George O'Connor

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Club:Royal Sutton Coldfield
Age Group:U17
Region:West Midlands
Lead Coach:Unknown

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2021 U17 Royal Sutton Coldfield
15004:54.9376NuneatonNuneaton Open Events - Season Opener11 Apr 21
2020 U17 Royal Sutton Coldfield
300010:16.16Sutton ColdfieldRoyal Sutton Coldfield AC Open Competition17 Oct 20
3.2KXC13:1914WolverhamptonWest Midland Young Athletes' League9 Feb 20
3.5KXC13:0830LoughboroughMidland Counties Championships25 Jan 20
4.3KXC17:29219LoughboroughCAU Inter County Championships (Inc British Athletics Cross Challenge)7 Mar 20
4.8KXC18:322112Warley WoodWest Midlands County Schools' Championships18 Jan 20
4.8KXC19:01119Wollaton ParkECCA Saucony English National Championships22 Feb 20
parkrun26:43108Sutton ParkSutton Park parkrun # 771 Feb 20
ZXC13:3221Pingles StadiumWest Midland Young Athletes' League12 Jan 20
2019 U15 Royal Sutton Coldfield
15004:58.01BStokeUK Youth Development U13/U15 League Division Midland NE 1A18 May 19
15005:01.12StokeStaffordshire County Championships11 May 19
15005:04.83BWolverhamptonUK Youth Development U13/U15 League Division Midland NE 1A23 Jun 19
15005:15.61BLeicesterUK Youth Development U13/U15 League Division Midland NE 1A27 Apr 19
3.2KXC11:2928WolverhamptonWest Midland Young Athletes' League10 Feb 19
3.2KXC12:458SmethwickWest Midlands County Schools' Championships19 Jan 19
3.2KXC12:4623Perry ParkWest Midland Young Athletes' League8 Dec 19
3.2KXC12:5913Warley WoodsWest Midland Young Athletes' League17 Nov 19
3.88KL14:2222L1Sutton ColdfieldMidland Counties Young Athletes Relays21 Sep 19
4KXC16:3050LeamingtonMidland Counties Championships26 Jan 19
4.1KXC15:53272LeedsNew Balance ESAA English Schools' Championships16 Mar 19
4.35KXC16:5391SpinkhillESAA English Schools Cup Final7 Dec 19
4.8KXC16:2120Sutton ParkWest Midlands Schools' County Trials19 Oct 19
5K19:0817Sutton ColdfieldMidland Counties Age Group 5K Championships23 Mar 19
parkrun19:106Kingsbury WaterKingsbury Water parkrun # 2892 Mar 19
parkrun19:4316Kingsbury WaterKingsbury Water parkrun # 2909 Mar 19
parkrun20:42161ChesterChester parkrun # 17928 Dec 19
ZXC13:314Moreton MorrellESAA English Schools Cup Regional Finals - West Central9 Nov 19
ZXC13:4529NorthamptonWest Midland Young Athletes' League13 Jan 19
ZXC17:0410WolverhamptonStaffordshire County Championships5 Jan 19
2018 U15 Royal Sutton Coldfield
15005:05.11BSutton ColdfieldHeart of England League Division 25 May 18
15005:07.22BSutton ColdfieldUK Youth Development U13/U15 League Division Midland NE 1A19 May 18
15005:12.22Sutton ColdfieldRoyal Sutton Coldfield AC Club Championships8 Apr 18
15005:13.24BStokeUK Youth Development U13/U15 League Division Midland NE 1A21 Apr 18
2.5KXC8:5120WolverhamptonWest Midland Young Athletes' League11 Feb 18
2.5KXC11:0223NorthamptonWest Midland Young Athletes' League14 Jan 18
3KXC11:416West BromwichStaffordshire County Championships6 Jan 18
3.2KXC11:4131HattonWest Midland Young Athletes' League14 Oct 18
3.2KXC13:1337Warley WoodsWest Midland Young Athletes' League18 Nov 18
3.88KL14:3755L2Sutton ParkERRA National Young Athlete Relays6 Oct 18
3.9KXC13:549Sutton ParkWest Midlands Schools' County Trials20 Oct 18
4KXC16:0537WinsfordDave Sunderland Schools Inter County8 Dec 18
4.2KXC16:43101WoodbridgeESAA English Schools Cup Final24 Nov 18
parkrun19:0311Kingsbury WaterKingsbury Water parkrun # 24612 May 18
ZXCNT15NewportESAA English Schools Cup Regional Finals - West Central10 Nov 18
2017 U13 Royal Sutton Coldfield
15005:18.95BirminghamWest Midlands County Schools Championships10 Jun 17
15005:21.23BCoventryUK Youth Development U13/U15 League Division Midland North/East 1A20 May 17
15005:22.82BStokeUK Youth Development U13/U15 League Division Midland North/East 1A18 Jun 17
15005:22.92BBromsgroveHeart of England League Division 27 May 17
15005:27.75WolverhamptonStaffordshire County Championships13 May 17
15005:29.53BTelfordUK Youth Development U13/U15 League Division Midland North/East 1A22 Apr 17
2KXCL7:5441L2MansfieldECCA Saucony English National Relay Championships4 Nov 17
2.3KXC9:4644WarwickWest Midland Young Athletes' League15 Oct 17
2.5KXC10:0641WolverhamptonWest Midland Young Athletes' League12 Feb 17
2.5KXC10:327SmethwickWest Midlands Schools' Championships21 Jan 17
2.5KXC10:4511Warley WoodsWest Midland Young Athletes' League19 Nov 17
2.8KXCNT123Prestwold HallLeicestershire & Rutland Primary Championship & the National Years 5 -7 Championship25 Mar 17
2.83KXC10:4345SevenoaksEnglish Schools Cup Final25 Nov 17
3KXC15:15341NottinghamECCA Saucony English National Championships25 Feb 17
3.88KL16:1518L3Sutton ColdfieldMidland Counties Young Athletes Relays23 Sep 17
parkrun20:1817Kingsbury WaterKingsbury Water parkrun # 22128 Oct 17
parkrun20:33141Kingsbury WaterKingsbury Water parkrun # 18918 Mar 17
parkrun21:0130Kingsbury WaterKingsbury Water parkrun # 18618 Feb 17
parkrun23:26221GuernseyGuernsey parkrun # 742 Sep 17
ZXC12:1137NorthamptonWest Midland Young Athletes' League15 Jan 17
ZXC12:3425WolverhamptonStaffordshire County Championships7 Jan 17
ZXCNT9NewportEnglish Schools Cup Regional Finals - West Central11 Nov 17
2016 U13 Royal Sutton Coldfield
1.6KXC7:0149BirminghamWest Midland Young Athletes' League14 Feb 16
1MXC7:1725Burbage CommonWest Midland Young Athletes' League17 Jan 16
2.5KXC10:2142WarwickWest Midland Young Athletes' League2 Oct 16
2.5KXC10:5156BirminghamWest Midland Young Athletes' League11 Dec 16
2.5KXC11:3338Warley WoodsWest Midland Young Athletes' League20 Nov 16
3.88KL16:1246L2Sutton ParkERRA National Young Athlete Relays8 Oct 16
3.88KL16:3921L2Sutton ColdfieldMidland Counties Young Athletes Relays24 Sep 16
2015 U11 Royal Sutton Coldfield
1.6KXC6:2248WolverhamptonWest Midland Young Athletes' League15 Nov 15
1.6KXC7:3426Warley WoodsWest Midland Young Athletes' League6 Dec 15
ZXC7:1460BirminghamWest Midland Young Athletes' League15 Feb 15
ZXC7:1719Abington ParkWest Midland Young Athletes' League11 Oct 15
ZXC7:2259Burbage CommonWest Midland Young Athletes' League18 Jan 15
2014 U11 Royal Sutton Coldfield
ZXC7:2545Warley WoodsWest Midland Young Athletes' League7 Dec 14
Total Performances: 79
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