Jennifer Sabine

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Club:Royal Air Force
Age Group:SEN
Region:South West
Nation:Unknown UK Nation
Lead Coach:Dave Chanter2019-
Previous Lead:Caroline Lawson-2015

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2019 U23 Tavistock Run Project
300011:27.921PlymouthDevon Open Series28 Apr 19
300011:28.016ExeterDevon County Championships12 May 19
1.1MMT6:305L4TavistockTavistock Town Relays (4 x 1.1M)18 Jul 19
1.1MMT6:347L1TavistockTavistock Town Relays (4 x 1.1M)18 Jul 19
3KMTL13:3730L38KennfordHaldon Relay (4 x 3K)14 Jun 19
4KL15:5343L44ExeterRun Exe Relays (4 x 4K)17 May 19
4.9KXC22:301913RedruthCharles Stanley Westward League3 Mar 19
5K20:20232TavistockTavy 5K20 Apr 19
5KXC22:167657ExeterCharles Stanley Westward League (incl Devon County Championships)1 Dec 19
5.04KXC23:047552NewquayCharles Stanley Westward League (inc. Cornwall County Championships)10 Nov 19
5.6KXC24:4116Westward Ho!Charles Stanley Westward League13 Jan 19
5.69KXC26:403423StoverCharles Stanley Westward League10 Feb 19
5.7KXC26:385336PlymouthCharles Stanley Westward League6 Oct 19
2018 U23 Tavistock
300011:24.68PlymouthDevon Open Series22 Apr 18
300011:33.843ExeterDevon County Championships13 May 18
300011:38.0811TavistockDevon Open Series12 Aug 18
300011:42.611PlymouthPlymouth Spring Warm Up Meeting1 Apr 18
1.1MMTL6:296L4TavistockTavistock Town Relays (4 x 1.1M)19 Jul 18
3KLNT60L424GoodringtonTorbay Regatta Relays (4 x 3K)24 Aug 18
4KL15:4631L34ExeterRun Exe Relays (4 x 4K)15 Jun 18
4.9KXC22:582013RedruthWestward League4 Mar 18
4.99KXC21:5432NewquayCornwall County Championships (Inc Charles Stanley Westward League)11 Nov 18
5K19:5691Tavistock5Kool Run 5K17 Feb 18
5K20:42123TavistockTavy 5K15 Sep 18
5KXC19:514931ExeterCharles Stanley Westward League (Inc Devon County Championships)2 Dec 18
5.2KXC24:442414PlymouthWestward League11 Feb 18
5.28KXC24:15418YeovilSouth West Inter County Championships7 Jan 18
5.34KXC22:584327PlymouthCharles Stanley Westward League7 Oct 18
8KXC43:33232LoughboroughCAU Inter County Championships (Inc British Athletics Cross Challenge)10 Mar 18
10K42:5943:0012533GloucesterGloucester 10K28 Oct 18
ZXC23:2716Westward Ho!Westward League14 Jan 18
2017 U20 Tavistock
8002:45.002TavistockDevon Open Series - no long throws11 Jun 17
8002:45.4363PlymouthDevon Open Series16 Jul 17
15005:26.923PlymouthDevon Open Series16 Jul 17
Mile5:55.961TavistockDevon Open Series - no long throws11 Jun 17
300011:22.935BrauntonDevon Open Series13 Aug 17
300011:36.125ExeterDevon County Championships14 May 17
300011:42.556BrauntonDevon Open Series23 Apr 17
300011:49.66PlymouthPlymouth Spring Warm Up Meeting2 Apr 17
1.1MMTL6:171L2TavistockTavistock Town Relays (4 x 1.1M)13 Jul 17
4.9KXC22:4624RedruthWestward League25 Mar 17
4.99KXC21:1817NewquayWestward League (Inc Cornwall Championships)12 Nov 17
5K19:31131Tavistock5Kool Run 5K18 Nov 17
5K20:2642Tavistock5Kool Run 5K16 Sep 17
5K20:50142Tavistock5Kool Run 5K21 Jan 17
5KXC19:4131Newton AbbotWestward League12 Feb 17
5.6KXC27:5630Westward Ho!Westward League (Inc Gliddon & Squire North Devon League)15 Jan 17
5.7KXC25:545213ExeterSouth West Inter County Championships8 Jan 17
5.9KXC25:0723ExeterWestward League (Inc Devon County Championships)3 Dec 17
6KXC27:56127LoughboroughCAU Inter County Championships (Inc British Athletics Cross Challenge)11 Mar 17
ZXC25:0843Newton AbbotWestward League8 Oct 17
2016 U20 Tavistock
8002:54.141TavistockDevon Open Series10 Jul 16
8002:54.3252PlymouthDevon Open Series24 Apr 16
8002:57.342PlymouthPlymouth Spring Warm Up Meeting3 Apr 16
15005:34.4014ExeterBMC Regional Races31 May 16
300012:00.641TavistockDevon Open Series10 Jul 16
300012:10.961ExeterDevon Schools Championships11 Jun 16
300012:13.804ExeterESAA South West Schools Inter-County Championships18 Jun 16
300012:17.1582ExeterDevon County Championships15 May 16
300012:36.851nsExeterSouth West League Combined Cup Match31 Jul 16
300012:42.45PlymouthPlymouth Spring Warm Up Meeting3 Apr 16
300012:47.237PlymouthDevon Open Series24 Apr 16
500022:46.408ExeterSouth West Inter County Championships7 Aug 16
2.5ML16:5238L24IvybridgeErme Valley Relays (4 x 2.5)1 Jul 16
4.9KXC24:2734RedruthFrank Elford Sports Westward League20 Mar 16
4.99KXC22:5459NewquayWestward League (Inc Cornwall Championships)13 Nov 16
5K21:29111Tavistock5Kool Run 5K16 Jul 16
5K22:00142Tavistock5Kool Run 5K20 Feb 16
5K22:45427PlymouthArmada Athletics Network 5K Series13 Apr 16
5KXC21:2864ExeterWestward League (Inc Devon Championships)4 Dec 16
5KXC23:4243StoverFrank Elford Sports Westward League14 Feb 16
parkrun23:102431PlymvalleyPlymvalley parkrun # 20123 Jul 16
parkrun23:51291PlymvalleyPlymvalley parkrun # 2111 Oct 16
5.2KXC25:1655PlymouthWestward League9 Oct 16
6KXC28:58133BirminghamCAU Inter County Championships (Inc British Athletics Cross Challenge)12 Mar 16
ZXC19:3219Newton AbbottDevon Schools' Championships16 Jan 16
ZXC29:2844Westward Ho!Frank Elford Sports Westward League10 Jan 16
2015 U20 Tavistock
40075.761BrauntonDevon Open Series9 Aug 15
40077.072PlymouthDevon Open Series12 Jul 15
8002:47.93PlymouthPlymouth Evening Open15 Jul 15
8002:52.321BrauntonDevon Open Series9 Aug 15
8002:53.511BrauntonDevon Open Series26 Apr 15
8002:56.051PlymouthCity of Plymouth Spring Warm Up Meeting5 Apr 15
8002:56.571TavistockDevon Open Series7 Jun 15
8003:00.291PlymouthDevon Open Series12 Jul 15
10003:49.52PlymouthPlymouth Evening Open17 Jun 15
15005:50.21BrauntonDevon Open Series9 Aug 15
15006:03.151TavistockDevon Open Series7 Jun 15
15006:08.013PlymouthCity of Plymouth Spring Warm Up Meeting5 Apr 15
Mile6:43.111BrauntonDevon Open Series26 Apr 15
300013:10.202ExeterSouth West League Combined Cup Match2 Aug 15
300013:12.721PlymouthDevon Open Series12 Jul 15
1.1ML7:0347L16TavistockTavistock Town Relays (4 x 1.1M)16 Jul 15
1.1ML7:2049L48TavistockTavistock Town Relays (4 x 1.1M)16 Jul 15
3K13:06295PlymouthArmada Athletics Network 3K Series14 Oct 15
3K13:39376PlymouthArmada Athletics Network 3K Series11 Nov 15
3K13:57386PlymouthArmada Athletics Network 3K Series9 Dec 15
5K22:38156Tavistock5Kool Run 5K21 Nov 15
5K24:287512PlymouthArmada Athletics Network 5K Series10 Jun 15
5K24:446014PlymouthArmada Athletics Network 5K Series9 Sep 15
5K25:03587PlymouthArmada Athletics Network 5K Series13 May 15
5K25:18445PlymouthArmada Athletics Network 5K Series8 Apr 15
5K25:238717PlymouthArmada Athletics Network 5K Series8 Jul 15
5KXC23:37706ExeterFrank Elford Sports Westward League (inc Devon County Championships)6 Dec 15
parkrun25:10461PlymvalleyPlymvalley parkrun # 13923 May 15
5.2KXC26:2562PlymouthFrank Elford Sports Westward League11 Oct 15
ZXC26:51558Bovey TraceyBrooks Westward League8 Feb 15
ZXC27:3173NewquayFrank Elford Sports Westward League inc. Cornwall County Championships)8 Nov 15
ZXC31:01547BidefordBrooks Westward League11 Jan 15
ZXC33:1710BictonSouth West Inter County Championships20 Dec 15
2014 U17 Tavistock
8002:48.608BTavistockBMC Regional Races29 Jul 14
8002:56.288BTavistockBMC Regional Races27 May 14
8002:58.952TavistockDevon Open Series8 Jun 14
8003:01.101PlymouthDevon Open Series13 Jul 14
8003:01.947BExeterBMC Regional Races26 Aug 14
8003:02.43ParSouth West League Division 211 May 14
8003:03.913TavistockDevon Open Series10 Aug 14
8003:04.92BrauntonDevon Open Series4 May 14
8003:06.046PlymouthSouth West League Division 220 Jul 14
15006:02.663TavistockDevon Open Series8 Jun 14
15006:05.712TavistockDevon Open Series10 Aug 14
15006:30.9115PlymouthCity of Plymouth Spring Warm Up Meeting6 Apr 14
Mile6:46.391PlymouthDevon Open Series13 Jul 14
Mile7:01.21BrauntonDevon Open Series4 May 14
300014:22.084PlymouthSouth West League Division 220 Jul 14
3K13:35307PlymouthArmada Athletics Network 3K Series10 Dec 14
3K14:29379PlymouthArmada Athletics Network 3K Series8 Oct 14
5K25:22559PlymouthArmada Athletics Network 5K Series11 Jun 14
5K25:27619PlymouthArmada Athletics Network 5K Series13 Aug 14
5K26:137518PlymouthArmada Athletics Network 5K Series9 Jul 14
5K26:586215PlymouthArmada Athletics Network 5K Series14 May 14
5K27:016614PlymouthArmada Athletics Network 5K Series9 Apr 14
5K27:208124PlymouthArmada Athletics Network 5K Series10 Sep 14
parkrun28:5783PlymvalleyPlymvalley parkrun # 11222 Nov 14
ZXC22:3740AbbotshamDevon Schools' Championships18 Jan 14
ZXC22:567017ExeterBrooks Westward League (inc Devon County Championships)7 Dec 14
ZXC27:068811NewquayBrooks Westward League (inc Cornwall AA County Championships)9 Nov 14
ZXC32:1010817PlymouthBrooks Westward League12 Oct 14
2013 U17 Tavistock
20032.92BrauntonDevon Open Series5 May 13
30052.62BrauntonDevon Open Series5 May 13
8002:53.33YeovilSouth West League Division 27 Jul 13
8002:59.23YeovilSouth West League Division 21 Sep 13
8003:03.01TavistockDevon Open Series2 Jun 13
8003:05.22PlymouthDevon Open Series28 Jul 13
8003:06.614ExeterSouth West League Cup4 Aug 13
15006:11.210BrauntonDevon Open Series5 May 13
15006:11.22ExeterSouth West League Division 221 Jul 13
15006:11.441ExeterSouth West League Division 212 May 13
Mile6:54.61TavistockDevon Open Series2 Jun 13
300013:35.41PlymouthDevon Open Series28 Jul 13
300013:38.472ExeterSouth West League Cup4 Aug 13
300013:48.17PlymouthPlymouth Evening Open5 Jun 13
300013:52.91YeovilSouth West League Division 27 Jul 13
300014:37.72YeovilSouth West League Division 21 Sep 13
3K14:046011PlymouthArmada Athletics Network 3K Series9 Oct 13
3K14:385212PlymouthArmada Athletics Network 3K Series13 Nov 13
3K15:47732020PlymouthArmada Athletics Network 3K Series11 Dec 13
5K24:46407PlymouthArmada Athletics Network 5K Series12 Jun 13
5K24:53446PlymouthArmada Athletics Network 5K Series10 Jul 13
5K25:02477PlymouthArmada Athletics Network 5K8 May 13
5K28:074210SaltramArmada Athletics Network 5K10 Apr 13
ZXC22:4833PlymouthDevon Schools' Championships19 Jan 13
2012 U15 Tamar
5K26:11519PlymouthArmada Athletics Network 5K15 Aug 12
5K26:176712PlymouthArmada Athletics Network 5K11 Jul 12
5K27:247822PlymouthArmada Athletics Network 5K12 Jun 12
parkrun26:00221PlymvalleyPlymvalley parkrun # 627 Oct 12
parkrun26:03241PlymvalleyPlymvalley parkrun # 810 Nov 12
ZXC19:4521ExeterBrooks Westward League (Inc Devon County Champs)2 Dec 12
ZXC20:3220RedruthBrooks Westward League14 Oct 12
ZXC21:2322NewquayBrooks Westward League (inc Cornwall County Championships)4 Nov 12
2011 U15 Tamar
parkrun28:54501KillertonKillerton parkrun # 2515 Oct 11
ZXC22:3523ExeterBrooks Westward League (Inc Devon County Champs)4 Dec 11
Total Performances: 172
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