Sophie McKinna

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Club:Great Yarmouth
Age Group:SEN
Lead Coach:Unknown
Previous Lead:Geoff Capes-2014
Previous Lead:Paul Wilson2022-2023
Previous Lead:Mike Winch2015-2022


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Major Championships & International Record
2022- Commonwealth Games SP - 7th, World Indoor Championships SP - 8th, World Championships SP - 11th in Q, European Championships SP - 12th
2021 - Olympic Games - Shot Put 8th Q
2019 - World Championships - Shot Put 11th
2018 - European Championships - Shot Put 7th. Commonwealth Games - Shot Put 5th
2014 - Commonwealth Games - Shot Put 5th
2013 - European Athletics Junior championships SP silver; European Athletics Team championships SP 7th
2012 - IAAF World Junior championships SP 5th
2011 - IAAF World Youth championships SP silver; Commonwealth Youth Games SP gold
2010 - Youth Olympic Games SP 5th; Youth Olympic Games European Trials SP bronze

Domestic Championships Record
2022 - British Championships - Shot Put Silver. British Indoor Championships Shot Put Gold.
2021 - British Championships - Shot Put Gold. British Indoor Championships - Shot Put Gold.
2020 - British Championships - Shot Put Gold
2019 - British Championships - Shot Put Gold. British Indoor Championships - Shot Put Gold
2018 - British Championships - Shot Put Silver. British Indoor Championships - Shot Put Silver
2017 - British Championships - Shot Put Bronze. British Indoor Championships - Shot Put Silver
2016 - British Championships - Shot Put Silver. British Indoor Championships - Shot Put Silver. British U23 Championships - Shot Put Gold.
2015 - British Championships - Shot Put Bronze. British Indoor Championships - Shot Put Bronze. British U23 Championships - Shot Put Gold.
2014 - British Championships - Shot Put Bronze. British Indoor Championships - Shot Put Silver. British U23 Championships - Shot Put Gold.
2013 - England Championships - Shot Put Gold. British U20 Championships - Shot Put Gold; British U20 Indoor Championships - Shot Put gGold; British Indoor Championships - Shot Put Bronze
2012 - Aviva England Athletics U20 championships SP gold; Aviva Olympic Trials & UK championships SP 4th; Aviva European Indoor Trials & UK championships SP 5th; England Athletics Senior championships SP bronze; England Athletics U20 Indoor championships SP gold
2011 - Aviva World Trials & UK championships SP 6th; Aviva U20 championships including European Trials SP gold; CAU Inter-Counties championships SP silver; England Athletics U20 Indoor championships SP gold; Aviva European Indoor Trials & UK championships SP bronze
2010 - Aviva England U20 World Trials & UK championships SP gold; Aviva English Schools' championships SP gold; Aviva Schools' International SP gold; UK School Games SP gold; Aviva England U17 Indoor championships SP gold
2009 - England U17 championships SP silver; UK School Games SP silver; SIAB Schools' International SP gold; Aviva English Schools' championships SP bronze; England Athletics U17 Indoor championships SP 4th
2008 - English Schools' championships SP silver

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Performances Submit
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2024 SEN Great Yarmouth
SP4K17.211AHorspathBedford International Games (BIG)25 May 24
SP4K17.172EtonNational Athletics League - Premiership1 Jun 24
SP4K17.121NorwichNorfolk County Championships12 May 24
SP4K16.773CardiffWelsh Athletics 106th Senior & U15 Championships15 Jun 24
SP4K16.55i3BirminghamMicroplus UK Athletics Indoor Championships18 Feb 24
2023 SEN Great Yarmouth
SP4K17.20i1BirminghamUK Athletics Indoor Championships19 Feb 23
SP4K17.14i3SportcityWorld Athletics Indoor Tour Bronze - Manchester28 Jan 23
SP4K16.711NorwichNorfolk County Championships 14 May 23
SP4K16.395Białystok, POLMityng na Rynku Kościuszki21 May 23
SP4K16.23i4Val-de-Reuil, FRAWorld Athletics Indoor Tour Silver - Meeting de l'Eure4 Feb 23
2022 SEN Great Yarmouth
SP4K18.82i1BirminghamUK Athletics Indoor Championships27 Feb 22
SP4K18.62i8Belgrade, SRBWorld Athletics Indoor Championships18 Mar 22
SP4K18.53i1SportcityBoxx United Manchester Indoor Tour22 Jan 22
SP4K18.24i2Reykjavik, ISLReykjavík International Games6 Feb 22
SP4K18.04i1King's LynnKeith Ward Memorial Open Meeting, with Norfolk Indoor Championships30 Jan 22
SP4K17.72i2Vaxjo, SWEVaxjo International Throws12 Feb 22
SP4K17.492SportcityMuller UK Athletics Championships26 Jun 22
SP4K17.3613NorwichNorfolk County Championships15 May 22
SP4K17.336QBMunich, GEREuropean Championships15 Aug 22
SP4K17.2111qBEugene OR, USAWorld Athletics Championships15 Jul 22
SP4K17.189Hengelo, NEDFBK Games - World Athletics Continental Tour Gold6 Jun 22
SP4K17.187BirminghamCommonwealth Games3 Aug 22
SP4K17.041NorwichNorfolk Schools Championships inc. closed Shot Put Competition11 Jun 22
SP4K16.821LoughboroughLoughborough Field Fest 1 Jun 22
SP4K16.818AHalle, GERHallesche Werfertage21 May 22
SP4K16.762BBirmingham (U)University of Birmingham Track & Field Series8 Jun 22
SP4K16.701HullHammer Circle invitation31 May 22
SP4K16.704qABirminghamCommonwealth Games2 Aug 22
SP4K16.649Oslo, NORBislett Games - Wanda Diamond League16 Jun 22
SP4K16.2912Munich, GEREuropean Championships15 Aug 22
SP4K15.992HarrowHarrow AC Open28 Apr 22
SP4K15.892AYorkValhalla Throws Event29 Aug 22
2021 SEN Great Yarmouth
8004:18.97Great YarmouthGreat Yarmouth Club Championships26 Sep 21
LJ4.307AGreat YarmouthGreat Yarmouth Club Championships26 Sep 21
SP4K18.54i1LoughboroughBritish Athletics European Indoor Selection Trials - Loughborough21 Feb 21
SP4K18.471SportcityManchester International18 Aug 21
SP4K18.46i3Karlsruhe, GERWorld Athletics Indoor Tour Gold29 Jan 21
SP4K18.364GatesheadMuller Grand Prix Gateshead23 May 21
SP4K18.281SportcityMüller British Championships inc. Invitation 10000m27 Jun 21
SP4K18.087Bern, SUICITIUS Meeting21 Aug 21
SP4K17.95i9QTorun, POLEuropean Indoor Championships4 Mar 21
SP4K17.874Chorzow, POLEuropean Athletics Team Championships - Super League30 May 21
SP4K17.818qBTokyo, JPNOlympic Games30 Jul 21
SP4K17.792Leiria, PORTorneio International de Lancamentos7 Aug 21
SP4K17.7310Budapest, HUNHungarian GP Series24 Aug 21
SP4K16.551Great YarmouthGreat Yarmouth Club Championships26 Sep 21
2020 SEN Great Yarmouth
SP4K18.161ChelmsfordSouth of England Covid Games29 Aug 20
SP4K17.881SportcityMuller British Championships4 Sep 20
SP4K17.651NorwichNorfolk Trial Event15 Aug 20
SP4K17.56i3Rochlitz, GERRochlitzer Sparkassen-Kugelstoßmeeting2 Feb 20
SP4K17.39i2Emirates ArenaBritish Championships23 Feb 20
SP4K17.07i1BourneGeoff Capes Shotacular16 Feb 20
2019 SEN Great Yarmouth
SP4K18.613qADoha, QATIAAF World Championships2 Oct 19
SP4K18.231NorwichNorfolk County Championships11 May 19
SP4K18.041LoughboroughLoughborough International19 May 19
SP4K18.043Bialystok, POLMityng Gwiazd na Rynku Kościuszki7 Jul 19
SP4K17.9911Doha, QATIAAF World Championships3 Oct 19
SP4K17.97i1BirminghamBritish Championships10 Feb 19
SP4K17.975Chorzow, POLMemoriał Janusza Kusocińskiego15 Jun 19
SP4K17.971BirminghamBritish Championships24 Aug 19
SP4K17.94i4Düsseldorf, GERIAAF World Indoor Tour20 Feb 19
SP4K17.943Bydgoszcz, POLEuropean Athletics Team Championships Super League11 Aug 19
SP4K17.741SportcityCAU Inter-County Championships (Inc England Athletics Senior Championships)27 Jul 19
SP4K17.651AGreat YarmouthEast Anglian League23 Jun 19
SP4K17.58i1Lee ValleySouth of England AA U20 / Senior Championships20 Jan 19
SP4K17.577Halle, GERHalle Throws International1 Jun 19
SP4K17.37i1Vienna, AUTVienna Indoor Classic26 Jan 19
SP4K17.18i10qEmirates ArenaEuropean Indoor Championships1 Mar 19
SP4K17.171AIpswichEast Anglian League21 Jul 19
DT1K38.111AGreat YarmouthEast Anglian League23 Jun 19
DT1K27.551AIpswichEast Anglian League21 Jul 19
HT4K37.082AGreat YarmouthEast Anglian League23 Jun 19
HT4K37.001AIpswichEast Anglian League21 Jul 19
2018 SEN Great Yarmouth
SP4K17.765Gold Coast, AUSCommonwealth Games13 Apr 18
SP4K17.761BedfordSouth of England AA U20 / Senior Championships10 Jun 18
SP4K17.711SportcityCAU Inter-County Championships (Inc England Athletics Senior Championships)28 Jul 18
SP4K17.697Berlin, GEREuropean Championships8 Aug 18
SP4K17.625BirminghamIAAF Diamond League18 Aug 18
SP4K17.541AGreat YarmouthEast Anglian League22 Jul 18
SP4K17.42i2BirminghamBritish Athletics Championships18 Feb 18
SP4K17.411Lee ValleyLee Valley Sprint Open Series18 Jul 18
SP4K17.401St. IvesCambridgeshire AA Evening Open Series20 Jun 18
SP4K17.377AHalle, GERHallesche Werfertage26 May 18
SP4K17.30i1LoughboroughLoughborough Students AC Open13 Jan 18
SP4K17.242BGold Coast, AUSCommonwealth Games12 Apr 18
SP4K17.245qBBerlin, GEREuropean Championships7 Aug 18
SP4K17.102BirminghamBritish Championships (Inc European Trials)1 Jul 18
SP4K17.021NorwichNorfolk County Championships12 May 18
SP4K16.71i1King's LynnNorfolk County Championships (Inc Keith Ward Memorial Open)28 Jan 18
SP4K16.55i1Lee ValleySouth of England AA U20 / Senior Championships14 Jan 18
2017 SEN Great Yarmouth
SP4K17.035Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, ESPEuropean Throwing Cup11 Mar 17
SP4K16.74i2SheffieldBritish Athletics Indoor Team Trials11 Feb 17
SP4K16.73i5BirminghamMüller Indoor Grand Prix Birmingham18 Feb 17
SP4K16.621NorwichNorfolk County Championships13 May 17
SP4K16.612LoughboroughLoughborough International21 May 17
SP4K16.36i1SpaldingThe Geoff Capes Shotacular19 Feb 17
SP4K16.271ABury St EdmundsEast Anglian League20 Aug 17
SP4K16.233BirminghamBritish Championships2 Jul 17
SP4K16.18i1Lee ValleySouth of England AA U20 / Senior Championships15 Jan 17
SP4K16.102SportcityEngland Manchester International16 Aug 17
SP4K16.092AEtonUK Women's League Premier Division3 Jun 17
SP4K15.961Crystal PalaceSouth of England AA U20 / Senior Championships10 Jun 17
SP4K15.89i1Kings LynnNorfolk County Championships (Inc Keith Ward Memorial Open)29 Jan 17
SP4K15.831ABury St EdmundsEast Anglian League Final17 Sep 17
HT4K32.374ABury St EdmundsEast Anglian League Final17 Sep 17
2016 U23 Great Yarmouth
SP4K18.41wdh1AStoke Rochford HallGeoff Capes Classic Open8 May 16
SP4K17.141NorwichThe Last Lob9 Jul 16
SP4K16.971ANorwichEast Anglian League24 Apr 16
SP4K16.751BSwanseaUK Women's League Premier Division4 Jun 16
SP4K16.671BedfordEngland Athletics U20 / U23 Championships19 Jun 16
SP4K16.611Lee ValleySouth of England AA U20 / Senior Championships12 Jun 16
SP4K16.54i2SheffieldBritish Athletics Championships27 Feb 16
SP4K16.497BirminghamIAAF Diamond League5 Jun 16
SP4K16.162BirminghamBritish Championships26 Jun 16
SP4K16.151BromleyBlackheath & Bromley Open11 Jul 16
SP4K16.142ALee ValleyUK Women's League Premier Division2 Jul 16
SP4K16.131GillinghamMedway & Maidstone AC Open10 Jul 16
SP4K16.10i1ChelmsfordEssex Athletics Network Open Meeting13 Mar 16
SP4K15.13i1King's LynnNorfolk Championships24 Jan 16
SP4K13.931NorwichNorfolk County Championships14 May 16
SP4K13.361AIpswichEast Anglian League17 Jul 16
DT1K28.171AIpswichEast Anglian League17 Jul 16
DT1K23.162ANorwichEast Anglian League24 Apr 16
2015 U23 Great Yarmouth
SP4K16.411BedfordEngland Athletics U20 / U23 Championships21 Jun 15
SP4K16.372LoughboroughLoughborough International17 May 15
SP4K16.0412Irvine CA, USASteve Scott Invitational2 May 15
SP4K15.973BirminghamSainsbury's British Championships4 Jul 15
SP4K15.892BedfordBIG (Bedford International Games)31 May 15
SP4K15.741King's LynnNorfolk County Championships Day 123 May 15
SP4K15.743qBTallinn, ESTEuropean Athletics U23 Championships9 Jul 15
SP4K15.689Tallinn, ESTEuropean Athletics U23 Championships9 Jul 15
SP4K15.572BedfordCAU Inter-County Championships (Inc England Athletics Senior Championships)2 Aug 15
SP4K15.404Chula Vista CA, USAOTC-CV Elite #123 Apr 15
SP4K15.325Copenhagen, DENCopenhagen Athletics Games5 Aug 15
SP4K15.15i3SheffieldSainsbury's Indoor British Championships14 Feb 15
SP4K14.761BEtonUK Women's League Premier Division8 Aug 15
SP4K14.5881San Diego CA, USATriton Invitational25 Apr 15
2014 U23 Great Yarmouth
SP4K16.595Hampden ParkCommonwealth Games30 Jul 14
SP4K16.471BedfordEngland Athletics U20 / U23 Championships22 Jun 14
SP4K16.351EtonWindsor Slough Eton & Hounslow Open Meeting19 Apr 14
SP4K16.301ANorwichEast Anglian League4 May 14
SP4K16.273BedfordBIG (Bedford International Games)1 Jun 14
SP4K16.25i1Vienna, AUTVienna Indoor Classic28 Jan 14
SP4K16.13i2SheffieldBritish Athletics Championships8 Feb 14
SP4K16.018Dessau, GERAnhaltmeeting11 Jun 14
SP4K15.815Leiria, POREuropean Cup Winter Throwing15 Mar 14
SP4K15.793BirminghamBritish Championships (Inc European Trials)28 Jun 14
SP4K15.741NorwichNorfolk County Championships Day 125 May 14
SP4K15.731BEtonUK Women's League Premier Division5 Jul 14
SP4K15.411BSwanseaUK Women's League Premier Division10 May 14
SP4K15.331BBirminghamUK Women's League Premier Division7 Jun 14
SP4K15.111AKing's LynnEast Anglian League17 Aug 14
SP4K15.024Halle, GERWerfertage18 May 14
SP4K14.883Gothenburg, SWEFolksam Challenge13 Jun 14
DT1K31.141AKing's LynnEast Anglian League17 Aug 14
HT4K33.692AKing's LynnEast Anglian League17 Aug 14
HT4K31.534ANorwichEast Anglian League4 May 14
JT60023.661AKing's LynnEast Anglian League17 Aug 14
JT60020.003ANorwichEast Anglian League4 May 14
2013 U20 Great Yarmouth/Windsor Slough Eton & Hounslow
SP4K17.121Halle, GERWerfertage25 May 13
SP4K17.092Rieti, ITAEuropean Athletics Junior Championships20 Jul 13
SP4K16.819Olympic ParkIAAF Diamond League Sainsbury's Anniversary Games27 Jul 13
SP4K16.521BedfordEngland Athletics Senior/U20 Combined Events Championships, U18 Events & Home International Throws Competition1 Jun 13
SP4K16.431AEdinburghUK Women's League Premier Division8 Jun 13
SP4K16.38i2LInz, AUTGugl Indoor31 Jan 13
SP4K16.377GatesheadEuropean Athletics Team Championships23 Jun 13
SP4K16.361BedfordEngland Athletics U20/U23 Championships (Inc U18 Events)15 Jun 13
SP4K16.331BBromleyUK Women's League Premier Division3 Aug 13
SP4K16.111BedfordBritish Athletics Jumps & Throws Fest17 Aug 13
SP4K16.092Castellon, ESPEuropean Winter Throwing Cup16 Mar 13
SP4K16.021ASportcityUK Women's League Premier Division6 Jul 13
SP4K15.90i1BirminghamEngland Athletics U15 / U17 / U20 Championships23 Feb 13
SP4K15.831qARieti, ITAEuropean Athletics Junior Championships20 Jul 13
SP4K15.773LoughboroughLoughborough International19 May 13
SP4K15.76i3SheffieldBritish Athletics European Trials & UK Championships9 Feb 13
SP4K15.54i1CardiffWelsh Athletics Indoor International10 Mar 13
2012 U20 Great Yarmouth
SP4K16.232AEtonUK Women's League Premier Division30 Jun 12
SP4K16.161BedfordAviva England Athletics U20/U23 Championships16 Jun 12
SP4K15.985Barcelona, ESPIAAF World U20/Junior Championships10 Jul 12
SP4K15.814BedfordBIG (Bedford International Games)10 Jun 12
SP4K15.804qABarcelona, ESPIAAF World U20/Junior Championships10 Jul 12
SP4K15.801BedfordMcCain CAU Championships26 Aug 12
SP4K15.554BirminghamAviva British Championships inc. Olympic Trials23 Jun 12
SP4K15.501BBirminghamUK Women's League Premier Division9 Jun 12
SP4K15.451NorwichNorfolk County Championships12 May 12
SP4K15.441ASwanseaUK Women's League Premier Division28 Jul 12
SP4K15.363BirminghamMcCain Jumps & Throws Fest11 Aug 12
SP4K15.325LoughboroughLoughborough International20 May 12
SP4K15.282LoughboroughWinter Throws Trials4 Mar 12
SP4K15.071Gothenburg, SWEKasta Loss6 May 12
SP4K14.96i21SheffieldMcCain City Challenge4 Feb 12
SP4K14.92i23DSheffieldMcCain City Challenge4 Feb 12
SP4K14.83i5SheffieldAviva European Indoor Trials & UK Championships11 Feb 12
SP4K14.82i1BirminghamEngland U15/U17/U20 Championships25 Feb 12
SP4K14.78i12DSheffieldMcCain City Challenge4 Feb 12
SP4K14.773Gothenburg, SWEKasta Loss6 May 12
SP4K14.262HullKingston upon Hull v SE Poland v South Humberside/East Midlands22 Apr 12
SP4K14.043BirminghamEngland Championships (Inc North & Midland Championships)3 Jun 12
2011 U20 Great Yarmouth
SP4K15.711Kings LynnNorfolk County Championships15 May 11
SP4K15.70i1BirminghamEngland Athletics U15 / U17 / U20 Championships26 Feb 11
SP4K15.593LoughboroughLoughborough International22 May 11
SP4K15.102BedfordCAU Inter Counties Championships30 May 11
SP4K14.91i3SheffieldAviva European Trials & UK Championships12 Feb 11
SP4K14.902Lille, FRAIAAF World Youth Championships6 Jul 11
SP4K14.863Bedford BIG (Bedford International Games)12 Jun 11
SP4K14.751DouglasCommonwealth Youth Games10 Sep 11
SP4K14.625BirminghamMcCain UK Challenge Final20 Aug 11
SP4K14.581Great YarmouthGreat Yarmouth Performance Meeting9 Aug 11
SP4K14.511BedfordAviva U20/U23 Championships (inc European Trials)26 Jun 11
SP4K14.462Peterborough Peterborough Open29 Aug 11
SP4K14.446BirminghamAviva British Championships inc. World Trials30 Jul 11
SP4K14.271qBLille, FRAIAAF World Youth Championships6 Jul 11
2010 U17 Great Yarmouth/City of Norwich
SP4K15.145ASingapore, SINYouth Olympic Games22 Aug 10
SP4K15.081BirminghamAviva ESAA English Schools' Championships9 Jul 10
SP4K14.811GlasgowAviva Schools International17 Jul 10
SP4K14.663Moscow, RUSYouth Olympic Games European Trials23 May 10
SP4K14.531GatesheadUK Schools Games3 Sep 10
SP4K14.371BedfordAviva England U23 and U20 World Trials Championships20 Jun 10
SP4K14.301ChelmsfordChelmsford Throws Festival2 Apr 10
SP4K14.301Great YarmouthNorfolk County Championships9 May 10
SP4K14.301NorwichNorfolk Schools Championships12 Jun 10
SP4K14.305QSingapore, SINYouth Olympic Games18 Aug 10
SP4K13.904QBMoscow, RUSYouth Olympic Games European Trials22 May 10
SP4K13.811AHendonNational Junior Athletic League Southern Premier18 Apr 10
SP4K13.681AshfordSouthern Counties U15/U17 Championships30 May 10
SP4K13.601Great YarmouthGreat Yarmouth Warm Up Meeting15 Apr 10
SP4K13.581LoughboroughLoughborough Open (inc BUCS Trials)24 Apr 10
SP4K13.361Birmingham Birchfield Open17 Apr 10
SP4K13.24i1BirminghamAviva England U15 / U17 / U20 Championships28 Feb 10
SP4K13.18i1Lee ValleySEAA Indoor Championships16 Jan 10
SP4K13.02i1ALoughboroughLoughborough University Open31 Jan 10
SP4K11.95i1BLoughboroughLoughborough University Open31 Jan 10
HT4K27.222BHendonNational Junior Athletic League Southern Premier18 Apr 10
2009 U17 Great Yarmouth
10013.740.05h1BedfordBIG (Bedford International Games)31 May 09
SP4K12.91i1BLoughborough Loughborough University Open12 Dec 09
SP4K12.79i1ALoughborough Loughborough University Open12 Dec 09
SP4K12.562BedfordEngland U17 & U15 Championships8 Aug 09
SP4K12.441Great YarmouthGreat Yarmouth Open Meeting2 Jul 09
SP4K12.272CardiffUK School Games5 Sep 09
SP4K12.171AntrimSIAB Schools International18 Jul 09
SP4K11.921ABury St. EdmundsEast Anglian League2 Aug 09
SP4K11.903Don ValleyAviva ESAA English Schools' Championships10 Jul 09
SP4K11.891CambridgeEastern AA Championships5 Jul 09
SP4K11.822ABromleyNational Junior Athletic League Southern Premier26 Jul 09
SP4K11.722ALee ValleyNational Junior Athletic League - Southern Premier16 Aug 09
SP4K11.692AHendonNational Junior Athletic League - Southern Promotional Final30 Aug 09
SP4K11.561NorwichESAA Anglian Schools Inter-County Championships20 Jun 09
SP4K11.543AEtonNational Junior Athletic League Southern Premier14 Jun 09
SP4K11.301AKing's LynnEast Anglian League21 Jun 09
SP4K11.261NorwichNorfolk Schools Championships13 Jun 09
SP4K11.21i1LoughboroughLoughborough University Open21 Feb 09
SP4K11.211King's LynnNorfolk County Championships9 May 09
SP4K11.01i4BirminghamEngland Athletics U20, U17 & U15 Championships15 Feb 09
SP4K10.91i2Lee ValleySEAA Championships17 Jan 09
SP4K10.853AshfordSouthern Counties U15 & U17 Championships24 May 09
SP4K10.611ANorwichEast Anglian League19 Apr 09
SP4K10.601NorwichGood Friday Throws Fest10 Apr 09
SP4K10.51i2LoughboroughLoughborough University Open10 Jan 09
WT9.08K9.532NorwichGood Friday Throws Fest10 Apr 09
DT1K22.443AGreat YarmouthEast Anglian League19 Jul 09
DT1K21.754NorwichGood Friday Throws Fest10 Apr 09
DT1K21.584ANorwichEast Anglian League19 Apr 09
JT60023.975BLee ValleyNational Junior Athletic League - Southern Premier16 Aug 09
2008 U15 Great Yarmouth
609.0i5King's LynnNorfolk Championships20 Jan 08
10013.7Great YarmouthEast Anglian League22 Jun 08
10013.7Great YarmouthGreat Yarmouth Open Meeting10 Aug 08
SP3.25K11.192GatesheadESAA English Schools' Championships12 Jul 08
SP3.25K11.171NorwichNorfolk Schools' Championships14 Jun 08
SP3.25K11.121CambridgeEastern AA Championships6 Jul 08
SP3.25K10.831Bury St. EdmundsEast Anglian League17 Aug 08
SP3.25K10.661Great YarmouthEast Anglian League22 Jun 08
SP3.25K10.651NorwichCity of Norwich Throws14 Sep 08
SP3.25K10.471NorwichNorfolk Championships10 May 08
SP3.25K10.292HendonSEAA U15/U20 Inter Counties24 Aug 08
SP3.25K10.261St. IvesEast Anglian League18 May 08
SP3.25K10.101Great YarmouthGreat Yarmouth Open Meeting10 Aug 08
SP3.25K9.171SandyBiggleswade Open27 Sep 08
SP3.25K8.00IpswichEast Anglian League20 Apr 08
SP3.25K7.61ChelmsfordChelmsford Open22 Mar 08
SP3.25K7.30iKings LynnNorfolk Championships20 Jan 08
WT5.45K10.183NorwichCity of Norwich Throws14 Sep 08
DT1K19.59NorwichCity of Norwich Throws14 Sep 08
DT1K19.29SandyBiggleswade Open27 Sep 08
Total Performances: 283
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