Andrew Lawrie

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Age Group:SEN
County:Scotland East
Lead Coach:Unknown

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2018 SEN Gala
3.1ML18:1123L3LivingstonScottish National Mens 6-Stage Road Relay Championships25 Mar 18
5MMT33:1510MelroseAbbotsford House 519 Aug 18
10KXC39:56165FalkirkLindsays Scottish National Championships24 Feb 18
2017 SEN Lauderdale
4KXCL14:0115L2GlamisScottish East District Relay Championships14 Oct 17
3.85MXC253432Berwick-upon-TweedScottish Borders League8 Jan 17
4.77M29:042LauderLauder Two Pubs 4.7720 Jun 17
5MMT32:554MelroseAbbotsford House 520 Aug 17
9KXC35:0066StirlingScottish East District League21 Oct 17
5.8ML34:5926L6LivingstonScottish Men's 6-Stage Relays26 Mar 17
10K36:106HawickTeviotdale Harriers 10K27 Aug 17
10K36:3613TweedbankGala Harriers 10K (Inc East District Championships)7 May 17
10KMT41:0936StrathmigloFife AC Festival of Trail Running (Inc Scottish Mid–Trail Championship)2 Sep 17
10KXC43:04190FalkirkScottish National Championships25 Feb 17
ZXC26:4215DunbarScottish Borders League26 Nov 17
ZXC27:1913DunbarScottish Borders League19 Feb 17
ZXC28:3511LauderScottish Borders League5 Nov 17
ZXC29:1330PeeblesScottish Borders League29 Jan 17
2016 U23 Lauderdale
4KXCL13:5661L1CumbernauldScottish National Relay Championships22 Oct 16
4KXCL14:2721L3LivingstonScottish East District Relay Championships8 Oct 16
9KXC35:2388Stirling UniversityScottish East District League15 Oct 16
5.8ML35:5838L6LivingstonScottish 6 Stage Road Relays3 Apr 16
10K38:0812TweedbankGala Harriers 10K8 May 16
12KXC51:54266Callendar ParkScottish National Championships27 Feb 16
ZXC24:2516BerwickScottish Borders League4 Dec 16
ZXC25:2134GalashielsScottish Borders League20 Nov 16
ZXC26:3843PaxtonScottish Borders League10 Jan 16
ZXC27:4127GalashieldsScottish Borders League14 Feb 16
ZXC29:0625ChirnsideScottish Borders League11 Dec 16
ZXC30:4339LauderScottish Borders League6 Nov 16
2015 U23 Lauderdale
4KXCL14:4152L1CumbernauldScottish National Relay Championships24 Oct 15
4KXCL15:1631L1PeeblesScottish East District Relay Championships11 Oct 15
5.8ML34:4124L4LivingstonScottish Relay Championships29 Mar 15
10K38:1711TweedbankGala Harriers 10K14 Jun 15
ZXC20:4145PaxtonScottish Borders League11 Jan 15
ZXC25:5610ConundrumScottish Borders League15 Feb 15
ZXC28:2721DunbarScottish Borders League25 Jan 15
ZXC40:3418685BroxburnScottish East District League17 Jan 15
ZXC49:57259FalkirkScottish National Championships22 Feb 15
2014 U23 Lauderdale
4KXCL15:3917L3PeeblesScottish East District Relay Championships12 Oct 14
3.1ML18:4715L5LivingstoneScottish Relay Championships30 Mar 14
8KXC31:5933FalkirkScottish National Championships22 Feb 14
15KMT63:08434FalklandScottish National Trail Championships17 May 14
ZXC23:00213PaxtonScottish Borders League12 Jan 14
ZXC24:4832GalaScottish Borders League16 Nov 14
ZXC28:23122DunbarScottish Borders League16 Feb 14
ZXC29:4222PeeblesScottish Borders League30 Nov 14
ZXC30:0533LauderScottish Borders League2 Nov 14
ZXC30:24202Berwick-upon-TweedScottish Borders League26 Jan 14
ZXC31:5723ChirnsideScottish Borders League14 Dec 14
ZXC35:1778Stirling UniversityScottish East District League18 Oct 14
ZXC36:39869BroxburnScottish East District League18 Jan 14
ZXC39:4299DundeeScottish East District Championships6 Dec 14
ZXCL15:2935L2CumbernauldScottish National Relay Championships25 Oct 14
2013 U20 Lauderdale
ZXC25:03248GalashielsScottish Borders League17 Nov 13
ZXC25:31494Paxton HouseBorders Cross Country League13 Jan 13
ZXC27:27465GalashielsBorders Cross Country League10 Feb 13
ZXC30:02203PeeblesScottish Borders League1 Dec 13
ZXC30:57284LauderScottish Borders League3 Nov 13
ZXC31:4319DundeeScottish East District Championships7 Dec 13
ZXC36:119410Lornshill AcademyScottish East District League23 Nov 13
ZXC37:54142Stirling UniversityScottish East District League19 Oct 13
ZXCL15:3873L3CumbernauldScottish National Relay Championships26 Oct 13
2012 U20 Lauderdale
ZXC28:54334DunbarBorders Cross Country League18 Nov 12
ZXC31:43493LauderBorders Cross Country League4 Nov 12
ZXC32:18634BerwickBorders Cross Country League29 Jan 12
ZXC34:43822PeeblesBorders Cross Country League2 Dec 12
2011 U20 Lauderdale
ZXC36:491344PeeblesBorders Cross Country League4 Dec 11
Total Performances: 67
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