Billy Procter

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Club:Helm Hill
Age Group:V60
Region:North West
Lead Coach:Unknown

Best known performances

Performances Submit
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2014 V55 Helm Hill
10K41:47121Old HuttonBendrigg 10K7 Jun 14
ZFL8:5310SedberghKWL Yarlside Downhill6 Apr 14
ZFL24:06121BarbonKWL Barbondale16 Feb 14
ZFL24:20152UlverstonKWL Birkrigg Common2 Feb 14
ZFL28:23132ElterwaterKWL Elterwater Common23 Mar 14
ZFL29:17222FairmileKWL Fairmile9 Feb 14
ZFL32:56111SedberghKWL Sedbergh School23 Feb 14
ZFL33:44302KendalKWL Scout Scar5 Jan 14
ZFL34:0061SedberghKWL Cautley Spout2 Mar 14
ZFL38:26101OxenholmeKWL Helm Hill16 Mar 14
ZFL41:171088BarleyPendle (4.5M/1499ft)5 Apr 14
ZFL58:43153AustwickAustwick Amble (8.1M/1197ft)26 May 14
ZFL63:11608PenicuikCarnethy 5 (6.2M/2493ft)15 Feb 14
ZFL68:16232Kirkby StephenNine Standards (8M/1801ft)1 Jan 14
ZFL85:381091ConistonConiston (8.7M/3494ft)3 May 14
ZFL1:49:37581KentmereKentmere Horseshoe (12.3M/3300ft)20 Jul 14
ZFL2:28:55411SedberghSedbergh Hills (14M/6004ft)17 Aug 14
2013 V55 Helm Hill
ZFL27:2181PatterdaleArnison Crag Horseshoe (3.1M/984ft)24 Aug 13
ZFL33:27211FairmileFairmile Fell Race10 Feb 13
ZFL38:34142KentmereShipman Knotts (3.7M/1312ft)20 Aug 13
ZFL40:031075BuckdenBuckden Pike (3.7M/1594ft)15 Jun 13
ZFL46:26322Broughton MillsDunnerdale (5M/1804ft)9 Nov 13
ZFL56:0714915Great LangdaleBlisco Dash (5M/2133ft)27 Jul 13
ZFL61:0464 8PenicuikCarnethy 5 Hill Race (6.2M/2493ft)16 Feb 13
ZFL97:451004AmblesideFairfield Horseshoe (9M/2999ft)11 May 13
ZFL1:45:55986SeathwaiteTurner Landscape (10.6M/2986ft)10 Aug 13
ZFLL60:1521L3PatterdaleIan Hodgson Mountain Relay (24.9M/8038ft)6 Oct 13
2012 V55 Helm Hill
ZFL58:37282LeedsRombalds Romp 715 Sep 12
ZMR63:18535NewcastleBritish Mountain Championships (Short Category)12 May 12
2011 V50 Helm Hill
10K42:42225KendalBendrigg 10K11 Jun 11
2009 V50 Helm Hill
ZFL13:551Chapel StileLangdale Gala 2M/300ft5 Jul 09
ZFL16:2691CumbriaConiston Gullies Fell Race31 May 09
ZFL21:2181SteveleyKendal Winter League Birkrigg Fell Race25 Jan 09
ZFL24:0071AustwickAustwick8 Mar 09
ZFL25:0451OxenholmeHelm Hill Races21 Jun 09
ZFL26:3671LangdaleElterwater Common15 Mar 09
ZFL28:44101FairmileKendal Winter League1 Feb 09
ZFL29:04101SedberghSedbergh School1 Mar 09
ZFL32:1861SedberghCautley Spout22 Feb 09
ZFL32:2861Broughton MillsBroughton Mills 3.5M/1300ft8 Aug 09
ZFL34:2831Kirkby-in-FurnessKirkby Gala Fell Races4 Jul 09
ZFL36:55101KendalKendal Winter League Scout Scar Race4 Jan 09
ZFL60:56271PenicuikCarnethy 5 6M/2460ft14 Feb 09
ZFL82:14191Shepherds BridgeConiston 9M/3500ft2 May 09
ZFL85:3951SilecroftBlackcombe 8M/3400ft7 Mar 09
ZFLNT181FirbankKendal Winter League11 Jan 09
2008 V50 Helm Hill
ZFL15:31161CumbriaGrasmere Senior Guides Race (1.5M/900ft)24 Aug 08
ZFL16:55101AmblesideAmbleside Sports (2 miles / 800')31 Jul 08
ZFL18:08101ConistonConiston Gullies1 Jun 08
ZFL20:21111UlverstonKendal Winter League Birkrigg Race27 Jan 08
ZFL23:07101KendalKendal WL Barbondale Race17 Feb 08
ZFL23:07101Ambleside Wansfell27 Dec 08
ZFL23:22101SedberghSedbergh Gala Races17 May 08
ZFL28:01111LangdaleKendal Winter League Elterwater Race9 Mar 08
ZFL28:01111LangdaleKendal Winter League Elterwater Race16 Mar 08
ZFL28:4961SedberghKendal Winter league Fairmile race3 Feb 08
ZFL32:53661HowgillKendal Winter League Whitestone Race20 Jan 08
ZFL33:2691Kirkby StephenFell End Clouds Race2 Mar 08
ZFL34:1871OxenholmeKendal Winter League Helm Hill Race10 Feb 08
ZFL45:21251Broughton MillsDunnerdale 5M/1800ft1 Nov 08
2007 V50 Helm Hill
ZFL24:091UlverstonWansfell Race (2.5M/1400ft)27 Dec 07
Total Performances: 61
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