Martyn Rooney

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Age Group:V35
Lead Coach:Nick Dakin2019-
Previous Lead:Fuzz Caan2012-2013
Previous Lead:Nick Dakin-2012
Previous Lead:Graham Hedman2016-2018
Previous Lead:Rana Reider2013-2016

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Shares (with Marlon Devonish) the record number of appearances by a GB athlete at the World champs with eight.

Has ran below 46 seconds for the 400m on 107 occasions.

Winner of six national titles - five senior and one u20.

Records as of April 2020
4x400mx NR ER - 3:12.27

U20 400m NR - 45.35

Major Championships and International Record
2019 - World Championships - 4x400m mx 4th.
2018 - European Championships - 400m 6sf3, 4x400 BRONZE.
2017 - World Championships - 400m 6h4, 4x400 BRONZE.
2016 - Olympic Games - 400m 5h4, 4x400 DQh. European Championships - 400m GOLD.
2015 - World Championships - 400m 6sf3, 4x400 BRONZE.
2014 - European Championships - 400m GOLD, 4x400 GOLD. Commonwealth Games - 400m 4th.
2013 – World Championships - 4x400m BRONZE
2012 – Olympic Games - 5th sf, 4x400m BRONZE
2011 – World Championships - 400m 7th sf, 4x400m 7th
2010 – European Championships - 400m BRONZE, 4x400m SILVER
2009 – World Championships - 400m 7th sf2, 4x400 SILVER
2008 – Olympic Games - 400m 6th, 4x400m 4th.
2007 – World Championships - 400m 4th ht, 4x400m 6th
2006 – Commonwealth Games - 400m 5th, 4x400m 4th. World Junior Championships - 400m BRONZE, 4x400m BRONZE
2005 – World Championships - 4x400m 4th. European Junior Championships - 400m SILVER, 4x400m GOLD

Domestic Championships Record
2019 - British Championships - 400m 8th.
2018 - British Championships - 400m 5th.
2017 - British Championships - 400m 5th.
2016 - British Championships - 400m Bronze.
2015 - British Championships - 400m Bronze.
2014 - British Championships - 400m Gold.
2012 – British Championships - 400m Gold.
2011 – British Championships - 400m Gold.
2010 – British Championships - 400m Gold.
2008 – British Championships - 400m Gold.
2007 – British Championships - 400m Silver.
2006 – British Championships - 400m silver.
2005 – England U20 Championships - 400m Gold.

Martyn Rooney initially trained and competed at the middle distance events of 800m and 1500m and also participated in cross country events throughout the winter months. His talent for the 400m was discovered by coincidence when he was asked to make up some points for his club at a London fixture. He made a great impact in 2005 when he won the national junior title, before winning a silver medal at the European Junior Championships, followed by a storming leg in the 4x400m relay at the World Championships in Helsinki.

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2021 SEN Croydon
40047.747GatesheadThe Müller British Grand Prix13 Jul 21
40047.907AWatfordBMC Grand Prix12 Jun 21
40048.123AStretfordBMC Grand Prix8 May 21
40048.241LoughboroughCharnwood AC Open16 Jun 21
40049.387h2SportcityMüller British Championships inc. Invitation 10000m25 Jun 21
2020 SEN Croydon
6001:20.55i7Athlone, IRLAIT Grand Prix12 Feb 20
2019 SEN Croydon
20021.650.81LoughboroughLoughborough Students Match29 May 19
20021.77w2.31s1BedfordSouth of England AA U20 / Senior Championships2 Jun 19
20021.88-0.61h3BedfordSouth of England AA U20 / Senior Championships2 Jun 19
200DNS-BedfordSouth of England AA U20 / Senior Championships2 Jun 19
40046.422h4BirminghamBritish Championships24 Aug 19
40047.0021Bern, SUICitius Meeting3 Aug 19
40047.387Ostrava, CZEGolden Spike20 Jun 19
40047.693Sollentuna, SWEFolksam Grand Prix18 Jun 19
40048.008BirminghamBritish Championships25 Aug 19
400L44.9L4Doha, QATIAAF World Championships29 Sep 19
400L45.1L4h1Doha, QATIAAF World Championships28 Sep 19
400L45.6L4Yokohama, JPNIAAF World Relays11 May 19
400L45.6L4h1Doha, QATIAAF World Championships5 Oct 19
400L46.1L3Yokohama, JPNIAAF World Relays12 May 19
0.4KNAD0:493Stockton-on-TeesGreat North City Games 400m7 Sep 19
2018 SEN Croydon
20021.431.01ABedfordBritish Athletics League Division 47 Jul 18
40045.736s3Berlin, GEREuropean Championships8 Aug 18
40046.0112Geneva, SUIAtletiCAGenève9 Jun 18
40046.112BOlympic ParkIAAF Diamond League Anniversary Games21 Jul 18
40046.134Rovereto, ITAPalio Città Della Quercia23 Aug 18
40046.1331Zagreb, CROMemorijal Borisa Hanzekovica4 Sep 18
40046.1712Lausanne, SUIIAAF Diamond League5 Jul 18
40046.273h3Berlin, GEREuropean Championships7 Aug 18
40046.321Bern, SUICitius Meeting16 Jun 18
40046.345BirminghamBritish Championships (Inc European Trials)1 Jul 18
40046.521h4BirminghamBritish Championships (Inc European Trials)30 Jun 18
40046.8822Nathan, AUSQueensland International Track Classic28 Mar 18
40046.9062Bydgoszcz, POLEuropean Athletic Festival29 May 18
400L44.24L4Berlin, GEREuropean Championships11 Aug 18
400L44.80L4Berlin, GEREuropean Championships10 Aug 18
400L45.7L4Bern, SUICitius Meeting16 Jun 18
400L47.2L1LoughboroughLoughborough International20 May 18
8001:52.526ns1LoughboroughLoughborough International20 May 18
0.5KDH1:017Gateshead QuayGreat North City Games8 Sep 18
2017 SEN Croydon
40045.6561Madrid, ESPMeeting Madrid14 Jul 17
40045.756h5Olympic ParkIAAF World Championships5 Aug 17
40045.996Olympic ParkIAAF Diamond League Muller Anniversary Games9 Jul 17
40046.135BirminghamBritish Championships2 Jul 17
40046.182h1BirminghamBritish Championships1 Jul 17
40046.287BirminghamIAAF Diamond League20 Aug 17
40046.293Brussels, BELIAAF Diamond League1 Sep 17
40046.352St George's, GRNGrenada Invitational8 Apr 17
40046.3922Zeulenroda-Triebes, GERZeulenroda Meeting25 May 17
40046.417Prague, CZEMemoriál Josefa Odložila5 Jun 17
40046.687Zagreb, CROMemorijal Borisa Hanžekovića29 Aug 17
400L44.42L4Olympic ParkIAAF World Championships13 Aug 17
400L44.66L4Olympic ParkIAAF World Championships12 Aug 17
400L44.7L2Gainesville FL, USAFlorida Relays30 Mar 17
400L46.2L4LoughboroughLoughborough International21 May 17
0.5KDH1:026Gateshead QuayGreat North City Games9 Sep 17
2016 SEN Croydon
30032.7221Leiden, NEDGouden Spike11 Jun 16
40045.041s2Amsterdam, NEDEuropean Championships7 Jul 16
40045.291Amsterdam, NEDEuropean Championships8 Jul 16
40045.324Zürich, SUIIAAF Diamond League1 Sep 16
40045.465Lausanne, SUIIAAF Diamond League25 Aug 16
40045.605h4Rio de Janeiro, BRAOlympic Games12 Aug 16
40045.784Ostrava, CZEGolden Spike20 May 16
40045.882AOordegem-Lede, BELIFAM Outdoor28 May 16
40046.006Kingston, JAMJamaica International Invitational7 May 16
40046.013BirminghamBritish Championships26 Jun 16
40046.3012Leiden, NEDGouden Spike11 Jun 16
40046.372s3BirminghamBritish Championships25 Jun 16
40046.571h3Amsterdam, NEDEuropean Championships6 Jul 16
40046.811h5BirminghamBritish Championships24 Jun 16
400DQ-Olympic ParkIAAF Diamond League23 Jul 16
400L45.9L3LoughboroughLoughborough International22 May 16
0.5KDH0:593Gateshead QuayGreat North City Games10 Sep 16
2015 SEN Croydon
30033.017BirminghamIAAF Diamond League Sainsbury's Grand Prix7 Jun 15
40044.454h2Beijing, CHNIAAF World Championships23 Aug 15
40045.296s3Beijing, CHNIAAF World Championships24 Aug 15
40045.413Stockholm, SWEIAAF Diamond League30 Jul 15
40045.464AOslo, NORIAAF Diamond League Bislett Games11 Jun 15
40045.5811LoughboroughLoughborough EAP Open Meeting18 Jul 15
40045.737Olympic ParkIAAF Diamond League Sainsbury's Anniversary Games25 Jul 15
40045.772ASollentuna, SWEFolksam Grand Prix25 Jun 15
40045.883BirminghamSainsbury's British Championships5 Jul 15
40046.168Rabat, MARMeeting International Mohammed VI14 Jun 15
40046.191s2BirminghamSainsbury's British Championships4 Jul 15
40046.901h3BirminghamSainsbury's British Championships3 Jul 15
400L43.97L4Beijing, CHNIAAF World Championships30 Aug 15
400L44.28L4h1Beijing, CHNIAAF World Championships29 Aug 15
2014 SEN Croydon
40044.711Zürich, SUIEuropean Championships15 Aug 14
40045.033Ostrava, CZEGolden Spike17 Jun 14
40045.104Zurich, SUIIAAF Diamond League Weltklasse28 Aug 14
40045.142Berlin, GERISTAF31 Aug 14
40045.154Hampden ParkCommonwealth Games30 Jul 14
40045.175Hampden ParkIAAF Diamond League Sainsbury's Glasgow Grand Prix12 Jul 14
40045.221s1Hampden ParkCommonwealth Games29 Jul 14
40045.253BirminghamIAAF Diamond League British Athletics Grand Prix24 Aug 14
40045.322Montreuil-sous-Bois, FRAMeeting Pro Athlé Tour de Montreuil7 Jul 14
40045.401s2Zürich, SUIEuropean Championships13 Aug 14
40045.481h5Zürich, SUIEuropean Championships12 Aug 14
40045.4912Zagreb, CROMemorial Boris Hanzekovic2 Sep 14
40045.526Eugene OR, USAIAAF Diamond League Prefontaine Classic31 May 14
40045.5631Gainesville FL, USATom Jones Memorial Invitational19 Apr 14
40045.571h7Hampden ParkCommonwealth Games28 Jul 14
40045.684Hengelo, NEDFBK Games8 Jun 14
40045.7511Clermont FL, USANTC/PURE Athletics Spring Invitational26 Apr 14
40045.781BirminghamBritish Championships (Inc European Trials)29 Jun 14
40045.913Atlanta GA, USAAmerican Track League16 May 14
40045.925Baie Mahault, FRAMeeting international region Guadeloupe10 May 14
40045.937Marrakech, MARIAAF Continental Cup13 Sep 14
40046.031s1BirminghamBritish Championships (Inc European Trials)28 Jun 14
40046.721h2BirminghamBritish Championships (Inc European Trials)27 Jun 14
400L43.93L4Zürich, SUIEuropean Championships17 Aug 14
400L44.3L4Nassau, BAHIAAF World Relays25 May 14
400L44.4L4h1Nassau, BAHIAAF World Relays24 May 14
400L44.50L4h1Zürich, SUIEuropean Championships16 Aug 14
400L44.82L2Marrakech, MARIAAF Continental Cup13 Sep 14
400L45.8L1Gainesville FL, USAFlorida Relays3 Apr 14
8001:53.5281Gainesville FL, USAFlorida Relays4 Apr 14
2013 SEN Croydon
20021.080.72LoughboroughLoughborough International19 May 13
40045.051Brussels, BELIAAF Diamond League Memorial Van Damme6 Sep 13
40045.291AZagreb, CROHanžeković Memorial3 Sep 13
40045.421Linz, AUTGugl Games26 Aug 13
40046.004Rabat, MARIAAF World Challenge Meeting International Mohammed VI9 Jun 13
40046.116Oslo, NORIAAF Diamond League Bislett Games13 Jun 13
40046.311LoughboroughLoughborough International19 May 13
40046.319Rome, ITAIAAF Diamond League Golden Gala6 Jun 13
400L44.5L2Moscow, RUSIAAF World Championships16 Aug 13
400L44.77L4h1Moscow, RUSIAAF World Championships15 Aug 13
400L45.6L3LoughboroughLoughborough International19 May 13
400LDNF-Philadelphia PA, USAPenn Relays27 Apr 13
2012 SEN Croydon/Loughborough Students
40044.921IWalnut CA, USAMt SAC Relays21 Apr 12
40044.972Hengelo, NEDFanny Blankers-Koen Games27 May 12
40044.994Doha, QATSamsung Diamond League11 May 12
40045.172AMadrid, ESPMeeting de Madrid7 Jul 12
40045.316Crystal PalaceSamsung Diamond League14 Jul 12
40045.315s3Olympic ParkOlympic Games5 Aug 12
40045.362h7Olympic ParkOlympic Games4 Aug 12
40045.526Monaco, MONSamsung Diamond League20 Jul 12
40045.526Lausanne, SUISamsung Diamond League23 Aug 12
40045.565Brussels, BELSamsung Diamond League7 Sep 12
40045.696BirminghamSamsung Diamond League26 Aug 12
40045.781Zagreb, CROWorld Challenge Zagreb4 Sep 12
40045.9211Los Angeles CA, USARafer Johnson & Jackie Joyner-Kersee Invitational14 Apr 12
40045.931BirminghamAviva British Championships inc. Olympic Trials24 Jun 12
40046.241h3BirminghamAviva British Championships inc. Olympic Trials23 Jun 12
400L44.09L4Olympic ParkOlympic Games10 Aug 12
400L44.7LoughboroughLoughborough International20 May 12
400L44.844Lh1Olympic ParkOlympic Games9 Aug 12
2011 SEN Croydon/Loughborough Students
20020.87w2.111Irvine CA, USASteve Scott Invitational1 May 11
40045.302h5Daegu, KORIAAF World Championships28 Aug 11
40045.441BirminghamAviva British Championships inc. World Trials31 Jul 11
40045.631BLucerne, SUISpitzen Leichtathletik Luzern21 Jul 11
40045.636Zurich, SUISamsung Diamond League8 Sep 11
40045.641h1BirminghamAviva British Championships inc. World Trials30 Jul 11
40045.878Crystal PalaceSamsung Diamond League Aviva London Grand Prix5 Aug 11
40046.097s2Daegu, KORIAAF World Championships29 Aug 11
40046.128Rome, ITASamsung Diamond League26 May 11
40046.182Rehlingen-Siersburg, GERInternationales Pfingstsportfest13 Jun 11
40046.193Rabat, MARMeeting international Mohammed VI5 Jun 11
40046.362Padua, ITAMeeting Internazionale Città di Padova17 Jul 11
400L44.12L4Daegu, KORIAAF World Championships2 Sep 11
400L44.56L4h1Daegu, KORIAAF World Championships1 Sep 11
2010 SEN Croydon/Loughborough Students
40044.9911Geneva, SUIAtletica Genève EAP Meeting12 Jun 10
40044.991BirminghamAviva British Championships inc. European Trials27 Jun 10
40045.003s1Barcelona, ESPEuropean Championships28 Jul 10
40045.233Barcelona, ESPEuropean Championships30 Jul 10
40045.443GatesheadIAAF Diamond League Aviva British Grand Prix10 Jul 10
40045.453Rabat, MARIAAF World Challenge Meeting6 Jun 10
40045.671ABergen, NOREuropean Team Championships19 Jun 10
40045.676Zürich, SUIIAAF Diamond League Weltklasse19 Aug 10
40045.722h1Barcelona, ESPEuropean Championships27 Jul 10
40045.852IWalnut CA, USAMt. SAC Relays17 Apr 10
40045.896ACrystal PalaceIAAF Diamond League Aviva London Grand Prix14 Aug 10
40045.901h2BirminghamAviva British Championships inc. European Trials26 Jun 10
40046.084Berlin, GERISTAF IAAF World Challenge Meeting22 Aug 10
40046.101Loughborough Loughborough International23 May 10
400L44.48L4Barcelona, ESPEuropean Championships1 Aug 10
400L44.71L4Split, CROIAAF / VTB Bank Continental Cup5 Sep 10
2009 U23 Croydon/Loughborough Students
607.12i12.5LoughboroughLoughborough University Open21 Feb 09
607.16i41.1LoughboroughLoughborough University Open21 Feb 09
607.16i42.1LoughboroughLoughborough University Open21 Feb 09
40045.352La Chaux-de-Fonds, SUIResisprint International28 Jun 09
40045.453h7Berlin, GERIAAF World Championships18 Aug 09
40045.472GatesheadAviva British Grand Prix31 Aug 09
40045.635Crystal PalaceAviva London Grand Prix25 Jul 09
40045.715Rieti, ITARieti Meeting6 Sep 09
40045.835Brussels, BELMemorial Van Damme IAAF Golden League4 Sep 09
40045.987s2Berlin, GERIAAF World Championships19 Aug 09
40046.227Monaco, MONHerculis Meeting28 Jul 09
400L44.83L4Berlin, GERIAAF World Championships23 Aug 09
400L44.99L4h1Berlin, GERIAAF World Championships22 Aug 09
2008 U23 Croydon/Loughborough Students
607.19i12LoughboroughLoughborough Indoor Meeting2 Feb 08
607.24i11LoughboroughLoughborough Indoor Meeting2 Feb 08
40044.602s3Beijing, CHNOlympic Games19 Aug 08
40044.721Monaco, MONHerculis29 Jul 08
40044.831ACrystal PalaceAviva London Grand Prix26 Jul 08
40045.001h4Beijing, CHNOlympic Games18 Aug 08
40045.126Beijing, CHNOlympic Games21 Aug 08
40045.1911Geneva, SUIAthletica Genève EAP Meeting31 May 08
40045.311BirminghamAviva British Championships inc. Olympic Trials13 Jul 08
40045.321Ostrava, CZEGolden Spike12 Jun 08
40045.331Annecy, FRASpar European Cup21 Jun 08
40045.342Brussels, BELIAAF Golden League5 Sep 08
40045.351GatesheadAviva Grand Prix31 Aug 08
40045.441Milan, ITANotturna di Milano2 Jul 08
40045.461LoughboroughLoughborough International18 May 08
40045.522Rieti, ITARieti Grand Prix7 Sep 08
40045.825Stuttgart, GERIAAF World Athletics Final13 Sep 08
40045.881Walnut CA, USAMt Sac Relays20 Apr 08
40046.162s2BirminghamAviva British Championships inc. Olympic Trials12 Jul 08
40048.341h4BirminghamAviva British Championships inc. Olympic Trials11 Jul 08
400L43.73L4Beijing, CHNOlympic Games23 Aug 08
400L44.17L4Annecy, FRASpar European Cup22 Jun 08
400L44.47L4h2Beijing, CHNOlympic Games22 Aug 08
2007 U23 Croydon/Loughborough Students
607.24i11.5LoughboroughLoughborough Indoor Open Meeting13 Jan 07
20021.330.04IALoughboroughLoughborough International20 May 07
20021.570.011LoughboroughLSAC vs Brunel16 May 07
40045.474h2Osaka, JPNIAAF World Championships28 Aug 07
40045.923r2Luzern, SUISpitzen Leichtathletik28 Jun 07
40045.932SportcityNorwich Union British Championships inc. World Trials29 Jul 07
40046.011BCrystal PalaceNorwich Union Super Grand Prix3 Aug 07
40046.023Geneva, SUIEAP Meeting9 Jun 07
40046.256Stuttgart, GERIAAF World Athletics Final22 Sep 07
40046.273Rovereto, ITAQuercia EAA Meeting12 Sep 07
40046.332s2SportcityNorwich Union British Championships inc. World Trials28 Jul 07
40046.375Don ValleyNorwich Union British Grand Prix15 Jul 07
40046.421Stavanger, NOREngland International13 Jun 07
40046.741h2SportcityNorwich Union British Championships inc. World Trials27 Jul 07
40047.148Padua, ITACitta di Padova8 Jul 07
400L44.17L4h1Osaka, JPNIAAF World Championships1 Sep 07
400L44.29L4Osaka, JPNIAAF World Championships2 Sep 07
400L44.95L3Munich, GERSpar European Cup (Men)24 Jun 07
2006 U20 Croydon/Loughborough Students
607.25i22.3LoughboroughLoughborough University Open Meeting14 Jan 06
607.28i41.4LoughboroughLoughborough University Open Meeting14 Jan 06
40045.352s1Melbourne, AUSCommonwealth Games21 Mar 06
40045.515Melbourne, AUSCommonwealth Games22 Mar 06
40045.677Crystal PalaceNorwich Union London Grand Prix28 Jul 06
40045.691h8Melbourne, AUSCommonwealth Games20 Mar 06
40045.873Beijing, CHNIAAF World U20/Junior Championships17 Aug 06
40045.991Bellville, RSABellville, RSA17 Feb 06
40046.0112Melbourne, AUSTelstra Grand Prix9 Mar 06
40046.011s3Beijing, CHNIAAF World U20/Junior Championships16 Aug 06
40046.202SportcityNorwich Union European Trials inc AAA Championships16 Jul 06
40046.2161Lucerne, SUILuzern, SUI6 Jul 06
40046.251h3Beijing, CHNIAAF World U20/Junior Championships15 Aug 06
40046.283Rovereto, ITARovereto, Ita30 Aug 06
40046.471h1SportcityNorwich Union European Trials inc AAA Championships15 Jul 06
40046.962s2SportcityNorwich Union European Trials inc AAA Championships15 Jul 06
400L44.5L4Melbourne, AUSCommonwealth Games25 Mar 06
2005 U20 Croydon/Loughborough Students
20022.21NewhamPlaistow30 Jul 05
40046.441BedfordAAA U20 / U23 Championships3 Jul 05
40046.562Kaunas, LTUEuropean Junior Championships22 Jul 05
40046.571s2Kaunas, LTUEuropean Junior Championships21 Jul 05
40046.751PortsmouthSouth of England U20 Championships29 May 05
40046.812LoughboroughLoughborough International Match22 May 05
40047.31KingstonSurrey Schools Championships11 Jun 05
40047.531h3Kaunas, LTUEuropean Junior Championships21 Jul 05
40047.651KingstonSurrey County Championships14 May 05
40047.853s2BedfordAAA U20 / U23 Championships2 Jul 05
40048.321h4BedfordAAA U20 / U23 Championships2 Jul 05
40048.381h2BirminghamESAA English Schools' Championships8 Jul 05
40049.41AshfordSouthern Men's League Division 3S7 May 05
400L44.9L2h3Helsinki, FINIAAF World Championships13 Aug 05
400L44.9L2Helsinki, FINIAAF World Championships14 Aug 05
6001:16.91Crawley-24 Sep 05
8001:50.553WatfordWatford Open Meeting7 Sep 05
8001:52.331KingstonSurrey County Championships15 May 05
15004:12.91HooMedway24 Apr 05
2004 U20 Croydon
40047.461IpswichIA-2022 Aug 04
8001:54.01SouthamptonTeam Solent Open5 Sep 04
8001:55.032BedfordBIG (10th Anniversary)12 Jun 04
8001:55.11WatfordWatford Open Graded15 Sep 04
8001:55.291KingstonSurrey County Championships16 May 04
8001:56.31CroydonDivision 3 South31 Jul 04
8001:57.31HooMedway Division Hoo23 May 04
2003 U17 Croydon
8001:58.51CroydonSP Croydon1 Jun 03
8001:58.51LewesESAA South East Schools Inter-County Championships21 Jun 03
8001:58.961KingstonSurrey County Championships10 May 03
8001:58.981KingstonSurrey County Schools Championships14 Jun 03
8001:59.191BirminghamYAL Auxilary Final30 Aug 03
8001:59.61HarrowHarrow18 May 03
8002:00.803h4Don ValleyESAA English Schools' Championships11 Jul 03
8002:02.41ATooting BecHerne Hill Harriers Open Meeting20 Sep 03
8002:03.21Battersea ParkSP Battersea Park4 May 03
8002:03.52Crystal PalaceSweatshop Hercules Wimbledon Young Athletes Meeting6 Apr 03
2001 U15 Croydon
8002:14.565BirminghamYAL Auxilary Final1 Sep 01
15005:03.924BBirminghamYAL Auxilary Final1 Sep 01
2000 U15 Croydon
ZXC14:065Lloyd ParkSurrey County Championships8 Jan 00
Total Performances: 287
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