Tom Addison

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Club:Helm Hill
Age Group:SEN
Region:North West
Lead Coach:Unknown

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2016 SEN Helm Hill
4.2KFLL25:185L1LussBritish Athletics Fell and Hill Running Relay Championships15 Oct 16
2015 SEN Helm Hill
10KXC32:277Towneley ParkMid Lancs League24 Oct 15
13KMR55:1042Betws-y-CoedWorld Mountain Running Championships 13K Senior Men19 Sep 15
ZFL26:211AmblesideLoughrigg8 Apr 15
ZFL32:401BarleyPendle4 Apr 15
ZFL59:011Church StrettonStretton Six Summits9 May 15
ZMR51:084Betws-y-CoedBritish Mountain Running Championships and World Trials22 Aug 15
2014 SEN Helm Hill
11KMT41:16c5KeswickKarrimor Great Trail Challenge 11K1 Jun 14
11.7KMR65:2882Casette di Massa, ITAWorld Mountain Running Championships14 Sep 14
12.8KMR59:3015Gap, FRAEuropean Mountain Running Championships12 Jul 14
ZXC30:362Barrow-in-FurnessMid Lancs League11 Jan 14
ZXC32:464WrekentonNorth East Harrier League8 Feb 14
ZFL14:006GrasmereGrasmere Senior Guides Race (1.6M/886ft)24 Aug 14
ZFL26:101AmblesideLoughrigg (4M/1083ft)16 Apr 14
ZFL29:391EarbyPinhaw Moor (5M/699ft)9 May 14
ZFL32:551BarleyPendle (4.5M/1499ft)5 Apr 14
ZFL48:541Nether WasdaleMiddlefell (6.6M/1699ft)15 Mar 14
ZFL49:185SedberghBA World Championships Trial (Uphill)9 Aug 14
ZFL51:203Whinlatter ForestEuropean Championships Trial14 Jun 14
ZFL53:552Witton ParkCAU Inter Counties Fell Championships (7.9M/1686ft)18 May 14
ZFL54:147PenicuikCarnethy 5 (6.2M/2493ft)15 Feb 14
ZFL67:571ConistonConiston (8.7M/3494ft)3 May 14
ZFL70:463SilecroftBlack Combe (8.1M/3281ft)1 Mar 14
ZFL87:551KentmereKentmere Horseshoe (12.3M/3300ft)20 Jul 14
ZFL1:41:38150NewcastleDonard Challenge (4.7M/2789ft)29 Mar 14
ZFL2:08:192SedberghSedbergh Hills (14M/6004ft)17 Aug 14
ZFLL74:463L2Middleton FellsBritish Fell Relay Championships19 Oct 14
ZFLL98:21111L2PatterdaleIan Hodgson Mountain Relay5 Oct 14
2013 SEN Helm Hill
5K16:281WhitehavenWhitehaven Harbour 5K14 Sep 13
5KNAD16:081UlverstonUlverston Charter 5K1 Sep 13
ZFL14:297GrasmereGrasmere Senior Guides Race (1.6M/886ft)25 Aug 13
ZFL27:342AmblesideLoughrigg (4M/1083ft)10 Apr 13
ZFL28:541HawkswickHawkswick Fingers (5M/1640ft)30 Jun 13
ZFL33:067BuckdenBuckden Pike (3.7M/1594ft)15 Jun 13
ZFL33:251KentmereShipman Knotts (3.7M/1312ft)20 Aug 13
ZFL38:361Broughton MillsDunnerdale (5M/1804ft)9 Nov 13
ZFL39:011HaworthSoreen Stanbury Splash (6M/919ft)20 Jan 13
ZFL42:091Penistone Hill Country ParkDaleside Brewery Auld Lang Syne (6M/984ft)31 Dec 13
ZFL1:50:0811Silent Valley Mountain ParkSilent Valley (9.5M/4888ft)13 Apr 13
ZFLL67:101L2PatterdaleIan Hodgson Mountain Relay (24.9M/8038ft)6 Oct 13
ZFLL77:592L2LlanberisBritish Relay Championships20 Oct 13
2012 SEN Helm Hill
10KMR46:17.113Ljubljana, SLOŠmarno Goro International Mountain Race6 Oct 12
ZXC33:174KendalMid Lancs League8 Dec 12
ZFL43:282HaworthAuld Lang Syne (9.6K/300m)31 Dec 12
ZFL47:5513MelmerbyHome Countries Mountain International22 Sep 12
ZFL48:448Goyt ValleyShining Tor Fell Race (inc UKA Inter-Counties Champs)19 May 12
ZFL50:073LeedsRombalds Romp 715 Sep 12
ZMR54:4419NewcastleBritish Mountain Championships (Short Category)12 May 12
ZMR62:1916GlenriddingUKA World Mountain Running Championship Trials5 Aug 12
ZMR70:3570:3510LlanberisSnowdon International21 Jul 12
2011 U23 Helm Hill
10KMR46:40.211Šmarno Goro, SLOWorld Mountain Running Grand Prix - Tek na Šmarno Goro1 Oct 11
ZFL15:531HaworthBunny Runs 3M/300ft5 Apr 11
ZFL32:193PendlePendle Fell Race2 Apr 11
ZFL69:427SilverhoweLoughrigg-Silverhowe Chase (English Fell Running Championships)26 Jun 11
ZFL2:18:4218Meelmore LodgeMourne Peaks 12M/6300ft (inc British Long Race Championships)9 Apr 11
ZMR51:4613 BlackburnUKA World Mountain Running Trials13 Aug 11
ZMR51:4918BroughtonBroughton Heights (inc Inter-County Championships)28 May 11
2010 U23 Helm Hill
ZXC30:512BarrowMid Lancs League30 Oct 10
ZMR48:0316Smarna Gora, SLOWMRA Grand Prix2 Oct 10
2009 U23 Helm Hill
10K34:072KendalBendrigg 10K6 Jun 09
ZXC32:0122KendalMid Lancs League10 Oct 09
ZXC34:0663Barrow-in-FurnessCumbria Championships13 Dec 09
ZXC41:1794NottinghamCAU Inter County Championships7 Mar 09
ZFL11:082KillingtonKillington Sports Fell Races28 May 09
ZFL13:591WharfedaleBurnsall 1.5M/800ft13 Sep 09
ZFL15:172AmblesideRydal Round 9M/3000ft30 Jul 09
ZFL15:443HaworthBunny Runs 3M/300ft28 Apr 09
ZFL18:451SteveleyKendal Winter League Birkrigg Fell Race25 Jan 09
ZFL23:493UlverstonWansfell (2.5M/1400Ft)27 Dec 09
ZFL25:131SedberghSedbergh School1 Mar 09
ZFL26:272FairmileKendal Winter League1 Feb 09
ZFL28:301StaveleyReston Scar 3.75M/985ft1 Jul 09
ZFL31:341KendalKendal Winter League Scout Scar Race4 Jan 09
ZFL33:061BarleyPendle 4.5M/1500ft4 Apr 09
ZFL34:471KendalFarleton Knott Fell Races (4.5M/1500ft)2 Aug 09
ZFL39:153SedberghArant Haw29 Mar 09
ZFL39:361Broughton MillsDunnerdale 5M/1800ft14 Nov 09
ZFL42:4941KeswickTwo Riggs 6.5M/1350ft26 May 09
ZFL45:041HaworthWithins Skyline 7M/1000ft25 Oct 09
ZFL45:441SkiptonCracoe Fell Races & Junior Races26 Jul 09
ZFL49:11172Kirkby LonsdaleHutton Roof Crags 7M/1300ft (inc Inter County Champs)23 May 09
ZFL51:251BecksideKirkbymoor 6.5M/1600ft28 Nov 09
ZFL54:113KeswickPuma Derwentwater 14K6 Sep 09
ZFL55:573KendalGibson Grind27 Jun 09
ZFL57:3181PenicuikCarnethy 5 6M/2460ft14 Feb 09
2008 U20 Helm Hill
ZMT46:18.7382Crans Montana, SUIWorld Mountain Running Trophy 200814 Sep 08
ZXC22:3234LiverpoolSainsbury ESAA English Schools' Championships8 Mar 08
ZXC22:332KendalKendal Winter League Firbank Race13 Jan 08
ZXC26:036LiverpoolMid Lancs League29 Nov 08
ZXC27:3234NottinghamCAU Inter County Championships15 Mar 08
ZXC35:1052BurnleyMid Lancs League8 Nov 08
ZXC39:0732MaryportCumbria County Championships14 Dec 08
ZXCNT3KirkbyCumbria Schools Championships12 Jan 08
ZFL10:571KillingtonKillington Sports Fell Races29 May 08
ZFL13:314Upper WharfedaleKettlewell Fell Races15 Jun 08
ZFL18:543UlverstonKendal Winter League Birkrigg Race27 Jan 08
ZFL20:211KendalKendal WL Barbondale Race17 Feb 08
ZFL20:532Ambleside Wansfell27 Dec 08
ZFL21:001SettleKendal Winter League Austwick Race9 Mar 08
ZFL25:013LangdaleKendal Winter League Elterwater Race9 Mar 08
ZFL25:013LangdaleKendal Winter League Elterwater Race16 Mar 08
ZFL27:113SedberghKendal Winter league Fairmile race3 Feb 08
ZFL28:032AmblesideLoughrigg Race2 Apr 08
ZFL29:381Kirkby StephenFell End Clouds Race2 Mar 08
ZFL29:542SedberghKendal Winter League Cautley Spout race24 Feb 08
ZFL31:17222HowgillKendal Winter League Whitestone Race20 Jan 08
ZFL33:014OxenholmeKendal Winter League Helm Hill Race10 Feb 08
ZFL33:1161CarnforthTwenty Barriers Challenge (5M/500ft)1 Jul 08
ZFL34:364Barley VillagePendle 4.5 (1500ft)5 Apr 08
ZFL36:431PendletonPendleton30 Aug 08
ZFL39:0822SedberghEuropean Championship Trials22 Jun 08
ZFL39:321SedberghKendal Winter League Arant Haw Race30 Mar 08
ZFL39:333Broughton MillsDunnerdale 5M/1800ft1 Nov 08
ZFL43:1141St John's in the ValeTwo Riggs Race27 May 08
ZFL45:121LlanberisWorld Mountain Trophy Trial Races17 Aug 08
ZFL46:1111HaworthWithins Skyline (7M/1000ft)26 Oct 08
ZFL47:222ClitheroeBolton By Bowland Fell Race7 Dec 08
ZFL50:003Kirkby LonsdaleHutton Roof Crags24 May 08
ZFL50:013IngletonIngleborough Fell Race & Junior Championship Races19 Jul 08
ZFL50:361Kirkby in FurnessKirkbymoor 6.5M/1600ft22 Nov 08
2007 U20 Helm Hill
ZFL22:033UlverstonWansfell Race (2.5M/1400ft)27 Dec 07
Total Performances: 121
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