Trevor Raggett

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Club:Windsor Slough Eton & Hounslow
Region:South East

Athletes Coached
NameClub AG  Sex  Best Event  Rank  AG  Year  Performance 
Annabel BaileyWindsor Slough Eton & HounslowU15W
Christopher BakerWindsor Slough Eton & HounslowU20M800322U2020212:05.46
Alex BishopWindsor Slough Eton & HounslowU17M3000100U1720219:28.91
Tom ChandlerWindsor Slough Eton & HounslowU20M500041U20202115:54.09
Amy CooperWindsor Slough Eton & HounslowU15W800150U1520212:25.38
Alexander DidaskalouWindsor Slough Eton & HounslowU15M300041U15202110:07.87
Aiden ElfordWindsor Slough Eton & HounslowU15M
Oliver EmmentWindsor Slough Eton & HounslowU17M150046U1720214:08.23
Samuel GoldingWindsor Slough Eton & HounslowU15M
Tia HansfordWindsor Slough Eton & HounslowU20W300095U17202011:46.70
Evan HardyWindsor Slough Eton & HounslowU15M1500111U1320205:16.42
Marcus HibbinsWindsor Slough Eton & HounslowU15M300068U15202110:26.91
Tamara HibbinsWindsor Slough Eton & HounslowU17W800270U1720212:28.04
Josh JarvisWindsor Slough Eton & HounslowU13M800333U1320212:37.7
Charles KershawWindsor Slough Eton & HounslowU20M800163U2020202:01.83
Finlay KirkWindsor Slough Eton & HounslowU20M500091U20202116:55.8
Jack PhillpottsWindsor Slough Eton & HounslowU15M1500182U1520214:41.18
Blas Rivero-StevenetWindsor Slough Eton & HounslowU13M120078U1320214:00.8
Raphael Rivero-StevenetWindsor Slough Eton & HounslowU20M500023U20202115:31.93
Archie RobinsonWindsor Slough Eton & HounslowU15M
Ethan ScottWindsor Slough Eton & HounslowU17M
Toby SpencerWindsor Slough Eton & HounslowU17M800274U1720212:08.2
Liam StoneWindsor Slough Eton & HounslowU20M500024U20202115:32.8
Eloisa SymondsWindsor Slough Eton & HounslowU15W1500266U1520215:12.53
Thomas TaylorWindsor Slough Eton & HounslowU15M1500254U1520214:45.58
Charlie TurnerWindsor Slough Eton & HounslowU20M
Kiki WebbWindsor Slough Eton & HounslowU17W3000140U17202111:24.04
Hannah WoolleyWindsor Slough Eton & HounslowU17W1500320U1720215:14.17
Zavier ZinmanWindsor Slough Eton & HounslowU15M80063U1520212:10.08

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