Robert Pinton

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Club:Solihull & Small Heath
Region:West Midlands

Athletes Coached
NameClub AG  Sex  Best Event  Rank  AG  Year  Performance 
Katie AndertonSolihull & Small HeathU17W
Lola BarkerSolihull & Small HeathU17W300068U17202411:06.65
Henry BartonOxford Brookes UniSENM
Connie BateSolihull & Small HeathU15W
Nicole BeardSolihull & Small HeathSENW
Oliver BootSolihull & Small HeathSENM
Sadie BywaterSolihull & Small HeathU13W
Layla CallowSolihull & Small HeathU13W
Alice CollierSolihull & Small HeathSENW
Lois ConduitSolihull & Small HeathU15W
Elvie CoxKnowle & DorridgeSENW
Connie CratesSolihull & Small HeathU17W
Brian CrichtonSolihull & Small HeathSENM
Stuart CrichtonSolihull & Small HeathSENM
Emily DanielsSolihull & Small HeathU13W
Sophia DelaneySolihull & Small HeathU13W
Caitlin DuncanSolihull & Small HeathU13W
Emma EatonSolihull & Small HeathSENW
Dollie FellowsSolihull & Small HeathU17W800342U1520232:28.94
Lola FitterSolihull & Small HeathU15W
Lucy HanningtonSolihull & Small HeathU15W
Alex HealySolihull & Small HeathU11W
Lily HuckerbySolihull & Small HeathU20W
Tom HudsonSolihull & Small HeathSENM
Erin HuxtableSolihull & Small HeathU15W
Abby JamesonSolihull & Small HeathU15W
Rebecca JohnsonSolihull & Small HeathSENW
Chloe JonesSolihull & Small HeathU17W
Darcey JonesSolihull & Small HeathU15W
Lottie JonesSolihull & Small HeathU15W
Thomas MansfieldSolihull & Small HeathSENM
Caitlin McdonaldSolihull & Small HeathSENW
Joseph McLeodSolihull & Small HeathSENM
Katie MladenovicSolihull & Small HeathSENW
Freya MustinSolihull & Small HeathU13W80044U1320242:29.54
Winnie ParkerSolihull & Small HeathU17W
Ruby PhilpsSolihull & Small HeathU11W
Jessica PymSolihull & Small HeathU17WHJ114U1720241.45
Emily RossSolihull & Small HeathU11W
Lily ShieldsSolihull & Small HeathU15W
Lola-May SmeuldersSolihull & Small HeathU20W
Alexander SmithSolihull & Small HeathSENM
Emmie SpencerSolihull & Small HeathU15W1500411U1320235:49.9
Ella SwannSolihull & Small HeathU20W
Cameron WilkinsSolihull & Small HeathSENM
Niamh WilliamsonSolihull & Small HeathU13W

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