Daniel Ansell

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Club:Kent/Manchester Uni/Trafford
Age Group:SEN
Lead Coach:Unknown

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2018 SEN Kent/Manchester Uni/Trafford
15004:30.82BErithSouthern Athletics League Division 3SE20 May 18
30009:35.8341Tooting BecHerne Hill Harriers Open7 May 18
2000SC7:29.82BCarshaltonSouthern Athletics League Division 3SE28 Apr 18
2.6ML14:026L1BeckenhamBeckenham Relay 3x2.623 May 18
5K16:4616London Hyde ParkHarbour Club Last Friday of the Month 5K23 Mar 18
5K17:1575BatterseaAssembly League 5K7 Jun 18
5K17:5665DouglasIsle of Man Easter Festival 5K1 Apr 18
parkrun17:293BurgessBurgess parkrun # 26920 Jan 18
3.16ML17:2744L2Sutton ColdfieldERRA National Men's 12-Stage Relays14 Apr 18
4MMT24:2142PeelIsle of Man Easter Festival Peel Hill31 Mar 18
5MXC31:3068CoulsdonStart Fitness Surrey Men's League Division 113 Jan 18
10K34:4641Port ErinIsle of Man Easter Festival of Running 10K30 Mar 18
12KXC49:33557Parliament HillECCA Saucony English National Championships24 Feb 18
15KXC59:51147BrightonSouth of England AA Championships27 Jan 18
2017 SEN Kent/Manchester Uni/Trafford
8002:18.003ADartfordSweatshop Southern Athletics League Division 3SE20 Aug 17
15004:31.48ACatfordKent AC Club Championships10 Aug 17
500017:04.511BCatfordKent AC 5000m Challenge14 Sep 17
2000SC7:25.791BDartfordSweatshop Southern Athletics League Division 3SE20 Aug 17
SP7.26K4.904ADartfordSweatshop Southern Athletics League Division 3SE20 Aug 17
3.01KXCL10:1441L1ManchesterUniversity of Manchester Relays28 Oct 17
5K18:4694DouglasIsle of Man Easter Festival 5K16 Apr 17
parkrun18:1411BexleyBexley parkrun # 30930 Dec 17
5.25KL17:1161L2Crystal PalaceSouthern Men's 6-Stage Relays24 Sep 17
4MMT26:2881PeelIsle of Man Easter Festival Peel Hill15 Apr 17
8KXC31:3795Mitcham CommonStart Fitness Surrey Men's League Division 111 Nov 17
5MXC30:4957ReigateStart Fitness Surrey Men's League Division 114 Oct 17
10K34:4834:41237LeedsAge UK Leeds Abbey Dash 10K5 Nov 17
10K41:17167Port ErinIsle of Man Easter Festival of Running 10K14 Apr 17
7.5MXC43:5972AldershotSouth of Thames CCA 7.5 Championships16 Dec 17
HM80:4980:46107PeterboroughPerkins Great Eastern Half Marathon8 Oct 17
2016 SEN Trafford/Manchester Uni
8002:20.477BCarn BreaBritish Athletics League Division 37 May 16
15004:15.67ACatfordKent AC Club 1500m Championships11 Aug 16
15004:22.2895WimbledonHercules Wimbledon Sprint & Middle Distance Open3 Aug 16
15004:42.168BCarn BreaBritish Athletics League Division 37 May 16
3000SC10:29.765AYeovilBritish Athletics League Division 36 Aug 16
3000SC10:55.387ABournemouthBritish Athletics League Division 32 Jul 16
3000SC11:20.045BCarn BreaBritish Athletics League Division 37 May 16
5K16:149Battersea ParkSelf Transcendence 5K8 Aug 16
5.88KL20:1862L5Sutton ParkERRA Men's National 6-Stage Relays8 Oct 16
4ML22:1119L7SunderlandNorthern Men's 12-Stage Relays2 Apr 16
5MXC28:3718Polesden LacySouth of Thames CCA 526 Nov 16
5MXC30:5932Coulsdon2XU Surrey Men's League Division 112 Nov 16
5.38ML29:5235L9Sutton ColdfieldERRA National Men's 12-Stage Relays16 Apr 16
5.6MXC31:5656Richmond Park2XU Surrey Men's League Division 115 Oct 16
9.6KXC36:0022ManchesterManchester Area League3 Dec 16
12KXC51:17363Castle DoningtonECCA Saucony English National Championships27 Feb 16
12KXC52:27135BlackburnNorthern Championships30 Jan 16
ZXC31:2254Mitcham Common2XU Surrey Men's League Division 116 Jan 16
2015 SEN Trafford/Manchester Uni
8002:06.2777StretfordTrafford AC Grand Prix30 Jun 15
8002:07.098AYeovilBritish Athletics League Division 38 Aug 15
15004:14.8463StretfordTrafford AC Grand Prix21 Jul 15
15004:15.3831BromleyBlackheath & Bromley Open10 Aug 15
15004:18.26112StretfordTrafford AC Grand Prix9 Jun 15
15004:20.071011WatfordWatford Open Graded Meeting26 Aug 15
15004:24.331StretfordCheshire & Greater Manchester County Championships23 May 15
30009:32.82211StretfordTrafford AC Grand Prix19 May 15
30009:36.846AYeovilBritish Athletics League Division 38 Aug 15
3000SC10:58.357ADerbyBritish Athletics League Division 311 Jul 15
3000SC11:11.066AYeovilBritish Athletics League Division 38 Aug 15
3000SC11:23.174BSwanseaBritish Athletics League Division 39 May 15
3000SC11:38.81AStretfordNorth of England League Division 3WC3 May 15
3000SC11:39.104ABedfordBritish Athletics League Division 36 Jun 15
2.4ML13:0213L6LiverpoolNorthern Men's 12-Stage Relays28 Mar 15
5K16:3328ManchesterSale Sizzler 5K Series23 Jul 15
5KL17:2553DouglasIsle of Man Easter Festival 5K Relay5 Apr 15
5MXC29:4937Great BookhamSouth of Thames CCA 521 Nov 15
8.96KL32:2255L3Sutton ColdfieldERRA National Men's 12-Stage Relays11 Apr 15
5.6MXC31:1152Wimbledon Common2XU Surrey Men's League Division 17 Nov 15
9.6KXC38:5220Boggart Hole CloughManchester Area League5 Dec 15
12KXC49:37523Parliament HillECCA Saucony English National Championships21 Feb 15
HMMT79:1779:161AshfordBrett Ashford Half Marathon29 Nov 15
ZMT24:3549PeelIsle of Man Easter Festival Peel Hill4 Apr 15
ZXC41:0671Heaton ParkManchester Area League10 Jan 15
2014 SEN Trafford/Manchester Uni
8002:07.9374StretfordTrafford Grand Prix12 Aug 14
15004:19.4382StretfordTrafford Grand Prix26 Aug 14
15004:22.127AAbingdonBritish Athletics League Division 39 Aug 14
3.03ML16:509L10ManchesterNorthern Men's 12 Stage Relays15 Mar 14
5K16:3832ManchesterSale Sizzler 5K Series (Inc Northern Champs)14 Aug 14
5K16:4117ManchesterSale Sizzler 5K Series17 Jul 14
5K16:4630ManchesterSale Sizzler 5K Series31 Jul 14
5.848KL21:0064L4Sutton ParkERRA Men's National 6 Stage Relays4 Oct 14
7.9KXC33:40237BStirlingBUCS Championships1 Feb 14
SHORT10K34:5034:47101PartingtonTrafford 10K9 Mar 14
12KXC42:57331NottinghamECCA English National Championships22 Feb 14
12KXC52:01205KnowsleyNorthern Championships25 Jan 14
ZXC36:5132Wythenshawe ParkManchester Area League8 Feb 14
ZXC38:0151Woodbank ParkManchester Area League11 Oct 14
ZXCL10:0533L1ManchesterUniversity of Manchester Relays25 Oct 14
ZXCL10:4326L4ManchesterUniversity of Manchester Relays25 Oct 14
ZFL2:25:2529HayfieldKinder Trog (16M/3491ft)22 Jun 14
2013 SEN Trafford
5KL18:2647DouglasIsle of Man Easter Festival 5K Relay31 Mar 13
5.848KL22:2681L5Sutton ParkERRA Men's National 6-Stage Relays12 Oct 13
4MMT26:5342PeelIsle of Man Easter Festival Peel Hill 430 Mar 13
6.6KL23:3139L4BlackpoolNorthern Men's 6-Stage Relays21 Sep 13
10K36:4136:31131ClitheroeRibble Valley 10K (Inc Northern Champs)29 Dec 13
10K36:4542Port ErinIsle of Man Easter Festival 10K29 Mar 13
SHORT10K35:4135:37110PartingtonTrafford 10K10 Mar 13
ZXC36:5540Sherdley ParkManchester Area League7 Dec 13
ZXC38:0036Heaton ParkManchester Area League19 Oct 13
ZXC39:0436Woodbank ParkManchester Area League10 Nov 13
ZXC40:5124StockportManchester Area League10 Feb 13
ZXC40:58177LeedsBUCS Championships2 Feb 13
ZXC42:0036Boggart Hole CloughManchester Area League13 Jan 13
ZXC49:3038StockportGreater Manchester County Championships5 Jan 13
ZXC51:15286SunderlandEnglish National Championships23 Feb 13
ZXC52:29189KnowsleyNorthern Championships26 Jan 13
ZXCL9:5224L1ManchesterUniversity of Manchester Relays5 Oct 13
ZXCL10:0322L6ManchesterUniversity of Manchester Relays5 Oct 13
2012 SEN Trafford
5K16:5723WythenshaweSale Sizzler 5K5 Jul 12
5.4KL17:5724L1NorthwichNorth West Relay Championships15 Sep 12
6KL20:2641L2LeighNorthern Counties Men's 6-Stage Relays22 Sep 12
10K35:53c16SheffieldBupa Great Yorkshire Run 10K2 Sep 12
2011 SEN Trafford
ZXC37:0423StockportManchester Area League2 Jan 11
ZXC48:51150SunderlandNorthern Cross Country Championships29 Jan 11
2010 U23 Trafford
7.4KL28:2436L11ManchesterNorthern Counties Men's 12 Stage Relays (Long Legs)21 Mar 10
ZXC36:1822BlackleyManchester Area League4 Dec 10
ZXC36:4530St. HelensManchester Area League21 Nov 10
ZXC37:5839ManchesterManchester Area League23 Oct 10
ZXC51:15676LeedsEnglish National Championships27 Feb 10
ZXC56:16360BlackburnNorthern Cross Country Championships23 Jan 10
2009 U23 Trafford
15004:41.0642StretfordTrafford Grand Prix23 Jun 09
ZMT17:483GilslandGilsland Chase (2.8M)15 Mar 09
2008 U23 Trafford
ZXC17:435BramptonGilsand Chase16 Mar 08
ZXC35:06173Alton TowersEnglish National Championships23 Feb 08
Total Performances: 124
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