Dorothy Hyman

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Club:Dorothy Hyman TC/Barnsley AC
Age Group:V75
Lead Coach:Unknown
Previous Lead:Dennis Watts-1969

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Fifty years on, Dorothy remains Britain’s finest ever female 100m runner. In 1960, when still a teenager and assumed to be an outsider she won Olympic 100m silver and 200m bronze. European and Commonwealth 100m champion in 1962 she had her best year in ’63 when World’s number one at 100m and just a tenth of a second outside Wilma Rudolph’s world record. Dorothy won a third Olympic medal (her eleventh from all major champs) in Tokyo in 1964 helping the 4x100m to bronze before retiring at the age of 23. She made a comeback in 1969 beating most of Britain’s best that year but was unable to compete internationally having accepted money from her autobiography. Holder of GB records at 100m and 200m for twelve years (1962-1974) she won BBC Sports Personality in 1963.

Best known performances

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1958 1960 1962 1963 1964 1969

1969 SEN Dorothy Hyman TC/Barnsley AC
10011.3wdh3.91CastlefordInter Counties Meeting28 Jun 69
10011.51Stretford-5 Jul 69
20023.5wdh1CastlefordInter Counties Meeting28 Jun 69
20023.7-1.71Crystal PalaceWAAA Championships19 Jul 69
1964 SEN Hickleton Main/Barnsley AC
100y10.60.41s1London (WC)WAAA Championships4 Jul 64
10011.540.32q1Tokyo, JPNOlympic Games15 Oct 64
10011.640.51h4Tokyo, JPNOlympic Games15 Oct 64
10011.661.44s2Tokyo, JPNOlympic Games16 Oct 64
10011.90-1.28Tokyo, JPNOlympic Games16 Oct 64
1963 U23 Hickleton Main/Barnsley AC
100y10.51CastlefordYorkshire County Championships18 May 63
100y10.5w1Cardiff (M)WelshG27 Jul 63
10011.30.01Budapest, HUNGreat Britain v Hungary2 Oct 63
10011.31Budapest, HUNGreat Britain v Hungary3 Oct 63
10011.5w1Bochum, GER-1 May 63
10011.5w5.81White CityGreat Britain v Federal Republic of Germany24 Aug 63
10011.5w2.81White CityGreat Britain v Netherlands v Sweden14 Sep 63
10011.51Volgograd, USSRGreat Britain v USSR28 Sep 63
20023.21Budapest, HUNGreat Britain v Hungary3 Oct 63
20023.40.01Volgograd, USSRGreat Britain v USSR29 Sep 63
20023.61Tokyo, JPNPre-Olympic Games Meeting13 Oct 63
20023.7y1Barnsley-8 Jun 63
20023.70.01White CityGreat Britain v Netherlands v Sweden13 Sep 63
20023.8wy4.01White CityGreat Britain v USA3 Aug 63
20023.80.01White CityGreat Britain v Federal Republic of Germany23 Aug 63
1962 U23 Hickleton Main/Barnsley AC
100y10.61.31London (WC)WAAA7 Jul 62
100y10.70.01s1Perth, AUSCommonwealth Games24 Nov 62
100y11.2-5.81Perth, AUSCommonwealth Games26 Nov 62
10011.3w2.31Belgrade, YUGEuropean Championships13 Sep 62
10011.6-0.51h3Belgrade, YUGEuropean Championships12 Sep 62
10011.60.61s2Belgrade, YUGEuropean Championships13 Sep 62
20023.401.81London (WC)BG18 Aug 62
20023.51White CityGreat Britain v Poland4 Aug 62
20023.70.02s2Belgrade, YUGEuropean Championships14 Sep 62
20023.7-2.32Belgrade, YUGEuropean Championships15 Sep 62
20023.91.01h2Belgrade, YUGEuropean Championships14 Sep 62
220y24.00-3.01Perth, AUSCommonwealth Games29 Nov 62
1960 U20 Hickleton Main/Barnsley AC
10011.43w2.82Rome, ITAOlympic Games2 Sep 60
10011.61HullICity-ns23 Jul 60
10011.650.61s2Rome, ITAOlympic Games2 Sep 60
10011.771q4Rome, ITAOlympic Games1 Sep 60
10011.980.01h5Rome, ITAOlympic Games1 Sep 60
20023.81London (WC)BG13 Aug 60
20023.821h5Rome, ITAOlympic Games3 Sep 60
20024.782s2Rome, ITAOlympic Games5 Sep 60
20024.823Rome, ITAOlympic Games5 Sep 60
1958 U20 Hickleton Main/Barnsley AC
10012.31.05s2Stockholm, SWEEuropean Championships20 Aug 58
Total Performances: 46
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