Rebecca Jeffery

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Club:Shaftesbury Barnet
Age Group:U20
Lead Coach:Unknown

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2016 2017 2018 2019 2020

2020 U17 Shaftesbury Barnet
8002:35.6629Lee ValleyLondon Inter Club Challenge U15 / U1715 Aug 20
4KXC22:175941Trent ParkStart Fitness Metropolitan League8 Feb 20
4.8KXC27:58362Wollaton ParkECCA Saucony English National Championships22 Feb 20
2019 U15 Shaftesbury Barnet
8002:37.765BFinsbury ParkMiddlesex Young Athletes League25 May 19
8002:39.9485Lee ValleyLondon Inter Club Challenge (inc. London Colleges League)20 Apr 19
8002:40.9954HendonLondon Inter Club Challenge16 Jun 19
15005:33.45ASt. AlbansEastern Young Athletes' League4 May 19
15005:35.737Lee ValleyMiddlesex County Championships12 May 19
15005:37.63APerivaleMiddlesex Young Athletes League27 Apr 19
15005:38.35AHemel HempsteadEastern Young Athletes' League2 Jun 19
15005:41.74AParliament HillMiddlesex Young Athletes League23 Jun 19
2.4KXC13:3918Hampstead HeathNorth West London Young Athletes' League16 Feb 19
4KXC18:594123Wormwood ScrubsStart Fitness Metropolitan League12 Jan 19
4KXC21:31249Parliament HillSouth of England AA Championships26 Jan 19
4.2KXC21:425830Claybury ParkStart Fitness Metropolitan League12 Oct 19
4.2KXC22:393725Alexandra PalaceStart Fitness Metropolitan League9 Feb 19
parkrun24:2150GrovelandsGrovelands parkrun # 45316 Mar 19
parkrun24:3734Sunny HillSunny Hill parkrun # 818 May 19
2018 U15 Shaftesbury Barnet
8002:49.714I3Lee ValleyLondon Inter Club Challenge inc. London Colleges League28 Apr 18
8002:50.125nsPerivaleMiddlesex Young Athletes League26 May 18
15005:49.709nsFinsbury ParkMiddlesex Young Athletes League17 Jun 18
15005:51.503AParliament HillMiddlesex Young Athletes League21 Apr 18
15006:03.73BBasildonEastern Young Athletes' League3 Jun 18
2KXC9:12122Parliament HillLondon Youth Games17 Nov 18
3KXC14:2838GreenfordNorth West London Young Athletes' League29 Sep 18
3KXC15:0742PerivaleMiddlesex County Championships6 Jan 18
3KXC15:1314Trent ParkNorth West London Young Athletes' League24 Nov 18
3KXC15:2136Wormwood ScrubsStart Fitness Metropolitan League13 Jan 18
3KXC17:12422Parliament HillECCA Saucony English National Championships24 Feb 18
3KXC17:3929Trent ParkStart Fitness Metropolitan League10 Feb 18
4KXC21:094629UxbridgeStart Fitness Metropolitan League1 Dec 18
4KXC22:154832Claybury ParkStart Fitness Metropolitan League13 Oct 18
4.4KXC21:044929Welwyn Garden CityStart Fitness Metropolitan League10 Nov 18
parkrun24:1866GrovelandsGrovelands parkrun # 4378 Dec 18
parkrun25:4881GrovelandsGrovelands parkrun # 40712 May 18
parkrun26:0883GrovelandsGrovelands parkrun # 3943 Feb 18
parkrun27:15861GrovelandsGrovelands parkrun # 39617 Feb 18
2017 U13 Shaftesbury Barnet
8002:57.5462HendonLondon Inter Club Challenge26 Aug 17
8002:57.676AParliament HillMiddlesex Young Athletes League18 Jun 17
15005:52.01nsWatfordEastern Young Athletes' League7 May 17
15005:53.83nsFinsbury ParkMiddlesex Young Athletes League20 May 17
15005:56.04BLutonEastern Young Athletes' League4 Jun 17
15006:05.971nsHendonEastern Young Athletes' League13 Aug 17
15006:41.232BHendonEastern Young Athletes' League30 Jul 17
2.45KXC13:3920Trent ParkNorth West London Young Athletes' League25 Nov 17
3KXC14:0335UxbridgeStart Fitness Metropolitan League2 Dec 17
3KXC14:3033Welwyn Garden CityStart Fitness Metropolitan League11 Nov 17
3KXC15:2749Claybury ParkStart Fitness Metropolitan League14 Oct 17
3KXC16:0837Trent ParkStart Fitness Metropolitan League14 Jan 17
3KXC16:19266Parliament HillSouth of England AA Championships28 Jan 17
3KXC16:5130Alexandra PalaceStart Fitness Metropolitan League11 Feb 17
parkrun25:00581GrovelandsGrovelands parkrun # 38218 Nov 17
parkrun26:3152GrovelandsGrovelands parkrun # 36124 Jun 17
parkrun26:3165GrovelandsGrovelands parkrun # 38616 Dec 17
2016 U13 Shaftesbury Barnet
20035.477Lee ValleyLondon Inter-Club Challenge19 Jun 16
8003:01.69102Lee ValleyLondon Inter-Club Challenge19 Jun 16
8003:02.6283HendonLondon Inter-Club Challenge30 Jul 16
1.5KXC8:27256Alexandra PalaceStart Fitness Metropolitan League13 Feb 16
1.5KXC10:243915Horsenden HillStart Fitness Metropolitan League16 Jan 16
3KXC14:4033StevenageStart Fitness Metropolitan League12 Nov 16
3KXC15:1528Wormwood ScrubsStart Fitness Metropolitan League3 Dec 16
Total Performances: 61
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