Isabelle Farron

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Club:Chorley ATC
Age Group:U20
Region:North West
Lead Coach:Unknown

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2020 U17 Chorley ATC
4KXC21:356318BlackpoolMid Lancs League8 Feb 20
5.6KXC28:5647U1718BlackburnLancashire County Championships4 Jan 20
2019 U17 Chorley ATC
3KXC12:358235LeighMid Lancs League9 Feb 19
3.2KXC12:589840BurnleyMid Lancs League12 Jan 19
5KXC27:1913210723LeighRed Rose League12 Oct 19
5KXC28:41926814BoltonRed Rose League26 Oct 19
6KXC31:41906813TodmordenRed Rose League9 Nov 19
4.2MNAD33:01180305LeylandRed Rose Road Runners Interclub 4.24 Sep 19
7KXC38:52118Heaton ParkSouth East Lancashire League19 Oct 19
ZXC18:2143BlackburnLancashire County Championships5 Jan 19
ZXC20:3713Heaton ParkSouth East Lancashire League19 Jan 19
ZXC21:5212Yarrow Valley ParkSouth East Lancashire League16 Feb 19
2018 U15 Chorley ATC
30057.36ACarlisleUK Youth Development U13/U15 League Division North West 3N21 Apr 18
SP3K5.391BCarlisleUK Youth Development U13/U15 League Division North West 3N21 Apr 18
HT3K17.801BCarlisleUK Youth Development U13/U15 League Division North West 3N21 Apr 18
1MMT6:4662269ChorleyAstley Park Series2 May 18
1MMT6:5366268ChorleyAstley Park 4.5 Series6 Jun 18
3KXC13:598036HyndburnMid Lancs League8 Dec 18
3.2KXC13:2433BurnleyMid Lancashire League13 Jan 18
3.8KXC19:0035BlackburnLancashire County Championships6 Jan 18
3.8KXC19:2838RossendaleRed Rose League17 Nov 18
4KXC17:547839LeighRed Rose League13 Oct 18
ZXC18:4023LeighSouth East Lancashire League20 Jan 18
ZXC20:2814Heaton ParkSouth East Lancashire League20 Oct 18
ZXC22:0610ChorleySouth East Lancashire League17 Feb 18
ZXC25:1114Tandle HillsSouth East Lancashire League15 Dec 18
ZXCNT63CartmelESAA English Schools Cup Regional Finals - North West10 Nov 18
2017 U15 Chorley ATC
30056.65BLitherlandUK Youth Development U13/U15 League Division North West 3N15 Jul 17
8002:52.3383StretfordTrafford AC Medal Open Meeting17 Apr 17
8002:54.152BlackburnMid Lancashire League27 May 17
8002:55.713WiganWigan Harriers Spring Open9 Apr 17
15005:52.02BSalfordUK Youth Development U13/U15 League Division North West 3N20 May 17
15005:57.92BWhitehavenUK Youth Development U13/U15 League Division North West 3N22 Apr 17
15006:09.72BLitherlandUK Youth Development U13/U15 League Division North West 3N15 Jul 17
DT1K12.233ASalfordUK Youth Development U13/U15 League Division North West 3N20 May 17
DT1K10.362BWhitehavenUK Youth Development U13/U15 League Division North West 3N22 Apr 17
JT50014.321BSalfordUK Youth Development U13/U15 League Division North West 3N20 May 17
JT50013.824BLitherlandUK Youth Development U13/U15 League Division North West 3N15 Jul 17
JT50013.031BWhitehavenUK Youth Development U13/U15 League Division North West 3N22 Apr 17
1MMT6:11431918ChorleyAstley Park Junior mile7 Jun 17
1MMT6:13522120ChorleyAstley Park Junior Mile3 May 17
1MMT6:21532118ChorleyAstley Park Junior Mile5 Jul 17
1MMT6:21401815ChorleyAstley Park Junior Mile2 Aug 17
2.3KXC9:2031LeighMid Lancs League4 Mar 17
2.5KXC10:5530CleveleysMid Lancs League11 Feb 17
2.7KXC11:4235BurnleyMid Lancs League14 Jan 17
3KXC14:0535LeighMid Lancs League9 Dec 17
3KXC14:53152Knowsley ParkNorthern Championships28 Jan 17
3.4KXC14:4610ChorleySouth East Lancashire League18 Feb 17
3.8KXC22:0027RossendaleRed Rose League2 Dec 17
3.9KXC21:2731ChorleyRed Rose League11 Nov 17
4KXC18:0834LeighRed Rose League14 Oct 17
4.1KXC20:5729BoltonRed Rose League18 Nov 17
ZXC11:4513LeighSouth East Lancashire League21 Jan 17
2016 U13 Chorley ATC
10016.656BlackpoolMid Lancashire League2 Apr 16
8002:56.112Clayton le MoorsMid Lancashire League28 May 16
8002:58.372BlackpoolMid Lancashire League2 Apr 16
15005:49.89BlackburnMid Lancashire League30 Apr 16
15005:55.09BlackpoolLancashire County Championships14 May 16
LJ3.1819Clayton le MoorsMid Lancashire League28 May 16
LJ3.0024BlackburnMid Lancashire League30 Apr 16
LJ2.9425LancasterMid Lancashire League2 Jul 16
1.8KXCL7:1132L2SheffieldNorthern Counties Relay Championships22 Oct 16
2.4KXC11:0020RossendaleRed Rose League3 Dec 16
2.5KXC9:4315CleveleysMid Lancs League13 Feb 16
2.5KXC12:1933ChorleyMid Lancs League1 Oct 16
2.5KXC12:5021HyndburnMid Lancs League16 Jan 16
2.7KXC12:4020Cuerden Valley ParkMid Lancs League29 Oct 16
3KXC11:3743LeighRed Rose League15 Oct 16
3KXC14:5734BoltonRed Rose League12 Nov 16
3KXC15:5223BlackburnLancashire County Championships9 Jan 16
3.2KXC17:43167BlackburnNorthern Championships30 Jan 16
ZXC11:3420BlackburnLancashire County Schools' Championships6 Feb 16
ZXC12:517Boggart Hole CloughSouth East Lancashire League20 Feb 16
ZXC16:026Tandle HillsSouth East Lancashire League10 Dec 16
ZXC18:316Tandle HillsSouth East Lancashire League23 Jan 16
2015 U13 Chorley ATC
10016.672BlackpoolMid Lancashire League11 Apr 15
10017.073LancasterMid Lancashire League4 Jul 15
10017.654LeighMid Lancashire League25 Jul 15
8003:07.392LancasterMid Lancashire League4 Jul 15
8003:12.512BlackpoolMid Lancashire League11 Apr 15
LJ2.6524LeighMid Lancashire League25 Jul 15
1M6:4140143RivingtonHorwich Jubilee Race Series20 May 15
2.4KXC12:0324RossendaleRed Rose League5 Dec 15
2.5KXC12:1622Astley ParkMid Lancs League26 Sep 15
2.5KXC12:2619HyndburnRed Rose League7 Nov 15
2.729KXC13:0025Towneley ParkMid Lancs League24 Oct 15
3KXC13:5081LiverpoolBritish Athletics Cross Challenge (inc European Trials & Liverpool & District/Mid Lancs Leagues)28 Nov 15
ZXC7:347BlackburnLancashire County Championships3 Jan 15
ZXC10:1636BoltonEnglish Schools Cup Regional Final - North West14 Nov 15
ZXC14:5022BoltonRed Rose League21 Nov 15
ZXC17:4712ManchesterSouth East Lancashire League12 Dec 15
2014 U11 Chorley ATC
8014.563BlackpoolBlackpool Winter Warm Up Open23 Mar 14
8014.655BlackpoolBlackpool Medal Meeting14 Sep 14
6002:18.882BlackpoolBlackpool Medal Meeting14 Sep 14
6002:26.662BlackpoolBlackpool Winter Warm Up Open23 Mar 14
1MNAD7:09359RivingtonHorwich Jubilee Junior Series18 Jun 14
1MNAD7:182711RivingtonHorwich Jubilee Junior Series16 Jul 14
1MNAD7:324013RivingtonHorwich Jubilee Junior Series21 May 14
parkrun26:56631Cuerden ValleyCuerden Valley parkrun # 5416 Aug 14
parkrun27:05571Cuerden ValleyCuerden Valley parkrun # 539 Aug 14
parkrun28:4954Cuerden ValleyCuerden Valley parkrun # 4621 Jun 14
ZXC7:3634ChorleyRed Rose League8 Nov 14
ZXC7:5527RossendaleRed Rose League6 Dec 14
ZXC8:0030BlackburnLancashire County Championships4 Jan 14
ZXC8:1321Leverhulme ParkRed Rose League22 Nov 14
ZXC9:0621KendalMid Lancs League1 Mar 14
ZXC9:5339LeighRed Rose League11 Oct 14
ZXC12:1325BlackburnMid Lancs League8 Feb 14
ZFL8:164115HorwichRivington Pike (3.2M/699ft)19 Apr 14
2013 U11 Chorley ATC
1MMT8:0252196ChorleyChorley Harriers Astley Park Junior Series7 Aug 13
Total Performances: 111
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