Zack Wylie

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Club:Gosforth/Northumbria Uni
Age Group:SEN
County:North East
Region:North East
Lead Coach:Colin Haggie

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2019 SEN Gosforth/Northumbria Uni
15004:13.7471JarrowNorth East Grand Prix Open24 Jul 19
15004:13.861CChester-le-StreetBMC Regional Races22 Jul 19
Mile4:32.522JarrowNorth East Grand Prix Open26 Jun 19
30009:14.475JarrowNorth East Grand Prix Open10 Jul 19
2ML10:145L3WallsendGordon Smith Memorial Relays8 May 19
2.2ML11:3823L1Newcastle Upon TyneElswick Harriers Good Friday Relays19 Apr 19
2.65MMTL13:581L1Lockey ParkWeetslade Relays19 Jun 19
2018 U23 Gosforth/Northumbria Uni
8002:02.452JarrowNorth East Grand Prix Open23 May 18
15004:07.4771JarrowNorth East Grand Prix Open25 Jul 18
15004:09.614CChester-le-StreetBMC Regional Races4 Jun 18
15004:14.376MiddlesbroughNorth East Counties AA Championships12 May 18
Mile4:41.1011Whitley BayNorth East Open Spring Relays, Throws Fest & Long Jump22 Apr 18
3000DNF-1GatesheadNorth East Grand Prix Open8 Aug 18
1.66ML8:133L1NewcastleNorman Woodcock Relays (3 x 1.66)24 Nov 18
3KXCL9:3810L1DurhamDurham Cathedral Relays14 Jan 18
2ML10:062L1GosforthGosforth Summer Relays (3 x 2)5 Aug 18
2ML10:248L1WallsendGordon Smith Memorial Relays9 May 18
2.2ML11:4226L1Newcastle Upon TyneElswick Harriers Good Friday Relays30 Mar 18
ZXC34:3022WrekentonStart Fitness North Eastern Harrier League29 Sep 18
ZXC35:1018Druridge BayStart Fitness North Eastern Harrier League7 Oct 18
ZXC39:1527SunderlandStart Fitness North Eastern Harrier League6 Jan 18
ZXC41:0535Alnwick CastleStart Fitness North Eastern Harrier League17 Mar 18
2017 U23 Gosforth/Northumbria Uni
1.8MXCL9:24 6L1 FarringdonFarringdon Open & Relays2 Sep 17
3KXCL10:2314L3DurhamDurham Cathedral Relays15 Jan 17
2ML10:353L1GosforthGosforth Summer Relays (3 x 2)6 Aug 17
2.22ML12:0725L1Hetton-Le-HoleNorth East Counties Relay Championship18 Feb 17
2.5MMTL14:047L1NewcastleWeetslade Relays21 Jun 17
12KXC42:0039RedcarNorth Eastern County Championships9 Dec 17
12KXC50:50639NottinghamECCA Saucony English National Championships25 Feb 17
12KXC52:54224Knowsley ParkNorthern Championships28 Jan 17
ZXC33:2821WrekentonStart Fitness North Eastern Harrier League30 Sep 17
ZXC38:0435Aykley HeadsStart Fitness North Eastern Harrier League18 Nov 17
ZXC38:1963Herrington ParkStart Fitness North Eastern Harrier League7 Jan 17
ZXC41:2445Alnwick CastleStart Fitness North Eastern Harrier League4 Mar 17
ZXC45:3651PeterleeStart Fitness North Eastern Harrier League11 Feb 17
2016 U23 Gosforth/Northumbria Uni
8002:01.95CChester le StreetBMC Regional Races25 Jul 16
8002:03.1321GatesheadNorth Eastern Open Grand Prix Series24 Aug 16
8002:03.312JarrowNorth Eastern Open Grand Prix Series8 Jun 16
15004:11.551JarrowNorth Eastern Open Grand Prix Series10 Aug 16
15004:13.26BChester le StreetBMC Regional Races4 Jul 16
15004:20.728GatesheadNorth East Counties AA Championships14 May 16
15004:21.0710h6BedfordBUCS Championships30 Apr 16
Mile4:41.9111GatesheadNorth Eastern Open Grand Prix Series29 Jun 16
1.8MXCL9:307L1SunderlandFarringdon Open and Relays3 Sep 16
2ML10:133L3GosforthGosforth Summer Relays (3 x 2)14 Aug 16
2ML10:3310L1WallsendGordon Smith Memorial Relays11 May 16
2.2ML12:0414L2LemingtonGood Friday Relays25 Mar 16
2.5MMTL13:531L2Wide OpenWeetslade Relays22 Jun 16
5KXCL17:40921MansfieldECCA Saucony English National Relay Championships5 Nov 16
parkrun17:0321NewcastleNewcastle parkrun # 34526 Nov 16
parkrun17:194NewcastleNewcastle parkrun # 3125 Mar 16
4ML23:2735L3SunderlandNorthern Men's 12-Stage Relays2 Apr 16
10KXC43:52105Castle DoningtonECCA Saucony English National Championships27 Feb 16
12KXC44:4468DurhamNorth Eastern County Championships10 Dec 16
ZXC33:5738South ShieldsStart Fitness North Eastern Harrier League19 Nov 16
ZXCL10:5517L3DurhamDurham Cathedral Relays17 Jan 16
2015 U20 Gosforth
8002:09.183GatesheadNorth Eastern Open Grand Prix Series12 Aug 15
15004:23.96JarrowNorth Eastern Open Grand Prix Series22 Jul 15
15004:36.711JarrowNorth Eastern Open Grand Prix Series29 Apr 15
Mile4:58.65GatesheadNorth Eastern Open Grand Prix Series17 Jun 15
2ML12:1216L2WallsendGordon Smith Memorial Relays13 May 15
2.2ML12:2024L4NewburnGood Friday Road Relays3 Apr 15
2.4ML14:0037L4LiverpoolNorthern Men's 12-Stage Relays28 Mar 15
parkrun17:452RiversideRiverside parkrun # 17321 Nov 15
parkrun18:0141NewcastleNewcastle parkrun # 28415 Aug 15
parkrun18:2112NewcastleNewcastle parkrun # 2607 Feb 15
8.3KXC34:0215SedgefieldNorth Eastern County Championships12 Dec 15
ZXC34:12605South ShieldsStart Fitness North East Harrier League10 Oct 15
ZXC36:33914WrekentonStart Fitness North East Harrier League14 Mar 15
ZXC39:02303Druridge BayStart Fitness North East Harrier League28 Nov 15
ZXC40:411209Bedewell ParkStart Fitness North East Harrier League31 Jan 15
ZXC40:531048Alnwick CastleStart Fitness North East Harrier League28 Feb 15
ZXCL9:4212L1SunderlandFarringdon Open and Relays5 Sep 15
ZXCL10:2212L2DurhamDurham Summer Relays20 Aug 15
ZXCL11:1332L1DurhamDurham Cathedral Relays11 Jan 15
2014 U20 Heaton
8002:08.56JarrowDurham County Schools Championship14 Jun 14
8002:11.010JarrowNorth Eastern Open Grand Prix Series7 May 14
8002:11.49GatesheadNorth Eastern Open Grand Prix Series9 Jul 14
8002:12.7710GatesheadNorth East Counties AA Championships18 May 14
15004:30.54JarrowNorth Eastern Open Grand Prix Series23 Jul 14
Mile4:55.15GatesheadNorth Eastern Open Grand Prix Series18 Jun 14
2ML11:0632L1WallsendGordon Smith Memorial Relays14 May 14
2.22ML13:3430L4Hetton Le HoleNorth East Counties Relay Championships15 Feb 14
2.5MMTL13:5811L1WardleyWeetslade Relays25 Jun 14
parkrun18:5712NewcastleNewcastle parkrun # 21315 Mar 14
8KXC31:06154BirminghamCAU Inter County Championships8 Mar 14
10KXC39:57163NottinghamECCA English National Championships22 Feb 14
ZXC35:54107WrekentonNorth East Harrier League22 Mar 14
ZXC40:03144WrekentonNorth East Harrier League8 Feb 14
ZXC42:08130Alnwick GardensNorth East Harrier League1 Mar 14
ZXCL10:1711L3SunderlandSunderland Open and Relays13 Sep 14
ZXCL11:1432L3DurhamDurham Cathedral Cross Country Relays12 Jan 14
2013 U20 Heaton
ZXC30:07164Shibdon PondNorth East Harrier League26 Oct 13
ZXC32:1022South ShieldsNorth Eastern County Championships14 Dec 13
ZXC41:32269Bedewell ParkNorth East Harrier League24 Nov 13
ZXC42:40113Wallington HallNorth East Harrier League30 Nov 13
2012 U17 Heaton
parkrun21:0986NewcastleNewcastle parkrun # 13922 Sep 12
Total Performances: 97
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