Bruno Lima

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Club:Salford H/Portugal
Age Group:V35
County:Greater Manchester
Region:North West
Lead Coach:Duncan Mason2015-

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Silver medallist northern indoors 3000 meters championship 2017. British master v35 3000 meters indoor champion 2017/2018/2019. British master v35 1500 meters outdoor champion 2019.

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2019 V35 Salford H/Portugal
20025.590.973SheffieldSheffield Run Jump Throw Open Series15 Aug 19
40053.86APrestonNorth of England League Division 2W19 May 19
8001:59.11BLitherlandNorth of England League Division 2W16 Jun 19
8001:59.53ALeighNorth of England League Division 2W14 Jul 19
8001:59.91BPrestonNorth of England League Division 2W19 May 19
8002:00.5832StretfordTrafford AC Grand Prix Open (Distance / Throws)30 Apr 19
8002:01.55i5Lee ValleyBritish Masters Championships10 Mar 19
8002:02.4471StretfordTrafford AC Grand Prix Open (Distance / Throws)4 Jun 19
15004:02.697CStretfordBMC Gold Standard Races23 Jul 19
15004:03.463LeighGreater Manchester County Championships11 May 19
15004:04.629CStretfordBMC Gold Standard Races20 Aug 19
15004:04.82ALeighNorth of England League Division 2W14 Jul 19
15004:09.681BirminghamBritish Masters Championships10 Aug 19
15004:19.12ALitherlandNorth of England League Division 2W16 Jun 19
Mile4:30.41210SportcityManchester Mile Open19 Jun 19
Mile4:33.671SheffieldSheffield Run Jump Throw Open Series15 Aug 19
30009:12.50i1Lee ValleyBritish Masters Championships10 Mar 19
SP7.26K4.906BLitherlandNorth of England League Division 2W16 Jun 19
4KL12:115L12BirkenheadNorthern Counties Men's 12-Stage Relays24 Mar 19
5K15:2715:2630KingsleyMid Cheshire 5K29 Aug 19
5K15:4215:417ManchesterSale Sizzler 5K Series27 Jun 19
5K16:1616:142WiganWigan Festival 5K17 Mar 19
5.08KL16:182L5Sutton ColdfieldBritish Masters Open Relay Championships18 May 19
3.16ML16:1910L8Sutton ColdfieldERRA National Men's 12-Stage Relays6 Apr 19
5.848KL19:1933L6Sutton ParkERRA Men's National 6-Stage Relays6 Oct 19
6.8KL21:2912L4ManchesterNorthern Counties Men's 6-Stage Relays15 Sep 19
9.84KXC35:5427Heaton ParkManchester Area League12 Jan 19
12.1KXC42:5398PontefractNorthern Counties Championships26 Jan 19
2018 V35 Salford H/Portugal
8001:58.91BCleckheatonNorth of England League Division 2WC4 Aug 18
8001:59.383BuryGreater Manchester County Championships13 May 18
8002:00.12BBuryNorth of England League Division 2WC3 Jun 18
8002:00.3463StretfordTrafford AC Grand Prix Open14 Aug 18
8002:00.81BAshton under LyneNorth of England League Division 2WC8 Jul 18
15004:00.005EStretfordBMC Grand Prix18 Aug 18
15004:02.6721StretfordTrafford AC Grand Prix Open26 Jun 18
15004:03.5121StretfordTrafford AC Grand Prix Open24 Jul 18
15004:04.91BAshton under LyneNorth of England League Division 2WC8 Jul 18
15004:05.3911CTraffordBMC Gold Standard Races12 Jun 18
15004:06.5741StretfordTrafford AC Grand Prix Open28 Aug 18
15004:06.61BCleckheatonNorth of England League Division 2WC4 Aug 18
15004:10.73ABuryNorth of England League Division 2WC3 Jun 18
30008:45.6281StretfordTrafford AC Grand Prix Open15 May 18
30009:10.38i1Lee ValleyBritish Masters Championships11 Mar 18
4.3KL12:002L11BirkenheadNorthern Counties Men's 12-Stage Relays25 Mar 18
5K15:1411A BarrowfordPodium 5K7 Apr 18
5K15:1615:165ChesterChristleton 5K18 May 18
5K15:3526A BarrowfordPodium 5K1 Dec 18
5KXCL24:15153L3MansfieldECCA Saucony English National Relay Championships3 Nov 18
5.08KL16:063L1Sutton ColdfieldBritish Masters Open Relay Championships28 Apr 18
3.16ML16:114L8Sutton ColdfieldERRA National Men's 12-Stage Relays14 Apr 18
5.88KL19:0732L5Sutton ParkERRA Men's National 6-Stage Relays6 Oct 18
6.8KL21:1812L6ManchesterNorthern Counties Men's 6-Stage Relays23 Sep 18
9.7KXC33:1218Kenworthy WoodsManchester Area League10 Nov 18
9.7KXC34:0912WythenshaweManchester Area League13 Oct 18
10K32:2732:25255ManchesterSimplyhealth Great Manchester Run 10K20 May 18
10K34:2034:2021LittleboroughLittleborough 10K30 Sep 18
12KXC45:35103HarewoodNorthern Counties Championships27 Jan 18
ZXC36:047LeighSouth East Lancashire League20 Jan 18
ZXC38:029Boggart Hole CloughGreater Manchester County Championships8 Dec 18
ZXCL9:432L31Long EatonBritish Masters Relay Championships27 Oct 18
2017 V35 Salford H/Portugal
30008:45.99i2SheffieldNorthern Athletics U17 / U20 / Senior Championships15 Jan 17
30008:47.69i1Lee ValleyBritish Masters Championships12 Mar 17
3KXCL9:461L2Long EatonBritish Masters Relay Championships28 Oct 17
3ML15:392L6Sutton ColdfieldBritish Masters Open Road Relay Championships20 May 17
5K15:097ABarrowfordPodium 5K18 Mar 17
5K15:2115:2110KingsleyMid Cheshire 5K24 Aug 17
5K15:4115:419ManchesterSale Sizzler 5K Series17 Aug 17
5KXCL18:4684L2MansfieldECCA Saucony English National Relay Championships4 Nov 17
parkrun16:3811OldhamOldham parkrun # 36923 Sep 17
5.88KL18:5222L5Sutton ParkERRA Men's National 6-Stage Relays7 Oct 17
6.5KL20:3312L2ManchesterNorthern Counties Men's 6-Stage Relays16 Sep 17
9.7KXC35:1417WythenshaweManchester Area League2 Dec 17
10.4KXC37:5811StockportGreater Manchester County Championships7 Jan 17
12KXC44:17158NottinghamECCA Saucony English National Championships25 Feb 17
9.2ML48:232L17CaernarfonWelsh Castles Relay11 Jun 17
HM77:1177:1111OldhamMilltown to Moors Half Marathon15 Oct 17
2016 SEN Salford H/Portugal
15004:03.6751StretfordTrafford AC Grand Prix17 May 16
15004:05.2771StretfordTrafford AC Grand Prix7 Jun 16
30008:37.84191StretfordTrafford AC Grand Prix3 May 16
30008:43.14171StretfordTrafford AC Grand Prix28 Jun 16
30008:44.973BStretfordBMC Grand Prix20 Aug 16
500015:17.591StretfordTrafford AC Grand Prix24 May 16
500015:29.431StretfordTrafford AC Grand Prix16 Aug 16
2.2ML10:452L10SunderlandNorthern Men's 12-Stage Relays2 Apr 16
5K15:127ManchesterSale Sizzler 5K Series11 Aug 16
5K15:133ManchesterSale Sizzler 5K Series30 Jun 16
5K15:198A BarrowfordPodium 5K17 Jun 16
5K15:309ManchesterSale Sizzler 5K Series28 Jul 16
5K15:471LittleboroughHollingworth Lake 5K28 Mar 16
5KXCL16:07401MansfieldECCA Saucony English National Relay Championships5 Nov 16
parkrun15:4021Heaton ParkHeaton Park parkrun # 3062 Jan 16
parkrun15:4811Worsley WoodsWorsley Woods parkrun # 25117 Dec 16
5.88KL18:0318L1Sutton ParkERRA Men's National 6-Stage Relays8 Oct 16
6.8KL17:166L6ManchesterNorthern Counties Men's 6-Stage Relays25 Sep 16
5.38ML28:1715L11Sutton ColdfieldERRA National Men's 12-Stage Relays16 Apr 16
9.675KXC35:288Wythenshawe ParkManchester Area League13 Feb 16
9.84KXC34:5610Heaton ParkManchester Area League16 Jan 16
10K32:2832:283KnutsfordRun Tatton 10K20 Nov 16
10K33:4033:381OldhamMilltown 10K19 Jun 16
SHORT10K31:3031:2773ManchesterTrafford 10K13 Mar 16
10.2KXC31:5314BoltonGreater Manchester County Championships9 Jan 16
12KXC52:11130BlackburnNorthern Championships30 Jan 16
12.8ML68:482L15CaernarfonWelsh Castles Relay5 Jun 16
HM76:0176:001OldhamMill Town to Moors Oldham Half Marathon16 Oct 16
ZRDL22:404L2DelamereNorth West Road Relays10 Sep 16
2015 SEN Salford H/Portugal
8001:59.0322StretfordTrafford AC Grand Prix11 Aug 15
8002:02.7825StretfordTrafford AC Grand Prix9 Jun 15
15004:06.2831StretfordTrafford AC Grand Prix25 Aug 15
30008:52.79131StretfordTrafford AC Grand Prix30 Jun 15
30009:03.3752StretfordTrafford AC Grand Prix9 Jun 15
500015:30.3781StretfordTrafford AC Grand Prix7 Jul 15
1000032:31.628BStretfordBMC 10,000m Track Festival5 Sep 15
2.4ML12:127L2LiverpoolNorthern Men's 12-Stage Relays28 Mar 15
5K15:503ManchesterSalford Scorcher 5K17 Jun 15
5KL16:083L1Edge Hill UniversityNorth West Road Relays12 Sep 15
5KXCL16:3330L2MansfieldECCA Saucony English National Relay Championships31 Oct 15
parkrun16:1521Heaton ParkHeaton Park parkrun # 27623 May 15
parkrun16:1811Heaton ParkHeaton Park parkrun # 26821 Mar 15
5.848KL18:2534L1Sutton ParkERRA Men's National 6-Stage Relays3 Oct 15
6.6KL20:445L3BlackpoolNorthern Men's 6-Stage Relays19 Sep 15
8.96KL29:4213L11Sutton ColdfieldERRA National Men's 12-Stage Relays11 Apr 15
9KXC33:4117Sherdley ParkManchester Area League7 Nov 15
9.5KXC32:1018Woodbank ParkManchester Area League10 Oct 15
9.6KXC38:5921Boggart Hole CloughManchester Area League5 Dec 15
10K32:1332:0895LeedsAge UK Leeds Abbey Dash 10K15 Nov 15
10K32:1932:1732ManchesterMorrisons Great Manchester 10K10 May 15
10K32:3215SalfordSalford 10K3 Apr 15
10K34:0534:081OldhamMilltown 10K21 Jun 15
SHORT10K32:2332:2065ManchesterTrafford 10K8 Mar 15
HM86:4683:5417OldhamMill Town to Moors Oldham Half Marathon18 Oct 15
ZXC31:0310Wythenshawe ParkManchester Area League14 Feb 15
ZXC37:1513Heaton ParkManchester Area League10 Jan 15
2014 SEN Salford H/Portugal
30009:10.0512StretfordTrafford Grand Prix10 Jun 14
3.6KL11:4714L1StockportNorth West Road Relays13 Sep 14
3.03ML17:1530L2ManchesterNorthern Men's 12 Stage Relays15 Mar 14
5K16:0813ManchesterSale Sizzler 5K Series3 Jul 14
parkrun17:0211OldhamOldham parkrun # 1774 Jan 14
parkrun17:2211OldhamOldham parkrun # 2164 Oct 14
6KL20:1417L6WarringtonNorthern Men's 6 Stage Relays20 Sep 14
6M33:382OldhamJoe Ashcroft Saddleworth 613 Aug 14
10K33:3333:23188LeedsLeeds Abbey Dash 10K16 Nov 14
10K33:581LittleboroughLittleborough 10K28 Sep 14
10K34:2134:1919ArleyCheshire 10K30 Mar 14
10K34:22c67ManchesterBupa Great Manchester 10K18 May 14
10K35:1935:171OldhamMilltown 10K17 Aug 14
10MMT60:451 ManchesterTerry Nortley Radcliffe 1023 Feb 14
HM77:3377:325OldhamMill Town to Moors Oldham Half Marathon12 Oct 14
ZXC33:3616Boggart Hole CloughManchester Area League12 Jan 14
ZXC34:1212Boggart Hole CloughManchester Area League6 Dec 14
ZXC35:0927Sherdley ParkManchester Area League8 Nov 14
ZXC35:2719Woodbank ParkManchester Area League11 Oct 14
ZXC36:3428Wythenshawe ParkManchester Area League8 Feb 14
ZXCL17:0430L4MansfieldECCA Saucony English National Relay Championships1 Nov 14
ZFL20:038LittleboroughSheep Fell Over (3.1M/633ft)24 Aug 14
2013 SEN Oldham & Royton/Portugal
500016:40.45APrestonNorth of England League Division 3WC7 Jul 13
500016:41.04ABurnleyNorth of England League Division 3WC9 Jun 13
500016:56.14ACarlisleNorth of England League Division 3WC5 May 13
parkrun15:261Heaton ParkHeaton parkrun # 1662 Feb 13
parkrun16:571South ManchesterSouth Manchester parkrun # 18027 Jul 13
parkrun17:081OldhamOldham parkrun # 14829 Jun 13
parkrun17:261OldhamOldham parkrun # 14325 May 13
parkrun17:331OldhamOldham parkrun # 1289 Feb 13
6M33:215SaddleworthJoe Ashcroft Saddleworth 614 Aug 13
10K34:0033:5865ClitheroeRibble Valley 10K (Inc Northern Champs)29 Dec 13
10K35:312LittleboroughLittleborough 10K22 Sep 13
10K35:3335:306OldhamOldham 10K23 Jun 13
8MMT60:443MillbrookLactic Flashback 83 Mar 13
10M57:148SwintonSwinton 1029 Sep 13
10MMT63:055 ManchesterTerry Nortley Radcliffe 1024 Feb 13
HM79:2379:205OldhamMill Town to Moors Oldham Half Marathon20 Oct 13
2012 SEN Oldham & Royton/Portugal
parkrun17:461OldhamOldham parkrun # 11724 Nov 12
parkrun18:151OldhamOldham parkrun # 10822 Sep 12
parkrun18:221OldhamOldham parkrun # 11327 Oct 12
HMNAD84:5612OldhamMilltown to Moors Oldham Half Marathon21 Oct 12
Total Performances: 174
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