Bethan Adams

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Age Group:U20
County:Wales West
Lead Coach:Unknown

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2021 U17 Swansea
8002:43.033BAberdareYouth Development League Upper Midlands South/West A25 Jul 21
4.45KXC20:167141CardiffBritish Athletics Cross Challenge (Inc. Gwent League)16 Oct 21
4.735KXC22:233427BreconWelsh Inter-Regional Championships20 Nov 21
2020 U15 Llanelli
8002:43.50i6h2CardiffWelsh U13 / U15 / U17 / U20 Championships1 Feb 20
8002:47.6444SwanseaWelsh Athletics Endurance Open20 Sep 20
8002:51.3427SwanseaWelsh Athletics Junior Track Competition23 Aug 20
SP3K7.21i8SwanseaWest Wales Championships12 Jan 20
4.54KXC19:4726LlanelliWelsh National Championships22 Feb 20
2019 U15 Llanelli
30047.8731NeathWelsh Junior League Division West27 Jul 19
30048.323CarmarthenWelsh Junior League Division West25 May 19
30048.8731SwanseaWelsh Junior League Division West29 Jun 19
30050.521HaverfordwestWelsh Junior League Division West4 May 19
30050.596ASwanseaWelsh Junior League Plate Final24 Aug 19
8002:42.06SwanseaWest Wales Regional Championships11 May 19
8002:56.03i6h1CardiffWelsh U13 / U15 / U17 / U20 Championships3 Feb 19
SP3K7.105ASwanseaWelsh Junior League Plate Final24 Aug 19
JT50022.985SwanseaWelsh Junior League Division West29 Jun 19
JT50021.822ASwanseaWelsh Junior League Plate Final24 Aug 19
JT50019.349CarmarthenWelsh Junior League Division West25 May 19
JT50016.848SwanseaWest Wales Regional Championships11 May 19
JT50016.638HaverfordwestWelsh Junior League Division West4 May 19
3.2KXC15:2971CardiffStart Fitness Gwent League (Inc British Athletics Cross Challenge)12 Oct 19
3.6KXC15:5638Pembrey ParkStart Fitness Gwent League9 Nov 19
3.73KXC17:5751BreconWelsh Inter-Regional Championships16 Nov 19
parkrun24:45391Llanelli CoastLlanelli Coast parkrun # 10812 Jan 19
parkrun25:46771Llanelli CoastLlanelli Coast parkrun # 1075 Jan 19
2018 U13 Llanelli
20032.153HaverfordwestGerald Codd Trophy Match12 Aug 18
8002:35.648CarmarthenWelsh Athletics Endurance Open30 May 18
8002:37.6333NeathWelsh U15 League Division West3 Jun 18
8002:37.811LlanelliInter Club Triangular Match Llanelli v Neath v Swansea19 Apr 18
8002:39.042NeathWest Wales Regional Championships13 May 18
8002:40.4822CarmarthenWelsh U15 League Division West5 May 18
8002:41.265h2NewportWelsh U13 / U15 / U17 / U20 Championships24 Jun 18
8002:46.26HaverfordwestGerald Codd Trophy Match12 Aug 18
8002:46.604ASwanseaWelsh U15 League Plate Final18 Aug 18
SP2.72K5.559CarmarthenWelsh U15 League Division West5 May 18
JT40020.193ASwanseaWelsh U15 League Plate Final18 Aug 18
JT40017.103HaverfordwestGerald Codd Trophy Match12 Aug 18
JT40014.038BreconWelsh U15 League Division West (Field Events Only)30 Jun 18
1.9KL7:2422L113LlanelliWelsh Relay Championships22 Sep 18
3KXC13:5148Pembrey ParkStart Fitness Gwent League (Inc West Wales Championships)10 Nov 18
3KXC15:1715Pontypool ParkStart Fitness Gwent League10 Feb 18
3KXC17:54255LoughboroughCAU Inter County Championships (Inc British Athletics Cross Challenge)10 Mar 18
3.12KXC13:2934SwanseaWelsh National Championships24 Feb 18
parkrun22:221611Llanelli CoastLlanelli Coast parkrun # 6617 Mar 18
2017 U13 Llanelli
20032.14-2.362SwanseaWelsh U15 League Division West9 Jul 17
8002:36.3611SwanseaWelsh U15 League Division West9 Jul 17
8002:36.42NeathLlanelli v Neath v Swansea12 Apr 17
8002:36.9121SwanseaSwansea Harriers Open Meeting9 Apr 17
8002:37.2622WrexhamWelsh U13 / U15 / U17 / U20 Championships20 Aug 17
8002:37.41LlanelliTriangular Match - Swansea v Neath v Llanelli3 May 17
8002:37.621SwanseaLlanelli v Neath v Swansea Triangular Match28 Jun 17
8002:37.91CarmarthenCarmarthenshire Primary Schools' Championships8 May 17
8002:38.52ANewportWelsh U15 League Plate Final5 Aug 17
8002:38.552CarmarthenWelsh U15 League Division West29 Apr 17
SP2.72K5.2812SwanseaWelsh U15 League Division West9 Jul 17
SP2.72K4.803ANewportWelsh U15 League Plate Final5 Aug 17
1.5KXC5:5014NewportStart Fitness Gwent League12 Feb 17
1.52KXC6:0111SwanseaWelsh National Championships25 Feb 17
1.6KXC6:341Margam ParkSIAB Schools International (Inc Home Countries International)25 Mar 17
1.6KXC6:579LlanelliStart Fitness Gwent League4 Mar 17
2.5KL10:356L1LlanelliWelsh Relay Championships16 Sep 17
2.78KXC10:2636CardiffStart Fitness Gwent League (inc South & West Wales Championships & BA Cross Challenge)14 Oct 17
2.8KXC11:5718BreconStart Fitness Gwent League11 Nov 17
3KXC13:0124Pembrey ParkStart Fitness Gwent League3 Dec 17
parkrun23:49383Llanelli CoastLlanelli Coast parkrun # 504 Nov 17
2016 U11 Llanelli
15024.88-1.635SwanseaWelsh U15 League Division West5 Jun 16
8002:47.232ANewportWelsh U15 League Plate Final20 Aug 16
8002:48.61SwanseaSwansea v Llanelli v Neath Triangular27 Jul 16
8002:48.81HaverfordwestLouise Arthur / Gerald Codd Trophy Match23 Jul 16
8002:49.1321SwanseaWelsh U15 League Division West5 Jun 16
8002:52.4821NeathWelsh U15 League Division West28 May 16
8002:54.7111CarmarthenWelsh U15 League Division West30 Apr 16
8002:56.81LlanelliLlanelli v Neath v Swansea Inter Club U11 & U13 Competition11 May 16
8002:59.71NeathSwansea v Llanelli v Neath Triangular15 Jun 16
1.4KXC6:201BreconStart Fitness Gwent League12 Nov 16
1.6KXC6:083BridgendStart Fitness Gwent League16 Oct 16
1.6KXC6:132BristolStart Fitness Gwent League3 Dec 16
2015 U11 Llanelli
7513.55h2PembrokeGerald Codd Trophy Match25 Jul 15
15028.28SwanseaWelsh Inter Regional Triangular Match22 Jul 15
8003:19.23LlanelliLlanelli v Neath v Swansea Triangular Match17 Jun 15
8003:19.34SwanseaWelsh Inter Regional Triangular Match22 Jul 15
8003:24.3062NeathWelsh U15 League Division West7 Jun 15
8003:30.772PembrokeGerald Codd Trophy Match25 Jul 15
LJ2.649PembrokeGerald Codd Trophy Match25 Jul 15
1.5KXC7:0217BridgendWelsh Relay Championship22 Nov 15
1.7KXC7:5535Llandaff FieldsGwent League8 Nov 15
Total Performances: 87
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