Hamed (Mo) Agboke

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Club:Hercules Wimbledon
Age Group:V35
Lead Coach:Unknown

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2022 V35 Hercules Wimbledon
20025.411EwellSouthern Counties Veterans League South London Division23 May 22
40054.594KingstonSurrey County Championships15 May 22
2021 V35 Hercules Wimbledon
10012.611KingstonSouthern Counties Veterans League - South London Division14 Jun 21
40055.41BCarshaltonSouthern Athletics League - South West London20 Jun 21
40056.811KingstonSouthern Counties Veterans League - South London Division14 Jun 21
2019 V35 Hercules Wimbledon
20025.82w2.33BBromleySouthern Athletics League Division 3SE13 Apr 19
40053.031CTooting BecHerne Hill Harriers Open24 Aug 19
40053.71ATooting BecSouthern Athletics League Division 3SE17 Aug 19
40053.9414Parliament HillCity of London / Highgate Harriers Open Meeting11 Sep 19
40054.41BWorthingSouthern Athletics League Division 3SE13 Jul 19
40054.683KingstonSurrey County Championships12 May 19
40054.825KingstonRosenheim League Final21 Aug 19
40055.01nsGuildfordSouthern Athletics League Division 3SE15 Jun 19
40055.02Tooting BecRosenheim League Eastern Division17 Jul 19
40055.541KingstonSurrey & Sussex County Masters Championships2 Jun 19
40055.644BatterseaRosenheim League Eastern Division8 May 19
40056.41BWimbledonSouthern Counties Veterans' League South London Division29 Apr 19
40057.122BBromleySouthern Athletics League Division 3SE13 Apr 19
40060.95WimbledonRosenheim League Eastern Division5 Jun 19
8002:21.93214Doha, QATIAAF World Championships Media Race4 Oct 19
SP7.26K9.162BTooting BecSouthern Athletics League Division 3SE17 Aug 19
2018 SEN Hercules Wimbledon
10012.35nsWimbledonSouthern Athletics League Division 3SE20 May 18
10012.41nsWimbledonRosenheim League Division East6 Jun 18
20024.76nsWimbledonSouthern Athletics League Division 3SE20 May 18
20025.33WimbledonRosenheim League Division East6 Jun 18
20025.311nsCroydonRosenheim League Division East23 May 18
20025.41AWaltonSouthern Counties Veterans' League South London Division11 Jun 18
40054.713BKingstonKinnaird Sward Trophy21 Apr 18
40056.32ATwickenhamSouthern Athletics League Division 3SE23 Jun 18
40058.173ACroydonRosenheim League Division East23 May 18
SP7.26K8.943ATwickenhamSouthern Athletics League Division 3SE23 Jun 18
2017 SEN Hercules Wimbledon
40052.438h1KingstonSurrey County Championships14 May 17
40052.641BDartfordSweatshop Southern Athletics League Division 3SE21 May 17
40053.01CroydonRosenheim League East Division24 May 17
40053.161nsBatterseaRosenheim League East Division10 May 17
40053.2132NewhamNewham Network Open Series7 May 17
40054.61nsBatterseaRosenheim League East Division28 Jun 17
parkrun20:2939BurgessBurgess parkrun # 25430 Sep 17
parkrun20:5944BurgessBurgess parkrun # 25828 Oct 17
parkrun21:0137BurgessBurgess parkrun # 2557 Oct 17
parkrun21:2956BurgessBurgess parkrun # 2502 Sep 17
parkrun21:3755BurgessBurgess parkrun # 2519 Sep 17
parkrun21:4047BurgessBurgess parkrun # 25721 Oct 17
parkrun21:4282BurgessBurgess parkrun # 2594 Nov 17
parkrun21:4870BurgessBurgess parkrun # 25323 Sep 17
parkrun23:3186BurgessBurgess parkrun # 24926 Aug 17
2016 SEN Hercules Wimbledon
40052.01AWimbledonSweatshop Southern Athletics League Division 3SE22 May 16
40052.162CroydonRosenheim League East Division25 May 16
40052.594h1KingstonSurrey County Championships15 May 16
40053.561BatterseaRosenheim League East Division11 May 16
40053.7543WimbledonHercules Wimbledon Sprint & Middle Distance Open27 Apr 16
40054.247KingstonSurrey County Championships15 May 16
2015 SEN Hercules Wimbledon
40052.542ns1BatterseaRosenheim League Division East1 Jul 15
40053.2332KingstonRosenheim League Final12 Aug 15
40053.2824WimbledonRosenheim League Division East10 Jun 15
40053.385h2KingstonSurrey County Championships24 May 15
40054.642CroydonRosenheim League Division East27 May 15
40064.25AKingstonSweatshop Southern Athletics League Division 3SW15 Aug 15
110H23.83BKingstonSweatshop Southern Athletics League Division 3SW15 Aug 15
110H23.91AHorshamSweatshop Southern Athletics League Division 3SW31 May 15
110H24.24AWimbledonSweatshop Southern Athletics League Division 3SW20 Jun 15
400H65.83AWimbledonSweatshop Southern Athletics League Division 3SW20 Jun 15
2014 SEN Hercules Wimbledon
40051.541AWimbledonSoleus Southern Men's League Division 1C3 May 14
40051.863AKingstonKinnaird & Sward Trophies26 Apr 14
40051.91BTootingSoleus Southern Men's League Division 1C12 Jul 14
40052.3322Tooting BecHerne Hill Harriers Open Meeting5 May 14
40052.483AEtonSoleus Southern Men's League Playoff Match2 Aug 14
40052.52Tooting BecRosenheim League East Division23 Jul 14
40052.623Tooting BecRosenheim League Final13 Aug 14
40052.642ATooting BecSoleus Southern Men's League Division 1C21 Jun 14
40053.23Battersea ParkRosenheim League East Division14 May 14
TJ10.863Battersea ParkRosenheim League East Division2 Jul 14
TJ10.363BTootingSoleus Southern Men's League Division 1C12 Jul 14
2013 SEN Hercules Wimbledon
607.33i22.9CarshaltonSouth London Athletics Network Indoor Open6 Jan 13
607.36i31.16Crystal PalaceCrystal Palace Indoor 60m Open16 Jan 13
607.38i12.6Crystal PalaceCrystal Palace Indoor 60m Open16 Jan 13
20023.44ACarshaltonSouthern Men's League Division 1 C15 Jun 13
20024.05ns3Battersea ParkRosenheim League East Division3 Jul 13
20024.1463Mile EndBetter Athletics Mile End Open5 Aug 13
40050.874h2KingstonSurrey County Championships26 May 13
40051.01AHorshamSouthern Men's League Division 1 C18 May 13
40051.6022Crystal PalaceCrystal Palace Open Meeting1 May 13
40051.8615WoodfordWoodford Green Open27 Aug 13
40052.0521Tooting BecHerne Hill Harriers Open (incl Surrey 10000m Championships)24 Aug 13
40052.111Parliament HillHighgate Harriers/City of London Open Meeting10 Apr 13
40052.12BKingstonKinnaird & Sward Trophies27 Apr 13
40052.31CroydonRosenheim League East Division29 May 13
40052.84AMile EndSouthern Men's League Division 1 C4 May 13
40052.93Tooting BecRosenheim League East Division25 Jul 13
40053.42ATooting BecHerne Hill Harriers Open Meeting27 Jul 13
40053.433Battersea ParkRosenheim League East Division15 May 13
40054.407KingstonSurrey County Championships26 May 13
8002:13.4215Moscow, RUSIAAF World Championships media race15 Aug 13
2012 SEN Hercules Wimbledon
607.37i12.21CarshaltonSouth London Athletics Network Open8 Jan 12
607.38i52.2Crystal PalaceCrystal Palace Indoor 60m Open19 Dec 12
607.39i43.2CarshaltonSouth London Athletics Network Indoor Open12 Dec 12
607.39i21.4Crystal PalaceCrystal Palace Indoor 60m Open30 Dec 12
607.40i31.28CarshaltonSouth London Athletics Network Open8 Jan 12
607.41i32.3Crystal PalaceCrystal Palace Indoor 60m Open30 Dec 12
607.45i41.1Crystal PalaceCrystal Palace Indoor 60m Open24 Nov 12
607.45i42.1Crystal PalaceCrystal Palace Indoor 60m Open24 Nov 12
607.52i41.3CarshaltonSouth London Athletics Network Indoor Open12 Dec 12
607.52i42.3CarshaltonSouth London Athletics Network Indoor Open12 Dec 12
40050.822ATooting BecHerne Hill Harriers Open18 Aug 12
40050.831Tooting BecRosenheim League Finals15 Aug 12
40050.92ABedford (Match 2)Southern Men's League Division 119 May 12
40050.9422HendonLondon Inter-Club Challenge25 Aug 12
40050.971Battersea ParkRosenheim League East Division4 Jul 12
40051.042BTooting BecHerne Hill Harriers Open21 Jul 12
40051.302ATooting BecHerne Hill Harriers Open4 Jun 12
40051.3031Parliament HillHighgate Late Season Open12 Sep 12
40051.32ACarshalton (Match 2)Southern Men's League Division 130 Jun 12
40051.41Tooting BecRosenheim League East Division25 Jul 12
40051.51CroydonRosenheim League East Division30 May 12
40051.52Tooting BecRosenheim League East Division13 Jun 12
40051.653ATooting BecHerne Hill Harriers Spring Open14 Apr 12
40051.71Battersea ParkRosenheim League East Division16 May 12
40051.81BKingstonSouthern Men's League Division 19 Jun 12
40051.934AKingstonKinnaird & Sward Trophies21 Apr 12
40052.73ACarshalton (Match 1)Southern Men's League Division 128 Jul 12
40054.5474WoodfordWoodford Green Open11 Sep 12
2011 SEN Hercules Wimbledon
10011.93-0.64ns2Kingston Sward & Kinnaird Trophies23 Apr 11
10012.03-1.129Tooting BecHerne Hill Harriers Open23 Jul 11
40051.311AWoodfordSouthern Men's League Division 113 Aug 11
40051.471CrawleyCrawley AC Tom Lintern Medal Meeting29 Aug 11
40051.832Woking Woking Open3 Aug 11
40051.92BWokingSouthern Men's League Division 130 Jul 11
40052.3031WoodfordLondon Inter Club Challenge20 Aug 11
40052.423ns1KingstonRosenheim League Final10 Aug 11
40052.6331Tooting BecHerne Hill Harriers Open27 Aug 11
40052.775AKingston Sward & Kinnaird Trophies23 Apr 11
40052.9662Tooting BecHerne Hill Harriers Open23 Jul 11
40053.02BWokingSouthern Men's League Division 121 May 11
40053.02Tooting BecRosenheim League East Division20 Jul 11
40053.13BWimbledonSouthern Men's League Division 17 May 11
2009 SEN Hercules Wimbledon
40052.84AKingstonSouthern Men's League Division 12 May 09
40052.92BKingstonSouthern Men's League Division 16 Jun 09
2008 SEN Hercules Wimbledon
40051.50HendonLondon Inter Club Challenge26 Apr 08
40052.2CroydonRosenheim League Eastern Division21 May 08
2007 SEN Hercules Wimbledon
40051.2GuildfordSouthern Men's League Division 22 Jun 07
40051.8Battersea ParkRosenheim League East Div M12 May 07
40052.0Tooting BecRosenheim League6 Jun 07
40052.1ElthamSouthern Men's League Div 2 (4)19 May 07
40052.3IlfordSouthern Men's League Div 2 (2)5 May 07
40052.3Tooting BecRosenheim League - Eastern Division4 Jul 07
40052.4KingstonSouthern Men's League Div 2 (4)23 Jun 07
40052.6KingstonKinniard & Sward Trophies14 Apr 07
2006 SEN Hercules Wimbledon
40051.03WaltonSouthern Men's League Division 222 Jul 06
Total Performances: 148
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