James Kershaw

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Club:Calder Valley
Age Group:SEN
Lead Coach:Unknown

Best known performances
10K45:33 45:33

Performances Submit
2013 2014

2014 SEN Calder Valley
ZFL20:26110HaworthBunny Run 3 (3M/328ft)15 Apr 14
ZFL20:3821Causeway Foot InnGiant's Tooth (3M/394ft)1 Jan 14
ZFL20:3969HaworthBunny Run 1 (3M/328ft)1 Apr 14
ZFL20:4775HaworthBunny Run 2 (3M/328ft)8 Apr 14
ZFL26:5462TodmordenStoodley Pike (3.1M/699ft)8 Jul 14
ZFL29:17325TodmordenOrchan Rocks (3.4M/919ft)29 Apr 14
ZFL39:0444ChiserleyTimothy Taylors Tom Tittiman (4M/689ft)22 Jun 14
ZFL42:0559MytholmroydCrow Hill Reverse (5M/1001ft)5 Aug 14
ZFL51:5444TodmordenBridestone (4.7M/1230ft)17 Jun 14
ZFL69:2566MytholmroydCoiners (7.6M/1329ft)5 May 14
ZFL73:5277HeptonstallHeptonstall Festival Grand Depart (5.9M/1627ft)5 Jul 14
2013 SEN Calder Valley
5K19:5224TodmordenTodmorden Park 5K Series31 Jul 13
5K20:2923TodmordenTodmorden Park 5K Series18 Dec 13
parkrun20:3732HuddersfieldsHuddersfield parkrun # 11829 Jun 13
6MNAD43:2641NordenNorden 67 Jun 13
10K45:48 45:33 54London Regent's ParkLondon Easter 10K1 Apr 13
ZFL20:2953BurnsallBurnsall Classic (1.5M/899ft)24 Aug 13
ZFL20:3188HaworthBunny Run 2 (3M/328ft)9 Apr 13
ZFL20:32107HaworthBunny Run 3 (3M/328ft)16 Apr 13
ZFL20:4310WhitworthBrown Wardle (1.9M/856ft)15 Jun 13
ZFL21:3291HaworthBunny Run 1 (3M/328ft)2 Apr 13
ZFL22:0833Causeway Foot InnGiant's Tooth (3M/394ft)1 Jan 13
ZFL24:028BaildonBaildon Carnival (3.5M/499ft)13 Jul 13
ZFL24:3825EmbsayEmbsay (2.7M/801ft)22 Sep 13
ZFL25:0251LumbuttsStoodley Pike (3.1M/699ft)9 Jul 13
ZFL26:4229Hebden BridgeWicken Hill Whizz (2.8M/1050ft)21 Jun 13
ZFL27:0337CracoeCracoe (2.6M/899ft)21 Jul 13
ZFL28:2238SaddleworthSaddleworth (3M/951ft)26 May 13
ZFL29:5042BradleyBradley (3.7M/755ft)1 Sep 13
ZFL34:0227ChiserleyTimothy Taylors Tom Tittiman (4M/689ft)23 Jun 13
ZFL34:5028Cragg ChurchCragg Vale (4M/801ft)3 Jul 13
ZFL36:4617SummitRunning Bear Race You To The Summit (4.3M/853ft)19 Oct 13
ZFL39:1133LittleboroughBlackstone Edge (3.5M/1201ft)15 May 13
ZFL39:5239KettlewellGreat Whernside (4M/1558ft)26 Oct 13
ZFL40:4438HolmeThieveley Pike (4.3M/1312ft)28 Sep 13
ZFL42:14112Penistone Hill Country ParkStoop (5M/820ft)22 Dec 13
ZFL44:2334Blackshaw HeadBlackshaw Head Fete (5.5M/899ft)31 Aug 13
ZFL48:5444CopleyTour Of Norland Moor (6.3M/886ft)25 Aug 13
ZFL52:33103Whaley BridgeWhaley Waltz (5.8M/899ft)29 Jun 13
ZFL53:0156DisleyVanessa Chappell (5.6M/1316ft)22 May 13
ZFL53:3173Penistone Hill Country ParkWithins Skyline (7.5M/984ft)13 Oct 13
ZFL53:5957TodmordenShepherds Skyline (6.2M/1148ft)2 Nov 13
ZFL54:2740NordenKnowl Hill (6M/1299ft)9 Jun 13
ZFL56:4841EdenfieldEdenfield (6.4M/1565ft)2 Jun 13
ZFL56:5139Hebden BridgeHebden Bridge (6M/1148ft)6 Jun 13
ZFL63:1542WiddopWiddop (7M/1201ft)17 Jul 13
ZFL63:2434HeptonstallHeptonstall Festival (5.9M/1627ft)6 Jul 13
ZFL63:3759AustwickAustwick Amble (8.1M/1197ft)27 May 13
ZFL1:05:29101TodmordenFlower Scar (6.5M/2297ft)23 Feb 13
ZFL66:3747TrawdenBronte Way (8.1M/1152ft)27 Oct 13
ZFL70:0647MytholmroydCoiners (7.6M/1329ft)6 May 13
ZFL76:2735GreenfieldSaddleworth Edges (8.1M/1148ft)5 Oct 13
ZFL77:1139Wycoller Country Park HallBouldsworth Hill (8.2M/1394ft)14 Apr 13
ZFL79:5388Causeway Foot InnOvenden (8.1M/1201ft)16 Feb 13
ZFL87:1333CalderbrookTurnslack (8M/2001ft)27 Jul 13
Total Performances: 55
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