Fahad Abdi

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Club:Thames Valley
Age Group:SEN
Lead Coach:Idris Hamud

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2023 SEN Thames Valley
5KXCL21:28111L04MansfieldECCA National Cross Country Relays4 Nov 23
6KL21:1985L03AldershotSouth of England AA Relay Championships23 Sep 23
2022 SEN Thames Valley
4KXC13:5216L4Wormwood ScrubsSouth of England AA Relay Championships22 Oct 22
6KL21:5677ARushmoorAldershot Road Relays24 Sep 22
6KL22:4261ERushmoorAldershot Road Relays24 Sep 22
8KXC30:41129UxbridgeStart Fitness Metropolitan League3 Dec 22
8KXC31:26131Claybury ParkStart Fitness Metropolitan League15 Oct 22
HM81:25c431GreenwichThe Big Half4 Sep 22
2021 SEN Hillingdon
30009:42.358JMilton KeynesSOAR MK3000 PB Special22 May 21
500016:32.581nsHarrowSouthern Athletics League - North West London20 Jun 21
8.1KXC30:18100Claybury ParkStart Fitness Metropolitan League16 Oct 21
2020 SEN Hillingdon
7.8KXC30:48141Trent ParkStart Fitness Metropolitan League8 Feb 20
2019 SEN Hillingdon
30009:36.64TwickenhamSt. Mary's Richmond AC Masters & Open Meeting1 Sep 19
30009:49.92nsAldershotSouthern Athletics League Division 2W13 Jul 19
500016:14.113AElthamBMC Regional Races17 Jul 19
500016:22.03BUxbridgeSouthern Athletics League Division 2W15 Jun 19
500017:38.411BAbingdonSouthern Athletics League Division 2W17 Aug 19
7.5KXC31:3491Alexandra PalaceStart Fitness Metropolitan League9 Feb 19
7.664KL27:5738L5Milton KeynesSouthern Men's 12-Stage Relays24 Mar 19
8KXC29:51109Wormwood ScrubsStart Fitness Metropolitan League12 Jan 19
8KXC31:13111UxbridgeStart Fitness Metropolitan League7 Dec 19
5.38ML31:2556L5Sutton ColdfieldERRA National Men's 12-Stage Relays6 Apr 19
9.8KXC39:15186Sefton ParkBritish Athletics Cross Challenge (inc Euro Trials, L&D and Mid Lancs leagues)23 Nov 19
10K35:1435:18293253LondonVitality London 10,00027 May 19
10K35:5335:567UxbridgeHillingdon 10K24 Feb 19
12KXC43:3135GreenfordMiddlesex County Championships5 Jan 19
2018 SEN Hillingdon
8002:11.701219WatfordWatford Open Graded Meeting18 Apr 18
30009:19.491AHorspathSouthern Athletics League Division 2W14 Jul 18
500016:06.0012AElthamBMC Regional Races15 Aug 18
500016:08.21nsUxbridgeSouthern Athletics League Division 2W23 Jun 18
500016:39.411BAbingdonSouthern Athletics League Division 2W18 Aug 18
5KXCL15:3013L2Wormwood ScrubsSouth of England AA Relay Championships20 Oct 18
5.88KL19:3544L5Sutton ParkERRA Men's National 6-Stage Relays6 Oct 18
8KXC29:2084Welwyn Garden CityStart Fitness Metropolitan League10 Nov 18
8KXC29:3585Wormwood ScrubsStart Fitness Metropolitan League13 Jan 18
8KXC30:1955UxbridgeStart Fitness Metropolitan League1 Dec 18
8KXC31:21143Claybury ParkStart Fitness Metropolitan League13 Oct 18
8KXC33:2359Trent ParkStart Fitness Metropolitan League10 Feb 18
5.38ML31:0038L11Sutton ColdfieldERRA National Men's 12-Stage Relays14 Apr 18
10K33:4717London Victoria ParkMiddlesex 10K30 Sep 18
10K33:49166LondonVitality London 10,00028 May 18
12KXC45:4428PerivaleMiddlesex County Championships6 Jan 18
2017 SEN Thames Valley
15004:31.631311WatfordWatford Open Graded Meeting23 Aug 17
15004:45.32nsAbingdonSweatshop Southern Athletics League Division 2W19 Aug 17
30009:52.88292WatfordWatford Open Graded Meeting5 Apr 17
500017:17.01BKingstonSweatshop Southern Athletics League Division 2W15 Apr 17
500017:27.926Lee ValleyMiddlesex County Championships13 May 17
3KL10:064L1HayesMiddlesex County AA Relays10 Sep 17
4.26KL15:1120L8GravesendSouthern Men's 12-Stage Relays25 Mar 17
5KXCL15:2724L1Wormwood ScrubsSouth of England AA Relay Championships21 Oct 17
parkrun17:5011Northala FieldsNorthala Fields parkrun # 14111 Feb 17
5.08KL18:3539L10Sutton ColdfieldERRA National Men's 12-Stage Relays8 Apr 17
7.8KXC28:28147Welwyn Garden CityStart Fitness Metropolitan League11 Nov 17
8KXC27:38108UxbridgeStart Fitness Metropolitan League2 Dec 17
8KXC29:48111Claybury ParkStart Fitness Metropolitan League14 Oct 17
8KXC31:0716Horsenden HillNorth London Championships4 Nov 17
10K37:5185London Victoria ParkMiddlesex 10K1 Oct 17
2016 SEN Thames Valley
8002:16.991315WatfordWatford Open Graded Meeting15 Jun 16
8002:23.0024WatfordWatford Open Graded Meeting6 Apr 16
15004:42.28i55Lee ValleyLee Valley Middle Distance Open17 Feb 16
15004:51.401413WatfordWatford Open Graded Meeting29 Jun 16
30009:46.14142WatfordWatford Open Graded Meeting1 Jun 16
30009:55.94BWormwood ScrubsSweatshop Southern Athletics League Division 19 Jul 16
500017:15.04Wormwood ScrubsSweatshop Southern Athletics League Division 118 Jun 16
500017:28.634ABedfordSweatshop Southern Athletics League Division 116 Apr 16
parkrun16:473Northala FieldsNorthala Fields parkrun # 10328 May 16
parkrun16:5521Northala FieldsNorthala Fields parkrun # 11016 Jul 16
parkrun16:5611Northala FieldsNorthala Fields parkrun # 952 Apr 16
parkrun17:4221Northala FieldsNorthala Fields parkrun # 8920 Feb 16
4ML23:0427L9GravesendSouthern Men's 12-Stage Relays20 Mar 16
8KXC34:48140Alexandra PalaceStart Fitness Metropolitan League13 Feb 16
8KXC34:5984Horsenden HillStart Fitness Metropolitan League16 Jan 16
12KXC57:42808Castle DoningtonECCA Saucony English National Championships27 Feb 16
2015 U23 Thames Valley
8002:24.1925WatfordWatford Open Graded Meeting15 Jul 15
8002:27.081214WatfordWatford Open Graded Meeting17 Jun 15
300010:47.94131WatfordWatford Open Graded Meeting9 Sep 15
300010:54.81nsWormwood ScrubsSweatshop Southern Athletics League Division 14 Jul 15
300011:31.45nsWaltonSweatshop Southern Athletics League Division 130 May 15
500019:18.31nsTonbridgeSweatshop Southern Athletics League Division 115 Aug 15
parkrun17:2315Bushy ParkBushy Park parkrun # 59631 Oct 15
parkrun17:464Northala FieldsNorthala Fields parkrun # 7017 Oct 15
5.994KL21:4263L1AldershotSouthern Men's 6-Stage Relays20 Sep 15
8KXC28:16114Wormwood ScrubsStart Fitness Metropolitan League5 Dec 15
ZXC33:0469StevenageStart Fitness Metropolitan League7 Nov 15
ZXC37:4752Parliament HillLondon Championships14 Nov 15
ZXC46:29337Horsenden HillATW Metropolitan League10 Jan 15
2014 U23 Thames Valley
8002:28.02BWareSweatshop Southern Athletics League Division 2 North17 May 14
15004:50.544BHorspathSweatshop Southern Athletics League Division 2 North19 Apr 14
300010:55.81nsWareSweatshop Southern Athletics League Division 2 North17 May 14
500020:08.12nsWormwood ScrubsSweatshop Southern Athletics League Division 2 North21 Jun 14
5.053KL18:55 43L2Milton KeynesSouthern Men's 12 Stage Relays16 Mar 14
5.994KL23:3083L1AldershotSouthern Men's 6 Stage Relays21 Sep 14
4.7MXC31:09149Wormwood ScrubsATW Metropolitan League8 Feb 14
5.5MXC39:53199Horsenden HillATW Metropolitan League11 Jan 14
10K37:5365London Victoria ParkMiddlesex 10K (Inc Middlesex Champs)27 Sep 14
12KXC56:571372NottinghamECCA English National Championships22 Feb 14
ZXC49:4871Wormwood ScrubsMiddlesex County Championships4 Jan 14
2013 U23 Thames Valley
8002:27.94BIpswichSweatshop Southern Athletics League Division 2 N20 Apr 13
15004:55.03nsSt. AlbansSweatshop Southern Athletics League Division 2 N20 Jul 13
300010:43.8011Wormwood ScrubsWest London Athletics Network Open Meeting3 Jul 13
300010:59.42nsWormwood ScrubsSweatshop Southern Athletics League Division 2 N18 May 13
500020:43.32nsIpswichSweatshop Southern Athletics League Division 2 N20 Apr 13
5KXCL20:15108L4MansfieldECCA National Relays2 Nov 13
5.994KL23:4992L1AldershotSouthern Men's 6-Stage Relays22 Sep 13
5MXC32:04176ClayburyATW Metropolitan League19 Oct 13
5MXC34:32192Alexandra PalaceATW Metropolitan League21 Dec 13
10K44:36191London Victoria ParkMiddlesex 10K7 Sep 13
ZXC29:5140KingsburyNorth of the Thames Championships/Liddiard Trophy26 Oct 13
ZXC32:00200StevenageATW Metropolitan League9 Nov 13
ZXC35:5380Parliament HillSouthern Championships16 Feb 13
ZXC40:21147Parliament HillLondon Championships16 Nov 13
ZXC42:122389NorthwoodATW Metropolitan League9 Feb 13
ZXC44:0212Wormwood ScrubsMiddlesex County Championships5 Jan 13
ZXC45:4230715PerivaleATW Metropolitan League12 Jan 13
ZXCL17:3728L1Wormwood ScrubsSEAA Relay Championships5 Oct 13
2012 U20 Thames Valley
ZXC33:5836KingsburyLiddiard Trophy24 Nov 12
ZXC35:3223828ClayburyATW Metropolitan League20 Oct 12
ZXC38:0828623Alexandra PalaceATW Metropolitan League15 Dec 12
Total Performances: 118
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