Alison Wainwright

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Club:Dark Peak
Age Group:V50
Lead Coach:Unknown

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2014 V45 Staffordshire Moorlands
ZXC25:492810LeekNorth Staffordshire League13 Dec 14
ZXC27:183116Stafford CommonStaffordshire County Championships4 Jan 14
ZFL38:106141Great LongstoneGreat Longstone Chase (4.8M/951ft)5 Sep 14
ZFL40:524932MatlockMasson Hill (4M/1115ft)29 Apr 14
ZFL41:25114136HathersageHathersage Gala (4.5M/1066ft)7 Jul 14
ZFL41:445153MatlockRiber Run (4.2M/1001ft)24 Jun 14
ZFL42:33117116CalverCalver Peak (5M/902ft)4 Jun 14
ZFL42:563022CaltonCalton (5.5M/801ft)17 Jun 14
ZFL47:133132BethesdaMoel Wnion (4M/1394ft)12 Apr 14
ZFL48:09535MatlockBlack Rocks (5.6M/820ft)9 Jul 14
ZFL48:549383EdaleAccelerate Edale Race (4.7M/1319ft)8 Jun 14
ZFL54:19 128125HathersageFat Boys Stanage Struggle (6.2M/1165ft)21 Sep 14
ZFL55:06161101Fox House InnBurbage Skyline (5.8M/1201ft)6 May 14
ZFL59:571148CastletonCastleton (6.7M/1503ft)6 Jun 14
ZFL59:58159167HopeHope Wakes (5.9M/1480ft)2 Jul 14
ZFL60:016362CressbrookCressbrook Crawl (6.5M/1148ft)10 May 14
ZFL65:477363MarsdenIan Roberts (6.4M/853ft)9 Mar 14
ZFL95:258182TittesworthPassing Clouds (9.8M/1854ft)15 Jun 14
ZFL2:02:1515773AmblesideFairfield Horseshoe (9M/2999ft)17 May 14
ZFL2:49:4312152HeptonstallHeptonstall (14.9M/3281ft)29 Mar 14
ZFL2:49:507252HayfieldKinder Trog (16M/3491ft)22 Jun 14
ZFL2:59:077931TotleyExterminator (16M/4232ft)7 Sep 14
ZFL3:13:1017974Great LangdaleLangdale Horseshoe11 Oct 14
ZFL4:52:19192155RosthwaiteBorrowdale (16.8M/6562ft)2 Aug 14
ZFL5:19:07131145Isle of JuraJura (17.4M/7775ft)24 May 14
ZFL5:56:36147117MarsdenTrigger (21.7M/4921ft)12 Jan 14
2013 V40 Staffordshire Moorlands
ZXC27:05227LeekNorth Staffordshire League30 Nov 13
ZFL40:427693BamfordBamford Carnival (4.5M/1001ft)17 Jul 13
ZFL41:099284CalverCalver Peak (5M/902ft)5 Jun 13
ZFL41:25263AlderwasleyPeat Pits Wood 3 (5.1M/876ft)2 Jun 13
ZFL42:148771Goyt ValleyShining Tor (5.9M/1601ft)15 May 13
ZFL43:155453AlderwasleyPeat Pits Wood 1 (4.3M/755ft)6 Jan 13
ZFL44:192921GlossopJame's Thorn (5M/1611ft)6 May 13
ZFL44:594032CaltonCalton (5.5M/801ft)18 Jun 13
ZFL45:083522MatlockMasson Hill (4.7M/1181ft)21 May 13
ZFL47:489574EdaleAccelerate Edale Race (4.7M/1319ft)9 Jun 13
ZFL52:548241BollingtonBollington Festival 3 Peaks (5.6M/1214ft)18 May 13
ZFL53:47164134LongshawBurbage Skyline (5.8M/1201ft)7 May 13
ZFL57:41130104HopeHope Wakes (5.9M/1480ft)26 Jun 13
ZFL58:26101134LongshawLongshaw Sheepdog Trials (6M/1001ft)7 Sep 13
ZFL60:2314994CastletonCastleton (6.7M/1503ft)7 Jun 13
ZFL64:2680134Goyt ValleyGoyt's Moss (7M/1411ft)24 Jul 13
ZFL1:07:3211972TodmordenFlower Scar (6.5M/2297ft)23 Feb 13
ZFL79:05293WirksworthStuart Learmouth Wirksworth Undulator (8.4M/1260ft)19 Oct 13
ZFL2:06:37198338SeathwaiteTurner Landscape (10.6M/2986ft)10 Aug 13
ZFL2:14:048451BuxtonWindgather (13.5M/2500ft)13 Oct 13
ZFL2:29:02138125Langsett BarnMickleden Straddle (14.3M/2431ft)3 Feb 13
ZFL3:20:29227266BarleyTour Of Pendle (16.8M/4833ft)23 Nov 13
ZFL3:59:443821Cartworth MoorHolme Moss (15.8M/4216ft)14 Jul 13
ZFL4:41:15210143RosthwaiteBorrowdale (16.8M/6562ft)3 Aug 13
ZFL5:22:48138115Isle of JuraJura (17.4M/7775ft)25 May 13
2012 V40 Staffordshire Moorlands
ZXC25:58268Stafford CommonNorth Staffordshire League17 Nov 12
ZXC28:30218LeekNorth Staffordshire League8 Dec 12
Total Performances: 53
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