Jordan Harding

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Age Group:SEN
County:Wales West
Lead Coach:Unknown

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2007 2008

2008 U13 Swansea
SP3.25K7.94iCardiffWelsh Championships12 Jan 08
SP3.25K7.64CarmarthenWest Wales Championships11 May 08
SP3.25K7.56SwanseaWelsh Junior League 1 East & West20 Apr 08
SP3.25K7.54NeathLouise Arthur League - Round 43 Aug 08
SP3.25K7.48BarryLouise Arthur League13 Jul 08
SP3.25K7.43SwanseaUKA Young Athletes League Midland Premier22 Jun 08
SP3.25K7.40SwanseaWelsh U13/U15 Championships14 Jun 08
SP3.25K7.32SwanseaLouise Arthur League29 Jun 08
SP3.25K7.18HaverfordwestGerald Codd Trophy17 Aug 08
SP3.25K7.17CarmarthenLouise Arthur League26 Apr 08
DT1K22.031CarmarthenWest Wales Championships11 May 08
DT1K21.902Swansea (SL)Louise Arthur League29 Jun 08
DT1K21.811CarmarthenLouise Arthur League26 Apr 08
DT1K18.50HaverfordwestGerald Codd Trophy17 Aug 08
DT1K18.00SwanseaWelsh U13/U15 Championships14 Jun 08
2007 U13 Swansea
SP3.25K7.18NeathLouise Arthur League Division 15 Aug 07
SP3.25K7.05SwanseaLouise Arthur League1 Jul 07
SP3.25K6.99HaverfordwestGerald Codd Trophy Match12 Aug 07
SP3.25K6.93SwanseaWelsh Junior Championships17 Jun 07
SP3.25K6.76BathUKA Young Athletes League Midland 1 West22 Jul 07
SP3.25K6.75BreconWelsh Junior League Cup Final19 Aug 07
SP3.25K6.69TelfordUKA Young Athletes League Midland 1W3 Jun 07
SP3.25K6.50SwanseaUKA Young Athletes League Midland 1W20 May 07
SP3.25K6.44CarmarthenWelsh Junior League M2 East & West28 May 07
SP3.25K6.15AberdareWelsh Junior League M1 East & West21 Apr 07
SP3.25K6.03BreconLouise Arthur League Division 129 Apr 07
SP3.25K5.92SwanseaSwansea Harriers Open18 Apr 07
DT1K19.30BreconWelsh Junior League Cup Final19 Aug 07
DT1K18.76SwanseaWelsh Junior Championships17 Jun 07
DT1K18.21NeathLouise Arthur League Division 15 Aug 07
DT1K17.74HaverfordwestGerald Codd Trophy Match12 Aug 07
DT1K16.69BreconLouise Arthur League Division 129 Apr 07
DT1K16.02SwanseaLouise Arthur League1 Jul 07
DT1K13.34AberdareWelsh Junior League M1 East & West21 Apr 07
Total Performances: 34
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