Jamie Ford

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Club:Liverpool H
Age Group:U20
Region:North West
Lead Coach:Lynn Webb

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2020 U20 Liverpool H
parkrun17:2711Fell FootFell Foot parkrun # 2628 Feb 20
parkrun17:3521Fell FootFell Foot parkrun # 25918 Jan 20
parkrun18:1421Sutton ManorSutton Manor parkrun # 611 Jan 20
6KXC22:119Stadt Moors ParkMerseyside County Championships4 Jan 20
6KXC24:25157LoughboroughCAU Inter County Championships (Inc British Athletics Cross Challenge)7 Mar 20
6.2KXC22:3591BedaleNorthern Counties Championships25 Jan 20
6.7KXC24:31219Sefton ParkNew Balance ESAA English Schools' Championships14 Mar 20
6.7KXC26:56159Wollaton ParkECCA Saucony English National Championships22 Feb 20
2019 U17 Liverpool H
15004:29.474LiverpoolMerseyside County Championships11 May 19
15004:32.62BebingtonMerseyside County Schools Championships8 Jun 19
3KXCL10:3434L3MansfieldECCA Saucony English National Relay Championships2 Nov 19
3.7KL12:145L3ManchesterNorthern Counties Young Athletes Relays15 Sep 19
3.88KL12:5614L3Sutton ParkERRA National Young Athlete Relays6 Oct 19
5K17:3728BirkenheadNorthern Counties U15 / U17 5K Championships24 Mar 19
parkrun17:4111Fell FootFell Foot parkrun # 24916 Nov 19
parkrun17:5521Fell FootFell Foot parkrun # 24626 Oct 19
parkrun18:013Fell FootFell Foot parkrun # 23510 Aug 19
parkrun18:1211Fell FootFell Foot parkrun # 24228 Sep 19
parkrun18:2611Sutton ManorSutton Manor parkrun # 17 Dec 19
5.5KXC20:4593Sefton ParkBritish Athletics Cross Challenge (inc Euro Trials, L&D and Mid Lancs leagues)23 Nov 19
6KXC22:29234LoughboroughCAU Inter County Championships (Inc British Athletics Cross Challenge)9 Mar 19
6KXC23:313030Wythenshawe ParkManchester Area League12 Oct 19
2018 U17 Liverpool H
8002:25.9312BirminghamISA National Championships19 Jun 18
15004:23.11LiverpoolMerseyside Young Athletes Open1 Aug 18
15004:24.1313StretfordTrafford AC Grand Prix Open24 Jul 18
15004:25.081BLiverpoolUK Youth Development U17/U20 League Division North Premier 127 May 18
15004:28.65113StretfordTrafford AC Grand Prix Open26 Jun 18
15004:28.803BirminghamISA National Championships19 Jun 18
15004:31.31BebingtonMerseyside County Schools Championships9 Jun 18
15004:32.385ACarlisleUK Youth Development U17/U20 League Division North Premier 129 Apr 18
15004:35.952BebingtonWirral AC Open15 Apr 18
15004:36.85152StretfordTrafford AC Grand Prix Open12 Jun 18
15004:45.011LiverpoolMerseyside County Championships12 May 18
30009:49.594ACarlisleUK Youth Development U17/U20 League Division North Premier 129 Apr 18
30009:50.061LiverpoolMerseyside County Championships12 May 18
300010:00.831WiganWigan Harriers Spring Open8 Apr 18
300010:03.895ALiverpoolUK Youth Development U17/U20 League Division North Premier 127 May 18
2.3KXCL7:4410L2SheffieldNorthern Counties Relay Championships20 Oct 18
3KXCL10:4367L2MansfieldECCA Saucony English National Relay Championships3 Nov 18
3.7KL12:317L2ManchesterNorthern Counties Young Athletes Relays23 Sep 18
3.88KL13:1521L2Sutton ParkERRA National Young Athlete Relays6 Oct 18
4KXC16:19112HarewoodNorthern Counties Championships27 Jan 18
4.5KXC18:01204Parliament HillECCA Saucony English National Championships24 Feb 18
4.5KXC21:33220LoughboroughCAU Inter County Championships (Inc British Athletics Cross Challenge)10 Mar 18
5K17:2610BirkenheadNorthern Counties U15 / U17 5K Championships25 Mar 18
5KMT18:5521St HelensDream Trail 5K / 10K2 Sep 18
parkrun17:2231Fell FootFell Foot parkrun # 19129 Sep 18
parkrun18:1621Fell FootFell Foot parkrun # 19527 Oct 18
parkrun19:0341Fell FootFell Foot parkrun # 16631 Mar 18
5.2KXC21:28304LeedsNew Balance ESAA English Schools' Championships17 Mar 18
6.2KL10:489L3DelamereNorth West Road Relays8 Sep 18
2017 U15 Liverpool H
2KXCL7:2484L1MansfieldECCA Saucony English National Relay Championships4 Nov 17
2KXCL8:1221L3SheffieldNorthern Counties Relay Championships21 Oct 17
3KL12:1230L2ManchesterNorthern Counties Young Athletes Relays16 Sep 17
3KXC11:2384LiverpoolBritish Athletics Cross Challenge (inc European Trials, Liverpool & District League & Mid Lancs League)25 Nov 17
3.88KL14:1159L1Sutton ParkERRA National Young Athlete Relays7 Oct 17
4KXC13:3880NorwichNew Balance ESAA English Schools' Championships18 Mar 17
4KXC13:592BirkenheadMerseyside Schools' Championships4 Feb 17
4KXC15:062St HelensMerseyside County Championships7 Jan 17
4KXC16:1178Knowsley ParkNorthern Championships28 Jan 17
4.2KXC15:0817WythenshaweManchester Area League14 Jan 17
4.4KXC16:5916Boggart Hole CloughManchester Area League11 Nov 17
4.5KXC16:48158NottinghamECCA Saucony English National Championships25 Feb 17
4.5KXC17:59179LoughboroughCAU Inter County Championships (Inc British Athletics Cross Challenge)11 Mar 17
4.97KXC20:2221Heaton ParkManchester Area League14 Oct 17
5K17:5721BlackpoolNorthern U15-17 5K Championship Challenge & Open Race25 Mar 17
2016 U15 Liverpool H
8002:36.26ASpinkhillUK Youth Development U13/U15 League Division North Premier 123 Apr 16
15004:53.36ALiverpoolUK Youth Development U13/U15 League Division North Premier 116 Jul 16
15004:56.85BebingtonMerseyside County Championships14 May 16
15004:57.73BPrestonUK Youth Development U13/U15 League Division North Premier 121 May 16
15005:35.04BSportcityUK Youth Development U13/U15 League Division North Premier 119 Jun 16
2KXCL7:26373MansfieldECCA Saucony English National Relay Championships5 Nov 16
2KXCL7:4624L1SheffieldNorthern Counties Relay Championships22 Oct 16
3KXC10:2942LiverpoolBritish Athletics Cross Challenge (inc European Trials)26 Nov 16
3.1KL10:2415L3ManchesterNorthern Counties Young Athletes Relays25 Sep 16
3.5KXC21:2728Arrowe ParkMerseyside County Schools' Championships6 Feb 16
4.2KXC18:328ManchesterManchester Area League3 Dec 16
parkrun18:5312Fell FootFell Foot parkrun # 9017 Sep 16
parkrun19:0271Fell FootFell Foot parkrun # 9629 Oct 16
parkrun19:529Fell FootFell Foot parkrun # 921 Oct 16
ZRDL13:059L3DelamereNorth West Road Relays10 Sep 16
ZXC17:1610WythenshaweManchester Area League15 Oct 16
2015 U13 Liverpool H
8002:37.04BebingtonMerseyside County Championships23 May 15
8002:42.35APrestonUK Youth Development U13/U15 League Division North Premier 130 May 15
8002:42.83BSheffieldUK Youth Development U13/U15 League Division North Premier 12 May 15
JT4005.996BSheffieldUK Youth Development U13/U15 League Division North Premier 12 May 15
2.8KL11:1214L1Edge Hill UniversityNorth West Road Relays12 Sep 15
3KXC13:2726Sherdley ParkManchester Area League7 Nov 15
3.2KL12:3426L1BlackpoolNorthern Young Athletes Road Relays19 Sep 15
ZXC17:5335Heaton ParkManchester Area League10 Jan 15
2014 U13 Liverpool H
8002:50.86BSportcityUK Youth Development U13/U15 League Division Northern Premier 13 May 14
8002:57.46APrestonUK Youth Development U13/U15 League Division Northern Premier 119 Jul 14
8003:02.97LiverpoolLiverpool Harriers Ernie Gallagher Memorial Medal Meeting13 Apr 14
15005:48.94BebingtonMerseyside County Championships17 May 14
LJ2.368LiverpoolLiverpool Harriers Ernie Gallagher Memorial Medal Meeting13 Apr 14
ZXC8:4431Boggart Hole CloughManchester Area League12 Jan 14
2013 U11 St. Helens Sutton
6002:08.53ABAshton under LyneCheshire League21 Apr 13
ZXC6:248WavertreeMerseyside Schools' Championships2 Feb 13
ZXC7:545LiverpoolMerseyside County Championships5 Jan 13
ZXC11:1634Sherdley ParkManchester Area League7 Dec 13
ZXC11:3220Boggart Hole CloughManchester Area League13 Jan 13
ZXC14:3631Woodbank ParkManchester Area League10 Nov 13
2012 U11 St. Helens Sutton
7512.32DConnah's QuayCheshire League2 Sep 12
7513.44DAshton-Under-LyneCheshire League22 Apr 12
7513.65BMacclesfieldCheshire League8 Jul 12
6002:06.16ABMacclesfieldCheshire League8 Jul 12
6002:09.595LiverpoolMerseyside County Championships12 May 12
6002:11.38ABConnah's QuayCheshire League2 Sep 12
6002:18.76CDAshton-Under-LyneCheshire League22 Apr 12
LJ2.643BConnah's QuayCheshire League2 Sep 12
LJ2.563nsAshton-Under-LyneCheshire League22 Apr 12
ZXC5:09 5Crossford BridgeYoung Athletes 'Over the Bales' XC1 Apr 12
ZXC8:527154LiverpoolMcCain UK Cross Challenge Series24 Nov 12
ZXC10:0713St HelensManchester Area League10 Nov 12
ZXC10:4721ManchesterManchester Area League1 Dec 12
2011 U11 St. Helens Sutton
6002:23.23CDSalfordCheshire League4 Sep 11
Total Performances: 116
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