Ashley Kay

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Age Group:SEN
Region:North West
Lead Coach:Unknown

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2014 U23 Rossendale
10012.64BHyndburnNorth of England League Division 3W9 Aug 14
20025.36BCarlisleNorth of England League Division 3W4 May 14
20025.74BBlackburnNorth of England League Division 3W7 Jun 14
20025.74BHyndburnNorth of England League Division 3W9 Aug 14
40057.36BBlackburnNorth of England League Division 3W7 Jun 14
110H26.41BHyndburnNorth of England League Division 3W9 Aug 14
400H65.72ACarlisleNorth of England League Division 3W4 May 14
400H66.71BHyndburnNorth of England League Division 3W9 Aug 14
2013 U23 Rossendale
10012.55BBlackpoolNorth of England League Division 2WC7 Jul 13
20024.95AStretfordNorth of England League Division 2WC3 Aug 13
40055.55ABlackpoolNorth of England League Division 2WC7 Jul 13
400H66.93AStretfordNorth of England League Division 2WC3 Aug 13
400H68.53ABlackpoolNorth of England League Division 2WC7 Jul 13
2012 U23 Rossendale
40054.521BlackburnMid Lancashire League2 Jun 12
8002:00.1833StretfordTrafford Grand Prix (Distance & Throws only)29 May 12
8002:00.6513StretfordTrafford Grand Prix (Distance & Throws only)21 Aug 12
8002:01.32BStretfordNorth of England League Division 2WC1 Jul 12
8002:01.73ABoltonNorth of England League Division 2WC26 May 12
8002:02.24BlackpoolLancashire County Championships13 May 12
8002:02.355AStretfordNorth of England League Division 2WC5 Aug 12
8002:09.162BLeedsNorth of England League Division 2WC5 May 12
15004:17.55111StretfordTrafford Grand Prix1 May 12
15004:25.915AStretfordNorth of England League Division 2WC5 Aug 12
15004:29.32BStretfordNorth of England League Division 2WC1 Jul 12
3.9KL13:0515L10LiverpoolNorthern Men's 12-Stage Relays (Short Legs)31 Mar 12
4.819KL16:5734L10Sutton ColdfieldERRA National Men's 12-Stage Road Relays (Short Legs)14 Apr 12
5K17:4771WythenshaweSale Sizzler 5K (Inc Northern Champs)16 Aug 12
ZXC41:4537BlackburnRed Rose League20 Oct 12
ZXC42:4650BoltonRed Rose League15 Dec 12
2011 U20 Rossendale
10012.65BCarlisleNorth of England League Division 3WC3 Jul 11
40054.9653StretfordTrafford Grand Prix17 May 11
40055.21BCarlisleNorth of England League Division 3WC3 Jul 11
8001:59.71BCarlisleNorth of England League Division 3WC3 Jul 11
15004:17.33ALeighNorth of England League Division 3WC14 Aug 11
15004:17.58112StretfordTrafford Grand Prix9 Aug 11
15004:32.36APrestonNorth of England League Division 3WC7 May 11
4KL13:4732L2CatterickNorthern Men's 12 Stage Relays (Short Legs)20 Mar 11
4.819KL18:0946L10Sutton ParkERRA Men's National 12-stage Relays (Short Legs)9 Apr 11
4.5ML23:2312L1CatterickNorthern Men's 12 Stage Relays (Long Legs)20 Mar 11
ZXC37:08398Leigh Sports VillageRed Rose League8 Oct 11
ZXC38:1962BurnleyMid Lancs League29 Oct 11
ZXC41:143910BoltonRed Rose League12 Nov 11
ZXCL10:0033L3MansfieldSaucony ECCA Relays5 Nov 11
2010 U20 Rossendale
40054.32h1LancasterMid Lancashire League7 Aug 10
8001:58.8852StretfordTrafford Grand Prix Open10 Aug 10
8001:59.29111StretfordTrafford Grand Prix27 Jul 10
8001:59.42HyndburnMid Lancashire League22 May 10
8001:59.52BHalifaxNorthern League 2WC1 May 10
8002:00.4942StretfordTrafford Grand Prix Open24 Aug 10
15004:07.82BlackpoolLancashire County Championships8 May 10
15004:09.94AStretfordNorthern League 2WC5 Jun 10
15004:16.64AHalifaxNorthern League 2WC1 May 10
30009:21.3114StretfordTrafford Grand Prix Open7 Sep 10
5.6KL20:0155L3ManchesterNorthern Counties Men's 6-stage Relay2 Oct 10
5.848KL20:0754L6Sutton ParkNational 6 Stage Relays16 Oct 10
ZXC41:082BlackburnLancashire County Championships9 Jan 10
ZXCL10:2138L3MansfieldECCA Relays6 Nov 10
2009 U20 Rossendale
40053.5933StretfordTrafford Grand Prix4 Aug 09
40053.73AStretfordNorth of England League Division 3WC2 May 09
8001:59.0721StretfordTrafford Grand Prix23 Jun 09
8001:59.5121StretfordTrafford Grand Prix1 Sep 09
8001:59.81HyndburnMid Lancashire League30 May 09
8001:59.9772StretfordTrafford Grand Prix18 Aug 09
8002:00.41ALeeds (B)North of England League Division 3WC5 Jul 09
8002:00.41ACleckheatonNorth of England League Division 3WC2 Aug 09
8002:00.62BlackpoolMid Lancashire League18 Apr 09
8002:00.82ALeeds (B)North of England League Division 3WC6 Jun 09
15004:08.677BStretfordBMC Gold Standard Races12 May 09
15004:12.62BlackpoolLancashire County Championships9 May 09
4.2MMT24:293WhitworthCowm Reservoir 4.29 Sep 09
ZXC18:5030St. HelensNorthern Championships24 Jan 09
ZXC19:221BlackburnMid Lancs League14 Mar 09
ZXC19:481HyndburnMid Lancs League14 Feb 09
ZXC21:155BlackburnLancashire County Championships10 Jan 09
ZXC22:1162Parliament HillEnglish National Championships21 Feb 09
ZXC22:37101NottinghamInter Counties7 Mar 09
ZXC23:403LeylandMid Lancs League17 Jan 09
ZXC26:387ManchesterGreater Manchester Schools Championships7 Feb 09
ZXC33:1743RossendaleRed Rose League6 Dec 09
ZXC38:15133BuryRed Rose League7 Nov 09
ZXC38:22111BoltonRed Rose League21 Nov 09
ZFL10:162HaworthBunny Relays5 May 09
ZFL11:431FirbankKendal Winter League11 Jan 09
ZFL14:511SteveleyKendal Winter League Birkrigg Fell Race25 Jan 09
ZFL16:1111SedberghSedbergh School1 Mar 09
ZFL21:1533MytholmroydCoiners 7M/1100ft4 May 09
ZFL23:1023Hausen, GERInternational Youth Challenge27 Jun 09
ZFL23:391BacupHarry Aspinall Memorial Stacksteads Fair Fell Race (3.5M/850ft)14 Jun 09
ZFL35:5131BuryHolcombe Two Towers 4M/1300ft10 Jun 09
2008 U17 Rossendale
40054.4BuryNorth of England League Division 3WC6 Jul 08
8002:02.01PrestonMid Lancashire League26 Jul 08
8002:04.01BlackpoolMid Lancashire League - Medal Meeting30 Aug 08
8002:06.3PrestonNorth of England League Division 3WC3 May 08
8002:06.3BlackpoolLancashire Championships11 May 08
8002:07.9WiganMid Lancs League12 Apr 08
8002:09.7BlackpoolBlackpool, Wyre & Fylde AC Winter Warm Up16 Mar 08
15004:09.0851StretfordTrafford Grand Prix15 Jul 08
15004:12.431StretfordTrafford Grand Prix12 Aug 08
15004:12.4611BStretfordBMC Gold Standard Races17 Jun 08
15004:13.4552StretfordTrafford Grand Prix29 Jul 08
15004:14.03BlackpoolLancashire Championships10 May 08
15004:14.92ABlackburnBlackburn Harriers Endurance Night23 Jul 08
15004:16.0313h1BirminghamEngland Athletics Open Championships (U17/U15)9 Aug 08
15004:17.504HullNorthern Inter Counties23 Aug 08
15004:18.31BlackpoolLancashire Schools14 Jun 08
15004:21.9HyndburnMid Lancashire League31 May 08
30009:38.3WiganMid Lancs League12 Apr 08
30009:45.2HyndburnMid Lancashire League31 May 08
1500SC4:42.51BlackpoolLancashire Championships11 May 08
4.2MMT25:1261WhitworthGraham Wright Cowm Reservoir 4.2M10 Sep 08
ZXC11:3611KendalKendal Winter League Firbank Race13 Jan 08
ZXC16:39116Alton TowersEnglish National Championships23 Feb 08
ZXC17:333BoltonRed Rose League15 Nov 08
ZXC19:078LiverpoolMid Lancs League29 Nov 08
ZXC20:213RossendaleRed Rose League20 Dec 08
ZXC20:432BlackburnMid Lancashire League1 Mar 08
ZXC20:572BlackburnLancashire Schools Cross Country2 Feb 08
ZXC20:584BlackpoolMid Lancs League13 Dec 08
ZXC21:40104LiverpoolEnglish Schools' Championships8 Mar 08
ZXC21:504HyndburnMid Lancashire League9 Feb 08
ZXC21:5241LeedsNorthern Championships26 Jan 08
ZXC23:04173NottinghamInter Counties Championships15 Mar 08
ZXC23:058BlackburnLancashire Championships5 Jan 08
ZXC25:5989LancasterMid Lancashire League12 Jan 08
ZFL8:2211GrassingtonHawkswick Dash Fell Races20 Jul 08
ZFL11:0611WildboarcloughShutlingsloe Fell Race26 May 08
ZFL11:1522PatterdaleArnison Dash29 Jun 08
ZFL12:1322BradbourneBradbourne 5.5M/616ft24 Aug 08
ZFL13:0133SedberghSedbergh Gala Races17 May 08
ZFL13:0522SedberghKendal Winter league Fairmile race3 Feb 08
ZFL13:5211OxenholmeHelm Hill Races22 Jun 08
ZFL15:0711UlverstonKendal Winter League Birkrigg Race27 Jan 08
ZFL15:4411SettleKendal Winter League Austwick Race9 Mar 08
ZFL15:5711OxenholmeKendal Winter League Helm Hill Race10 Feb 08
ZFL16:5572HaworthBunny Run 422 Apr 08
ZFL17:06121HaworthBunny Run 1 & 28 Apr 08
ZFL18:252SedberghKendal Winter League Cautley Spout race24 Feb 08
ZFL18:5711Kirkby StephenFell End Clouds Race2 Mar 08
ZFL18:5811KirkbyKirkby Gala Races5 Jul 08
ZFL21:2411Barley VillagePendle 4.5 (1500ft)5 Apr 08
ZFL23:2742BacupHarry Aspinall Memorial Stacksteads Fair Races8 Jun 08
ZFL24:4422IngletonIngleborough Fell Race & Junior Championship Races19 Jul 08
ZFL36:3791RawtenstallLiver Hill Race1 Apr 08
2007 U17 Rossendale
8002:07.7BlackpoolBlackpool, Wyre & Fylde Medal Meeting9 Sep 07
15004:25.05StretfordTrafford Grand Prix4 Sep 07
30009:59.7BlackpoolLancashire County Championships13 May 07
1500SC5:22.0BlackpoolLancashire County Championships13 May 07
ZXC17:222BoltonRed Rose League2 Dec 07
ZXC19:396RossendaleRed Rose League15 Dec 07
ZXC20:1899BlackburnRed Rose League6 Oct 07
ZXC21:098898LiverpoolUK Challenge Series24 Nov 07
2006 U15 Rossendale
8002:20.5BlackpoolMid Lancs League26 Aug 06
Total Performances: 152
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