Ben Johnstone

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Age Group:U23
Lead Coach:Unknown

Best known performances

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2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2013

2013 U20 Wharfedale
ZFL45:43464AddinghamBeamsley Beacon (5.5M/900ft)20 Jun 13
2011 U17 Wharfedale
ZXC18:2821DoncasterYorkshire & Humberside County Championships9 Jan 11
ZXC19:5026LeedsComplete Runner West Yorkshire League9 Oct 11
2010 U15 Wharfedale
2.8KL10:019L3ManchesterNorthern Counties Young Athletes' Relay (U15 & U13)2 Oct 10
ZXC15:067HuddersfieldComplete Runner League (West Yorkshire)30 Oct 10
ZXC15:55118BlackburnNorthern Cross Country Championships23 Jan 10
ZXC16:008SkiptonNorth Yorkshire Schools30 Jan 10
ZXC16:0111WakefieldComplete Runner League (West Yorkshire)5 Dec 10
ZXC16:1211GuiseleyComplete Runner League (West Yorkshire)10 Oct 10
ZXC16:1511LeedsComplete Runner League (West Yorkshire)20 Nov 10
ZXC16:44244LeedsEnglish National Championships27 Feb 10
ZFL8:542SteveleyKENDAL WINTER LEAGUE BIRKRIGG (3.75M/300ft app., U17 2.5M/200ft app.)31 Jan 10
2009 U15 Wharfedale
ZXC10:063SteveleyKendal Winter League Birkrigg Fell Race25 Jan 09
ZXC13:0255St. HelensNorthern Championships24 Jan 09
ZXC15:059HalifaxWest Yorkshire Complete Runner League11 Oct 09
ZFL4:5322GrassingtonHawkswick Dash Fell Races19 Jul 09
ZFL6:3511RuslandRusland 5 5M/850ft15 Aug 09
ZFL6:4322BardondaleKendal Winter League Barbondale Fell Race15 Feb 09
ZFL7:033HaworthCurly Wurly Rat Runs25 Oct 09
ZFL7:0433CumbriaConiston Gullies Fell Race31 May 09
ZFL7:2522WharfedaleBurnsall 1.5M/800ft13 Sep 09
ZFL8:4533HowgillKendal Winter League Whitestone Race18 Jan 09
ZFL8:5422AustwickAustwick8 Mar 09
ZFL8:5611LothersdaleLothersdale Fell Race (1M)12 Sep 09
ZFL9:0311LangdaleElterwater Common15 Mar 09
ZFL9:1622RuslandRusland 5 5M/850ft15 Aug 09
ZFL9:3622GrassingtonKilnsey Show Fell Race (1M/350ft)1 Sep 09
ZFL9:4533SedberghCautley Spout22 Feb 09
ZFL9:4722ArncliffeArncliffe Gala 1.8M/443ft8 Aug 09
ZFL10:2922FairmileKendal Winter League1 Feb 09
ZFL10:3033SedberghSedbergh School1 Mar 09
ZFL10:3922GargraveGargrave Fell22 Jul 09
ZFL10:4222SedberghArant Haw29 Mar 09
ZFL10:4722AmblesideRydal Round 9M/3000ft30 Jul 09
ZFL10:5222SkiptonCracoe Fell Races & Junior Races26 Jul 09
ZFL11:4811SkiptonEmbsay Fell Race (2.75M/800ft)20 Sep 09
ZFL12:4522SedburghSedburgh Gala Winder Fell Race16 May 09
ZFL12:4522KettlewellCray Fell Race9 Aug 09
ZFL13:4333KendalFarleton Knott Fell Races (4.5M/1500ft)2 Aug 09
ZFL13:4511WaterfootWhittle Pike 4.5M/1400ft5 Aug 09
ZFL14:5222RichmondReeth Show Fell Races26 Aug 09
ZFL15:432KildwickKildwick 3.75M/800ft20 May 09
ZFL18:5433SedberghBritish & Irish Junior Home Internationals4 Oct 09
ZFL21:15221EldwickEldwick Gala 3M/550ft27 Jun 09
ZFL22:1111BarleyPendle 4.5M/1500ft4 Apr 09
ZFLNT22GrassingtonHebden Sports Fell Race31 Aug 09
2008 U13 Wharfedale
ZXC6:1922KendalKendal Winter League Firbank Race13 Jan 08
ZXC11:5465LeedsNorthern Championships26 Jan 08
ZXC14:4867WetherbyComplete Runner League15 Nov 08
ZFL3:5822SedberghKendal Winter League Arant Haw Race30 Mar 08
ZFL4:0011WharfedaleBurnsall Races14 Sep 08
ZFL4:1111GrassingtonHawkswick Dash Fell Races20 Jul 08
ZFL4:4511ConistonConiston Gullies1 Jun 08
ZFL5:0411UlverstonKendal Winter League Birkrigg Race27 Jan 08
ZFL5:0611SedberghKendal Winter League Cautley Spout race24 Feb 08
ZFL5:1611KendalKendal WL Barbondale Race17 Feb 08
ZFL5:1833IngletonIngleborough Fell Race & Junior Championship Races19 Jul 08
ZFL5:2011KillingtonKillington Sports Fell Races29 May 08
ZFL5:2411KendalFarleton Knott Fell Races3 Aug 08
ZFL5:5111Kirkby StephenFell End Clouds Race2 Mar 08
ZFL6:08222HowgillKendal Winter League Whitestone Race20 Jan 08
ZFL6:19111Upper WharfedaleKettlewell Fell Races15 Jun 08
ZFL6:2011LancashireDarwen Gala Race (4M/900ft)16 Aug 08
ZFL6:2211BradbourneBradbourne 5.5M/616ft24 Aug 08
ZFL6:4011OxenholmeKendal Winter League Helm Hill Race10 Feb 08
ZFL6:4111SettleKendal Winter League Austwick Race9 Mar 08
ZFL7:2511AmblesideAmbleside Sports (2 miles / 800')31 Jul 08
ZFL7:2711SedberghKendal Winter league Fairmile race3 Feb 08
ZFL7:3033KendalKendal League Scout Scar Race6 Jan 08
ZFL7:3622Ilkley MoorJack Bloor Races13 May 08
ZFL8:1511SkiptonCracoe Fell Races27 Jul 08
ZFL8:3111SedberghSedbergh Gala Races17 May 08
ZFL8:3222BacupHarry Aspinall Memorial Stacksteads Fair Races8 Jun 08
ZFL8:3882SilsdenMurder Mile Race (1M/800ft)3 Jul 08
ZFL8:4811SkiptonRylstone Fell Races19 Oct 08
ZFL8:5111RichmondReeth Show27 Aug 08
ZFL9:0011GrassingtonHebden Sports25 Aug 08
ZFL9:1411KirkbyKirkby Gala Races5 Jul 08
ZFL9:2111SkiptonEmbsay Fell Race28 Sep 08
ZFL9:2511KildwickKildwick White Lion Race21 May 08
ZFL9:3411SkiptonStirton Fell Race9 Jul 08
ZFL9:363TodmordenShepherds Skyline 6M/1150ft8 Nov 08
ZFL9:4311LittondaleArncliffe Gala 1.8M/443ft9 Aug 08
ZFL9:5111AlvaAlva Highland Games Hill Race12 Jul 08
ZFL9:5493PatterdaleArnison Dash29 Jun 08
ZFL10:1311KettlewellCray Race 2.6M/900ft10 Aug 08
ZFL10:1822WildboarcloughShutlingsloe Fell Race26 May 08
ZFL10:2011SwaledaleMuker Show Fell Races3 Sep 08
ZFL10:4211AccringtonStanhill Village Fell Race27 May 08
ZFL10:4411GargraveGargrave Race 5M/400ft30 Jul 08
ZFL10:5222KeighleyCowling Gala Races26 Jul 08
ZFL11:2411MalhamMalham Show Races23 Aug 08
ZFL11:3311Low BradleyBradley7 Sep 08
ZFL12:0811CarltonViking Chase 8M/1500ft21 Sep 08
ZFL15:5311Barley VillagePendle 4.5 (1500ft)5 Apr 08
ZFL19:25533HaworthBunny Run 1 & 28 Apr 08
ZFL20:54513HaworthBunny Run 11 Apr 08
ZFLNT11OxenholmeHelm Hill Races22 Jun 08
ZFLNT22KilnseyKilnsey Show Fell Race26 Aug 08
2007 U13 Wharfedale
ZXC11:447GuiseleyComplete Runner West Yorkshire League14 Oct 07
ZXC13:1433LeedsComplete Runner West Yorkshire League27 Oct 07
ZXC13:498WakefieldComplete Runner West Yorkshire League2 Dec 07
Total Performances: 102
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