Arun Manget

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Club:Ealing Southall & Middx
Age Group:U20
Lead Coach:Steve Mann2017-
Previous Lead:Ian Gains-2016
Previous Lead:Timothy Hannah2016-2017

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2019 U17 Ealing Southall & Middx
8002:12.83nsPerivaleSouthern Athletics League Division 3N17 Aug 19
15004:36.23i6MLee ValleyTri-Counties Championships17 Mar 19
15004:37.11i43Lee ValleyLee Valley Middle Distance Open20 Feb 19
15004:37.43APerivaleMiddlesex Young Athletes League27 Apr 19
15004:45.24nsPerivaleSouthern Athletics League Division 3N17 Aug 19
15004:47.43nsParliament HillSouthern Athletics League Division 3N15 Jun 19
1M5:115:1140J19LondonVitality Westminster Mile26 May 19
3KL10:217L1HayesMiddlesex County Relay Championships15 Sep 19
4KXC15:013020Wormwood ScrubsStart Fitness Metropolitan League12 Jan 19
3M17:13132LondonVirgin London Mini Marathon28 Apr 19
parkrun18:152Northala FieldsNorthala Fields parkrun # 24219 Jan 19
6KXC22:3018GreenfordMiddlesex County Championships5 Jan 19
6KXC25:24137Parliament HillSouth of England AA Championships26 Jan 19
2018 U17 Ealing Southall & Middx
8002:18.13AAbingdonUK Youth Development U17/U20 League Division South 2A29 Jul 18
8002:19.861nsPerivaleSouthern Athletics League Division 3N14 Apr 18
8002:19.934BFinsbury ParkMiddlesex Young Athletes League17 Jun 18
8002:21.83BWatfordSouthern Athletics League Division 3N23 Jun 18
15004:38.34BParliament HillSouthern Athletics League Division 3N14 Jul 18
15004:39.31138WatfordWatford Open Graded Meeting25 Jul 18
15004:40.78121Tooting BecHerne Hill Harriers Open25 Aug 18
15004:42.51BPerivaleUK Youth Development U17/U20 League Division South 2A1 Jul 18
15004:45.06nsBatterseaSouthern Athletics League Division 3N18 Aug 18
15004:49.11nsWatfordSouthern Athletics League Division 3N23 Jun 18
15004:51.97nsPerivaleSouthern Athletics League Division 3N20 May 18
15005:01.22AHorspathUK Youth Development U17/U20 League Division South 2A29 Apr 18
Mile4:55.82121Tooting BecHerne Hill Harriers Open7 May 18
300010:17.00i51Lee ValleyAyo Falola Dream Mile / 3000m Open7 Feb 18
300010:33.904HendonMiddlesex County Schools Championships9 Jun 18
300010:42.96101Tooting BecHerne Hill Harriers Open7 May 18
3KL10:405L1HayesMiddlesex County AA Relays9 Sep 18
3.88KL13:4562L1Sutton ParkERRA National Young Athlete Relays6 Oct 18
4KXC15:099PerivaleMiddlesex County Championships6 Jan 18
4KXC15:142517Wormwood ScrubsStart Fitness Metropolitan League13 Jan 18
4KXC15:195HarrowNorth West London Young Athletes' League17 Feb 18
4KXC15:533021Claybury ParkStart Fitness Metropolitan League13 Oct 18
4KXC15:582818Trent ParkStart Fitness Metropolitan League10 Feb 18
4KXC16:233725UxbridgeStart Fitness Metropolitan League1 Dec 18
4.4KXC16:032918Welwyn Garden CityStart Fitness Metropolitan League10 Nov 18
4.5KXC16:41126BrightonSouth of England AA Championships27 Jan 18
4.5KXC18:05214Parliament HillECCA Saucony English National Championships24 Feb 18
4.5KXC18:5354Parliament HillLondon Youth Games17 Nov 18
4.7KXC16:1517GreenfordNorth West London Young Athletes' League29 Sep 18
4.8KL17:4436L1Crystal PalaceSouthern Young Athletes Relays23 Sep 18
3M17:4948BORLondonVirgin London Mini Marathon22 Apr 18
5KXC17:029KingsburyNorth West London Young Athletes' League27 Oct 18
5KXC18:3997OxfordSouth of England Masters' & Inter Counties Championships8 Dec 18
parkrun18:0541Northala FieldsNorthala Fields parkrun # 2137 Jul 18
parkrun18:0910Northala FieldsNorthala Fields parkrun # 19120 Jan 18
parkrun18:15121Northala FieldsNorthala Fields parkrun # 23825 Dec 18
2017 U15 Ealing Southall & Middx
8002:22.081111WatfordWatford Open Graded Meeting14 Jun 17
15004:55.063AParliament HillMiddlesex Young Athletes League18 Jun 17
15004:56.33178WatfordWatford Open Graded Meeting23 Aug 17
Mile5:17.7192PerivalePerivale Open28 Jun 17
300010:35.97181WatfordWatford Open Graded Meeting19 Apr 17
2KXCL7:3397L1MansfieldECCA Saucony English National Relay Championships4 Nov 17
3KL11:0812L1HayesMiddlesex County AA Relays10 Sep 17
3KXC10:5958Parliament HillLondon Youth Games18 Nov 17
3.6KXC14:546Hampstead Heath ExtensionNorth West London Young Athletes' League18 Feb 17
4KXC14:0314GreenfordNorth West London Young Athletes' League30 Sep 17
4KXC14:164323UxbridgeStart Fitness Metropolitan League2 Dec 17
4KXC15:1097OxfordSouth of England Masters' & Inter Counties Championships9 Dec 17
4KXC15:377Wormwood ScrubsNorth West London Young Athletes' League4 Mar 17
4KXC15:544426Trent ParkStart Fitness Metropolitan League14 Jan 17
4KXC15:583720Claybury ParkStart Fitness Metropolitan League14 Oct 17
4.2KXC15:223419Welwyn Garden CityStart Fitness Metropolitan League11 Nov 17
4.5KXC17:44179Parliament HillSouth of England AA Championships28 Jan 17
4.5KXC17:57260NottinghamECCA Saucony English National Championships25 Feb 17
3M17:4366BORLondonVirgin London Mini Marathon23 Apr 17
parkrun18:2791Northala FieldsNorthala Fields parkrun # 18725 Dec 17
parkrun19:1515Northala FieldsNorthala Fields parkrun # 13821 Jan 17
parkrun19:1851Northala FieldsNorthala Fields parkrun # 1367 Jan 17
parkrun19:258Northala FieldsNorthala Fields parkrun # 15015 Apr 17
HM90:31c8StratfordRunThrough Lee Valley VeloPark Half Marathon1 Jul 17
2016 U15 Ilford/Ealing Southall & Middx
20031.796BBedfordUK Youth Development U13/U15 League Division South Central 121 May 16
8002:35.95BHemel HempsteadUK Youth Development U13/U15 League Division South Central 116 Jul 16
8002:47.334BBedfordUK Youth Development U13/U15 League Division South Central 121 May 16
15005:11.958Lee ValleyMiddlesex County Championships15 May 16
LJ3.665BHemel HempsteadUK Youth Development U13/U15 League Division South Central 116 Jul 16
JT60012.757AHemel HempsteadUK Youth Development U13/U15 League Division South Central 116 Jul 16
2KXCL7:41493MansfieldECCA Saucony English National Relay Championships5 Nov 16
3KL11:238L3HayesMiddlesex County AA Relays11 Sep 16
4KXC14:3415PerivaleNorth West London Young Athletes' League1 Oct 16
4KXC14:424828StevenageStart Fitness Metropolitan League12 Nov 16
4KXC16:344625Claybury ParkStart Fitness Metropolitan League15 Oct 16
3M18:2140BORLondonVirgin London Mini Marathon24 Apr 16
parkrun18:4615Northala FieldsNorthala Fields parkrun # 13531 Dec 16
parkrun18:57111Northala FieldsNorthala Fields parkrun # 13217 Dec 16
parkrun19:0691Northala FieldsNorthala Fields parkrun # 13425 Dec 16
parkrun19:1881Northala FieldsNorthala Fields parkrun # 13324 Dec 16
parkrun19:1971Northala FieldsNorthala Fields parkrun # 1303 Dec 16
parkrun19:5316Northala FieldsNorthala Fields parkrun # 13110 Dec 16
parkrun20:248Northala FieldsNorthala Fields parkrun # 876 Feb 16
parkrun20:4271Northala FieldsNorthala Fields parkrun # 8813 Feb 16
ZXC12:07112Parliament HillLondon Youth Games19 Nov 16
2015 U13 Ilford
8002:37.1812WoodfordWoodford Green Open9 Jun 15
15005:17.4721WoodfordWoodford Green Open7 Jul 15
1M5:435:4211U13MLondonBupa Westminster Mile24 May 15
1M5:4425926LondonCity of London Mile14 Jun 15
3M18:35117LondonVirgin London Mini Marathon26 Apr 15
ZXC8:2340Parliament HillLondon Youth Games14 Nov 15
ZXC9:4815Abbey FieldsEssex County U13/U15/Veterans' Championships28 Nov 15
ZXC10:128UpminsterEssex Schools' Year 7 and 8 Championships25 Feb 15
ZXC11:4447TonbridgeSouth East Schools' Years 7 & 828 Mar 15
ZXC12:2713HockleyEssex League31 Oct 15
ZXC15:0238WoodfordEssex County Championships3 Jan 15
ZXC15:5814One Tree HillEssex League10 Oct 15
ZXCL12:1919L31SouthendEssex County Relay Championships26 Sep 15
2014 U13 Ilford
20032.6i16Lee ValleyLee Valley Minithon22 Mar 14
6002:00.0i8Lee ValleyLee Valley Minithon22 Mar 14
8002:43.2682WoodfordWoodford Green Open8 Jul 14
8002:49.282WoodfordWoodford Green Open13 May 14
15005:22.1231WoodfordWoodford Green Open19 Aug 14
15005:25.5932WoodfordWoodford Green Open10 Jun 14
15005:32.85HornchurchHavering Spring Warm Up Meeting30 Mar 14
ZXC10:3915BraintreeEssex League6 Dec 14
ZXC12:5513ThurrockEssex League18 Oct 14
ZXCL12:533L1HockleyEssex County Relay Championships27 Sep 14
2013 U11 Ilford
6010.0i24Lee ValleyLee Valley Minithon22 Dec 13
7512.4312WoodfordWoodford Green Open30 Jul 13
15024.912WoodfordWoodford Green Open30 Jul 13
6001:57.6i9Lee ValleyLee Valley Minithon22 Dec 13
LJ3.12i14Lee ValleyLee Valley Minithon22 Dec 13
Total Performances: 122
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Lee Valley Cup 26 Jul 15 22:54Arun Manget 12 Aug 15 13:12
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