Helen Marshall

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Age Group:V40
County:Wales West
Lead Coach:Unknown

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2021 V40 Swansea
5.4KL21:3435L152LlanelliWelsh Road Relay Championships11 Sep 21
2019 V35 Swansea
3.16ML19:3915L3Sutton ColdfieldERRA National Women's 6-Stage Relays6 Apr 19
6.2KXC24:24771BristolStart Fitness Gwent League2 Mar 19
6.4KXC26:13771PontypoolStart Fitness Gwent League9 Feb 19
7.36KXC29:101091LlanelliWelsh National Championships23 Feb 19
8KXC31:55432DundonaldIAAF International (Inc Home Countries International / British Athletics Cross Challenge)19 Jan 19
5.6MMT34:1221MargamTata Steel Round the Reservoir 5.6 (Inc West Glamorgan League)13 Jan 19
5.8MXC39:352511Margam ParkWest Glamorgan League27 Jan 19
10KXC43:49104LoughboroughCAU Inter County Championships (Inc British Athletics Cross Challenge)9 Mar 19
ZXC32:3311Gnoll EstateWest Glamorgan League17 Mar 19
2018 V35 Swansea
5.4KL20:5926L121LlanelliWelsh Relay Championships22 Sep 18
6KXC22:5217159SwanseaBritish & Irish Masters' International17 Nov 18
6.34KXC27:1221Llandrindod WellsWelsh Inter-Regional Championships8 Dec 18
6.4KXC24:06111Pembrey ParkStart Fitness Gwent League (Inc West Wales Championships)10 Nov 18
6.4KXC25:11314CardiffBritish Athletics Cross Challenge (Inc. Gwent League)13 Oct 18
6.4KXC27:34111Pontypool ParkStart Fitness Gwent League10 Feb 18
6.4KXC28:54552Bryn Bach ParkStart Fitness Gwent League2 Dec 18
6.42KXC24:36163SwanseaWelsh National Championships24 Feb 18
7KXC29:183411LlanmadocWest Glamorgan League23 Sep 18
8KXC40:30148LoughboroughCAU Inter County Championships (Inc British Athletics Cross Challenge)10 Mar 18
5.6MMT36:374MargamTata Steel Round the Reservoir 5.6 (Inc West Glamorgan League)14 Jan 18
5.9MMT41:121711LlanmadocWhitford Point 5.925 Apr 18
10KMT50:342021BridgendMerthyr Mawr Christmas Pudding 10K9 Dec 18
ZXC27:1711KenfigWest Glamorgan League11 Nov 18
ZXC36:194721Margam ParkWest Glamorgan League28 Jan 18
2017 V35 Swansea
3KXCL10:351L1MonmouthWelsh Relay Championships4 Nov 17
3MXC19:5532NeathWest Glamorgan League22 Oct 17
5.08KL20:2426L2Sutton ColdfieldERRA National Women's 6-Stage Relays8 Apr 17
5.7KXC24:22143BreconStart Fitness Gwent League11 Nov 17
6KXC25:03514519DerryBritish & Irish Masters' International18 Nov 17
6KXC25:45295NewportStart Fitness Gwent League12 Feb 17
6.4KXC23:21387CardiffStart Fitness Gwent League (inc South & West Wales Championships & BA Cross Challenge)14 Oct 17
6.4KXC25:28264Pembrey ParkStart Fitness Gwent League3 Dec 17
6.4KXC26:20208LlanelliStart Fitness Gwent League4 Mar 17
6.42KXC26:4013132SwanseaWelsh National Championships25 Feb 17
4.2MXC29:2731KenfigWest Glamorgan League26 Nov 17
4.5MXC30:453811LlanmadocWest Glamorgan League17 Sep 17
4.6MXC37:226021Port TalbotWest Glamorgan League15 Jan 17
5.9MMT40:312511LlanmadocWhitford Point 5.917 May 17
ZXC37:1311AberavonWest Glamorgan League26 Mar 17
2016 V35 Swansea
3KXCL10:202L1MonmouthWelsh Relay Championships23 Oct 16
4.33KL19:4651L4Sutton ParkERRA Women's National 4-Stage Relays8 Oct 16
5.4KL22:121L1BargoedWelsh Road Relay Championships10 Apr 16
5.7KXC22:40534818GlasgowBritish and Irish Masters' International12 Nov 16
5.7KXC25:37115BreconGwent League5 Mar 16
5.9KXC23:40232BristolStart Fitness Gwent League3 Dec 16
6.24KXC24:58103Builth WellsWelsh Inter-Regional Championships10 Dec 16
6.53KXC30:3711112SwanseaWelsh National Championships27 Feb 16
6.6KXC28:18183BridgendStart Fitness Gwent League16 Oct 16
4.2MXC29:016721KenfigWest Glamorgan League27 Nov 16
6.85KXC30:10145MonmouthGwent League13 Feb 16
8KXC35:58158BirminghamCAU Inter County Championships (Inc British Athletics Cross Challenge)12 Mar 16
6MNAD36:2911MargamWest Glamorgan League 610 Jan 16
ZXC20:0011NeathWest Glamorgan League9 Oct 16
ZXC32:5411LlanmadocWest Glamorgan League25 Sep 16
ZXC33:1721Aberavon BeachWest Glamorgan League20 Mar 16
ZXC33:22 596Port TalbotWest Glamorgan League31 Jan 16
2015 V35 Swansea
4.93KXC19:3521NeathWest Glamorgan League25 Oct 15
5.14KL19:217L6Sutton ColdfieldERRA National Women's 6-Stage Relays11 Apr 15
5.78KXC25:29102Builth WellsWelsh Inter-Regional Championships12 Dec 15
5.9KXC24:20205Blaise CastleGwent League5 Dec 15
5.97KXC25:01233Llandaff FieldsGwent League8 Nov 15
6.6KXC26:00153Newbridge FieldsGwent League11 Oct 15
10K39:3439:36162187SwanseaAdmiral Swansea Bay 10K20 Sep 15
ZXC22:0731Margam ParkWest Glamorgan League15 Feb 15
ZXC24:14514815Dublin, IRLBritish and Irish Masters' International14 Nov 15
ZXC25:4521SwanseaWest Glamorgan League29 Mar 15
ZXC30:433811LlanmadocWest Glamorgan League27 Sep 15
ZXC35:0721MargamWest Glamorgan League11 Jan 15
2014 SEN Swansea
7.2KXC30:138LlandeiloWelsh Championships15 Feb 14
8.1KXC32:4693LiverpoolBritish Athletics Cross Challenge (inc European Trials)29 Nov 14
ZXC21:2525BristolGwent League1 Mar 14
ZXC22:321Margam ParkWest Glamorgan League16 Mar 14
ZXC23:18349NottinghamBritish and Irish Masters' International22 Nov 14
ZXC25:00146BreconGwent League6 Dec 14
ZXC25:122Builth WellsWelsh Inter-Regional & Masters' Championships13 Dec 14
ZXC25:4426CardiffGwent League9 Nov 14
ZXC28:01153BridgendGwent League12 Oct 14
ZXC31:0111LlanmadocWest Glamorgan League28 Sep 14
ZXC36:182MargamWest Glamorgan League12 Jan 14
2013 SEN Aberystwyth
5K19:174LlanelliLlanelli 5K Series (Inc Welsh Champs)11 Aug 13
HMMT1:47:24282PonterwydRed Kite Half Marathon (Inc TRA Short Course Champs)4 May 13
ZXC23:2330BathGwent League9 Feb 13
ZXC25:248SwanseaWest Glamorgan League1 Dec 13
ZXC25:3443BreconGwent League2 Mar 13
ZXC26:0120CrickhowellWelsh Championships16 Feb 13
ZXC28:2039BridgendGwent League10 Nov 13
ZXC31:01727Margam ParkWest Glamorgan League10 Mar 13
ZXC31:423LlanmadocWest Glamorgan League13 Oct 13
ZXC34:326MargamWest Glamorgan League13 Jan 13
ZXC35:06256BirminghamCAU Inter County Championships9 Mar 13
ZXC36:56712NeathWest Glamorgan League24 Feb 13
ZFL63:15172PengenfforddWaun Fach Fell Race20 Jul 13
ZFL64:41112AbergavennySugar Loaf (7M/1726ft)13 Apr 13
ZFL1:40:45265CwmduCwmdu Fell Race25 May 13
2012 SEN Aberystwyth
ZXC22:553Margam ParkWest Glamorgan League7 Oct 12
ZXC28:1526BridgendGwent League21 Oct 12
ZXC28:399Builth WellsWelsh Inter Regional Championships (Inc Welsh Masters Champs)8 Dec 12
ZXC29:1942BristolGwent League1 Dec 12
ZXC33:055LlanmadocWest Glamorgan League18 Nov 12
2011 SEN Aberystwyth
11MMT99:57556AberystwythRed Kite Challenge 11 (inc UK Trail Championships)30 Apr 11
ZXC19:0011NorthopGrand Prix Express North Wales League12 Nov 11
ZXC20:195BangorGrand Prix Express North Wales League1 Oct 11
ZXC20:1910LlandudnoGrand Prix Express North Wales League22 Oct 11
ZXC20:3017SwanseaGwent League4 Dec 11
ZXC21:213Fairwood CommonWest Glamorgan League (inc West Wales Championships)6 Nov 11
ZXC28:4526BridgendGwent League9 Oct 11
ZXC29:299Builth WellsWelsh Inter-Regional Championships10 Dec 11
ZXC30:1717NorthopWelsh National Championships19 Feb 11
2010 SEN Aberystwyth
8KXC33:53178BirminghamMcCain UK Cross Challenge inc World Trials & CAU Inter County Championships13 Mar 10
ZXC16:062Port TalbotWest Glamorgan League21 Mar 10
ZXC21:183SwanseaWest Glamorgan League (inc West Wales Championships)7 Nov 10
ZXC23:5012BreconGwent League13 Feb 10
ZXC26:0114BridgendGwent League10 Oct 10
ZXC30:3213SwanseaWelsh Cross Country Championships20 Feb 10
ZXC32:182Port TalbotWest Glamorgan League24 Jan 10
2009 SEN Aberystwyth
5K20:13162RhayaderRhayader 5K Series13 May 09
SHORT5M32:36694Port TalbotWest Glamorgan League25 Jan 09
8MMT59:2841GwyneddDyfi 812 Sep 09
ZXC18:573Port TalbotWest Glamorgan League1 Mar 09
ZXC19:402NeathWest Glamorgan League22 Feb 09
ZXC23:048GowerWest Wales Championships1 Nov 09
ZXC25:564YstradgynlaisWest Glamorgan League4 Oct 09
ZXC26:419Builth WellsWelsh National Championships1 Feb 09
ZXC28:4010Builth WellsWelsh Inter-Region Champs (inc Welsh Masters' Champs)13 Dec 09
ZFL51:372LlanybydderRas y Mast 6.529 Nov 09
ZFL57:533CorndonCorndon 3 Peaks Classic15 Nov 09
ZFL69:01162LlanidloesSource of the Severn 9.2M/1300ft6 Sep 09
2008 SEN Aberystwyth
ZMT77:4683Chipping SodburySodbury Slog9 Nov 08
ZXC25:2631PenrhosWest Glamorgan League17 Feb 08
ZXC26:093YstradgynlaisWest Glamorgan League5 Oct 08
ZXC26:581SwanseaWest Glamorgan League9 Mar 08
ZXC27:443LlanelliWest Glamorgan League2 Nov 08
ZXC27:445LlanelliWest Wales Championships2 Nov 08
ZXC33:574MargamWest Glamorgan League13 Jan 08
ZXC35:53218NottinghamCAU Inter County Championships15 Mar 08
ZXCNT7WrexhamWelsh Inter Regional (inc Masters)13 Dec 08
ZFL64:14131StoweyQuantocks Race24 Feb 08
2007 SEN Aberystwyth
5.8KXC25:4310CardiffWelsh Inter Regional and Vets Champs9 Dec 07
ZXC22:338Port TalbotWest Glamorgan League3 Nov 07
Total Performances: 140
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