23 Mar 13
4MW 35:4521West WickhamBlackheath & Bromley HAC’s Johnson Bowl 45 Jun 13
5MNAD42:17 10623CheshamPednor 56 May 13
5MW43:4083EnfieldEnfield League23 Feb 13
5MW43:4863MoultonMoulton Open 51 Jun 13
5MW45:2711Battersea ParkVets AC 57 May 13
5MW45:46102Lee ValleyPat Furey Open Walks & Enfield League13 Apr 13
5MW46:31 63CheshamPednor 5 Walk6 May 13
5.4MW47:436Lee ValleyEnfield League12 Oct 13
10KW54:4961CoventryMolly Barnet Walks3 Mar 13
10KW55:212SheffieldJeff Ford Open21 Apr 13
10KW55:335Úpice, CZEEuropean Veterans' Non-Stadia Championships24 May 13
10KW56:1310HillingdonBritish 10K Championships20 Jul 13
10KW56:1752Monks HillSurrey WC Open 10K5 Jan 13
10KW57:05+74HillingdonBritish Masters' 20K Championships30 Nov 13
7MW62:48115EnfieldEnfield Open 79 Nov 13
15KW85:5043SteyningSteyning AC Open 15K12 Jan 13
10MW93:508LondonUKA/RWA National 10 Mile Championships10 Mar 13
20KW1:53:2015Breda, NEDSmall Nations of Race Walking Match16 Jun 13
20KW1:55:4311CoventryNational 20K Championships28 Apr 13
20KW1:56:1839HillingdonBritish Masters' 20K Championships30 Nov 13
20KW1:59:222EnfieldRWA Southern Area 20K Championships8 Jun 13
30KW3:09:156Úpice, CZEEuropean Veterans' Non-Stadia Championships26 May 13
19.4MW3:24:4372Havelet BaySarnia Walking Club Church to Church 19.41 Sep 13
50KW5:40:256Tilburg, NEDDutch National 50K Road Walk Championships6 Oct 13
50MMT13:07:50187WathRound Rotherham 5019 Oct 13
ZXC48:2812929Alexandra PalaceChingford League28 Dec 13
2012 V55 Barnet/Southern Counties Vets
1000W4:55.83ElthamCambridge Harriers Open18 Jul 12
1000W8:00.47i1Lee ValleyEssex & Eastern Counties Championships12 Feb 12
MileW8:02.072SouthendSouthend-on-Sea AC Open27 Aug 12
2000W10:11.31AshfordSouthern Counties Veterans' League Area Final2 Sep 12
2000W10:14.21SolihullVeterans' Inter Area Match9 Sep 12
2000W10:23.41Lee ValleySouthern Counties Veterans' League Herts & North Middlesex Division30 Apr 12
2000W10:56.92Lee ValleySouthern Counties Veterans' League Herts & North Middlesex Division16 Jul 12
3000W15:23.72Battersea ParkVeterans AC Open15 Aug 12
3000W15:25.61WoodfordWoodford Tuesday Walks11 Sep 12
3000W15:29.751DerbyBMAF - British Masters Championships21 Jul 12
3000W15:38.642WillesdenVeterans AC Open11 Jul 12
3000W15:44.80i1Lee ValleyBMAF - British Masters Championships18 Mar 12
3000W15:45.63i82Lee ValleyLondon U20/Senior Games29 Jan 12
3000W15:48.76i8Jyvaskyla, FINWMA - World Masters Championships5 Apr 12
3000W15:56.121WatfordHertfordshire County Championships12 May 12
3000W15:58.04i41Lee ValleySCVAC Championships11 Mar 12
3000W16:07.403WoodfordWoodford Green Open19 Jun 12
3000W16:07.403WoodfordWoodford Tuesday Walks19 Jun 12
3000W16:12.932Parliament HillLondon Inter-Club Challenge28 Apr 12
3000W16:17.865WoodfordWoodford Green Open17 Jul 12
3000W16:22.01i2BirminghamMidland Counties Open19 Feb 12
5000W27:06.271DerbyBMAF - British Masters Championships22 Jul 12
5000W27:08.54HendonLondon Inter-Club Challenge16 Jun 12
10000W54:41.41HorspathBMAF - British Masters Combined Events & 10000m & Walk Championships5 Aug 12
10000W55:32.31Battersea ParkVeterans AC Championships (Inc Southern Counties Veterans')25 Apr 12
10000W57:16.24HorshamSlater/Bryce Memorial Track Walks inc. Sussex County 10000m Championships24 Mar 12
HourW109153Hemel HempsteadEnfield One Hour Track Race29 Sep 12
HourW107713DartfordSouthern Race Walking Association 1 Hour/Youngs Athletes Races26 May 12
5KW26:0431BexleyCambridge Harriers' Winter League1 Dec 12
5KW26:2162BexleyCambridge Harriers' Winter League27 Oct 12
5KW26:252BexleyCambridge Harriers Winter League11 Feb 12
5KW27:0362Monks HillSurrey WC Open Christmas Cup 5K8 Dec 12
5KW27:555BexleyCambridge Harriers Winter Walks League10 Mar 12
5M41:05 9320CheshamPednor 57 May 12
5MW43:1472MoultonMoulton Diamond Jubilee Walks2 Jun 12
5MW43:5072EnfieldFriendship Walks7 Aug 12
5MW44:3241Lee ValleyEnfield Walking League28 Apr 12
5MW45:2661Lee ValleyEnfield League21 Jan 12
5MW45:32 42CheshamPednor 5 (Inc Buckinghamshire Champs)7 May 12
5MW45:3443Battersea ParkVeterans AC 531 Jul 12
5MW46:2022Battersea ParkVeteran's AC 517 Apr 12
10K61:4561SaltburnSaltburn Phoenix 10K29 Jul 12
10KW53:5962LeicesterJim Sharlott Open Walks/BMAF 10K Championships16 Sep 12
10KW54:2542SteyningSteyning A.C. Open 10K20 Oct 12
10KW54:466Jyvaskyla, FINWorld Masters Championships Road Walk7 Apr 12
10KW57:0841Monks HillSurrey WC Open 10K7 Jan 12
10KW58:363CoventryMidland Winter League4 Nov 12
15KW86:1541SteyningSteyning Open 15K14 Jan 12
20KW1:57:2311RedbridgeRWA 20K Championships14 Apr 12
20KW2:00:524513Zittau, GEREuropean Veterans' Championships Walks22 Aug 12
20KW2:01:523SimisterR&Z Smith Memorial Walks28 Jul 12
30KW3:10:0292CoventryBMAF 30K Championships14 Jul 12
50KW5:35:0111ColchesterUKA/RWA National 50K Championships22 Sep 12
ZXC57:33112StevenageHertfordshire County Championships8 Jan 12
2011 V50 Barnet
MileW7:56.87i3Lee ValleyEastern Counties & Essex Indoor Championships13 Mar 11
MileW8:01.791KeighleyKeighley & Craven Open TracK Challenge 20119 Sep 11
2000W10:05.72Lee ValleySouthern Counties Veterans' League Herts & North Middx Division9 May 11
3000W15:20.12i6Lee ValleyLondon U20/Senior Games30 Jan 11
3000W15:27.374Parliament HillLondon Inter Club Challenge23 Apr 11
3000W15:40.501BirminghamBMAF - British Masters Championships25 Jun 11
3000W15:42.3i2Lee ValleySouthern Counties Veterans Association Championships20 Feb 11
3000W15:43.13i2Lee ValleyBMAF - British Masters Championships27 Feb 11
3000W15:52.992WoodfordWoodford Green Open7 Jun 11
3000W15:54.734WoodfordWoodford Green Open30 Aug 11
3000W15:55.31StevenageHerts County Open (inc Relay Championships)2 May 11
3000W15:59.094Lee ValleyLondon Inter Club Challenge16 Jul 11
3000W16:07.971WoodfordWoodford Green Open2 Aug 11
5000W26:28.13HorshamAlf Palmer Memorial17 Dec 11
5000W27:55.341BirminghamBMAF - British Masters Championships26 Jun 11
10000W54:22.92Battersea ParkVets AC Open inc 10000 Championships27 Apr 11
10000W56:38.013HorspathBMAF - British Masters Pentathlon Championships (inc BMAF & Oxfordshire 10000m Championships)5 Jun 11
10000W60:57.813WoodfordEssex County Championships7 May 11
HourW106093DartfordSouthern Area RWA 1 Hour Track Championships6 Aug 11
5KW25:484BexleyCambridge Harriers Winter Walks League22 Oct 11
5KW26:4441Monks HillSurrey WC Christmas Cup10 Dec 11
5KW26:483BexleyCambridge Harriers Winter Walks League3 Dec 11
5KW26:542BexleyCambridge Harriers League12 Feb 11
5MW42:5352Lee ValleyEnfield League8 Oct 11
5MW61:08 153CheshamPednor 5 Race Walk2 May 11
10KW54:507Lugano, SUIEuropean Race Walk Permit Meeting20 Mar 11
10KW55:01396Thionville-Yutz, FRAEuropean Veterans' Non-Stadia - 10K Walk13 May 11
10KW55:1432SteyningSteyning 10K29 Oct 11
10KW55:4333HillingdonEnfiled League 10K17 Sep 11
10KW56:1751LeicesterJim Sharlott Open Walks/BMAF 10K Championships3 Sep 11
10KW57:29114CroydonSurrey Wc 10K (inc Southern Championships)8 Jan 11
7MW61:1692EnfieldEnfield Open 712 Nov 11
10MW93:0812CoventryRWA National Championships6 Mar 11
20KW1:56:2730LondonUKA 20K Championships30 May 11
20KW1:57:1191HainaultRWA 20K Championships1 May 11
20KW2:10:17+61CoventryBMAF 20K/30K Championships20 Aug 11
30KW3:21:2571CoventryBMAF 20K/30K Championships20 Aug 11
ZXC43:1434014RuislipLondon City Runner Metropolitan League17 Dec 11
ZXC49:4722281Parliament HillLondon Championships19 Nov 11
2010 V50 Barnet
2000W9:56.82Hemel HempsteadSouthern Counties Veterans League Herts & Middlesex12 Jul 10
2000W10:13.33Lee ValleySouthern Counties Veterans League Herts & Middlesex10 May 10
3000W15:15.83Lee ValleyLondon Inter Club Challenge17 Jul 10
3000W15:29.83WoodfordWoodford Green AC with Essex Ladies Open8 Jun 10
3000W15:36.41StevenageHertfordshire County Open (inc 1500m, Relays & Veterans' Championships)3 May 10
3000W15:43.532WoodfordWoodford Green AC with Essex Ladies Open3 Aug 10
3000W15:43.596HendonLondon Inter Club Challenge24 Apr 10
3000W15:47.51OxfordOxford University vs Oxon AA2 Jun 10
3000W15:48.62BromleyB&B 3000 Walk Championships7 Jul 10
3000W15:53.383AAshfordSouthern Senior Inter County Match15 Aug 10
3000W16:15.06i1Lee ValleyBMAF - British Masters Championships & Winter Throws28 Mar 10
5000W26:09.383WoodfordLondon Inter Club Challenge19 Jun 10
10000W55:32.64Battersea ParkVeterans AC & 10K Track Walk Meeting28 Apr 10
5KW26:5721Norman ParkSurrey Walking Club Open 5km11 Aug 10
5KW27:1832BexleyBexley Winter League 5K20 Mar 10
5KW27:4752BexleyBexley Winter League13 Feb 10
5MW43:2031Lee ValleyPat Furey 52 Oct 10
5MW43:5111Battersea ParkVeterans AC 510 Aug 10
5MW45:4711Battersea ParkVeterans AC 5 Walk13 Jul 10
5MW48:5981Battersea ParkVeterans AC 513 Apr 10
10KW54:4072SteyningSteyning Open 10K Road Walk23 Oct 10
10KW55:229CoventryMcCain UK Race Walking Challenge Final11 Sep 10
10MW1:40:14203Picketts LockUKA/RWA National 10M Championships20 Feb 10
20KW1:59:3612London Victoria ParkRWA National 20K Championships11 Apr 10
HMW2:04:1742HillingdonEnglish Race Walking Half Marathon18 Sep 10
30KW3:18:25101CoventryMidland 30K Champs (inc BMAF 30K Champs)14 Aug 10
50KW5:45:196NorthamptonRWA & UKA 50K Championships17 Oct 10
50KW6:09:509Yverdon les Bains, SUIGrand Prix d'Yverdon4 Jul 10
78.5KMR10:52:4810:56:05902142Davos, SUISwiss Alpine Marathon Races31 Jul 10
ZXC36:32115Trent ParkNorth London Championships30 Oct 10
ZWK44:21104EnfieldEnfield Walks League2 Jan 10
ZWK44:256MoultonMoulton Walks12 Jun 10
ZWK60:3053SelsdonAlec Potton 713 Nov 10
ZWK2:48:2342Lee ValleyEnfield Walk League22 May 10
2009 V50 Barnet
15005:18.15i10Lee ValleyBMAF - British Masters Championships7 Mar 09
2000W11:08.81Hemel HempsteadSCVAC League Herts & North Middlesex Division13 Jul 09
3000W15:56.22StevenageHertfordshire County 1500m/Relays/Veterans Championships4 May 09
3000W16:37.725AChelmsfordSEAA Senior Inter County Match9 Aug 09
3000WDQi3Lee ValleyBMAF - British Masters Championships8 Mar 09
5000W28:25.14WoodfordWoodford Green Open1 Sep 09
10000W56:21.56Battersea ParkMiddlesex County 10K29 Apr 09
5KW26:563SelsdonSurrey WC Christmas Cup12 Dec 09
5KW27:0152BexleyCambridge H Winter Walking League6 Dec 09
4MW36:524SelsdonGazette Cup3 Oct 09
10KW54:53141London Victoria ParkLondon Open 5/10K1 Feb 09
10KW56:09133SelsdonSurrey Walking Club Open 10K10 Jan 09
10KW56:1152SteyningSteyning Open 10K24 Oct 09
10KW56:1811CoventryMolly Barnet Open (inc CAU Inter Counties Championships)4 Apr 09
10KW57:57153LeicesterJim Sharlott 10K (inc RWA / UKA / BMAF Champs)5 Sep 09
7MW63:507Lee ValleyEnfield League (inc Enfield Open 7)14 Nov 09
10MW94:162SelsdonSurrey Walking Club Open 10M28 Feb 09
20KW2:09:4241SimisterR & Z Smith Memorial 20K19 Sep 09
20KW2:13:327Lea ValleyEnfield 20K15 Aug 09
ZWK56:1752TamworthMidland Winter League22 Nov 09
2008 V50 Barnet
SHORT5M30:448London Victoria ParkChingford League16 Feb 08
ZRDL35:3344L1AldershotSouthern 12 Stage Relays6 Apr 08
ZXC47:53903Alton TowersEnglish National Championships23 Feb 08
2007 V50 Barnet
2000W10:38.12AshfordSCVAC Track & Field League Final19 Aug 07
2000W11:11.6350HendonHerts and North Middlesex Vets League2 Jul 07
10M65:406St. AlbansFred Hughes 1021 Jan 07
Total Performances: 365
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