Annalise Gale

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Club:Team Kennet
Age Group:U20
Region:South East
Lead Coach:Nicholas Bull2015-

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2022 U20 Team Kennet
8002:45.3-nsHorspathOxfordshire Track & Field League1 May 22
2021 U17 Team Kennet
10M81:42c20453292PortsmouthGreat South Run 1017 Oct 21
2020 U17 Team Kennet
3.58KXC17:06117Henley ShowgroundOxfordshire Cross Country League1 Mar 20
3.91KXC15:3810NewburyBerkshire County Schools' Championships18 Jan 20
3.91KXC16:55106AdderburyOxfordshire Cross Country League (Inc Oxfordshire County Championships)5 Jan 20
ZXC16:1853WrittleSouth East Schools' Inter Counties1 Feb 20
2019 U15 Team Kennet
30050.83BAbingdonOxfordshire Junior League8 Sep 19
30051.53BBasingstokeWessex Young Athletes' League28 Apr 19
30051.63BAndoverWessex Young Athletes' League7 Jul 19
8002:36.13AAbingdonOxfordshire Junior League8 Sep 19
8002:36.31BSwindonWessex Young Athletes' League30 Jun 19
8002:39.02BAndoverWessex Young Athletes' League7 Jul 19
8002:39.71BBanburyOxfordshire Junior League11 Aug 19
8002:42.23BSouthamptonWessex Young Athletes' League2 Jun 19
8002:42.710ReadingBerkshire County Schools Championships8 Jun 19
8002:43.01nsHorspathOxfordshire Junior League14 Apr 19
8002:43.31BBasingstokeWessex Young Athletes' League28 Apr 19
8002:44.2242BasingstokeBasingstoke & Mid Hants Open6 Apr 19
SP3K5.702BHorspathOxfordshire Junior League14 Apr 19
SP3K5.423BBanburyOxfordshire Junior League11 Aug 19
SP3K5.133BAbingdonOxfordshire Junior League8 Sep 19
SP3K4.755BBasingstokeWessex Young Athletes' League28 Apr 19
DT1K14.381nsHorspathOxfordshire Junior League14 Apr 19
DT1K12.903BBanburyOxfordshire Junior League11 Aug 19
DT1K11.832BAndoverWessex Young Athletes' League7 Jul 19
JT5009.105ASwindonWessex Young Athletes' League30 Jun 19
JT5005.944BSouthamptonWessex Young Athletes' League2 Jun 19
2.91KXC11:5220NewburyBerkshire County Schools' Championships19 Jan 19
3.5KXC14:432514BicesterOxfordshire Cross Country League3 Nov 19
3.5KXC16:26118Cirencester ParkOxfordshire Cross Country League1 Dec 19
3.5KXC16:531612AdderburyOxfordshire Cross Country League3 Feb 19
3.5KXC20:14149OxfordOxfordshire Cross Country League (Inc Oxfordshire Championships)6 Jan 19
3.5KXC21:062819Henley ShowgroundOxfordshire Cross Country League3 Mar 19
4KXC17:0414WoodleyBerkshire County Championships15 Dec 19
2018 U15 Team Kennet
30051.52BSwindonWessex Young Athletes' League16 Sep 18
30052.35BHorspathOxfordshire Junior League9 Sep 18
30053.07nsBasingstokeWessex Young Athletes' League22 Apr 18
8002:39.33ASwindonWessex Young Athletes' League24 Jun 18
8002:40.12ASwindonWessex Young Athletes' League16 Sep 18
8002:40.21ABanburyOxfordshire Junior League12 Aug 18
8002:43.13AHorspathOxfordshire Junior League9 Sep 18
8002:43.24APortsmouthWessex Young Athletes' League10 Jun 18
8002:43.44ABasingstokeWessex Young Athletes' League22 Apr 18
8002:49.9782BracknellBracknell AC Young Athletes Open31 Mar 18
8002:50.33AHorspathOxfordshire Junior League15 Apr 18
8002:51.007BasingstokeBasingstoke & Mid Hants Open7 Apr 18
SP3K4.824ABanburyOxfordshire Junior League12 Aug 18
DT1K15.921nsSwindonWessex Young Athletes' League16 Sep 18
DT1K15.552BHorspathOxfordshire Junior League9 Sep 18
DT1K14.831BSwindonWessex Young Athletes' League24 Jun 18
DT1K14.822BBanburyOxfordshire Junior League12 Aug 18
DT1K9.034BHorspathOxfordshire Junior League15 Apr 18
2.5KXC12:3018SwindonOxford Mail League4 Feb 18
2.5KXC13:3114AdderburyOxford Mail League (Inc County Championships)7 Jan 18
3.5KXC14:481913Newbury ShowgroundOxford Mail League4 Nov 18
3.59KXC16:402417CirencesterOxfordshire Cross Country League2 Dec 18
4KXC16:1918PangbourneBerkshire County Championships16 Dec 18
ZXC12:0727NewburyBerkshire Schools' Championships20 Jan 18
ZXC16:5424HermitageBerks, Bucks & Oxon CCA Championships18 Nov 18
2017 U13 Team Kennet
6001:56.67ReadingBerkshire U13 Schools Championships29 Jun 17
8002:42.93AAndoverWessex Young Athletes' League16 Jul 17
8002:43.82BPortsmouthWessex Young Athletes' League25 Jun 17
8002:44.121BasingstokeBasingstoke & Mid Hants Young Athletes Open Meeting1 Apr 17
8002:46.91BHorspathOxfordshire Junior League9 Jul 17
8002:47.2851WokingWoking Young Athletes Open3 Sep 17
8002:48.02AHorspathOxfordshire Junior League9 Apr 17
8002:48.61BSwindonWessex Young Athletes' League4 Jun 17
8002:51.84ABanburyOxfordshire Junior League13 Aug 17
10003:32.710BracknellBerkshire County U13 Championships12 Jul 17
10003:39.036BracknellBracknell AC Young Athletes Open25 Mar 17
SP2.72K4.885AHorspathOxfordshire Junior League9 Jul 17
SP2.72K4.731BBanburyOxfordshire Junior League13 Aug 17
SP2.72K4.231nsAndoverWessex Young Athletes' League16 Jul 17
2.5KXC10:198NewburyOxford Mail League5 Nov 17
2.5KXC10:3415CartertonOxford Mail League3 Dec 17
ZXC9:119NewburyBerkshire County Schools Championships21 Jan 17
ZXC10:3514RAL HarwellOxford Mail League5 Feb 17
ZXC12:1118FarmoorOxford Mail League5 Mar 17
ZXC13:1327ReadingBerks, Bucks & Oxon CCA Championships19 Nov 17
2016 U13 Team Kennet
8002:45.22BSalisburyWessex Young Athletes' League5 Jun 16
8002:46.01BAndoverWessex Young Athletes' League17 Jul 16
8002:53.473AHorspathOxfordshire Junior League30 Apr 16
8002:54.994AHorspathOxfordshire Junior League4 Sep 16
12004:39.72BHorspathWessex Young Athletes' League10 Apr 16
HJ1.004BHorspathWessex Young Athletes' League10 Apr 16
ZXC7:1613RAL HarwellOxford Mail League6 Mar 16
ZXC10:5722AdderburyOxford Mail League4 Dec 16
ZXC11:0429Newbury ShowgroundOxford Mail League6 Nov 16
ZXCNT11Cirencester ParkOxford Mail League7 Feb 16
2015 U11 Team Kennet
7512.829AndoverWessex Young Athletes' League19 Jul 15
7512.9THorspathWessex Young Athletes' League3 May 15
7513.325BournemouthWessex Young Athletes' League28 Jun 15
6002:11.011BournemouthWessex Young Athletes' League28 Jun 15
6002:13.014AndoverWessex Young Athletes' League19 Jul 15
6002:15.8THorspathWessex Young Athletes' League3 May 15
LJ2.4337AndoverWessex Young Athletes' League19 Jul 15
LJ2.1031BournemouthWessex Young Athletes' League28 Jun 15
LJ2.09THorspathWessex Young Athletes' League3 May 15
TriU11W10529HorspathWessex Young Athletes' League3 May 15
ZXC6:0313HarwellOxford Mail League1 Mar 15
ZXC14:2843OxfordBerks, Bucks & Oxon CCA Championships21 Nov 15
ZXCNT26Ascott-under-WychwoodOxford Mail League1 Nov 15
ZXCNT10Culham ParkOxford Mail League6 Dec 15
Total Performances: 103
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